What the—??!

I like eet, but what ees happeningks!?!?

Cat Confused By Scratching – Watch more free videos

Raymi the Minx does it again!! 😉



  1. He looks animatronic!

  2. lol that caption is so accurate. the kitty’s like “I don’t understand, but I like it so much!” I love how s/he stares accusingly at the hand when it stops.

  3. That kitty’s face was too much.

  4. NickResonance says:

    There’s actually a nerve or something right at the base of a cat’s tail. If you rub it just right, it causes cats to start meowing. No idea why, but it can provide hours of entertainment.

  5. a dominating performance by all actors, basically.

    was that ASL??

  6. My kitty does exactly the same thing! Although, half the time when I stop, she starts licking my hand.

  7. That’s stinkin’ awesome!

  8. China's Mom says:

    It’s called Kitty Hinnies in my house. China LOVES it! Though she does not go spastic when getting scratched there like the kitty in the video did. LOL!

  9. paulajeanne says:

    Never thought there were kitty erogenous zones, but stands to reason!

  10. I’ve seen this before as well, but only on certain cats, and I’ve never had a cat that did this….hilarious!

  11. Haha my cat does the exact same thing! There is not a cat who does not love a good butt scratch.

  12. LOL! My one kitteh likes this, but he just gets elevator butt.

  13. Mine doesn’t do that 😦
    But its funny to look at. The video I posted here, the cat is soooo funny… hehehe

  14. My parent’s cat used to do this but never with a p*rno music soundtrack…


  15. Pheas! elevator butt! XD

    We call it “pumping up kitty.” It’s a fun party trick, scratch little by little ’til the butt is at it’s highest, then make a deflating sound as it lowers. hehehehe.

  16. Sigh. That’s parents’, not parent’s. Time to go home.

  17. Very nice.

  18. katerpie — We make appropriate elevator comments.

    Going up…second floor, housewares…DING!…third floor, ladies’ sportswear….

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    My favorite example of this phenomenon is this: http://abc.go.com/primetime/afv/index?pn=videoplayer&id=364306

    Just love the look of complete denial on her face at the end: “I did NOT just lose all dignity!”

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    elevator butt, omg. My kitteh enjoys a bit of butt scratch but not to this extent. funny!!

  21. Ding, 6th Floor, Ladies’ lingerie.

  22. circuscake says:

    truly amazing: the cranky ears, crazy eyes, twitchy tail- plus the head tossing and mouth action- all inspired by that totally awesome hand-puppet!


  23. AH! Stevie does this same thing. Only when you stop , he whips around and bites you. (nice kitty)

  24. My beagle does almost that same thing, but a dog version. She air-licks or compulsively nibbles her paw. There must be something about the base of the tailio…

  25. Haha! He’s totally loving his butt skritchies!

  26. We call it A$$-Jack.

  27. My DOG does the same thing. It’s freaky (but absolutely adorable!).

  28. hahaha reminds me of my husband when I give him a back scratch 🙂
    kitteh can’t get enough!!

  29. Hey it’s the licking reflex! My husband & I can get the dog and one of the cats to lick each other using the butt scratching method. Normally they wouldn’t touch each other on purpose.

  30. the makers of the video owe me a new couch – cause they made me laugh so hard i peed on it 🙂

    seriously though, my kitty makes the same face, but she tries to lick my hand, can’t make it, smacks her lips…too funny

  31. Cats can be so…odd.

  32. Now I just have to find out if either of my cats will do that.

  33. I had a rabbit that reacted to hiney-scritches like this. It was fun watching him try to lick the air.

  34. My cat Fatty does this too. We call it his Stevie Wonder dance because when his swaying head is very rhythmic. And he licks the air.
    Many cats are sensitive on the lower butt like that, so when you pet all the way down to the tail they kind of bristle a bit, you know? But our other cat Benny is not like that. Then again, he sleeps on his back and thinks he’s a dog. Weirdo.

  35. i’ve never had a cat that does that, lol. i like the accusatory look at the perpetrating hand! kitty’s like whu just happened?

    cute cute.

  36. Every cat that I’ve done that to has enjoyed it thoroughly–though not in the way this cat does. My cats just do the elevator butt thing. My dog even likes been scritched in that area. She just wags her tail and butt and sticks her head up in the air…you can tell she’s totally diggin’ it.

    NickResonance–I’ve heard the thing about the nerve, too. Maybe has something to do with where the tail bone meets the rest of the spine? It seems many tailed mammals have this nerve (dogs, cats…)

  37. ha! my cat does this: we call it CHOMPERS, because if you put your hand or something in front of his mouth while you’re scratching there, he starts giving it these quick little chattery squirrel nips, chakchakchawmchawmchawm!

  38. Oh… my… god… ShelleyTambo, that is the best video ever! Tears are streaming out of my eyes from laughing so hard!

  39. I nearly choked on my icecream sammich!

    I will have to watch this again at home where I can watch with sound and not stifle my own laughter.


  40. It is
    3rd Floor Transvestites and Ladies Lingerie! Jeesh

    My cats all got elevator butt when you scratched them there.

  41. LOL! I have cats who love butt scratches, but what the heck was going on with this cat??

  42. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! I just saw this an hour ago. Meg you are a mindreader. ESP

  43. ORIGINAL SOUND PLS!!1! i wanna hear the chattering

  44. *huge inhale*


    Cats are hilarious.

  45. My cat doesn’t have that kind of reaction when I scritch her right there. She does, however, do a move that has become affectionately known as ‘stinkbug butt’. Her front end goes down (sometimes only slightly, sometimes to where her chin is touching the floor), while her butt sticks up in the air…and it does look like what a stinkbug does when it’s getting ready to spray.

  46. I’m gonna try this when I get home I have a relatively new kitten at home and I don’t believe I have scritched her there yet.

  47. my cat does that, but when you scratch, her butt just goes up up up!!!

  48. BWAhahahahahahahaha! Our kitty is nowhere near that entertaining when butt-scratched! That’s stupendous!

  49. tracyFlick says:

    Weird, weird kitteh.

  50. nightravyn says:

    My cat does this, but I have to scritch her back a bit harder than that. Her quirk is instead of licking the air, she licks whatever arm is nearby… or leg… or nose… Although last night she did something slightly different and started licking at my shoulder as I was scritching, then started nibbling. Nothing like being auto-groomed by the cat! thank god I was wearing a sweatshirt. 😀

  51. Supposedly, this reaction is related to animal mating… Most of my cats (male or female) have had this reaction (some more than others) when that spot is scratched. Very entertaining, slightly disturbing…

  52. One of THE silliest kittees that ever were…

  53. Aha! Other cats are ticklish above the tail! On tail-tickling, one of our cats does an “extreme baroo” head-tilt and then flops on to his back EXPOSING THE BELLY! This is followed by belly rubbing until he decides that is beneath his dignity, stands up, tail tickling resumes, repeat all! I never get tired of it! It is so high-larious!

  54. Some of my guinea pigs actually do this.

  55. thought the music fits well, i would LOVE to hear this with the kitteh making noises!

  56. cat charity worker says:

    you all know that you are “tickling” the equivalent of the cat prostate when you do this yes?

    Makes it seem a little less innocuous non?

  57. cat charity worker says:

    you all know that you are “tickling” the equivalent of the cat prostate when you do this yes?

    Makes it seem a little less innocuous non?

  58. So gross.

  59. Now this is the clip to pair with “Business Time,” especially with that last bit of info…

  60. Oh the sexual things we do to our animals… we are so dirty as a society.

  61. @ cat charity worker:
    And here I thought cats didn’t orgasm? Maybe they’re just doing it wrong, like so many people do. ;D

    I’ll continue to scritch my cat like this until it starts trying to woo me into doing it with meaningless, “romantic” gifts like flowers and dinner. XD

  62. everytime the guy stops the cat is like WTF who said you could stop ?????????????????????????????

    So freaking funny I almost fell out of my chair laughing

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    I loved the way s/he moved her head in time to the music.

  64. ahahahaha hilarious!

  65. yep.
    when my female cat was in heat, if
    you even got your hand (or anything) close to this spot, she would FREAK OUT!
    so, I guess we’ve all been “doing” our cats for a while now.
    I’m so ashamed. 🙂

  66. “$h*t! Hot d&m! Get off your *ss and jam!”
    Did you stop scratchin my butt??? You did not just stop scratchin my butt.
    (Aretha Franklin head bob)

  67. my bear-kitty used to do this, except he would smash his face into the nearest object (floor, wall, couch) and chomp his mouth like this cat, like he was trying to munch it…makes me miss my bear-kitty…but looks like he has kindred spirits out there :o)

  68. we call this the “silly spot”. our friends had a kitty who’d behave exactly like this, PLUS cross her eyes! hours of amusement.

  69. K.,
    “romantic” gifts .. like dead mice/bugs or other toys?

  70. berthaslave says:

    George Carlin calls it “ass-button.” I just did it to Bertha and now she’s all bitey. Cats are awesome.

    I love how this guy does the “hydra hand” too!

  71. Gives new meaning to, “Talk to the hand.”

  72. Space Cowgirl says:

    Our former kitty Gemini was like this – she loved having her butt scratched, but always acted like she felt really conflicted about it somehow. Made me feel dirty. 😛

    When I scratch Amir’s butt now, he just gives me a “wha?” look and ignores me totally.

  73. My Dante has a similar reaction, but then, Dantde doesn’t think anything west of his hind feet is really part of him. He refers to his tail as “that evil thing stuck to my butt.”

  74. Ohhh….my….GOODNESS that was hilarious!!! I had a cat once that LOVED to be spanked right in that area. I am NOT making it up, the harder you smacked him in the butt the more he liked it and the more he loved YOU….weird kitty.

  75. LOL my cat does this too! I’ve seen a lot of cats do the “elevator butt” thing, but I thought mine was the only one that would start smacking her lips! How funny! All dogs seem to really like being scratched there, and even my Chinchilla likes it! I wonder if all animals like the “butt rub”?

  76. Goethe Helen Waite says:

    I think kitty needs a flea bath.

  77. That is probably the funniest cat video I have seen to date…

  78. It is a funny reaction, however, in some cats it’s a symptom of hyperthesia (sp?) where the skin is sensitive to the point of causing pain (aka itchy skin disease). My Siren cat appears distressed when I do this, but my Sasha cat seems to enjoy it.

  79. That was the best thing ever. I may have to go buy a cat just to make it do that!


  81. i loooooove the kitty expression when the scratching stops.

  82. butt’s going on here?

  83. I have been studying this behavior for over a decade, and am glad it’s finally getting some attention from other researchers and the MSM. We’re still only scratching the surface (of the cat’s butt) in terms of understanding the ‘Licky-Kitty Response’.

  84. That was quite literally an LOL video.

    Seems like it’s triggering the suckling instinct; he’s making motions as if he’s being fed by his mom.

  85. There’s a show on Cartoon Network about a hand that is a cop and his name is Assy McGee…

    this cat is therefore dubbed Assy McGeeHeeHeHeHeeHe (ok i’ll stop)

  86. Years of working with vets has ingrained in my head that cats do not like that. That it is unpleasant in some way. But that cat was practically begging for it. Must re-evaluate my teachings, lol.

  87. I had a kitty growing up that when she was facing you, put your hands like you are going to clap. Then, almost make a fist and take the knuckles just above your fingernails and rub forward and back just behind her whiskers on her cheek area. She would then proceed to kitty sneeze for as long as you did this. Just make sure you were sitting with your face higher than hers so the kitty sneezes wouldn’t be gross.
    We derived quite a bit of ammusement from this. (Giggle)

    What a wonderful cat!

  89. Yes, the cat was cute, but I was very distracted by trying to figure out what the hand was signing. Does anyone else see him/her spelling something out in sign language?

    I’m not very good at it, but the first pause, it looks like “k-e-m-e-k?” and second pause like “g- ?” and another letter or something. What is i?! Is “Kemek” the cat’s name? IS IT A SECRET MESSAGE???

    Anyone? Anyone?

  90. Thank you thank you thank you. I hate my job and I can always count on this place to make me laugh til my sides hurt!! Just wondering Carrie, was that a RHPS reference?

  91. Just another day at Confuse-A-Cat Ltd….

  92. Yep, this looks familiar. We call it the “sweet spot.” However, our kitties just stand there; there’s no crazy noises or head movements.

  93. OMG! My dog does that, too!!! 😀

  94. My cat started doing this a while ago. I work in a vet clinic so I asked out doctor. She said that it tends to happen to overweight kitty’s. They aren’t always able to lick and scratch in that area..so when we do it for them they tend to go nutso, and usually the licking response is them wanting to do it themselves…or something along those lines. meh

  95. Daphne Moss says:

    I had no idea so many other cats were like Mr.Monster, who compulsively licks his lips, flattens his ears and then stretches from side to side. He, too, will grab and bite hand that tickles him. 😉

  96. pyrit you are a complete trip……….

  97. This clip is attempted murder. I seriously feel like I almost died. My stomach hurts-I don’t think my lungs will ever work the same. After typing this comment, I’ll probably pass out from laughing X(

  98. OMG! I laughed till I cried, I is broken!

  99. waka-chika-waka-chika-waka-chika-bow-baowwwww

  100. “I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!”

  101. “I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!”

  102. “I work in a vet clinic so I asked out doctor. She said that it tends to happen to overweight kitty’s. They aren’t always able to lick and scratch in that area.”

    My vet said that too- and that they can’t clean that area because they can’t reach so it gets irritated. My British Shorthair did this until we put more oil in her diet and brushed her regularly- they might look like they enjoy it but perhaps it is not such a good thing.

  103. Oooh, that´s disgusting! Making your cat HORNY like that! LOL 😉

  104. Tricia, my cat likes to be “spanked” too. This video is AWESOME!! Cats are HIGH-larious!

  105. Oh my! What I would’nt give to have that guy as my boyfriend!! What magic hands lol

    He is really good with his hands, but the teasing made me want to shout “No don’t stop!” *blushes*

  106. Silent Meow says:

    I also know some American Sign Language, and it looked like the hand was signing “kemek” and a series of the leter “G,” one after another.

  107. HEY! That cat broke the fourth wall!

  108. best cat in the world

  109. watch the EYES…they always give the guilty away.

    “psycho kitty, Qu’est-ce que c’est”

  110. I am so trying this on both of my cats when I get home.

  111. we have a cat that reacts the same way…we say she’s having a “cat-gasm”. dirty indeed! 😛

  112. That is clearly disapproval in the most explicit of ways.

    Did no one catch those flat ears? So disgusted that he’s muttering under his breath while shaking his head in disbelief. Not to mention those pointed looks at the hand when it stops.

  113. Catsquatch says:

    Yeah, it’s cute, but what is really happening isn’t.

    Cats that have this response to scratching or rubbing on the lower back suffer from an allergy to fleas, the rubbing of the area causes the skin to itch uncontrollably which in turn causes the cats mouth to perform cleaning motions. In short, the poor cat is so uncomfortable that her body attempts to create relief from the itching.

    Note that this cat has a flea collar, which does not keep all fleas off her, and is basically useless for an allergic cat. Advantage is the only reliable flea control for allergic cats, and the application period is shortened from once a month to every 3 weeks for allergic cats.

    It is best to maintain applications of Advantage and avoid touching the area at all to keep the itching from causing muscle spasms in the back, which could result in a broken spine leading to necessary euthanasia.

    Poor kitty.

  114. I also like how when the cat gives the hand a dirty look, the hand gestures ‘Look away and I’ll do it again.’ They’re communicatin’.

  115. Catsquatch: BUZZKILL. And how do you KNOW? We’ve heard several different theories in this thread about what causes this reaction, from stimulating the prostate to the cat having difficulty washing that area for himself. Unless you are a vet and have examined THIS cat, I don’t think you should sound so certain with your predictions of broken spines and doom.

  116. I say we come up with an offical term for this. I myself call it ‘the licky spot’.

  117. Gads!
    Amazing the amount of probable misinformation about what is going on with this cat.

    Kitty prostate?
    I doubt it — I had a lady cat who did this.
    I doubt it — my lady cat did not have fleas.
    Fat cat unable to groom itself properly?
    I doubt it — my lady cat was not particularly pudgy.
    And this guy isn’t either.

    In terms of anatomy, this area is homologous with the bottom couple of vertebrae above your spine.
    Not exactly genitalia, folks.

    Maybe they just like it.

  118. Fat Tabby says:

    ^ Agreed! Though I think that it’s great there are some people just lookin’ out for kittehs, I had female and male cats that have done the licky spot thing. I’m sure I would’ve gotten my ass kicked by them if they found it to be uncomfortable 😉

  119. Did anyone else notice the eyeballs on the back of the couch at 43 seconds. Someone please explain this phenomenon to me! The cat face looks weird too.

  120. Strawhenge says:

    I’ve seen a couple cats do that very thing. Freakin bizarre. I really need to Wikipedia. Surely they’ll have an article on it…I have a sad life.

  121. Pheas, I call it “giving a$$”. Emma will sit in that position waiting for someone to come along and give her a booty scratch. I must say, it is cute and adorable!

  122. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    So. Frickin’. CUTE!

    I want that kitty, just so I can scritch the tail.

    Ahahahaha. I wanteeeeeee…

  123. yankeebird says:

    Tugs, WTH??? How did you see that?!? It was only there for about half a second, and I only saw it because I was looking for it.

  124. When I scratch that spot on my roommate’s kitty, Jezebel, she starts licking herself (usually her shoulder or arm) uncontrollably. My friend’s cat Toshi does the same thing. It’s HYSTERICAL.

  125. At my house this area is not the Butt which is further back but the Butt-Butt. My giant marmie tabby Tacobelly really digs it too! He tosses his head like the kitty in the video. Qte.

  126. queenmab100 says:

    My beloved late Gus used to do that, too, only if I scratched him for too long he’d drool on me. I wonder why their heads jerk around like that and why not every cat does it…

  127. yankeebird – I was trying to read what the guy was signing.

  128. Catsquatch says:

    Sorry bout the buzzkill Sarah, but I know because I have a cat with this condition and my vet explained it to me.
    Her feral mother also had this condition and in her elder age her back muscles began to spasm frequesntly, which eventually broke her back and I had to have her euthanized.
    We do not touch our cats allergic spots at all anymore, and we do not allow guests to touch her there either, our vet was very specific about this.
    So please excuse me for having bummed you out, but I would much rather bum you out for one day if by doing so I am able to educate enough people to keep their cats from suffering this fate.

  129. Umm, I have always been told that the response is related to the mating behaviour of cats. I find it difficult to believe that a cat could have spasms so intense that it broke their extremely flexible spine.

  130. sparklylilangel says:

    43 SECS!!!! LOOK! scary…

  131. Yikes! Just looked.. That is creepy.
    My cat Pebbles does that. But she’s not quite as entertaining!(or scary) She just rolls around purring for ages. Then she gets up and rubs her head so hard against you that you fall over. Its funny.

  132. OMG. That cat’s BONKERS, I tellz ya.

    [howling with laughter]

  133. Tugs, you have some laser eye…I just paused at 43 seconds and saw those creepy eyes in the couch. WTF? Could someone give us an answer?