A 180-degree “Baroo” is rarely even attempted…


[judges holding up 9.9, 9.8 and 9.9 respectively]


Amazing, Lauren W. Truly amazing execution and years of training have lead up to this moment.



  1. bleen?

  2. bleen

  3. Darn you Jen. I would of had it but I had to type in those stupid spam letter/numbers! Arrrghhh!

  4. lol

  5. Anyway…kissy jowels!

  6. Jen…you mock me? That is just cruel!

  7. nyah nyah nyah ;p

  8. *sniff*

  9. Catsquatch says:

    Aw man, I SO needed THAT!!!!

    I had a heart attack on Thursday and died for 3 minutes before being electrocuted back into existence, and I havent actually laughed since then, until now.
    That was absolutely HILARIOUS! The caption is PERFECT!!
    Thanks man, you guys rock 😀

  10. awww, kk3. oh, ok, i promise you can bleen next time.

  11. Somehow, the bigger (and tougher-looking) the dog, the cuter the “baroo?”.

  12. that Baroo gets a 10 from me!

  13. good old whatshername says:

    But only a 8.9 from the Russian judge.

  14. As darling Noel didn’t once sing ‘A room with a baroo and you and no one to hurry us no one to worry us’ How terribly terribly charming.

  15. demolitionwoman says:

    The backwards baroo is impressive indeed.

    When my dog’s lip is hanging like that, I like to take my finger and poke the lip while saying “lahdul-lahdul-lahdul”. I think it’s only fun if your dog has big, fat shar-pei lips.

  16. methinks people are heartily misunderstanding the concept of bleen, which does not exist.

    that is baroo 2.0!

  17. dang that german judge.
    what’s she TALKIN about!

  18. Wow. Somebody must’ve made the wierdest, highest-pitch noise EVAR to get that kind of torqage. My neck hurts already today, and this pup looks like his will too…

    And REALLY, Catsquatch?! That’s freaking amazing! So glad you’re still with us!!

  19. Catsquatch, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. However, I would think the bestest possible medicine for you would be the preceding pic–the cavasaur!
    Be well.

  20. Katerpie earns a secret gold star.

  21. berthaslave says:

    :: wearing nerd glasses ::

    “It’th imprethive, but it’th really only about 130 degreeth at betht.”

    Sometimes it’s the only way we nerds can get attention.

  22. [breaks out the meterstick and adjustable protractor]
    [projects image onto whiteboard]
    I call BS, BS… allow me to demonstrate: First we draw a straight line through the points described by pupster’s pupils… just so… pardon the stinky dry-erase markers… then we measure the angle where this line intersects the horizontal. Thus we have at LEAST 190, maybe even 195 degrees. 180 was the *conservative* estimate.


  23. Holy Moses. Physical therapists are standing by.

  24. …and they standeth by upon the left-hand wall, apparently

  25. Catsquatch-
    may the force of the cute be with you.
    (obviously already is)
    be well and live long and prosper and all that.
    Glad you are on the mend!

  26. Catsquatch- you were meant to come back. You must now go forth and preach “baroo” to all who shall listen to you. Go… and peace be with you. amen. 🙂
    Could the little nose swirls around the nosicles get any swirl-ie-r?

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    BARRRROOO! Is there a chiropractor in the house?

  28. Awww, My dog does this ALL of the time, and it always amazes me. Sometimes she’ll just sit and look at me all backwards and upside down like for long periods of time…and then I laugh.

    And Catsquatch,
    I’m glad you’re ok. If I can take a picture of my dog doing an upside down backwards Baroo, I will definitely send it in, just to make you laugh.

  29. Ok….who else cocked their head to look at this one? Anyone? Anyone??

    Welcome back, Catsquatch. Just wasn’t your time. Make the most of the gift you’ve been given. Blessings to you.

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Welcome back Catsquatch!! 🙂

  31. Catsquatch Hope you are better soon and I am glad you are here for this exceptional backward upside down three and a quarter turn Baroo.

  32. Oh yeah And Another thing… that muzzlepouche is begging to be kissed….. Smoootch….

  33. What is the definition of Baroo?

    [http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Baroo – Ed.]

  34. maybe this puppeh is danglin from the monkey bars
    and the 180 degree barooo is just a figment of our imagination.
    could it be?

  35. Sorry, not 180 degrees. 180 degrees is completely upside-down. This is not.

    115 degrees at most.

  36. [adjusts nerdlenses]
    …uh, yeah. That would be correct. Um. Heh heh.
    How bout we call it 105 and break for burritoes?

  37. angrycupcake says:

    so…Theo is the BSer? Theo lied to us?! NOOOOO!
    On the other hand, that dog is absolutely amazazing. FIVETEEN GOLD STARS. I’ll have to see if my mom’s dog can do that.

  38. I blame an early shortage of caffeine, now remedied.

  39. Actually Adjusting Glasses on Nose
    I have come to the conclusion that the pup is actually Barooing at

    (Pulls out slide ruler from pocket dusts it off)
    Calculating full upside down roll of head and adds in 45 degree additional angle of head tilt (with swoops of dry erase marker on board to illustrate swooping over and around)

    225 Degrees. By My humble estimation.. Therfore in conclusion… (Takes off glasses fold them and puts in pocket with slide ruler)..

    Theo has not commited the cardinal sin of BS ing the Peeps. Class dismissed.

  40. I want this doggie so bad I have tears in my eyes. Seriously, I think I’ve fallen in love.

  41. I soooo want to SCRONCH his ears!

  42. Catsquatch says:

    Wow, thank you all so much!
    This is one of the best site on the entire net, people actually care and are not rude and crude.
    And on top of all that, there are the CUTEST PICS EVAR!!!!
    If I could actually do any math I would help with the angle estimates, but Im no good at that, so Ill leave it up to those with better skills than mine ;D

  43. Can you say Supahrooo?

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    Sandra, yes indeed I did, if you’re still looking for those who immediately tilted head around to try to look pup in the eyes. Baroo?? yes. And again in re-viewing of photo.

  45. sockmonstersarai says:

    AAACK! *headsplodes* Lovely wonderful BarooFaceNess. I would gently turn his head so it’s on right, and place a kiss right between his so-worried eyes and soothe his Barooed Brow, but my head had sploded and I can’t find my lips….

  46. Ooof so cute! Does anyone know what sort of breed this lovely doggie is?

  47. I would guess a Chow/Lab mix. Lab, as in, Labaroodor retriever, of course.

  48. Ehn.

    Great. Now someone get me to a chiropractor.

  49. Oooooh, aaah! Clap! Clap! Clap!

  50. Squirrelly says:

    zOMG how frickin’ cute!

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    My cat Jessie does that same face, and I absolutely adore it, no matter what the species!
    Just wanna kiss it up — is that so wrong?

  52. Hey! I bet if people could master this move there would be no more need for botox or facelifts! hmm? what do you think? hmm??hmm?


    The degree of barooitude has been, ah, *pushes glasses up* empirically verified at 115°. Please, ah, apply your protractor in consulting figure 1:


    This procedure may be used for future quantification of baroometric readings, to determine comparative levels of baroosity.

  54. yankeebird says:

    Theo, that secretive gold star is very secretive indeed, as my Firefox appears unable to find the page. Well done, Katerpie!

    And Catsquatch, I’ll add my well wishes to everyone else! We’re glad you’re still here with us to enjoy all teh qte.

  55. memyselfni says:

    that’s cute! Jen and kk3 look like they were having a conversations..
    regardless of the angle, that puppeh is 100% cute

  56. When the dog goes completely over, its not BAROO, its 00dV8

  57. Simply Adorable! I love it !!!! cheryl k