Is it Nose-vember yet?!

Will you please stop being so impatient? Nose-vember is RIGHT AROUND the corner. Now, enjoy your Halloween. Geeshe.





  1. Is that a bath rug or a bathrobe???

  2. OMG, I bleened!!!!

  3. I want to kiss it. I bet it feels all rubbery, like dolphin skin. I am so going home to smooch my pups noses now!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    And I’m all for Nosevember!
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Um, nosular, I think it’s a puppeh nose.

  5. Is that a doxie nose? Whether it is or not, I still want kiss it!

  6. berthaslave says:

    Smells like someone is itching to pull that page off the monthly calendar!

    Nosevember is my birthmonth (as well as the birthmonth of all the other Valentine’s Day babies…do the math). But it ain’t Nosevember yet!

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    OMG, that’s my couch. Who let a dog in my apartment?

  8. metsakins says:

    nosevember? oh noes!

  9. “And I’m not coming out unless ham is involved!”

  10. nice chenile-bathrobe costume you have there mr. doggy nozil.
    any more would just be “too much”.

  11. please oh please show the rest of mister cute-pointy-nose there. i shure would like to see the rest of heem…

  12. I think it *is* a wiener snout!

  13. ZOMG, it’s a Say Anything quote! Meg, thank you for that. It is my favorite line from that movie. I try to find an excuse to say it every now and then.

  14. nose-vember

    that’s great Meg ^^

  15. Everything you wrote made me snort (laughing), with ma’ nose.

  16. Is a bathrobe!! (O_n)

  17. is that obi-schnozz-kenobi?

  18. Oh Noze, It’s Mr. Bill !

    I think it’s a Dobieznoze.

  19. Joe Beese says:

    That’s what my wife calls “significant snoutage”.

  20. Mrs. Beese must be very funny!

  21. BuggyWuggs' Mom says:

    I just want to kiss his/her little snout! Big noisy kisses until my lil buddy comes out of the covers!

  22. nosevember?

    muzzle tov!

  23. We had a beautiful sweetest collie growing up with THEEEE longest pointiest nose. I just called her “Cone Face.”

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Nose-vember! Now Meg that is real talent.

  25. munky — nice!

  26. I would recognize that nose anywhere. Btw, its a blanket, and his name is Bogart, a mini-doxie

  27. Nosebody nose the trouble I’ve seen. Is that a relative of Roofies.

  28. NO ChrisL, its a greyhound in a Robe.
    let us have our little fantasies please.

  29. Snout!!

  30. Peoples are so impatient. Here we should be celebrating the last Toesday in Tocktober, and already with the Nosevembers. This schnozzle has heisted the proper order of things. Obv it is neither a Dachsie nor a Dobie as those fine Germanic breeds would not tolerate such disorganization. Tsk.

  31. Must…nibble…nose…now!

  32. That’s an IG nose …. i’m sure of it!

  33. Roofees! I vote with HGH.
    And, Virginia, if U want to say YOU MUST CHILL! more often, you can have my cat Jasper, who NEVER. SHUTS. UP. I say it to him daily, and it never works.

  34. This is an IG nose — I have two IGs and they always stick their noses out from under their blankies. And, rest assured, IG’s are very tolerant of disorganization……


  36. Italian Greyhound. Right?

  37. I still vote that it’s a doxie nose. That honker is almost a dead ringer for my Charlie’s, and he spends September thru April in this exact position. He’s very sensitive to cool breezes…;-)

  38. I LOL’ed!!!!

  39. OOOOPS, sorry, Hon Glad… I meant HGA! Got you confused with Human Growth Hormone, somehow. =P Both diabolical concoctions?

  40. Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s Nozevember, Nozevember, it’s only a daze awaaaaay.

  41. If it’s

    and Nosevember
    One can only guess what
    Dic… December is!


  42. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    LOL Carrie!

  43. sorry, i just had to

  44. bah! Carrie (insert scooby- doo snicker)- You said Dic..

    ok time to expose the nose.
    someone tell us where we
    can see the full-on-body shot of this bebeh.

  45. I have an iggy myself, so I know this pose well. 🙂

  46. We need a ROOFIES update!!!

  47. …Duckcember?

  48. well that’s much nicer and not naughty at all.