Looks pretty delectabuhls.

My diet says I can have one quarter of one Cheetoh®.

sq, originally uploaded by james.blackmore.


D’Arcey C., wiping the orange dust off in the pond should clean those teeny claws OK.



  1. That is pretty cheesey!

  2. Over the Hedge! How cute and tasty (the Cheeto of course).

  3. tinybubbles says:

    Squeee! Note that he is taking the teeniest of tentative first neebuhls, with his wheesker moustache pulled back.

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks like he fell in the bag and is covered in cheesy powder goodness!

  5. Hi I'm Amy says:

    OMG! Those feets! Those eyes!

    Thud! (falls over)

  6. Squirrels like Cheetohs, too, eh? We have a ferrel cat that hangs around our house that likes to eat them, too!

  7. pookiepuff says:

    Aaaaah! That is such a cute squirrel! I want to pluck him and just snorgle him all day!



  9. Do ya love how ALL FOUR PAWS have taken on the hue of Magical Orange Powder?

  10. I had a cat (she was mostly white with caramel and black spots) that loved Cheetos. One night we left a bag on the couch, needless to say we woke up to an orange kitty and an empty bag 🙂

  11. Believe that is a look of confusion. What whist this orange peanut! A true odyssey of the taste buds.

  12. Doodle dust!

  13. He’s cheeto-rific

  14. Alexandra says:

    I love that the cheese puff is as big as his arm.

  15. his lil ear nubbins are to die for! ^^

  16. OMG, a snack food as long as his arm (literally!) and all 4 paws covered in neon cheez dust. He must be in little sqwerlly heaven.

    (how and why did he get the back paws all dusty too? crawling into the bag?)

  17. Barbara Letsom says:

    isn’t that a Chickaree ? with a cheeszit ?

  18. Muahaha — Cheetos are like THE universal snack. They bring all species together in harmony.

  19. berthaslave says:

    I see the sqwurl prefers puffs to crunchy….

  20. Ohh he’s gonna regret that tonight.

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

  21. renee in texas says:

    holy crap! do you think there are little orange paw prints on his behind (from wipping his paws, of course!)??? LOL That would be to moishe!

  22. piediddly says:

    i am sooo glad i’m not the only person out there that feeds cheesy-poofs to innocent wilderness critters (whew!). maybe there’s a support group somewhere…

  23. Heck, how do you play this thing?

  24. Not this pic exactly, but the saddest thing is seeing nature reduced to eating junk food. There are some birds at our local Rite Aid who get fed Doritos on a daily basis. I realize people are trying to help, but…

  25. Reminds me of these chips sold in holland in the seventees:


    A squirrel with the same kind of snack. =)

  26. i can relate to that squirrel’s taste buds! but seriously, squirrels aren’t supposed to eat junk food…

  27. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    We always put near empty jars of peanut butter out on the patio in the winter and the squirrels would appear–in time they pretty much formed orderly short lines because the one in the jar needed someone else to keep an eye out for him. We always bought name brands. One time we bought Brand-X and they wouldn’t eat it! So neither did we. I wonder did this little guy eat the Cheeto or ultimately reject it?

  28. D’oh! That squirrel is not helping me stick with my diet. Bad squirrel, bad! Now please, kindly share!!

    Hahaha, what a cutie!!

  29. turbofloof says:

    The hover text is as funny as this dewd is prosh!

  30. I wuv teh sqwerlicious toeses.

  31. He can eat all the poofs *yeck* he wants, my fave’s the crunchies. And for the nuffinghams: All animals in the wild (and in your house) have an instinct to eat fat for energy & to layer up the chub for winter. Do you think seeds in suet (hard fat around the kidneys & loins) is good for them? Yes, yes it is! Think of polar bears who will sometimes leave an entire carcass alone after eating the fat off it & drinks little/no fresh water. Nature designed critters’ bodies completely different from ours, take a chillster pill before you eat your cheets, ok? Cockroaches & wild rats eat stuff that would kill us stone dead. Granted, that orange stuff is going to make all us Cheetoh imbibers glow in the dark for a century after we die, LOL…

  32. Ahhh! His nose and his little tounge! So cutes!!!

  33. tracyFlick says:

    Squirrels. They can’t do anything without looking evil.

  34. But Mr. Skwirl is never going to stop at just a quarter of this one.
    He’ll just have to go work it off somehow….

  35. So that’s how red squirrels got that color?

  36. fingers and toes! fingers and toes!! so cute!!!!

  37. Fat Tabby says:

    Woke up to my black kitty with his face in a bowl of Cheetos once. My significant other went to go pick him off the table… my cat Dart just furiously whipped his face in the Cheetos all the more faster. Still cracks me up to think about it..


    I don’t like Cheetos, though.

  39. Okay, that nosicle is cracking me up. Nice profile, dewd.

  40. mmmm. puffy and delicious cheetos!
    yummy lil orange dust covered baby.

  41. Pussytoes says:

    Red squirrels are cute but they are a-holes.