Sure Bebeh, you can rest in my haunch

Holy Haunches + RULE 7!

[Um, plus tiny claws of doom, check those things OUT]

Sleepy mommy and baby, originally uploaded by lynnirene.

Flickriffic find, Johanna S.!



  1. I love Koalas! So…Fuzzzzzzy. And their schnozzle’s rule.

  2. i wub the bebeh’s spread paw holding onta momma ^^

  3. Yay! Tiny claws of DOOM!

  4. Look at this photo in the same flikr stream: So funny!

  5. Okay, and this one is awesome too:

    And now I’ll stop spamming this post. [is embarrassed]

  6. Tinyest of honk shoos going on and bigger honk shoos.

    Nap time in the outback

  7. looloopoo says:

    tootootoo much cuteness.

  8. Watch out for drop bears!

  9. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    tiny claws of doom!!!! lololz!!

    cutest tiny claws of doom evar.

  10. tiny claws of doom would be a great name for a band.

  11. So soft!

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Baby’s gonna get his hand smacked if he doesn’t stop pinching Mom’s butt…

  13. Andrea|Nash says:

    Allison, don’t apologize! Your posts are great additions – well done!

  14. omgkjkjhhg! I’m like melting! Do these marsupials have some special powers because I can’t look away!

  15. If you like pictures of alaskan wild life, you might like to check this out.

  16. Allison—Excellent pointer-outering! Love it!

  17. I’ll try this again

  18. tarzankun says:

    when you’re down there, scratch mommy’s butt, will ya?

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, stho cuuuute!

    *adjusts future-zoologist glasses* Those top two fingers on the bebeh’s hand are actually both THUMBS. Koalas have split thumbs on their front feet to help them climb, and split pointer-fingers on the back feet. O_o

  20. oaklandcat says:

    what gorgeous silvery fur. Ahn.

  21. They’re beautiful, but I can’t help think “dryer lint” when I look at this picture.

  22. The texture and color in this photo is just amazing….this qualifies for beautifuloverload!

  23. Koalas stink! Once you smell them and have them growl unprintable things at you, they lose their cuteness me thinks 🙂

  24. Ackshally, I was once at a Koala sanctuary outside Canberra, and I couldn’t see any koalas- the only way I found any koalas there was to follow the falling koala poop. Honest!

  25. Buckeyefan says:

    This looks like it was taken at our Koala Rest-O-Rama at the Columbus Zoo! We love our litte bushpig joey!

  26. Annie, all those things seem to do is honk shoo. At least in the zoo.
    Even when dropping poo.
    I even tried to yell “boo”

  27. Michelle, “dryer lint!!” ROTFL!!! Makes me wonder how long it’s been since I’ve cleaned out my dryer lint trap.

  28. I love Walla Bears.

  29. Matchinks

    there, I said it.

  30. awwwwww. what a good mom! i want to be that babeh.

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    I am hearing the honk shus coming from my computer!
    Adorable Madonna & Child….

  32. i can’t stop looking at this pic. this is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever seen.

  33. I wanna get in on that! Shnorgles!

  34. whoa… those tiny claws of doom scare me! but i do love this cute pic! 🙂

  35. those lil claws could give a Killer back-scratch!

  36. luvinmalssomuch says:

    dumbunny, thanks for posting the alaskan wildlife site. This guy takes some awesome shots.

  37. koalas make sitting in trees look so enticing.

  38. Adorable here, yes….did anyone catch the Animal Planet doc showing Koalas mating???? These guys are VICIOUS! So snuggly…then they grunt to call the females (yes, as many as will come) and all heck breaks loose. The best part is afterward they grunt loudly to let the other males know about it….HILARIOUS!

  39. That Koala bear is co cute and looks so snug!

  40. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.