The tiniest of…trolls?

You know what I’m talking about—those guys with the wild head of hair, in all different colors? He’s totally one of those.

He’s all, "I am a toy that sits atop your pencil in fourth grade! yaaaaaah!!!" [shaking hair back and forth]

Baby tamarin hanging on…, originally uploaded by Nick Lawes.

OK, it’s really a behbeh Tamarin monkeh. Not a troll.



  1. Bleeny tiny monkey

  2. Andrea|Nash says:

    No I think it’s a tamarind … but probably a seond class tamarind.

  3. I’d have sworn that hair color was not found in nature!

  4. Andrea|Nash says:

    By which I mean, of course, I’m not sure it’s a “golden” tamarind; unless it is; in whichcase it’s a first class tamarind 🙂

  5. DreadPirateScott says:

    “Tamarin” is a type of New World monkey.

    “Tamarind” is a type of tree which bears a fruit with that same name.

    Meg was right on this, guys. 🙂

  6. SeaBreeze says:

    Cute Orange Fuzzballs!!! =)

  7. I love golden lion tamerins. They used to have them at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and my parents sponsored them for a number of years. I loved that they lived with a sloth because it’s the most hyper monkeys ever paired with a creature that rarely moves. 🙂

  8. Not a troll?
    I don’t know about that.
    he looks as if he could be a real brat on-line.

  9. No, it’s a muppet! Like the critters in Dark Crystal, maybe!

  10. Darleenie says:

    Did anyone else use to cut the hair of those troll pencil things in school?

    I totally did. That little is tempting me… hand me the scissors! *snip snip*

  11. Darleenie says:

    “That little >GUY< is tempting me."

  12. That’s amazingly fluffy. I would love to pet it! It looks very soft… *ohsocute*

    The MN Zoo has Golden Lion Tamarins, too! Yay!

  13. i’m sorry to make an unrelated comment but: we’ll need at least one adorably cute pumpkin picture this halloween!

    related comment: those look like the golden lion monkeys in the DC zoo. i didn’t think it was THAT cute until meg put a ‘zar! *flings back and forth on a pencil*’ image in my head.

  14. Marmalade monkeh.

    That ees all.

  15. Unrelated, but in response to Mia, there IS an adorably cute pumpkin picture. It’s got a kitteh eet!

  16. What a cute little face. And I love that “I’m not sure about any of this” look in his eyes. It’s OK, little guy. We love you.

  17. tamarind makes a really tasty tea. tamarin is a really adorable monkey/ troll look alike.

  18. In the ‘Golden Compass’ Mrs Coulters Daemon is a Golden Tamarin, if my memory serves me right.

  19. Did someone use Manic Panic ( ) in Pumpkin color for Halloween? 🙂

  20. My senior thesis was coordinated by a golden lion tamarin expert — I just fell in love with the little guys! Thanks for bringing this li’l critter to C.O.! (BTW, he’s a pretty close relative to that pygmy marmoset bebeh you had not long ago.) Loves the New World monkehs — they’re the cutest!

  21. “I am a toy that sits atop your pencil in fourth grade! yaaaaaah!!!” ??

    Nay, I say graduate school!

  22. awwwwwwww. i’ve never had one of these in my pencil case! [pouts]

  23. Can stick whole monkey in my mouf!

  24. These are like the anti-camo monkehs. I believe the larger ones are visible on Google Earth, and they also love Wham and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

  25. Rule # 7 rules

  26. ROFL, berthaslave!!! Especially the bit about them being visible on Google Earth, *snort*!!

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    I will gladly put said little monk in my coat pocket to keep him warm, if his mama would let me.

  28. Oh that’s right Kitteh I forgot. I’m hoping for a picture of a pumpkin being cute itself-but a kitten-pumpkin will also suffice my halloween needs.

  29. Once again, Meg is spying on my early 80’s life. Troll topper on the pencil. What next? Jelly shoes?

    Get out of my head! LOL!

  30. Jelly shoes SHOULD have died in the 80s, but instead they morphed into “Crocs.”

    See the next post for a better idea.

  31. It may not be a troll, but boy, that’s best impression I’ve ever seed…

    I loved jelly shoes. I’m thinkin’ ’bout the Crocs….

  32. He’s just in time for Halloween. He’s perfectly orange.

  33. That little guy is totally going to post on CO and be all “Oooh, that picture’s not cute…IT’S SAD!! It’s cruel to let a beebee monkey be seen in public with hair like that! Take this picture down NOWS!”

    But it’s harder to fit those kinds of trolls on the end of pencils!

    [not THAT kind of troll, heh… – Ed.]
    [good idea, though; guess I’d better order some pencils…]

  34. Awww. Remember no matter how weird looking. That’s somebody’s beautiful baby.

    And every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. No matter what the dress looks like.

  35. suuuure Kar ^.^ *giggles*

    and Leesha I just watched the Dark Crystal last week ^O^ now I want to watch it again

    *pokes the golden monkey*

  36. It’s Bebeh New World Cheezit Munkeh