Look at my ‘tocks. Just LOOK at them!

You can’t handle my ‘tocks. You can’t!

I own ‘Tocktober.





Yes Sir, Mango. Yes, yes Sir! Nice Sender-Innering, Amanda R.



  1. what cattitude 😀

  2. Nicolletta says:

    Byoo-tiful kitty!

  3. you want tocks…

    YOU can’t handle the tocks.

  4. who’s pretty? who’s a marmie?

  5. That is a gorgeous kitty!

  6. Don’t forget the hocks and socks!

  7. It’s a force to be reckoned with! The worst thing you can do is try to ignore it! (Free chocolate-covered macadamia cookies to whoever can guess the ref)

  8. awww, such adorableness! i just want to reach out and pet such cuteness. i think i need to go snuggle with my cat instead. hold on. i’ll be right back! don’t go away!

  9. He is Tocktober- and you can, too!

  10. PS Those be some awesome whiskers he’s sportin’ on the other end, too. 😉

  11. That second pic is like “Yo, check it!” Cat-itude for days.

    Kittehs luv sunbeams!

  12. does your turning around mean that you do not want your tocks kisses?

    Well to bad after I give you a full body snorgle I ‘ll kisses thoses toses and tocks till you wiggle out of me arms you marmie with tude

  13. With those tocks hocks and socks, you’ve marmelised me.

  14. Tommy DeVito kitteh wants to know what you think is so funny about him.

  15. Jeez I want to smoosh them. And toes to boot!!!

  16. acelightning says:

    That’s not the same cat, or they were taken at different times – the second picture is a little kitten, while the first one is definitely more mature. Not that both pics aren’t devastating…

  17. Mango! Mango! Mango!

  18. Marmi – TUDE – **TOCKS**!

    I am MARMATIIIIIZED, baby!

    This orange kitteh brings it. Awwwww yeah!

  19. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Same cat. Check out the facial markings. Trick of lighting, maybe? Oh, and it’s the pawsies that killz me…
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  20. o! that second picture owns my soul!!

  21. Ah Meg, the heady scent of the hair gel fills the air … George Michael (by way of Dana Carvey) dances in front of my TV screen once again!

    “Look at it! You can’t take your eyes off it, can you? It’s hypnotic! Try to look away! You can’t look away! Did you know that my butt has the power to heal? Put a wilted flower near my butt. It blooms! I don’t claim to understand it, I’m only its servant!”

  22. Yes Marianne I believe the kitteh owns my soul as well. thank goodness he got it was from that bun who was threatening world dominayshon!

  23. And who could argue with that?

  24. Awww… that kitteh has a nearly perfect “m” on it’s lil’ noggin. Obvy needs a kiss right on it.

  25. “I am the Great Red Tabby- and you OWE ME AWE!!!”

  26. LOL, Theresa.

    And may I be the first to mention that this kitteh honors BOTH ‘Tocktober AND Toesday. Well played.

  27. emeraldkitty says:

    same kitty, different light angles.

    I’m too sexy for my tocks, too sexy for my tocks…

  28. The second pic looks like he is sayin, wachoo got in yer nose, monkee?

  29. emeraldkitty, lol – that’s what i was going to say!

  30. I swear there is a marmy factory somewhere churning out these gorgeous boys – I have one JUST like him! Same size, same white toes, same white lips. *sigh* SUCH a loverboy, too. Kisses me with fishbreath all night long. 😀

  31. snoopysnake says:

    Tocks, shmocks. I wants me them pink jelly bean pawsies!

  32. Now class you see these tocks? well if you want these tocks you gotta work it! And when I say work I mean work it hard!! Now bend and reach, bend and reach. Take it up a notch!!

  33. What a flirt that one is!

  34. Awww. Look at that tail and those stretched out paws!

  35. That kitteh also owns Pawsy-Pads November, Pert Whisker-uary, and Marmelaidy March.

    In my humble opinion.

  36. Oh and “comprendo” conjugated like that means “I understand.” or in question form “I understand?”.

    Comprende/comprendes would mean “you” (first is formal or for a group of people, second is informal and friendly for one person).

    /grammar nazi

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I’m too sexy for my ‘tocks,
    Too sexy for my ‘tocks –
    so sexy it rocks.
    I’m a kitteh,
    you know what I mean.
    And I strut my little self
    Near the window.
    Near the window,
    near the window –
    yes, I strut my little self
    near the window.”

    Yes, I HAVE been working out — does it show?

  38. Such a handsome orangey! And look at his little mittens!

  39. swoon! tocks would have been enough, but that lovely long tail, and the pink jelly beans have finished me off.

    i just want to braid the tail through my fingers, and nibble at the warm little toesies, and **POP!**

  40. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Beautiful kitty. Especially love the second pic.

  41. Yitzysmommie says:

    ‘tocks? What about toes??
    Love both pix…

  42. Heck with the tocks. Those eyes are unbelievable.

  43. “I mean, I wake up in the morning, and I fart excellence.”

  44. …and this is especially for Sir Mango, courtesy of Weebl:

  45. That cat is very Derek Zoolander.

  46. lOOOOOOOOOOOng tailio!
    I lurves a long talio.
    You start petting at the head and it just goes on and on and on…

    So SQUEET!
    (nuzzle nuzzle)

  47. If this is truly Mango – where is Garth Brooks!

    omg – this is one of the most gorgeous cats I’ve ever seen – and I’ve owned 9!

  48. oh and the amber eyes?

  49. hey – did something change here – now it’s all Lake Tinkle! I kinda like it – it’s much easier on the eyeballies.

  50. phooey – it changed 😦

  51. this kitteh is absolute purrfection!

  52. Teh orange ones are poizen! Extra dedly wif white sox an pink tootsies! Bonus points fer teh cutest marmie name evar — Mango. Luvs it!

  53. Carrie — huh?? The CO layout hasn’t changed recently (though *maybe* soon)…

  54. That marmie looks like MY marmie!!!! eeeeep!

  55. I love when kittehs lay all flat like that!

  56. Christina, kittehs don’t always use proper grammar. See icanhascheezburger.com for more.

    I did notice a change in fonts and colors in the comments a few days ago, but it is back to normal now. ??

  57. Teho – my page didn’t load correctly or something – dunno – I’m over it.

    This cat is KILLING me. It is POISONOUS!!!!

  58. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Wooooo! I’m so glad you all said something changed on this page. Thought maybe it was just me and the couple of ‘Goldschlagers’ I just shot back.

  59. i think teho is teasin us.

  60. luvinmalssomuch says:

    TeHO! are you yanking our chains today?

  61. Yeeeee!! So cuuute! The captions are so funny, too. 🙂

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    Gorgeous kitteh! Is it wrong of me to want marble windowsills in my house too? Especially if the kitteh comes too. I love the pink toesies and luxuriant whiskers.

  63. THEO___YESSSSHHH!11!!. First the bananas and now mangoes, How do you find these things? Great Marmie tho, mine has sox, long tailio and great tocks too.

  64. Liz/Luv — beyond the hovertexts, the Will Ferrell reference and the MangoMangoMango toon, no… what do you mean?

  65. pppffftt.

    Teho is funny.

    hi there luvinannies.

  66. darkshines says:

    But does he TASTE like marmalade….?


    No, he tastes like fur…..and…..pain….

  67. Poor Teho Blamed for all things Co even when he does noTings ; P

  68. “Comprendo” = brilliant.

  69. Meg, does the caption make reference to Striped Shirt Guy???

  70. Great pompis! (buns)
    The caption should be “compredido?” or “comprendes?” or “comprende?” though.
    “Comprendo?” means “I understand?” hehe.
    …Just sayin’

  71. Sorry to hijack with unhappiness, but I’m sure you’ve heard about the SoCal fires. A lot of animals are being affected, and it’s been called “Katrina with fire.” I encourage everyone to donate to Red Cross, Humane Society or Noah’s Wish, or some other organization that can help.

  72. LOVE the rollover!


    Better than a bowling trophy, I should think.

  73. *gives the cookies to gooeyctr

  74. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey troublemaker Liz.
    TeHO is at it again. Every time I want to put in a comment I have to rekey in my name and my email. WHASSSUUUPPPP with it? Don’t yee value my comment anymore. NO! Don’t answer. I don’t need the rejection.

  75. Not me doing that, Luv. You might want to set up a TypeKey ID, though (optional but saves time)… http://www.sixapart.com/typekey/

  76. hey luv-
    teho sounds pretty innocent this time.
    and the ‘head’ comment from earlier went right over my blonde head, i have no idea what he was talkin about.
    i’m just tryin to stay under the radar so’s i dont get into any trouble.

  77. Who’s a furry angel? Who is? Good grief, what a photographic kitty!

  78. my cat’s name is mango too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Darkshines Geez I am slow today. Bravo You hit one out a the park.

    thank you so much to everyones such great comments about mango. he really is the light of my life, him and my 4 other cats.
    he is even sweeter than his pictures show, he gives me kisses and sleeps on me all day long!!
    horray for tocktober!

  81. siwwy marmy ^^

  82. Theo that is the strangest reason to bruisefruit not to mention abuse of toothpicks, good greif

  83. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks as also TeHO!

  84. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I mean, Thanks as always TeHO, you have me so flustered I don’t know what I’m typing.

  85. Waahhaah I just saw the Shakespearean hover on the first one!!!

  86. Wow, this cat looks just like my kitty! They could be twins :). Tock twins!

  87. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Pink jellybean toes!! DO WANT! (I am minus my kitty until February-ish. I am sadly kitty-less. I need pink jellybean toes this instant or I shall die.)

    (Poodle-less as well. Woe.)

  88. “Comprendo”? What happened to “Capisce”?!