The Salad Brigade

Another reason for Sender-Inner Tina K. to get a puppeh: she is SO TIRED of carrying her own lettuce!


Gracias Metro UK….



  1. Miss_Thing says:

    Ooooh! If I could only get my cats to consent to this – that would be awesome!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Where’s the puppeh carrying the dressing?

  3. Either those dogs are really small, or that lettuce is really big!

  4. Goodness, such kroolty to the pups, making them work like that.

    Seriously, though, what in the world is going on there? I love it!

  5. Those look somewhat like Chihuahuas, don’t they? Also, I’m pretty sure that’s Romaine lettuce, or something very close to it. Some romaine, especially if they’re from a farm (and not packed in a plastic bag at the store) can get pretty big. Plus, you know, tiny dog.

  6. These pups are clearly the slaves of rabbits.

  7. “The little dogs pulling the wagons of lettuce? That was mine.. .. but enough of my yakkin! What do ya say? Let’s boogie!”

  8. hahaha! I love, love, love this photo! There is nothing happier than a dog with a job, and these dogs have such determined, serious lil shopper faces. “Make way! Produce comin’ thru!”

  9. @CoffeeCup

    Those are definitely Wah-Wahs. My question is, who and what got them to agree to this? My Wah-Wah will happily carry around things he shouldn’t, but break out a harness and you’ll see Cujo.

  10. Every once in a while, CO will give me one of those “Oh what the HELL am I looking at!???” moments…


  11. We got us a convoy! *say in CW McCall voice*

  12. Hahahahahahahha … “clearly the slaves of rabbits”!

    I’m going to be laughing at that one for days, Harmony.

  13. berthaslave says:

    LOL Theresa…long live Marty DiBergi!!!

    “Just a friendly reminder from Fido…eat a green thing with every meal!” — The Puppeh Produce Council

  14. Usagi Yojimbo says:

    Yes, I too suspect a fiendish rabbit enslavement plot. However, I’m sure they would disapprove of tiny wagons.

  15. I want Wa-Wa veggie carriers!!!

    Only on CO would anybody understand what the hell I was talking about….

  16. i would eat a lot more salad if i could get it delivered this way.

  17. Diane… my name is Heavenly… but that’s okay; I’m glad you appreciate my extensive knowledge of the habits of rabbits.

  18. Jen, I agree, I’d eat more salads too, but also a lot more puppy ears as well. *soft kronches flopping ears*

  19. “clearly the slaves of rabbits”


    too true. I’m getting me a puppeh slave.

  20. Yay! Drafting dogs! Love it!

  21. Yes, DanS! We got us a convoy, indeed.

    And Shelly, it’s drafting CHI’S! Whoda ever thunk they could?

    In conclusion, why has no one mentioned the perfect brown spot on top of the forerunner’s head? Eep!

  22. QueenCrimson says:

    Haven’t we seen one of these little fellers before? Although a bit more pug-ular:

  23. I think we’re looking at a *very* fresh Pack of Lettuce!

  24. circuscake says:

    i bet no one (even children) would complain about having to eat their vegetables if these pups delivered ’em to their doors each day…

  25. ralphmerridew says:
  26. Hey soxfan… check some of the drafting dogs sites. You’ll find everything from itty bitty toy breeds to great big mastiffs with carts, wagons, and more.

    Love dogs with jobs! My doggies <3 drafting. My little lab loves it so much that when I retired him from drafting he threw hissy fits so now I put on his harness and let him run alongside the others so he still thinks he's working even though he's not actually pulling any weight any more.

    Conclusion: Dogs + Jobs = Yay 😀

  27. (little bunny shaking fist, stomping back foot) “Hey you kids!”

  28. bcteagirl says:

    If they hit a few bumps in the road the salad will come pre-tossed! 😛

  29. What is it about the Chinese training their housepets to tow veggies?

  30. Perfect label for “WORKING DOG RANCH DRESSING”

  31. hmmm…..are they taking this salad to tacobell?

  32. Hey didn’t we see a similar pic from China, where a pug was pulling his master’s shopping cart?

  33. aww want to adopt all of those cute little doggies, they shouldnt be working they should be playing and napping!