Hey, ruhmember those geniuses over at You Knit What!?. Hot damn they were funny. I wish they would come back.

It was ‘Inspiring Schtuff!’ [Dana Carvey doing Johnny Carson]

Cat sweater, originally uploaded by "penny" was already taken.

And THIS is one patient kitteh.

Cat sweater, originally uploaded by "penny" was already taken.

Winter kozies are where it’s AT, Emily P. Git the pattern here, at Christine 😉 and don’t miss this Dewd

PS — [shiver] — Theo



  1. thedistractor says:

    Awww… such a cute kitteh

  2. not to rain on the cuteness parade here, cause the kitteh is teh cute, but not needing no sweater in that climate…is still be green out.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    HEy! we’re allowed to comment now! YAY. And ..yes I agree.. cute kitteh and loverlye sweateauh!

  4. We’re Live!
    I used to dress up my cats and dogs when I was little.
    all of my dolls were naked, but my pets were very well dressed, thank you very much.
    This is a cute lil grey and white kitteh and a nice pink sweater.
    he looks like he likes it.

  5. Mary1 — yeah, dunno what happened there.
    A quick re-publish cleared it up easily enough, though.

  6. Pink Plummy Yummy!

    Or is that pank plummeh yummeh?

    Floofy Poofy Goofy?

    Lurve teh kitteh’s gray chin.

  7. Teh Kitty don’t look happy, would you when you’ve got a perfectly serviceable fur coat.

  8. When my son was little, he took the clothes off his sock monkey (hat, turtleneck with pompoms, and pants) and put them on the cat. Hysterical, esp with the hole in the pants for the tail. The cat was very patient.

  9. Sometimes you just need a project, Hon. Glad…

    If I were the sort of person who would knit (and this is *highly* hypothetical), I know just the cat to stuff into a sample sweater. He’d even pose for the photos afterward.
    (The ginger one, I mean. Lower level.)

  10. Oh Jeeves, I need my hot toddy and be a good man and show the guests out to the patio when they arrive.

  11. Kyoot, but SO not this kitty’s colour. I’m seeing more earthy greens and browns …

  12. I think the color rawks.

  13. berthaslave says:

    diffrent strokes for diffrent kittehs, i guess….though it is a nice-lookin’ sweateuw. mebbe kitteh has a cold?

  14. MaliceAlice says:

    Between the crazy color sweater and the faux grey lipstick around the lips, something about this picture says “Joker Kitty” to me. I would if there’s a BatCat somewhere near by that’s he’s plotting against. I can see in his eyes this kitty is plotting something. But what? BUT WHAT?!

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    Oh Kara, I respectfully disagree. I think the pink “pops” against his (or her, why are we all calling it him??) gray fur AND brings out the pinkyness in his nosicle. Stunning.

  16. That’s a very calm, dignified cat! Usually putting clothes on animals makes them look like they’re wearing a costume, but on him it just looks like hey, he decided to wear his plum pullover today. Maybe his mum held it up to help him get his paws through the sleeves, but it was totally his choice.
    If my cat weren’t such a McSquirmerson I would be totally motivated to learn to knit and make her one of these. She’d look lovely in sage green, or old gold to match her eyes.

  17. Re: Mary (the first)
    Despite the pink colour, I think this just LOOKS like a guy cat.

  18. BTW, the dewd in the ombre sweater is the same kitteh.

  19. I must have this pattern.

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    It could very well be a guy cat who’s just very confident in his guy-ness. True. Very true. Guy or doll, quite beautiful!!
    I could probably have put clothes on my guy cat, he was very calm and malleable, but he didn’t have anything to wear. (not counting his homegrown luxuriant solid black fur.) sigh.

  21. There’s a NEW “You Knit What?” It still sometimes features kitties, and it’s pretty funny, if not as brilliant as the original 😉

    And I think pink is totally this kitty’s color. Rock it, kitty! 🙂

  22. That is so wrong, dressing animals up in clothes. i can understand a chiuahuah because they need it or any other hairless animal. But a haired cat?!

    That is just not cute.

    It doesn’t even match his/her fur.

  23. Daphne Moss says:

    Cat thinking one of following:
    “If I wuz 150 pounds, I would slice your jugular.”

    “Dis demeans us both”

    “It’s not bad enough you cut off my balls … now this. Get help…”

  24. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Thanks SO much for the “You Knit What?” links–I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and then looked for more–there is “You Knit What 2.” There’s also “Handknits for Young Moderns” that is unbelievable too.
    Thanks for this–laughter is good!

  25. Ok, seriously.


    there’s a contest for cat sweaters! someone submit this dudes pattern for the creator!

    I love it- ribbing, sleeves, and a turtleneck? that is some fancy knitting 🙂

  27. knitty nay says:

    oops- the knitter already knows about the contest…nevermind.

  28. If I knew how to knit I would use dog hair to knit a sweater for a kitty – Just to piss that cat off.

  29. i love his/her black lipstick!

  30. Hey, I was inspired by this post and created a new You Knit What. Check it out!

  31. Please don’t dress up your pets. If they were meant to be dressed up, they probably weren’t equipped with claws but with hands when they were born…

  32. Geez Loueeze what is going on here? Is this blog actually starting to *attract* the humorless?

    I personally would not dare dress up my boys, there would be hell to pay. If the kitty minded, he could easily shred the sweater *and* you, as you suggest. But if the kitty is mellow and doesn’t mind, what the !@# is the problem?

  33. wagthedogma says:

    All this cat needs is a pair of blue cat-eye reading glasses on a chain around its neck and a wad of used kleenex up its sleeve, and it would be my grandmother in 1972!

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    Although I wouldn’t even TRY to put a sweater on any of my three, this little guy looks quite at ease – almost content, even – in this pretty plum sweater.
    Did he get it at Gap Kittehs?

  35. I’m tempted to make one of these for one of my kittehs…but I value my life. So I’ll try out the Bee Cat Toy pattern also given! A good project for the weekend, I think.

  36. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Cute kitty. I loved the You Knit What link. Very funny.

  37. It’s Umbridge! Ahh!

  38. dang.
    no new posts today.
    i really needed a fix this
    lovin the pink sweater kitty though.

  39. Oh my god, I cannot imagine trying to get a sweater on a cat. A couple of mine would put me in the hospital if I tried.

    Very cute though.

  40. why do i feel compelled to make one of these asap, even though my fat, fluffy kitteh is the LAST thing on the planet to need additional insulation???

  41. euff, i am so glad we can comment now! i was madly trying to bleen at this lovely kitteh model and sweateuw yesterday and i could not! it was very traumatic, seeing cuteness and not being able to share my asplodeness. my goodness!

    i like the 1980’s hot pink yarn they chose. kitteh’s all bowwow-ish “i waaant candy! i want caa-aandy!”

  42. Oh dear. Nikki’s comment has nailed it. Looks like Umbridge if she could become a cat too!

  43. mudlarque says:

    There is an veritaboble tsunami of cat sweaters coming soon, thanks to blogger Crazy aunt Purl, who is having a contest.

  44. There’s another great site called “What Not to Knit” at

  45. Sweater looks itchy. 😦

  46. has Meg taken the day off since she “spent” all the coot-ness yesterday?

  47. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’ve been really wanting a Tux lately, and the sweateuw just makes me want to hug him more.

  48. meg cannot take a day off.
    she has to be here, saving lives, every day. forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  49. Ooookay…so who’s going to be the brave one to try to take the sweater OFF the cat?!

  50. Meow! Cutest kitteh in sweateh eveh! Can’t believe someone knit that. More cute kitten photos here:

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:


  52. ima have to throw a flag on this play.

    as much as some might like to dress up their kittehs in sweaters and whatnot, its not necessary.

    The Good Lord Above already gave the little snorglebeasts their own warm coats, which are sufficient to ward off any chills.

    in the pic provided, said kitteh doesnt look like a bitterman as such, but if he or she could talk, i bet you dollars to donuts he’d say: “get this sweatah offa me.”

  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww!no new pics for Furday?

  54. I have two indoor cats. I live in the city, and I walk them outside in the park, or in the petstore on leashes. They have been doing this since they were kittens and are very well behaved. (Though one of them will hop up to my shoulders every time she sees a dog)

    My female cat shivers in could weather, so I have little sweaters for her. The male cat is part Maine Coon and obviously has no problem at all in cold weather 🙂

  55. Shouldn’t there be a category for sweaters on this site? There are an awful lot of prime examples strewn throughout CO…

  56. When I saw this post the other night I was struck not by the sweater, but by the fact that this kitty looks just like my boy, Buddy!

    In fact, this could be Buddy… I think somebody stole my cat and dressed him in a pink sweater! Or maybe this photo was taken prior to his adoption…

  57. I see this with more of a raglan sleeve — continuing up to the collar, rather than just ending perpendicular to the body of the sweater.
    it would be a more slimming line.
    And possibly a longer turtle neck as well.
    Like the ribbing, and the color — though I could also see kitty in a darkish sea green, or even black.


    no, I’m sorry, this is just SO.WRONG.

    (falls off chair, giggles helplessly)

  59. Huh? That kitty has a prettier sweater than I do!