GREAT IDEAS for Halloween kitteh costumes

Kittehs LOOOOOOOOVE costumes. Why not make one for your kitteh today? [head tilt]

Theres: “Kandy Korn Kozie” (with ear holes)


The spicy “Tropicana Girl”


And when in doubt, there’s always the go-to costume, the Rice Krispy treat (as modeled by the fabulous Winston)


Teresa H., Joe R., and Amanda C., very inspiring and helpful, thank you.



  1. ha ha!! Poor Winston!

  2. Daphne Moss says:

    Costume Kittehs say:

    Revenge will be mine … )OOoh, yes… it will be mine…

  3. ohmi…that middle kitty is peeved. It is shooting tiny little daggers of death with its eysies.

  4. jess, la, ca says:

    Where does one get the candy corn hat pattern? I need it…


    Soooo not a happy kitty….revenge will be sweet… 😉

  6. Every single expression in those photos says, “For this you will DIE.”

  7. indignant kitteh faces made me laugh ^^

    *nibbles the candy corn cozie*

  8. berthaslave says:

    Kittehs hate kostumes. Although with Winston, it’s hard to tell, he might be enjoying himself.

  9. beware the ‘pointy-haired guy’… someone’s gonna die soon.

  10. Bwahahahahahahahaha! Haahahahaha! I haven’t laughed like that at pet costumes in a long time. The looks of scathing disdain did me in!

  11. oh, I agree. those cats look ab-sa-toot-ly THRILLED to be wearing those costumes….sleep with one eye open 🙂

  12. Hahaha, Winston. I love that he’s a rice krispie’s treat.

  13. Jess who needs the candy corn hat–I’m a knitter, not a crocheter, but it looks like it’s a crocheted cone in the appropriate colors (perhaps stuffed with polyfill) and has single or double chains simply attached to the sides of the cone and tied under the very tired and disappointed kitty’s chin…

  14. WINSTON!! LOL I love his YouTube meowing video. Hahaha, awww!!

    I love the look on these cats’ faces. LMAO. “I…WILL…get you for this…”


  15. LOL yeah, these kitties do not look too happy!

  16. Mary Perlman says:

    that is the angriest rice krispy treat i have ever seen.

    i hope these photos will be submitted to!

  17. The first cat is like, “Really? You really have nothing better to do than make this to torture me?” The other two are just upset. 😀 Awwww.

  18. i have never seen such unamused cats before. they are very, very disapproving.

  19. Somebody better sleep with one eye open. 😛

  20. AuntieMame says:

    I dunno. Kandy Korn cat just looks resigned. And for all anyone knows, Winston could be laughing his kitteh azz off.

    I’d worry if I was Mr. Pineapple Helmet’s mommy, though.

  21. Bwahahaha! I think a human-sized candy corn hat would be enormously cute, too. Think I shall attempt to crochet one. I’m sure I’ve got the yarn remnants somewhere.

  22. the initials of these kittehs is surely I.B.,

    as in, Instant Bitterman

  23. Where’s Carlos Muffin? now HE’D look good as a Rice Krispy treat. “For thees you weel DIE, my freend”

  24. I love a good Winston posting.

  25. Hil- aireee – us!

    Pissed off cats have the BEST expressions. There’s really no doubt there.. Is the cat mad? YES.

  26. So, uh, all these uh, kittehs are, like, for nibbling? Cuz they’re all dressed as foodzes…

    *tentative Winston-ear nom*

    … Okay then.

  27. OMG these kitties all look like the very definition of pissed off pusses.

  28. Love Winston – he looks like he’ll seek revenge to me. Now I have to see Winston’s video again.

  29. I <3 Winston.

  30. how is Winston’s head so impossibly round? how?

  31. Korn Kitteh: Ye, ye…just take the freakin picture already!

    Pineapple Kitteh: You’re SO dead…I’ll torture you…Slooowly….

    Winston:I wanted to have rice krispy, not to be a rice krispy….

  32. Most pissed off cats ever. And darn freakin’ adorable to suit!

  33. Kaya has it right. The only one that may murder the owner in his/her sleep is Pineapple Cat. The others aren’t so bloodthirsty…

  34. AliceTanzer says:

    The pineapple top even works on people, as my brother and his friend Jeff show in these pictures.

  35. Kandy Korn Cat has this look on its face like this has happened before …

  36. we MUST HAVE a knitting category!! 😀 (well, yarn craft in general, but you know..)

  37. Kitty is NOT amused!

  38. How did they manage to bake the cake around the cat?

  39. All these cats have the same vengeful look on their face, lol

  40. (From the culprit of the Kandy Korn Hat…) Maggie’s right. It’s just pretty much a cone ch/sc combo (the only two things I know how to crochet.) My advice, wing it! I did.

    And Kara is right, Samson (aka Kandy Korn Cat) has seen this all before. One might say he’s “old hat” (pardon the pun.) He’s pretty excited about making his debut on his favoritest blog ever, CuteOverload!

  41. Anne boleyn says:

    I just got an email from these 3 kittehs. They not-so-respectfully request to be put in the disapproving rabbit CATegory because they obviously disapporve of being dressed up.

  42. ROTFLOL, they loooove their costumes!

    Hey Anne, watching the Tudors nowadays? 🙂

  43. jess, la, ca says:

    Thanks for the info – my cats will hate me for it. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  44. Those cats are waiting until their owners go to sleep and revenge will be theirs…

  45. Andrea|Nash says:

    See? Cats aren’t evildoers … if they were, none of their owners would still be smiling.

    Where and when are the Tudors these days, Helene? I’ve been looking for them.

  46. Hey wait, that’s three isn’t it? Hooray, time for a Winston category!

  47. How many growly yowly PO’d words did Winston have to say about that??

    Agreed on his perfectly round head. What a kitteh.

  48. Kitty One is daring you to say anything about it.

    Winston *wanted* a special suit of armor, and is smug about his success in manipulating his servants into providing one for him.

    Kitty Two is hoping the Choosing Hat will send him to some alternate universe where he decides who lives and who dies.
    Failing that, he may take matters into his own paws.

  49. The cat is not amused.

  50. The Kitteh in pic 1 clearly LOVES his person beyond reason or how could he wear that expression. It is clear there’s a certain devotion here.

  51. OMFG, rice krispy treat!!

  52. Somebody is going to pay for this! I expect bloody toes, hissing fits and lots of claw slashing!

    That pineapple one is especially mortifying.

  53. OMGROFLOL!!!

    Poor cute kittehs! And Winston takes the cake! (pun intended.)

    Teho, the hovertextOMG. BWAHAHAHAHA.

  54. Winston is such a good sport. I would eat him up even if he weren’t dressed as my favorite holiday treat!

  55. Winston just needs his own category. All posts with heem must go there.

  56. yankeebird says:

    Kitteh costumers, hide your baseball bats tonight.

    And I adore the pic of Winston so much, it’s even going to replace the beautiful picture of Saudi Arabia that serves as my wallpaper. As pretty as I think the picture is, it’s nothing in comparison to Disapproving Krispie Treat Winston.

    (P.S. Off Topic: Yay Red Sox! I just had to share my joy somewhere.)

  57. yankeebird says:

    Just had to add an LOL to the hovertexts. All three are perfect.

  58. OMG, Winston as a Rice Krispie Treat is so hilarious! He *IS* a Rice Krispie Treat, that little devil!

  59. Katherine says:

    I just wanted to say that Winston has brought me SO much joy in the last few weeks since I started going to cute overload. He just may be at fault for increasing my serotonin levels.

  60. “Look at me! I’m Crayzeh Candy-corn Cat! I’ve got a damn candy corn on my head! Give me some candeh!”

    (The “Little Nicky” pineapple shout-out was fab, Meg!)

  61. All kittys…You think I’m funny? Funny how, Do I amuse you, You think I’m here to F**kin’ amuse you.

  62. Pineapple kitteh so angry. Please tell me he can’t see me through the ‘puter screen. /nervous nail-biting/

    gooeyctr — snark!

    yankeebird — Yeah! Woo-hoo! But why don’t we get today off from work is what I want to know. SOOO hard to get up after the late-night celebrating. AND it’s still dark. 😦

  63. yeah, that’s the most pissed off i think I’ve seen Winston.

  64. OMG, so many lulz for the mouseover text on the Winston picture. I love his impossibly round little head. I didn’t think Winston could possibly get any more delectables, but there he is. Am I the only one who kind of wants to (experimentally, mind you) nibble at him? Something about that cat just looks so EDIBLE.

  65. Oh MAN. Oh man oh man oh man. THose kittehs make the disapproving rabbits look positively jovial.

    I love how cats bypass “disapproval” and go streight to “I will keel you.”

  66. LOL! I love the faces on the kitties, they’re all “How dare you!”

  67. circuscake says:

    the first kitty looks so resigned- like he’s had to model many a crafting project.

    the second one has no sense of humor whatsoever.

    and winston…is just winston- adorably cranky. at this point it seems to be his shtick and he’s stickin’ with it.

  68. All y’all with your kitteh-nomming comments are causing me heartache. Because of this place, lately I have been more attempty at a little soft-kronsching, but my kittehs pull away with a “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” look if my face comes within six inches of theirs. 😦

  69. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh Poor Winston, know wonder you are so bitter.

  70. poor candy corn head kitty.
    humiliation at its highest level.
    Teresa , Joe and Amanda-
    Watch yourselves, they can take your breathe away in the night. You might deserve it.

  71. (raising hand)
    Please, may we have a Winston category?

  72. You know those kitties are meeting up together and plotting – “For these transgressions, We shall have our revenge, silly human!!!” (insert evil chuckle and rubbing together of paws)!!

  73. Samson has been sleeping with his head resting on my head lately. Last night, he slept with his paw on my face too. I am pretty sure I’m a goner soon.

  74. Jay1937 — why would Winston need a CO category, when he practically has his own blog?

    Pass the mashed potatoes.

  75. Winston is thinking: Remember that scene in 101 Dalmations when Cruella gets baked into a cake? Well, owner-o-mine, that’s gunna be you, that.. is.. gunna.. be youuuuuuuuu.

  76. ah, Theo, did not know such a place existed…lol!

  77. Ah Theo that is *almost* enough Winston.
    But not really.

  78. Alice Shortcake says:

    Methinks Winston will be even more mournful than usual when the trauma wears off…

  79. i love winstons ‘blog’ and his dad is hilarious and handsome. if i were a dude, i’d jump the fence.

    the winston glamour shots are to die for , he looks like an angel from heaven.

  80. Uh, I don’t mean to be annoying or anything, but is the rest of his body in there, or is this another “floating noggin” pic?

  81. I hate to be the one to say this, but given its initials, “Kandy Korn Kozie” might not be the best title for a photo of a pointed cap.

    I laughed at the cranky kitties though.

  82. yankeebird says:

    Winnie’s legs are there… do you see the plaid shorts underneath his Krispie Bar body (*snort*)? The grey-ish on each side are adorable Winston’s feet.

  83. oops, sry!

    Love the spicy Tropicana Girl’s expression

  84. I haven’t laughed this hard at a CO posting in a long time. The others are usually hilarious, but this one made me drool from the laughter.

  85. Tricia Garrett says:

    pure hate and loathing on those kitteh faces!

  86. I keep coming back to this post to look at Winston and his adorably round head. That picture is now my icon on windows live messenger. I love Winston. I wholeheartedly support the motion to give him his own category on CO. He is the best.

  87. If looks could kill, we’d be witnessing World War Five right now. These kitties are almost as disapproving of their costumes as bunnies are of… just about everything.

    Cute though *grin*

  88. vandevere says:

    All three cats are saying, “I Keel you!”.

    Especially the one wearing the Tropicana hat…

    Nothing says Cuteoverload like glaring cats…


  89. Andrea, they’re on CBC Tuesday at 9. I don’t know where or when they play in the States.