The nose roll’s connected to the muzzlepowshe roll
The muzzlepowshe roll’s connected to the neck roll
The neck roll’s connected to the chubbular arm roll
The… [exhausted]


Jill L. You’ve got more chubbularness than I know what to DO WITH



  1. YUMMY!

  2. These remind me of those individually-wrapped caramel squares that now also come in chocolate.

  3. Too….much….cute!!!!!

  4. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:


  5. sockmonstersarai says:

    WANT! Please can I have some chockie-caramel puppage goodness? I promise to share, sort of!

  6. wait! you stopped before getting to teh belleh chub role!!!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Those puppehs have more chubrolls than I do!! I would like to just bury my face in between a couple of them and inhale deeply.

  8. yummm
    a chocolate Fondue of Shar-Pei goodness.
    looks like ‘more than you can handle’ there Jill, I’d be most glad to take one or two of those off yer hands!
    absolutely perfectly adorable.

    OH! Theo! matchinks matchinks matchinks!

  9. Awwww. Wants the little guy on the right. <3

  10. *puts chubbeh puppehs in tub*

    *dives into chubbularity*

  11. Chubby McChubbersons!!

    I like the middle chub-chub, giving us a view of the chin rolls.

  12. metsakins says:

    the neck chub…must rub my face in it…so velvety smooth nad good

    ahhhh (and squee)

  13. demolitionwoman says:

    those pups are at least part Shar-Pei! I’d recognize that end-of-the-nose-hump and those ridiculous wrinkly lips anywhere! oohhhthesquish!!!!!!!!!!!

    ::ahem:: my dog is also part Shar-pei

  14. Gah! Too much chubbular sweetness.

    Rich dark chocolate with a creamy caramel centre.

  15. semi-sweet, latte, and milk chocolate chubs

  16. mmmm, got the makings of a yummeh chocobutterscotch parfait here.

    although I’m also liking the chococaramael as well…
    choices choices… ok I’ll take some of each!

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    All three to go please, with a chocolate shake hold the fries.

  18. darcy Dietz says:

    My bunnos disapprove of that cuteness.

  19. oh good lord. an armful o’ gooey and caramelly muzzlepouches. snorglesnorglesnorgle!!!!

  20. Since peeps have already taken care of the Sees Candy jokes, I’ll do the due diligence on the celeb lookalikes. Cute little puppers.,0.jpg×237/5/2/9/2/652925_356x237.jpg

  21. can I have some whipped cream and 3 cherries on top?

  22. Baden's Mom says:

    Toooooo cute!!!

  23. berthaslave…too funny!

  24. You just made me squee at work. What I wouldn’t give for an armload of those!

  25. they are so shiny! The one on the right just looks so sleepy.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I can smell their wonderful puppy breath from here! mmmmmmmmm

  27. GAH!!! Oh, God, I WANT!!!!

    luv, you beat me to it – I can almost smell their sweet puppeh breath! It’s like crack for us puppeh-lovers.

  28. I LOVE puppy bref!!!!!!

    I. WANT. ONE.

    The caramel one with the strawberry nose, please.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ll take the one on the right. He looks somewhat dignified.. as much as possible while also being squee-worthy.

  30. Bugmom, puppy bref is the BEST! And puppy tummies, too, when they’re taut and full of milk!

  31. Yay! It got posted! They’re pure labs, actually. Owned by my boss. They really are too much.

  32. Oooh, the tiny soft ears!

  33. Cassandra says:

    Ah! Bah! Gah! Too moishe cute for one armload! I thought they were shar pei’s too, but upon second glance, they really are just very chubby labbies…oh how I wants one!

  34. Baden's Mom says:

    Jill L – Let us know if you have more pics of them!

  35. Jill-
    that’s not you holding them is it?

  36. They’re labs? That makes it easier to enjoy them from afar. I loves me some labs, but dear GOD, is there any breed that is more destructive during puppy-hood?

    Maybe I could just schniff ’em and schnorgle ’em, then return ’em?

  37. Baden’s Mom-
    Will do!

    No, that’s the owner. =)

  38. looloopoo says:

    ahmigahd teh chubblez are killin’ me…

  39. The middle one , forgot to put its teef in, gummy gum gum.

  40. book_monstercats says:

    Ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy (takes deep breath)ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy



  41. THAT is an armload of fatty boombalatty goodness.

  42. my cat is a blob says:

    Those are, uh, some
    sweater puppies, aren’t they?


  44. I want all of them to kiss me. All at once. THAT would be a cute overload.

  45. It’s pups ‘n racks!

  46. And look how sleepy the one on the right is.

  47. pookiepuff says:

    What kind of puppies are these?!?! I thought they were just really chubtastic labs but then when someone said they were sharpeis it got me thinking… Well, I don’t care what kind they are because I love them just the same! Eeeee! I love their chub!

  48. Bulger Wheatley says:

    Is this an entry in the new Chubs & Racks category?

  49. Marie Osmond says:

    ACK!!! (Thud as I hit the floor)

  50. They look like 3 chocolate kisses! Yum!!


  52. OMG. Chocolate Caramel Chub Roll. GIMME!!!


  53. I finally (after many squees) saw past the prosh rolls and noticed their perfect puppy toenails. Cute!

  54. thanks jill
    thought you might just have some rather “massive” arms for a chick.
    not that theres anything wrong with that…

    so is he hogging these all to himslef? or are they adoptables?? (more like purchase-ables)

  55. freetomato says:

    Lisa, lab pups are indeed destructive chewers, but having two of them I found that if you get them the petrified beef thigh bones (pricey – about ten bucks each) they won’t even think about chewing anything else. I suspected they were labs, since my chocopups looked like lefty and righty when they were babes, but I didn’t say anything since the caramelly babe in the middle’s color threw me.

    Is it just me or does puppy breath smell like a bowl of shredded wheat with milk?

  56. chaw-co-late-car-a-mwel-chaw-co-late

  57. cassandra says:

    awwwwwww, I lub chubby puppies! I want one to snuggle. they are so cute!

  58. cassandra says:

    I love labs, they are so loyal, even though they can be chewers. my ex boyfriend has labs and I was crying one night and his black one got right up on the bed and layed her head in my lap and then let me put my arms around her and cry on her. for that I love labs.