Stoat teefs!

Will you please check out this stoat teef action. He’s got his muzzlepowshe wrapped around this toast, and is all: "ADIOS!!!"




heee hee hee, Sender-Inner-Teef-Spotter Sunshine B. 😉
More at the DailyMail Photo Contest, photo by Ari Tervo.



  1. I’ve never seen such perfectly triangular eyes before.

  2. WANT!

  3. A stoat! Whats do I has to vote for?

  4. omg, i luff the triangular eyes!!! if he was orange he would look like a jack-o-lantern!!!! How halloweenish!!!!

  5. PS that is a truly beautiful little animal, and those triangle eyes give it a Halloween-y look.

  6. ok, i forgot to mention the vampire teef. he’s a abominable, vampire jack-o-lantern!!!

  7. we need to decide wich is more triangular, his little eyes, or those awsome, cute little ears. I can’t possibly decide!

  8. Yes, those little triangular eyes look just like two tiny semi-sweet chocolate morsels! I wonder if they taste like that, too 😉

  9. hims got little hershey kiss eyes. (the dark, dark chocolate kind).

  10. Toast is mine, all mine, mine. No sharinks

  11. Space Cowgirl says:

    WANT! To wear him as a wristband! He can nibble my fingers during breaks from typing.

  12. I love the fluffy tail with the black tip. So cute!

  13. AWWWWWWWW! He’s cute, but it’s that EVILE type of cute. He’s all: “RAWR, MY SANDWESCHE!

  14. stoatalicious

  15. poor violet says:

    My favourite thing about this is that Toast is an anagram of Stoat.

  16. fawn lust says:

    teef-hance made me lol, no lie.

  17. Ok.. am I dumb, that’s a stuffed stoat, right? Stuffed or no, very cute.. but stuffed nonetheless, right?

  18. pookiepuff says:

    He’s all “This toast is mine and you can’t have it or I’ll bite you with my ferocious teefs!” *Strugges to run off due to overwhelming size ratio of toast to stoat*

  19. Wow, that is absolutely great! This is my new favorite Mustelidae picture ever! I love his nasty little teeth so much I can hardly stand it!

  20. pookiepuff says:

    Me too, poor violet! I love that TOAST is STOAT with the letters in a different order!

  21. sockmonster sarai says:

    HEE! I’m glad I’m not the only one who got all anagrammy! I just love the teefers closeup, I checked out the rest of the pictures on the link; they were great!

  22. And by stuffed, I didn’t mean like by a taxidermist, but like as in a stuffed animal. But now that I look up Stoats.. I see that they really do look like this! The triangle eyeballs threw me.

  23. I’m glad you clarified that, Golden, I really did think you meant taxidermy stuffed, and I was kind of like, Ummm…I think little stoaty there is quite alive…

  24. He looks ferocious.

    like he is saying get any closer and the toast gets it.

    HEhe I too love the anagram

  25. If you look at the Daily Mail page, you can get a humongous enlargement of Stoaty-Pants. It is now my desktop wall-papier.

  26. Tail up, legs braced, teef pierced…. toast is MINE!! GRRRR!!!!

    Fierce critter, ain’t he? Looking at that snow, I don’t blame him. Winter is hard times for stoats. Never know where your next piece of toast is coming from.

  27. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness. Stoats are some bad-ass little critters!

  28. But it could be a weasel.
    Do you know the difference between a stoat and a weasel?
    You can tell a weasel weasily…
    but a stoat is stoatally different.

  29. Wait, Hagrid eats sandwiches made out of those?!

  30. Rich Fader says:

    “No! MINE!”

  31. Isn’t he an ermine? And whose natural habitat is rumpled white fake-fur?

  32. Stoating, voting, toasting.

    Do we get toast next time we vote?

    Overly triangular too.

  33. Barbara Letsom says:

    I think it’s an Ermine !!! It is !!! I looked it up ….

  34. Cool eyes and tail!! I wonder if he would get along with my three cats…hmm….Love the stoat!! Love him!

  35. can we name it Ermione?

    According to Wikipedia a stoat and an emine are the same thing. You can click my name if you want to look at the article.

  36. berthaslave says:

    Mummy…the evil weasel is taking me crumpet…

  37. acelightning says:

    That’s not rumpled fake-fur, that’s very freshly fallen (perhaps still falling) snow, in extreme close-up. And the coloration – white except for the dark tail-tip – means it’s definitely an ermine, ‘Erman…

  38. I have a vague remnant of a memory from college Mammalogy that ermines are the winter version of stoats? I think it’s only ermine in its white winter phase (thus, ‘ermine stole’ etc) and a stoat the rest of the year. Of course that was just before I switched majors to Lit… so I’m not vouching for the veracity of this memory…

  39. That’s the first time I’ve seen a “live” ermine tail. Cool!

    In depictions of royalty in the past, sometimes capes would have shawl-type collars with some little black things spaced ever so often around it. It was many years before I realized those were ermine tails. You can see them in old movies of the 40’s and 50’s in period pieces.

    Here’s a link to an example from the Civil War era:

    I thought it had (thankfully) gone out of fashion. Unfortunately, one of the pics I found online was from 2003, of a woman at a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit opening in an ermine cape she’d designed for herself. I was aghast when I saw it was trimmed in an estimated 60 – 80 ermine tails or so. I have never been particulary anti-fur, but the sight of that made me queasy.

    Oh, and stoat = weasel = ermine.
    They are brown in summer and white with a black tipped tail in winter. They are extremely fast and viscious. No way is anyone getting that toast back! Good for you, toofy little creature!

  40. SoCalSis,

    I believe you are correct, “stoat” or “weasel” when brown, and the white fur only is called “ermine”.

  41. A lovely ermine is the star of Friends of Animals’ anti fur trim campaign.

    Another ermine is the co-star of this famous painting:

  42. OMG!!!!!!11!!!!!!!1


  44. renee in texas says:

    I’ve never seen one before this very minute. It’s like Cute-O-Ween!

  45. Yknow what makes it extra funny? If you rearrange the letters in the word stoat, you get TOAST! Ahahahaha!! Hahahah! hehe!

    *blink* What?

  46. According to the article, the photo was taken in Finland (it was an int’l wildlife photography competition). That would account for the mounds of snow.

    Also, I learned today that stoats only gain their white ermine coat if they live in a place that has 40+ days of snow–again, Finland :).

  47. Creamy snow sundae with fluffy stoat and toast topping. Yum! Or, perhaps I’ll just scoop up the stoat and snow with two slices of gingerbread for a de-lischey ice cream stoat sandwische. The stoat will get to keep his own slice of toast, of course–as long as he keeps his pointy teefs to his toast. Or else, I shall EAT his slice of toast! And in that case, I won’t even share the ice cream and gingerbread with him. (What? Did you think I was going to eat the stoat? :P) (oh, and, Hello!)

  48. Yeppers, he’s an ermine. Sadly, that was actually my first thought on seeing this picture… “That’s not a stoat!!!” Semantics actually overrode cute for once. :/ (Although this in no way diminishes the awesome truthiness of the stoat/toast anagram. :))

    Ermines and stoats are both weasels, but one is the winter coloring and one is the summer coloring. The black at the tip of the tail is to distract predators.

  49. I just came in here to comment that this is an ermine, but I see it’s been covered.

    Such a cutie though. In that evil mischievous way they have.

  50. ….. zomg. That’s, like… Oh god. That’s way too cute to exist. Like. Wow. *really should not be up late looking at cute fluffies, for her brain will short-circuit like this* That needs to be my new background……. o_o

  51. Cute? That’s the scariest thing I’ve seen all Halloween.

    Evil snarling mouth and nose around that toast, squinty triangular eyes and fangs from hell!

  52. haha, the first thing i thought when i saw this picture was “vote vote vote! like a baby stoat stoat stoat!”

  53. this is so ridiculously cute, it’s unnatural!

  54. Um someone replacesd that poor animal’s eyes with chocolate chips. Who would do such a thing?

  55. Back away, or the toast gets it!

  56. Fansmom: A Stoat is also a type of fish – I do believe Hagrid is eating a fish sandwich. 😀

    He also feeds ferrets( or weasels) to Buckbeak though so this guy better run! ;(

    Cute little thing 🙂 Love him!

  57. Espilonarge says:

    All I could think of with those cheeky looking teeth was..


  58. heart attack!! oh this is so cute!!

  59. chelonianmobile says:

    Yep, “ermine” just means a stoat with its winter fur on.

    Very pretty little critters, whatever they are. D’awww, mustelidae.

  60. Hyvä Ari! Loistokuva.

  61. photoshopped?

  62. OMG there are little snowflakes on the stoat/ermine’s nose, and teh toast

  63. Oh my god. That is the scariest creature I have ever seen :\ The eyes!!!

    What is it???

  64. Squirmin’ squirmin, squirmin’
    Like a little ermine!

    Listen to the ermine
    For the Sunday sermon!

    The ermine’s name is Herman,
    But he’s Finnish, not German!

    (inspired by “Vote vote vote/like a baby stoat”)

  65. PS What will happen next?
    That we can’t determine! 😉

  66. “What’s toast, precioussssss? What’s toast, eh?”

  67. When is a stoat not toast?
    When it’s an ermine!:D

  68. I do believe this is a fake, only because, i’ve never seen cotton fall as snow.
    And i’ve seen snow. I think we should have this peekture re-examined.

  69. GerbilNibble says:

    Meg, you really MUST stop making me wonder what I go to work for. All I want to do is sip chai tea and ponder cute all day long! If you MUST post cute, at least provide me with income!

  70. she looks like TooDee from YoGabbaGabba on NickJr. I thought TooDee was a made up animal but this stoat looks just like her- but white. TooDee is blue…

  71. How many toasts would a toast stoat poach if a toast stoat could poach toast?

  72. Maybe its name is Ermin-trude?

  73. Stoat and toast are spelled using the same letters

  74. LOL!! The face! The teeth! The snow! The tail! The teeth! THE TEETH!! lol!! Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing! What a cutie!!

  75. sockmonster sarai says:

    All those stoat/ermine stoles are so fugly! I’d rather see the fur ON the original owner. It’s just much better and cuter that way.

    I like the name “Ermione”.

  76. I feel sorry for that toast!

  77. Hold your horses peeps!
    It just isn’t photoshopped – YOU just haven’t ever been to Finland! You couldn’t imagine the amount of snow they get up there or in how many different forms! It could be wet sleet, heavy snow, dreamy light powder snow, huuuugecow-sized flakes – it just comes down endlessly for months. That snow in the picture is true snow, flaky, light snow that just flows around…

  78. Dang…That looks like good artisian bread, too. The butter & raspberry jam must be on the other side, LOL. Well, I’m not going to try & reclaim the toast. Them teefs is organic hypo-needles *shifty eyes*…

  79. redwaller says:

    has anyone else read the redwall series? stoats sound so much worse in those books! must…not…be…deceived…by

  80. tracyFlick says:

    What the hell is that thing?

  81. AAAAAHH!!! I heart Stoatie McStoatersons!!!!!

  82. I love that Mr. Stoat doesn’t bother to change his black whiskers when he switches his fur to his winter whites.

  83. A *TRUE!!!* STORY

    Me [a li’l drunk]: Do you know what I want for my birthday?

    Her: What?

    Me: If they opened a noodle bar right outside my house. And it was 24 hour. And it was all free, obviously.

    Her: Right….

    Me: Also, a hot air balloon. Also, more mustalids on Cute Overload. They’re, like, so underrated. They’re adorable.

    Her: Ri-iiiight.

    And then it happened! Thankyou so much Meg, you made my drunken ramblings come true!

  84. What the heck is he and where do I get one?

  85. Mustardlids??!

  86. stoats only gain their white ermine coat if they live in a place that has 40+ days of snow.

    So that would exclude what – extreme southern California? Doesn’t about every place the stoat live have 40 days’ snow cover?

    < == Has never lived in a place with less than 100 days' snow cover

  87. < == Also, thinks people that assume obvious snow is "fake fur" aren't firing on all cylinders, or any at all...

  88. This has got to be the next C.O. T-shirt.


  89. Sarah — that toast is, er, *toast*!

    Loris — Meg got you a 24-hour noodle bar? Cool.

  90. Well, since there’s such mustalid love going around, I vote that we should see more. Like the pics I sent in of my ferrets. Ahem, Meg.

  91. circuscake says:

    sometimes i say ‘vote, vote like a baby stoat’ out-of-the-blue for no reason whatsoever, except the pure joy of saying it.

    i am hoping meg comes out with a t-shirt of it that we can all wear for the u.s. election year (please, please, please meg?)

  92. excellent photo. love the triangular eyes and little toofies. i would happily make toast – french or otherwise – for this little fella

  93. Beautiful Mustelidae. I didn’t realize stoats and ermine were the same thing, but I looked at this photo and immediately thought “ermine” because of the tail. My Crash ferret, once a gray-bodied baby with a white head, turned completely white last winter and never went back to his original coloring. Now, as winter approaches, he has become extremely…fluffy…and his tail has turned a uniform cream color, as though it were dipped in butter.

  94. The guy who took the photo lives sorta near where I come from (I live in the UK now); it took him “several hours and 20 slices of toast” to get this picture taken.

    That’s one greedy ermine.

  95. ermine,
    yer mine.

    what a lovely little critter!

  96. He is stoatally awesome…

    by the way, IMHO, a weasel is usually about 6 inches long, stoats come in several varieties of varying sizes.

    I’ve always thought the mustelid in “Lady w/Ermine” was actually a lovely (and probably really tame) ferret.

  97. He is stoatally awesome…

    by the way, IMHO, a weasel is usually about 6 inches long, stoats come in several varieties of varying sizes.

    I’ve always thought the mustelid in “Lady w/Ermine” was actually a lovely (and probably really tame) ferret.

  98. On the topic of names, what about ERMINE-gard? *shifty eyes*

  99. So pretty!

  100. The world’s cutest teeth!!!! Oh, and eyes, and nose, and little body, and oh my….what a lovely tail! The fur belongs on the animals only…NEVER people!

  101. His eyes look like chocolate chips.

  102. Since no one else has done it …


  103. OMG.
    i LOVES the toofies!

  104. Mary (the first) says:

    GORGEOUS! And I love that it took “20 pieces of toast” to get the picture. I always thought I was just unlucky that I don’t get pictures like this. I just am not in the right place for long enough, I guess. Thank You to those that do get these photos!

  105. Looks like really good toast, too.

  106. It is the rare Finnnish Snow Vampire Toast Stoat. Very rarely seen. (Puts on bifocals, nods wisely.)

  107. chelonianmobile says:

    redwaller: Fwee! Yes! Nothing more fun than playing “Spot the Redwaller” on CuteOverload …

  108. Pussytoes says:

    Never heard it called a “stoat” before, in summer they are “weasel”, in winter “ermine.” They are ferocious and will take the throat out of a housecat if necessary. We have plenty of them in Northern WI.

  109. chelonianmobile says:

    Actually, weasels are something entirely different. The Least Weasel is smaller than a stoat, lacks the black tailtip, and doesn’t turn white in winter (or doesn’t turn white in winter unless it’s much further north than stoats have to be, I’ve heard varying accounts). Stoats are the ones like this little guy, which are called “ermine” when they have their white fur.

    You think this is confusing? In Britain a “polecat” is a wild ferret, but I’ve heard that in parts of America “polecat” refers to a skunk. Room for misunderstanding there.

  110. Arreddy got this as me screen-savr. Me wantee the stoat, er, ermine! But my gatos might disapprove. Yeah, well, the gatos wouldn’t be the ones I’d be giving toasties to.

  111. He is the toast of the town!

  112. Ferrets Rock! says:

    wow, I am impressed! I have ferrets, but this little guy(or girl) is amazing! You should show him/her! I love the perfectly black nose, and the black tail! Is it a ferret or an ermine, or something else… but still! wow!!!

  113. Cafe Alpha says:

    That is the best picture evah!