I need some a-tayn-shons :(

Prozac-popping pug Topanga is sighing loudly, dangling paws, and showing extreme brow furrowing action. Meanwhile, Dan, oblivious, watches HomeStar Runnoi.


Siiiiiiiigh [snort]


Claire C., Prozac might not cut it—you might have to go straight to catnip.

("Ah kin make it on mah own!")



  1. I don’t know about you, but I would TOTALLY choose a pug over Homestar Runner – no matter how entertaining it may be.

    It’s a PUG!

    I think I’ve made my point.

  2. Aww…

    I love StrongBad and all, but poor puppeh. I will love eet.

  3. metsakins says:

    OMG its a couchstraddlerpawdangler! it’s the canine version of Buddy the couchinator.


  4. Oh my god, someone snorgle that puppeh, STAT! A sadder pup-face I’ve never seen, poor wee thing….

    Here, give ‘im to me, I’ll cuddle and snorgle him to his little heart’s content….

  5. renee in texas says:

    OMG! We need an COXCU of that widdle tongue.
    Poor babeh. He need a big ol hug-a-roo

  6. angrycupcake says:

    if that isn’t the very definition of animal neglect, i don’t know what is.
    i’ll have to confiscate that prosh pug and snorgle it back to health, sir.

  7. omg that is hilarious! can you see the slight tongue-out action there?! oh my goodness how adorables. poor, poor, neglected poochie. lol

  8. berthaslave says:

    That is the sadeest doggeh face ever. Poor lil fella.

  9. does he have pink claw caps or is that just his normal colour?
    saddest but funniest pug evar

  10. metsakins says:

    Thanks Theo!

    I was afraid to reference the actual post for fear of bringing down the whole internet! 🙂

  11. Awww…poor lil face! Somebody take that dog outside and play with it!

    Love the couch straddle/ foot dangle action.

  12. ahahaha! I’ll bet even StrongBad would give that puggle a cuddle with his boxing glubs. omg what a face!


  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is the saddest pug I have ever seen. I sure hope after taking that pic the person threw the camera down and grabbed this little pugster and smoooch right on the lips.

  14. you know-
    when the tiny curlie tailio starts to un-furl. its time for a INTERVENTION!
    move over Mr. cartoon watchin dude.
    Your Pug is comin to MY house for some RE-HAB.

    “They tried to make me go to re-had and i said No-NO-NO!”

  15. N’awwwwwww! Po’ puppers!

    But, Meg, theriouthly, you of all people should know it’s “Homestaw Wunneuw”.

  16. Metsakins you are so right it is buddy in a dog suit.
    Some buddy give that puppy some lovin. Oh the inhumanity!

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Maybe if the pug wore the TV remote he might get some attention from cartoon boy.

  18. AuntieMame says:

    And it is still Tocktober for three more days…


    did you spring for Scotchguarding ?

  20. I love Homestarrunner says:

    Which episode of HSrunner is that still from? I swear I have almost every product they have produced – my neicies LOVE playing with the plastic minatures. Oh yeah – cute doggie!

  21. Dis pupper needs some scheduled playtime…

  22. thatgirlshines says:

    how freakin’ cute is the tipsy edge of the pug’s tongue? ugh i could just swoon from cuteness.

  23. awww….I see fatness.

  24. awwww…. lil bwudduh… heart of a champion *sniff*

  25. I’m not blaming Topanga, mind you. Nor do I throw “passive-aggressive” around a lot. However, if my pet were FACING me with that face. I’d get off the phone, ignore the tv, and get off the couch for a full body cuddle.

  26. Jozi!
    Bite your tongue.
    That is NOT fat.
    that is loveable snuggable wrinkley pudge-a-tude.

  27. That is the saddest face ever.

    Snorgle lil head… then… MUST THROW BALL again and again and again

    I’m being commanded telepathically.

  28. How’d he get up there? He must be half cat. Or at least a quarter.

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    DAN! Yes, I’m talking to YOU – turn off the damn TV and give that dog some TLC!

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I’m thinking maybe this pug had the tv all to himself and then human had to come home and stole the remote right out from under him.
    Please can someone pay some attention to poor baby. 😦

  31. “Dan” probably tossed him up there when he realized that his fav cartoon was on.
    poor baby.
    Dan is a bad man.

  32. so luvins-
    Maybe we should find out where is “Dan” lives…

  33. luvinmalssomuch says:

    liz, I think you are right!
    We’ve been on many missions together, I think we can handle this one.
    Dan is a baaaaaad maaaan.
    How dare he just toss this pup like a rag doll.

  34. Poor Topanga … yet another ‘Homestar widow.’

  35. I think a C.O.X.C.U. is definitely needed on the tongue!

  36. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Clearly this dog was named Topanga after the show ‘Boy meets World’, obvioulsy Dan was probably a watcher of this show. Topanga and Dan would spend countless hours watching this show than Dan grew up and lost interest in the show, now Topanga is going through withdrawals.
    So as I see it they probably live in the country where there are not many channels available…Are ya with me Liz, need some help here. LOL

  37. regardless.
    the puppeh must be saved
    and removed from the home and placed in a loving family where he might get some attention.
    its all so shameful and sad.

    -“I must go cry now, excuse me”

  38. awwwww, u don’t like cartoons?

  39. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I think I’ll join you.
    **Runs out of the room with a box of tissue**

  40. me think, maybe they just had a fight and pup is all missing Dan but still wanting some face… the next sec, u know, they were totally back as one 🙂

  41. Unrelated, but OMG, did you see the anerable rescued kitteh waif on SOMC?


    Squeelicious floof!

  42. Is that one of them Throw Pugs I’ve been hearing so much about. They supposedly come in different colors and they do liven up a dull couch or chair.

    Wonder if Macys have ’em yet?

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    YAY!!! For rescuers of animals. Thanx Pheas

  44. book_monstercats says:

    Luvanimalsomuch, is that a precis of “Puff the Magic Dragon”, with Dan the Pug-Ignorin’ Man playing the part of Little Jackie Paper, who grew up and forgot all about Puff, who cried (cries eyes out as usuals thinking about it)?

  45. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    gizmo, I think it’s an ad for a Christmas special. They’ll be going on sale on Black Friday. You may want to pre-order yours, though, if you prefer a specific color.

  46. that’s the silliest dog butt straddling a couch arm i’ve ever seen 😀

  47. It’s “Topanga the Dangla”

  48. I *love* how anmials can be such drama queens! I bet they were playing for hours earlier that day, but now that the humans want a little couch time, pup here gets all pouty! My (very well loved) cats do this all the time: “OMG, I am SO neeglected, pay attenshuns to MEEEEEEE!”

  49. It just occured to me as I was looking at sad pug that my shih tzu may be making that face right now
    *runs off to snorgle*

  50. I’ve got those totally ignored Pug blues. Baroo!

  51. InsertCleverNameHere says:

    omg, Kiragirl lol…I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard!!!

  52. pixie-stix says:

    Aww, the poor little fella. I’d cuddle him.

  53. Grown men obsessed with cartoons are creepy.

    If he can’t give the cute dog attention, his wife/gf must be full of cobwebs.

  54. snoopysnake says:

    “Woe is me….I wanna watch Animal Planet but Daddy won’t give up the remote…I refuse to watch his progrm with him and I’m soooo miserable!”

    I would love to cheer up this poor little puggy!

  55. Reminds me of my marriage.

  56. sockmonstersarai says:

    OMG! TopangaTocks! I would love to snorgl-ize him until his happy end is happy again!

  57. If you think this guy looks sad, you should see this picture:


    I start to cry every time I look at it. : (

  58. Ouch, Elizabeth!

  59. Daphne Moss says:

    Kitteh had code…poor sweets.
    Sure pug-a-lish well loved. Otherwise, who puts up with a couch throw pug?

  60. OMG not very often I break out in squeals, but here I am wishing I could scoop him up and squish the poop outta him!

  61. totaleffect says:

    haha, pseudo-sad pup melodrama meets it’s match in STRONGBAD!!!!

  62. totaleffect says:

    “Sure pug-a-lish well loved. Otherwise, who puts up with a couch throw pug?”

    Seriously, nothing says true love like allowing someone to rub their genitals all over your couch.

  63. but-but…fatness is GOOD!


    especially squisshy puggie fatness.

  64. Do I prefer StrongBad or a pug?

    I don’t really know, let’s find out!

    Oh puuug! Come here for a moment!



    So there’s your answer. If a little pug came up to me … I’d kick it.


  65. You can tell he’s an angel by the little halo of furrowed-ness.

  66. OMG did anyone notice Strong Bad on the TV!!!!! Lol!!!


    Cute Pup =)

  67. good old whatshername says:

    Nobody knows…the trouble I seen…nobody knows…mah sorrow…


  68. Huh? Who would choose a game over an furrowing pugling?

    Poor puggy. Awww.

  69. Squirrelly says:

    The second picture is definitely the best side of a Pug.

  70. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hug that pug today!
    And even those little pugtocks look forlorn.
    How can you ignore a face like that?

  71. “I’m sad that I’m flying…”

  72. I usually feel the way this pup looks like after the annual Halloween candy-gorge-fest and pretty much every Monday I’ve ever experienced!!!

  73. Sockmonstersarai… is that like Topkapi serai the Tokapi palace in Istanbul?

  74. Oh my goodness! That’s my pup!
    *Note: she was snorgled nearly to deef right after this shot. She’s really dramatic. It’s very, very hard to be a pug, you know!

  75. looloopoo says:

    with a face like that, who can resist NOT giving her a snorgasbord?

  76. Talk about drama queen! She’s so cuuute.

  77. so Claire- (taps pen upon clipboard accusingly)
    this is your puppeh?
    and tell me, do you also own the negligent male in the photo?…
    (beings writing very expensive non-licensed male / puppeh negligance ticket for Claire)
    I hope this will teach you a lesson….
    Otherwise, we’ll have to take the male for observation. somethings just not right with that one.

  78. Topanga! What does that mean?

    Throw out useless guy, replace with guy who will turn off tv, pick up sad doggy, saying, “I know, I know, nobody understands you” until all is better.

  79. that is sooo cute! my pug often does that when i’m in the computer. he’s over 1 yr old. i’ll send you a pic of him at the stairs beside my pc.