Who makes these Halloween costumes for Guinea pigs and ferrets?! Who ARE these people with tiny sewing machines and infinite ideas!? What is the deal!?


Rebecca C., It’s no doggie mullet wig, but it’s still good…



  1. GET OUT!!!

  2. I would love to be a bleener, but the words, they fail me!

  3. Truly truly redonkulous.

  4. OMG — super cute !

  5. This is the cutest and most redonk thing ever conceived.

  6. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    I need one, I need one, I need one NOW.

    My Samster the Hamster would be the most rockinest Hammy on the block in one of those!!

  7. ceejoe, you took the words right out of my mouth. This is a whole new level of redonk.

  8. LOL at the photo hovertext…
    redolent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s “I [shall]* fart on your general direction”

    * I know, I know. there is no “shall” on the original quote, but wouldn’t it had been SO MUCH better with it?

  9. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    My mouth just involuntarily made an “O” shape – as in O M G, that’s so cute!

  10. At first I thought that was a Chihuahua but a guinea pig? That is absolutely the cutest costume I’ve seen!

  11. That is so cute!!!

    The only costume that could possibly top this would be a Trogdor costume for a guinea pig.

  12. circuscake says:

    this made me squeal out loud!!! i love how folks with the teeny tiny ones take the time to make ’em costumes- very aaawwwwww inspiring!

  13. O

    i’m speechless.

  14. ok,now that I can gather some coherent thoughts…
    no WAY could I get my piggehs into that costume. Any costume.
    They are wiggle monsters!
    I actually nicked one of their toesies last night whilst trying to trim toe nails… >sniff<

  15. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    That’s it. I’m making a piggy costume for my little piggy.

  16. poor violet says:

    OK, that is the most over the top cute thing I have seen in a very long time. It made me squee! out loud.

  17. Do not dare walk in front of the dragaon-peeg, ye shall be burnt to ze ground!


  19. Oh Guinevere. That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

  20. PS, you speak of the doggy mullet wig? Fine, but what of the doggy Afro Diva wig?

    “And IiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIIIII
    will always luuuuuuv

  21. OMG that is so Fantastic. Dinocavie.. : D

  22. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is absolutely adorable. But if I was him I would drop little round hard dingleberries in your slippers at night.

  23. OMG
    that is the cutest thing EVVVA! more more more please!

    does the guinnie like it do ya think??

  24. You’ve heard of Arthur Pendragon (ok, maybe you have) but here we have Arthur Pigdragon!

    OK, the piggy’s name probably isn’t Arthur, but for the purposes of this comment, let’s pretend it is.

  25. gaaaaaaahhhhh i want oneeeee

  26. NO WAY.

    … nah, my peegs wouldn’t let me get away with it.

  27. OMGOSH that is just too adorable! I wanna see it in more angles.. I wanna see this peegy in action! I demand a video of it in it’s little costume! chopchop*claps hands*

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Here piggy piggy piggy. ADORABLE!

  29. Normally I think clothes demean animals, but this is very fetching. Do they come in other colours?

  30. berthaslave says:

    This little piggeh went to market…
    This little piggeh stayed home…
    This little piggeh had roast biff…
    This little piggeh had none…

    And THIS little piggeh went ROOOOAAAARRRRRR and scared the sweet bejebus out of the other piggehs and took away all of their hallowe’en candy corn!!

  31. This is, in fact, the best thing I have ever seen.

  32. I shall breathe fire in the general direction of…your ankles.

  33. That’s, like, one of the best pictures EVER!

  34. love dis!

    if i were to get a peeg, he has to come wif a whole trunk of outfits! ^^

  35. That is so awesome. I can just picture the leetle pig waddling around the room, and the tail wagging as he does it. Sigh!

  36. PEEG inna blanket!:D

  37. Lol wbirdie.

    You know you can’t have just one.

  38. omg

    Words fail me. *dies*

  39. ROFL, I love it! 😀

  40. BumbleBee says:

    i think this may well be my favourite CO pic so far. The cute is keeeling me.

  41. jacqueline says:

    Strong Bad and Trogdor would approve. The awesome seamstress who came up with this might, however, consider putting one of those beefy arms back on there, for good measure.

  42. now, that’s what i call a handsome pig-saur!!! very delicately made coat! turquoise is SUPA in!

  43. indigoreiki says:

    It’s a little Dinopig. That is SOOO CUTE!!

  44. OMG, who is this person that made this and can I buy one? My piggy would love it! Ahh I was having the worst day until I saw this! Squeals!! XD

  45. mallowkitten says:

    It looks like the costume came from here. Look down the page.

  46. book_monstercats says:

    The piggeh is prob’ly adorin’ it, after the initial shock. They like to be snug. Our free range GPs wrap themselves in the warm throw on the couch – the bit that trails on the floor, that is. Luvanimalsomuch, are your dingleberries round? Ours are oval (but you didn’t really want me to share that, did you?)

  47. MallowKitten — your net-fu is strong.

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    I LOL’d on this one (I try to hold it in since I’m at work. This one got me!) I may have to get a peegie some day so I can make costumes.

  49. I definitely agree with all the comments.

    This is REDONKULOUS.

  50. o.k. I thought that no pet costume could make me laugh louder than the turtle shark.
    I stand correted.

  51. Rebecca C. says:

    That is my guinea pig and to answer the questions, he doesn’t mind the costume at all!

    Actually, when I first put it on him he just sat there and purred. The fleece is very warm and cozy.

  52. I wanna wanna wanna wanna WANNA!!! *drops on floor, kicking and screaming*
    I want this pig, and its coat, the whole get-up!!!
    Sorry, Rebecca C., but I’m sneaking in one of these nights.

  53. I need to get on the sewing machine so I can counter with a couple of dino-chins! (chinchillas dressed as dinos, natch)

  54. Rebecca C. – this might just be my favourite CO pic ever. I’ve been compulsively stumbling it to my boyfriend again and again to get him to really (REALLY) appreciate the cute.

  55. rubber duck says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember how the quote continues? “Your mother was a ‘AMSTER and your father smelt of elderberries!” How fitting! 🙂

  56. rawr?

  57. this makes me want to buy a peeg just so i can go to that website and buy heem every single one of those costumes. This is one of my favorite posts. Evar!!!

  58. Looks like Spike off My Little Pony:

  59. How did this happen?!?! The invention of guinea pig costumes is obviously mankind’s greatest achievement.

  60. Can someone go look at the “What the – ??!” video and tell me why it appears like there are eyeballs on the back of the couch at 43 seconds and the cat’s face either looks like it is morphing into a human or like it is wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask?

  61. i gasped when i clicked “pocket pets” (my favorite section) and this was the first picture to come up. my piggie wore the same costume! and i dressed up as pebbles flintstone, he was supposed to be dino. here is a back shot of him, he ‘s not one to pose for pictures willingly:

    your GP is adorable!

  62. Oh dear. Oh dear me.

    Last year around this time, CO had a guinea pig in a bee costume. I hadn’t had guinea pigs in a long time, and missed them. I looked at that photo, and showed it to my boyfriend, and looked at it again and again and again over the next few months. And when Christmas came, directly as a result of my love for that pig picture, my boyfriend gave me a pair of pigs. Fred and George. They are my little darlings. And all because of costumed guinea pigs here! I can’t imagine what the rippling effects of this photo will be….

  63. Holy. Crap. THAT IS AWESOME!

    Now I have to make costumes for my piglets. One shall be a big scthcary dragon, and the other shall be a valiant k-nig-it.

    Too bad I only have a day and a half!!!

  64. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just clicked that costume link, and OMG Spider-Pig! *dies*

    Near the bottom.

    *squees, giggles, and dies again*

  65. oooo! I’m going to get the bunny costume for my chin!

  66. The cutest!!!!!!!! Imagining this running around the house is hysterical!

  67. Pigdonkulous.

  68. Squirrelly says:

    This is WAY too cute for human consumption. How dare you divert me from the daily grind several times in one day for the ooooooober toe-curling that you have thus inflicted upon my person by posting this pigture!

  69. Squirrelly says:

    To LoLo:

    A bunny costume for your chin? Shouldn’t you find something equally flufftackulus for your cheeks and forehead?

  70. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    Lizzy, right?? Spider-pig, Spider-pig… does whatever a Spider-pig does… LOLOLOLOL!!!! thanks mallowkitten!

    This is so cute. I’m stuck home for the fourth consecutive day with a miserable excruciating inner ear infection and this just totally made my day. Thanks Meg! 🙂

  71. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t decide which is cuter, this or the “guin-bee-pig” from last year!

    *looks at one, then the other, then the first again, then the second again…*

    Nope, still can’t decide! They’re BOTH adorable!!