Oh. Just make yourself comfortuhbuhls.

Oh, don’t worry about the plant ABOUT TO FALL ON YOU

Just make yourself comfortabuhls.


Sure, sure—expose your belleh to the world, it’s not like we’re having guests over or ANYTHING


Arlene W., nice kitteh you got there.



  1. eeee!!!1! – marmie in a sunbleen…

  2. BELLEH! *poke, poke*

  3. hmmm. Think my first comment on this sequence broke the Internet!

    Anyway, the hot sun has obviously meltored the gorgeous kitkin. (S)he looks totally blissed.

  4. Fluff-encased gelatinous kitteh capsule!

  5. charliewabba says:

    See? SEE? See what I mean? We need a rule of cuteness to cover bonelessness. Or at the very least a category for bonelessness.

  6. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    *sigh* I truly envy this kitteh’s occupation.

  7. browntabbycoon says:

    Where can I buy a rubber kitteh to lay in my window?? I need one. Badly.

  8. I like the sun on my belly
    Though everyone tell me
    Oh baby its just no good.
    Well let me tell you
    would I repose in this pose
    ifn it wernt no goods for vous.

  9. omg. can anyone get floppier than this little fellah? i doubt it. flopalicious.

  10. Oozeular.

  11. Man, I wish I was a cat–specifically a kitten.

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Moy vie est tellement venu se joindre à moi pourquoi pas vous. Purr

  13. That looks like one soft kitten. So sweet!

  14. What a sweet little rotten!!
    Gotta brag on my little Persian girl. We got her from a rescue shelter and she had been declawed…all four feet. Poor baby. ANYway, we live in an old farm house and she’s been catching mice even without her claws. She’s caught 3 this week! (yep, startin’ to get cold out there and they’re lookin’ for warmth!)

  15. relaxitude and restulence.

  16. Kitteh overboard!!!

  17. I haven’t been that comfortabuls…well, ever, I don’t think. Because I have a functional skeleton!

    What a kitteh-belly!*smooch*

  18. Greek Tragedy
    Act 1:
    Oedipuss Wrecks is inexorably distraught over the Riddle of the Falling Plant
    Act 2:
    Oedipuss in a state of cat-tharsis.
    (Greek chorus)

  19. Kitties these days. No shame. Just scandelous.

  20. yankeebird says:

    Am I the only one with “Centerfold” running through their head now?

  21. Oh god please let me be that kitteh right now, just for a few minutes. Please.

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Have you been to my house lately without me knowing it? That looks just like my little Pumpkin!
    Nothing more delicious, squeezable, soft and kissable than a little cat belleh!

  23. Oh Kitteh! (rattles can opener) heh, heh, heh.

  24. Yankeebird…not no more you’re not! 🙂

    Na naaaaa na na na na, na na na na na-na na na naaaa!

  25. Well, not anyMORE, yankeebird!

    NA NA n-na NA NA

  26. does anyone know where yankeebird lives? I’m assuming somewhere NORTHERLY from Illinois.

    Prepare to be invaded! naa naaanaaanaaa naaa acckkk!!

    I’d like one boneless kitty sammich please.

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Must be nice not to have a care in the world. Even if the pot gets knocked over she knows her owner will take care of it.

  28. Jennifer with the flu says:

    Ah, I feel about that boneless. Wish I actually was, then I wouldn’t be so sore. Thanks for the smiles.

  29. soo cute and sweet and soo comfutubuh!! love it! 🙂

  30. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, for the love of Pete!

    For crying out loud, will someone PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON!?


  31. This is totally not funny! This poor kitteh needs our support since he’s got no skellie of his own!!!
    It’s not like he can go out and invent the slinky because it’s already been done!!!
    Please, people…remember the boneless this holiday season.

  32. Mrs Fonebone says:

    So very, extremely ti-ti. Oblivious.

  33. I want it!!! I want the wee boneless beast to flop over various parts of my apartment–sorta like an anitmacassar (remember those) or a table runner. Moveable, attractive and stay flopped where you place em.

    Soo much belly to snorgle.

  34. They should have named her Dali.

  35. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    I want to snorgle that kitteh! *clonk* goes nose on monitor! How can anyone look at that soft boneless belleh and not rush over there to snorgle it! Put down the camera and snorgle your cat!

  36. yankeebird says:

    Isn’t there some saying about misery loving company?

    And Carrie, you’ll never find out where I live, never!!! (Though strangely enough, it’s NOT actually north of IL)

    Na Na NaNaNaNaahhhh……

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    Berthaslave: hehehe
    Love this kitteh. Wanna be there right next to heem(?) her?

  38. DanS – For sure real!

  39. This kitty is so boneless she’s almost liquid. It’s like a cat puddle.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    I do hope the second photo is not the kitteh passed out from being conked on the head by fallen plant. That would be TOO cruel. His tummeh would still be delicious though. yumyum.
    (Pyrit; loved the play! Starring Tom Kat (Cruise) I assume?)

  41. ummm. yummy lil kitteh in a sun-spot all warm and loosey-goosey.

  42. Cassandra says:

    I second charliewabba’s motion for bonelesness = cuteness, this little guy is so anerable…let’s make this a Rule of Cute!

  43. Where do kitteh’s bones go when they sleep????

  44. DanS — Purrsistence of Marmerie?

  45. “Well, Hellooo, Dali,
    I can tell, Dali
    You look like gel, Dali…”

  46. berthaslave says:

    Pheas — LOL!

  47. This is a precious fluff! I want to rub my face on the tumtums!

    And “Purrsistence of Marmerie”?

  48. Pheas–LOL!

  49. hmm.
    i’m getting a “page cannot be found” on the pink sweater kitty comments page.
    anyone else ??

  50. geez. i knew Meg shouldnt have posted those pictures of Paige.
    Now shes blown up the internetz.

  51. Thanks, pholx.

    liz, I’m getting it, too.

  52. luvinmalssomuch says:

    pholx and liz, me too.

  53. Teho! come to our rescue!

  54. I can’t see my computer screen any longer, from all the nose and lip prints where I tried to smooch the kitty belly.

  55. Cassandra says:

    Well, we could always threadjack this one…cats in sweaters, who knew?!?! Mine would eat me if I tried…

  56. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Me thinks Teho and Megs fell asleep after staring at this sleepin cat for so long. zzzzzzzzzzz

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    I also can’t comment on the pink-sweater kitteh. So I was forced.. yes, FORCED.. to look at this little qt-pie again instead. The HORROR of it all. ::: sigh ::: I wish I was sleeping in the sun OR lounging around with a pink sweater lovingly hand-knit by my Mom. :: sigh ::

  58. hmmm
    cats in pink fuzzy sweaters.
    i dont know if that’s necessary. (well, my cat never goes outside, so I guess it really wouldn’t be necessary)
    but i think if i tried to put one of these on Steve, even without the front claws, would tear me a new you-know-what.
    (And before all you anniemul lovers start throwing stuff at me- NO i did not get him de clawed, I ADOPTED him that way.)
    any who. thats a loverly great and white there.
    and a cute sweater too.

  59. Kittehs know the secret of true enlightenment. These photos prove it.

  60. luvinmalssomuch says:

    INHUMANE, You do not declaw cats or put cute little fake plastic nails on them so they don’t hurt your precious furniture. If you’re going to do that why have one.


  61. This belongs with that overly stiff cat in the videoclip! So adorable – that kitty’s quite a hard sleeper.

  62. Noelegy — Is this purrvana?

    What is the sound of one kit-tahn napping?

  63. OH Luvins! you DID get me.
    my first thought when i started reading was “what a jerk, didnt even read my whole post!”
    ok thats one point for you then.
    i owe you now. 🙂


  65. Well, I’ve heard of boneless chicken before ….

  66. Hon Glad-

    WHAT ????

  67. Liz- That was very bad Swedish. mixed with incoherent English.

  68. HG-
    ok. whatever makes ya happy.

  69. Sweater comment bit, seems to have gone up the swany.

  70. The “cat sweatew” post popped up (with only one photo) about midnight Pacific, but couldn’t be got to then, either. Now it reappears, with more pix, but still can’t be reached!

    It’s like the Shangri-La of cute posts!

    (Either that, or the tuxie in the sweater is controlling things so we can’t comment on the humiliation.)

    I’ve seen photos of cat skeletons and always wonder if they’re true. B/c everyone knows, as this post demonstrates, that CATS HAVE NO BONES.

  71. acelightning says:

    When my cat does that, I call him “floppycat”…

  72. This kitty is saying see how comfy you can be with out the sweater… sweater kitty.
    Alas sweater kitty can not be reached as his internet address has gone awry.

  73. “remember the boneless this holiday season!” bahahaha!!!!!!!!

  74. Boneless filet of cat.

  75. When my cat does this and is at his most relaxed (obvy) his little pink tongue starts to stick out of his mouth and he drools a little.

    Whenever I or teh mr.rpennefe sees it we start to sing “Little Pink Tongue! Little Pink Tongue!”

    I think we’ve given the cat a complex. He now wakes with a start, glares at us, then stalks off to ignore us completely.

    Sigh, if only his pride wasn’t so easily hurt!

  76. he’s completely catatonic…


  77. cute belleh kitteh! I wanna munch on him! Can I have him?!

  78. Hey, who left this xanax bottle open on the table?

  79. Coco — wasn’t me. (and it wasn’t Xanax either)

  80. rpennefe!

    where ya been? come back to vox!

  81. Enough cats! Cats are just not cute in the slightest to me!!!

  82. Sleeping kittens are all kinds of awesome. More potent than Ambien, and no negative side effects! I’m going to make him my wallpaper.

  83. Cats are just so good at sleeping. They practically invented it. Cat-sleep must be amazing…

  84. Pussytoes says:

    I wanna touch that lil’ chicken chest in picture 2.

  85. I am so jealous of that kitteh right now.

  86. “chicken chest” Ha! That does look like a rubber chicken kitten in pic 2.

  87. Awwwwww!!! What a beautiful sunbathing kittie!!!!! Props to u on the cuteness!!!! Lucky, lucky kittie!!

  88. This is what happens when you leave your kittehs in teh sun too long…they meltz.
    Scrapes kitteh offa windowsill to dispose of at my house.

  89. That’s just pure redonkness. *cuddles tiny kitten*

  90. Somebody needs to go up to that kitty and pat and snorgle it until it wakes up enough to curl up and go back to sleep in a decent little cat pile.
    I volunteer.

  91. BEEP.