CAT Scan!!! <--God, I'm good

Nurse: "Doctor, the CAT scan shows an excess of toes on this kitteh. Shall we operate?"
Doctor: "um [shifty eyes] no need to operate, Nurse, I shall nibble them off myself."


Watch out, Goodwin D. The doc might over-nibble. Oh, and whoever cropped this photo to skip the naddular regions?? THANK YOU!



  1. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Oooh! Now I wanna put my cat on the scanner! That’s just too bleenin’ cute!!

  2. Mary (the first) says:


  3. Mary (the first) says:

    p.s. I’m glad they tastefully left the kitteh’s nether regions out of the picture.. that might have been too moishe!

  4. Man, why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?

    (nuthin but luv, Ms. Moo)

  5. He heeee. Flabby tummy!!

  6. Fluffy. FLUFFY tummy.

  7. How about a new C.O. category?
    CAT SCANS! 🙂

  8. And lotsa fuzz around the tootsies.

  9. The kitty has some extra toes on the left hind footie..

  10. Personally, of course, I’m waiting for C.O. to post an MRI (Marmie Resonance Image).

  11. IT’S A POLY!! Kinda, sorta, isn’t it? It looks like his right back pawsie has 5 (!)toes. It’s a ONE FOOTED POLY!!! And he could open me a twist off with those “thumbs”, except they don’t look extra, they just look seperated. Nibble, nibble you tasty morsel kitteh!

  12. oh good lord look at those jelly beans! and the plentiful floofiness! oh so cute

  13. toe my gawd

  14. *grabs doctor by the lapels*

    Don’t you understand!?! Not only as this cat evolved to have THUMBS, he can clearly operate highly technical, er, technology!!!!

    We are DOOMED! DOOMED I tells ya!!!

  15. Warren Henning says:

    CAT scanning is not new. Cliff Bliezsinski of Epic Games did this years ago. Gosh.

  16. wuz up with the extra digits on cats lately?
    I like it!

  17. Still not as many as my cat- 26 on my Digits

  18. victoreia says:

    I’d do this with mine, but he’d break the scanner!

    Too cute!

  19. We have the equipment; we have the technology — to make the world’s first digital cat!

  20. Actually I think those thumbs are extra since a normal cat only has four front toes.

    He seems to like getting scanned…

  21. This reminds me of my long-departed poly. He had “thumbs” on his front feet too. The thumbs stood out to the side when he stood, looking like mittens. He tried to learn to flex the thumbs to pick stuff up, but couldn’t seem to control the muscles.

  22. i remember there used to be a site that had a cats on scanners that was called cat scans

  23. TexIrishRose says:

    Ah, Hairytoesis strikes again…

  24. Ai mis teh KatSkans – woz teh awezom 😦 Wai iz Kliffy B gettin awl up inn hizz Onreel Tornamint shizz an knot keepin hiz sait up? Iz teh pleh.

  25. Kickass! A Hemingway cat!

  26. acelightning says:

    If I had that many toes (fingers), I’d put a different color of nail polish on each one!

  27. Even extra jellybean toes cannot distract me from the slightly curly monstrous mounds of tummy floof.

  28. There was a website entirely devoted to people putting their cats on scanners ( but it’s no longer there. I think there were weekly competitions and the winners were judged by this man you’ll see cat-scan mentioned in his trivia section.

  29. oh man. stevie would be so pissed of i held him on the copy-machine just to get a pic. (besides the fact that he would hang over the sides)


  31. if you scan or photocopy a cat…PLEASE protect thier sensitive eyes! or don’t do it…