Oh get out of town

Will you please check out this "Chipmumpkin" inspired by this guy.

chipmumpkin!, originally uploaded by chewandchewandchew.

And of course, all lit up…

chipmumpkin lit up, originally uploaded by chewandchewandchew.

Christal R., Tewtelly Topical!



  1. A fitting tribute to a cute photo!

  2. AliceTanzer says:

    Chipmunkin! Cute! I keep wanting to say Chimpmunkin, but that would be very different, I think.

  3. Wow. I’ve never been bleen before!

  4. GENIUS!

    Pure. Friggin’. Genius.

    Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween to all!

  5. We bow before your magnificent chipmupumpkin. Especially the little round earses…

  6. AWESOME! I’m tewtally impressed.

  7. *does not want to know how long that took…*

  8. I am bow to the awesomeness that is this adorable pumpkin. Great job!!! I love carving them but no one but me ever sees them :(!

  9. lurkingsmirk says:

    This is the coolest pumpkin idea ever.

    First because it references a cute cute chipmunk pic.

    Second because it takes technical skillz!

  10. Cool Mad Punkin Carvin SKILZ.
    And Cuuuuute.

  11. oh hell yes!!!

  12. pookiepuff says:

    OMG! That is so awesome! I want to make a chipmumpkin too! I loved the original inspirational photo when I first saw it and I looove this too!

  13. Oh my god! This carver did so well! I just carved my first pumpkin since I was verrrry little 🙂 My boyfriend and I completed a nice basic one and we’re as proud.
    This one just takes the cake! It’s very beautiful when lit up. I was whining a few posts back that I wanted to see a cute pumpkin picture.

  14. Amazing. simply amazing. Props to the carver. I have the chipmunk on my desktop now, and I may have to change it for tomorrow to this! Well done – amazing patience!

  15. that was awesome.

  16. Sweet!

    We have four pumpkins this year, and I was just about to look up the Dalek one:

    Now I know what TWO of my pumpkins will be!

  17. Holy crap, that is beyond redonk. O.O

  18. *applause*

    Nicely done! 🙂

  19. That’s absolutely brilliant!! Even down to the stripes on the back!

  20. As long as it’s NOT a squirrel… that’s all I have to say.

  21. Fantastic, excellent work.

    Thanks for posting!

    (oh, and TEWTELLY CUUTE!)

  22. Andrea|Nash says:


  23. Wow! Good job!

  24. Thats some skillfull carving.
    R.Moore…The Dalek one is redonkulous. I didn’t know you chaps in the colonies were into Dr Who. I watched it as a child, in goo.d old black and white 405 lines The productions were El Cheapo and it was not much better than a sink plunger and a egg whisk.

  25. darkshines says:

    Merry Samhain folks! Blessed be!

  26. The history of the original photomontage made me sniffle, and this homage just lays me flat. Oodles of love to all followers of CO!

  27. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Dang, when I first saw that it made me think of the old Squirrel Nut Zippers candy logo! Sweet!

  28. I’m not sure which I love more… the crazy skilled carving, or the genius name “Chipmumkin”.

  29. I wish my pumpkins looked that cool this year (or any year)! What a great job.

    On a side note, last year a chipmunk ate my pumpkins. They all had little chip’ chew marks.

  30. Oh wow. I LURVE this!
    I knew right away what the carving resembled!
    Man, my Jack o’lanterns always end up as simple, smiling faces — this is a work of art!

  31. wow. that is really awesome. excellent job!

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, most excellent Mcchipumpkinpants. I bow to your skills.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ALL! Remeber to keep your fur people safe tonight.

  33. Same to you, darkshines!

  34. thatgirlshines says:

    doesn’t it make it you feel good, overseer of all that is cute in this land, to know that you helped to inspire a temporary piece of art?

  35. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Very cool!

  36. standing ovation.
    Best chipmunkpumpkin evvva!

  37. astrogrrrl says:

    that is amazing. it looks so beautiful lit up too! I absolutely adore this 🙂

  38. How, oh how did he/she do the leetle hand holding the flower? Such SKILLZ!! HOW, Dangit?! Beautiful perfection! I’m carving mine later…a Lumpkin Bumpkin Pumpkin 🙂

  39. EXCELLENT! Happy Chipoween!!!!

  40. Truly excellent! Super super cute!

  41. Nice job! Totally cute and you are amazingly talented.

  42. Catsquatch says:

    That is awesome. I had not seen the original pic before, so I thought the link was going to take me to the artists website, but then the original pic came up and I was amazed at how wonderfully the pumpkin was carved to look so much like that pic.
    Very nice work.

  43. Catsquatch says:

    Rats, I forgot the other thing I wanted to say, sorry about the two posts, Im not quite all here yet….

    When its lit up it looks like the chipmunk is sitting in a hollow log.
    Perfect background.

  44. Catsquatch,
    are you here yet? LOL

  45. berthaslave says:


    Of course, it’s not so hilarious when you consider all of the chipmunks who have lost their lives choking on punkin seeds.

  46. YAY! This has made my day!

  47. that is totally amazing wonderful job.
    I wish that I could do that but it would not look anything like it was suppose to ……

  48. Thanks everyone! It wasn’t that difficult to carve. I just photoshopped the original picture, traced it onto the pumpkin, and carved away. I had trouble with the stem and flower, so i dyed the flower part purple with food coloring and shoved an actual stem through his hand. I’m glad you all liked it! I think it’s getting cuter as it decomposes…

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Really cool! I like the way the opening swirls around to make a little platform for the ‘munk. Very snazzy!!

  50. “that guy” is currently my screen saver. Great pumpkin!

  51. wow – martha meets C.O. Very impressive!