Gossiping kittehs + some licking

Kitteh 1: You need a lick

Kitteh 2: Nyerhe

Kitteh 1: You need a lick

Kitteh 2: Nyerhe

[Licking commences]

Excellent submishe, YankeeBird and movie-taker TheCatsPyjaaaamas



  1. metsakins says:

    oh the bleenin’ cruelty of no speakers at work.

  2. Oh they are too cute!

  3. awwww, I luv the chirpy merows. I so want to snuggle in with them!

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! I have never heard to cats converse like that to one another and understand exactly what they are saying to each other.

  5. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    MEEP!!! Too cute!!! ::falls over ded from the qte!::

  6. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awww, chatty kits. I wish my kitty did this a bit more, and not at 4am, whehn she prefers to talk.

    My current foster is quite chatty because she’s in heat. For the sake of my sanity, I hope I can take hr back to the shelter for spay tomorrow.

  7. OMG, this is SO CUTE! I love how they are just talkin’ away to each other… 🙂 Our cat chirps like this to us… but to see that with another cat is just plain CUTE.

  8. they’re SINGING!!!! this is so adorable!! EEEE!!

    I ‘sploded.

  9. o mah gah!!!!1!
    that just keeled me!
    I have a couple of pretty vocal kittehs, but *nothng* as keee-ute as that!

  10. hi shelly- my understanding is that they usually dont spay when a cat is in heat. but you might want to take her to the shelter just so that she can be kenneled, (so theres no chance of the boyz gettin to her)
    i know what you mean though, my cat drove me NUTZ when she was in heat with the coo-ing and meeeooowing.

    these two are adorable, i love the way they talk to each other, very sweet.

  11. Super cute!!! But shouldn’t this be cross-listed with “I shall leeck you”?

  12. Tabby talking to Tuxie . Totally talktober.

  13. Awwww… I love how the licked kittty wiggled around so that the licking kitty wouldn’t have to move.

  14. This reminds me of my friend’s two kitties. I was hanging with them the other day and they kitties started giving each other baths. So cute! Then one ended it by biting the other. So funny!

  15. “U has a flavor”
    “Fish has flavors”
    “U has a flavor”
    “Chiken has flavors”
    “I show you flavors” *licklicklicklick*

  16. yankeebird says:

    Yay, I finally got something posted!

    I found this using StumbleUpon and could only tear myself away from watching it over and over just long enough to submit it here.

    Oh, and I’m sorry to those who are now ded. I didn’t mean to keel you.

  17. tarzankun says:

    Tux: I need a bath
    Tabby: Me too, you give me one first
    Tux: No, you give me one
    Tabby: me first
    Tux: me first
    Tabby: me
    Tux: me
    Tabby: meee
    Tux: okay, lie down
    Tabby: like this?
    Tux: that’s too far. I can’t reach that far.
    Tabby: how about now?
    Tux: far
    Tabby: now?
    Tux: ok,

  18. smokeyJoe says:

    sounds like they are both in heat. yoicks!

  19. Gurl, yer hares is all rong.

    No I likes eet.

    Here let me fix it.

    No eet ees ok. Reely.

    No, c’mon it is all weerd in the back.

    Ok, eef you must.

    nom nom nom…

  20. kittykatgurl says:

    SQUEEEE!!!! They are soooo cute. My kitties never ever talk at all. They are mute. I could watch this over and over.

  21. CBF — best transcript yet.

  22. well if that isn’t the sweetest little kitty chirps i’ve ever heard… i just do not know. death by chirp!

  23. misscrisp says:

    AHHHHNNNNN I am smitten. Chirp chirp. Annie- LOL to Talktober. And excellent transcripts peeps.

  24. Cheep Trills!

  25. BrianMPLS says:

    The only conversation worth having! 😛

  26. This is weird because as a rule, cats don’t “meow” to each other to communicate, that’s something they usually do to get human attention. I’ve seen cats throw a little growl or grumpus at each other, but nothing like this that looks so much like a human conversation.

    But the REALLY interesting part is that Bertha was sitting on the edge of the bed when I played it — sleeping actually (natch) — and as soon as the mew-chirping started, she woke up and stared at the computer speakers. So I’m guessing this is some secret cat language code (Bertha is, after all, an ex-secret agent for the Queen), and we’re all likely to have hairballs in our shoes on Veterans Day or something.

    I miss having two cats that lurv each other.

  27. sweetest. chit-chat. ever.

  28. A. Nan E. Moose says:

    the rollover text!! you guys kill me.

  29. They’re trying to mew, but they also want to purr. So, purrew.

  30. *poit*
    This is much better than the conversations I have with Elvis.

    These kitties understand each other. Elvis gets frustrated by communicating with the human who just doesn’t get it.

  31. I’ve never heard kitties have a conversation before! How cute and annoying (for the owner, I mean).

  32. childofsnow says:

    BerthaSlave, I think you’re on to something about it being a cat code. My kitty was on High Alert ™ when i watched it, and flipped out and started hissing at the speakers. Now she’s searching the apartment and refuses to let me cuddle her. I imagine I’m going to find some sort of mind-control ray half built when I get home from work.

  33. I suspect they are having a disaggreement on who gets the licking first.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    It seemed to me they were both mrowing at someone else… their human? My cat mostly only mrows to warn me if she thinks I’m about to lay down on her in the bed in the dark. (“mrow don’t forget I’m here mroww”). The other time she communicates is to yell MM-GGAAHHH at the top of her lungs. Frequently in the middle of the night. For no reason.

  35. I love how when the tortie finally gets up to move around she (?) looks at the camera as if ‘well can you please move back!’.

    And I think towards the beginning they were chriping at something off camera but there is no doubt that there was a conversation going on there.

  36. tracyFlick says:

    What are you talking about, cats?

  37. CoffeeCup says:

    Adorable! Is anyone else amazed at the quality of this video? Usually YouTube videos are pretty low-res, but this one is top notch.

  38. OMG that video is driving my cut nutsoid! She’s all pushing on the speaker and climbing all over it sorta like she’s trying to get her new mystery friends out of there. She’s been camped out next to it for about half an hour now, mewing at it (just like them). Its so cute!

  39. It’s my understanding that this chirp meow these kitties are doing is a sign of affection. Our cats always used it as an affectionate hello. I used to be a vet tech and I always was given the naughty kitties because they didn’t freak out and try to keel me like they did everyone else. I like to think it was because I chirped at them like this, and for whatever reason it made them happy.

  40. So, so sweet. I just adore their voices.

  41. Kim Monique says:

    Wow, that grey and white kitteh could teach Negotiation Skills 101 … he/she is VERY persuasive! I love the way the tabby is like: “Oh, WHATEVER. I shall roll over and let you leeck me.”

  42. Juniper Jupiter says:

    If you guys crank it up towards the end, you can hear the first one’s tongue going “SCHLERP SCHLERP SCHLERP SCHLERP!!” Theriouthly!! Just don’t forget to turn the volume back down! 😛


  43. ShelleyTambo says:

    liz, cats can be spayed anytime–when they’re pregnant, when they’ve just given birth, when they’re in heat. Some vets try to avoid doing it while they’re in heat because there’s more blood, but our shelter vet does it all the time. It’s a necessary evil in that environment. It’s a necessary evil for my sake, too. She’s past the cooing and meowing and into gutteral yowling for hours at a time.

  44. Oh my goodness!

    They’re CHIRPING at each other!

  45. Coffee –

    My kitteh also went nutso over this video. He was complaining to me at the time about food and I (igorning him) clicked this irresistable video and he stopped dead in a “baroo” kind of way. He immediately took to attacking the screen to get to the other kittehs, groping with his paw under the screen and peering around behind the computer.

    I then went full screen and he fell over from excitement. Most entertaining thing all day.

  46. so! kyoot!

    These little chirps sound just like my tuxie-boy, who came into the room and looked quite interested. Whatever they’re saying, he understood it too, and wanted to join in.

  47. They seem to keep saying, “mmm-kay” – like Mr. Mackie on South Park.

  48. This is just TOO adorable. My guys chirp like this, but not conversationally. Sometimes Pooh will be whining & irritating Mommy and Tipper will “chirp under his breath” as if to say “dude, chill out….Mom’s gettin’ ticked!”….LOL!

  49. I have lived with cats my entire life, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of kittehs have an actual conversation. *Squeeeeee!*

  50. My two Siamese would have conversations like this! I would frequently hear them both just calmly mrowing away *as calmly as Siamese can mrow* and when I would try and see what the issue was, they’d be chillin’ in the papasan chair, just talking. Too cute!

  51. Sorry to hijack with unhappiness, but I’m sure you’ve heard about the SoCal fires. A lot of animals are being affected, and it’s been called “Katrina with fire.” I encourage everyone to donate to Red Cross, Humane Society or Noah’s Wish, or some other organization that can help.

  52. Phew, Jon! I was getting worried that I was the only one who thought right kitteh was saying “nkay?”, to which left kitteh responded “nkay.” Of course, I couldn’t make out the rest of their convo, but I would expire from anerableness if this happened in my house. (Instead I get “Can I go out?” “No.” “Can I go out?” “No.” “Can I go out?” “No.” “Can I go out?” “No.” “Can I go out?” “No.” “Can I go out?” “No.” You get the idea.)

  53. When my dear departed kitteh used to make this noise I called it gang-gank, because you can almost hear that “G” sound.
    Collette would say “gaaaank?”
    And I would say “Gang-gank?!”
    And she would look at me like “Ur doin’ it rong”.

  54. I just showed this video to my dog, Annie (Tibetan Terrier mix) and she adorably “baroo?-ed” the whole time, then proceeded to lick the screen of my laptop (adorable at the time, aftermath of slurpy-slimy screen not so adorable).

    My interpretation of the daily convo between my cat, Chloe, and I:
    “More food?”
    “But moooom…”
    “Stop it.”
    “Why not?”
    “Shut up.”
    “Pwetty pwease?”
    “I’m trying to sleep.”

    She never wins the argument, but she gets her point across nonetheless.

  55. I wonder what they’re talking about?

  56. Elizabeth P says:

    Aww, chatterboxes. My kitteh’s a chatterbox too.

  57. OMG.. the sound on this totally drove my cat up the wall. She never noticed the screen – just kept on trying to figure out how a kitten got stuck in the speaker.

    I can’t believe it. Cute Overload finally went interactive with all of the at-home pets.

  58. That conversation was GORGEOUS. One of my best friends and I have a habit of sending each other pictures of cats that look like they’re friends and saying ‘this is you and me.’ I am SO hittin’ her with this next time we chat.

  59. i LOVE it when kittehs are purring too hard to meow right and they end up sounding like aliens or something. 😀

  60. Holly Bees says:

    Where i’m from we call this ‘cat phone’

    Mr. President, the call is from Cat Phone, will you accept the charges?


  61. *Looks around*

    One dead and one exploded, presumed dead.

    “Granddad? Grandad? Graaaaaanddaaaaad!”


    *Runs out to get the reserve scythe*.

  62. transcript!:
    rrr-klhao, erhnn
    errrow? gragru
    hmmmnn-klaoo, nnng-aao
    knnnng [all up in camera being lix0red]
    [lick lick lick]

    hehehe. so precious! i think its the best thing i’ve seen yet x3

  63. At some point somewhere in the middle, they sound like Patty and Selma…
    Selma: hrmmmmph
    Patty: hrmmph
    Selma: hrmmmmmmph
    Patty: hrmmph

  64. acelightning says:

    What a pleasant conversation! Alas, the only thing my Loki ever says to other cats is “hiissssssss…. (teeth clack)… hissssss… YOWWWWWL!”

  65. My kittehs thought that there were two more kittehs in the house when I played this! They went looking for them!

  66. They sounds like adorable squeaky screen doors! Don’t they? A little?

    I shall apply WD40 stat! And by “apply WD40” I mean “administer snorgles.”

  67. oh my god, that is almost too much to handle!

  68. That was so sweet! Best part? My big boy sitting there staring at the speakers while the kittehs mewed, looking totally entranced 🙂

  69. shelley-
    well, that’s good that you can get your kitteh taken care of.
    i just have never met a vet that would do a spay when the cat was in heat.
    of course its been some years since i had to kitten to get fixed, so i suppose things change.
    well good luck then, and heres to “quieter times” at your house!

  70. My kitty was also looking for the others. Ignored the screen, but kept circling my laptop, trying to find the kitties! He mewed at them a couple of times, too–whatever they were talking about, he had an opinion!

  71. pistache268 says:

    Ha ha, love the way Kitten 2 looks at the camera near the end. Like, GEEZ WHAT A DRAG.

  72. How cute! I love the purrrrrrrrrr-meowww sounds they make. It almost sounds raccoonish!

  73. Holly Bees, ROFLMAO!
    [i]Where i’m from we call this ‘cat phone’ – Mr. President, the call is from Cat Phone, will you accept the charges?[/i]

    *is ded*

  74. yankeebird says:

    Yay, everyone liked this as much as I did! I was afraid Meg wouldn’t post it, and I’d be stuck trying to figure out how to get everyone to see it!

    My cats flip out whenever I play the “Winston is annoying” video, but they couldn’t have cared less about these two. Go figure. I’m glad everyone else’s kittehs were talking back!

  75. dear god! i love vocal kitties, my Liebchen doesn’t meow all that much, but when he does, it’s the cutest sound EVAR. and this video is unbelievably adorable and awesome.

  76. I just LOVE the ear tufts on the smaller bebbeh. They look like lynx ears. Oh, the beautiful face and the way her lip curls up when she talks. Too much to handle all at once.

  77. they look like very good friends. sweet, sweet, sweet. i could watch this clip all day long.

  78. That’s really weird. Cats don’t meow with other cats. Really cute, but I don’t know what to call that.

  79. Chirpy trilly mews! So cute.

  80. I hear the conversation as:



  81. Daphne Moss says:

    My former darling kittehs, Little Girl and Puffy, used to do this, and I have pictures. It always ended with her flattening her ears back and whapping him because he tried to kronsch her head. It wuz as enchanting as this…

    An yeah…bout the fires…I’m giving to the Humane Society of U.S. to help socal fuzzies…Dey has no nsurance

  82. Ugh, they are SO planning to take over the world, but they’re masking it with their cute little chit-chat voices!!

  83. i love how long they converse back and forth for ^^

  84. that was PILLOWTALK, heh

  85. OMG this is really just tooooo much. those meows are to die for!

  86. Those are the most adorable cats I’ve seen in ages. I love them!

  87. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    …and now my Mistletoe is behind the monitor looking for the blabbermouth catses.

  88. stephanie says:

    aww. cutest sound ever. 🙂

  89. berthaslave – you might be onto something. my petra kitteh is also intrigued by these sounds, and i’ve played her a ton of kitty noises before that she’s never reacted to!

    she makes sort of a similar sound when she’s purring and meowing at the same time; usually during a particularly satisfactory massage.

  90. OMG–my kitty, who had heard many many kitties and catties mewing from the speakers over the years and totally ignores them, went nuts over this. Keeps sitting by the speaker and trying to ‘find’ the kitties. Much as I love the video, I think I should stop…oh wait, she’s now hanging on the screen…

  91. Okay seriously? Cute Overload has some insanely and almost unbearably adorable posts, but this takes the cake. These are only the most adorable kitties making the most adorable sounds. They’re so adorable I can’t think of any other adjectives!

    omg.. best kitties ever..

  92. Oh, my gosh, they sound like tiny Wookiees!
    ::nerd squee!::

  93. OMG! They’re just affirming each other and Affirming Each Other and AFFIRMING EACH OTHER:

    1. Mmmm…OK
    2. Mmmm…OK
    1. Mmmm…OK
    2. Mmmm…OK

    …and so on…

  94. I’ve never heard any of my kittehs communicate so trilliningly for such a long period of time. I really needed a laugh here in SoCal with all the smoke, ash, and fears of evacuation, and this did the trick. My darling Natasha just twitched her whiskers and went back to sleep, but my sister’s cat, and my niece’s cat apparently flipped when they heard this conversation.

    I gotta ask, though … am I the only one who thought of Tribbles after listening to this pair? 🙂

  95. A feline interpretation of Annie Hall.

  96. OMG cutest overload evar!!!! So want to snoggle these mewing fluff of cuteness. *sigh*

  97. Tribbles were the first things I thought of gypsylynx. Daddy was a Trekkie.
    Protect your lungs out there hon!

  98. You know it’s really not nice to make someone fall out of their chair at work. Everyone thought I was having a fit or something! LOL

  99. statler and waldorf, LOLOLOL, i just got that!

  100. browntabbycoon says:

    Omigod, I can hardly wait to play this at home for Cuchara, Archimedes and Kafka. Cooch and Archi are my cats and Kafka is our German Shepherd. Kafka was raised by the cats and thinks he is a cat, so we will see if he understands the plot too.

  101. aubreysmom says:

    My kittie sisters will call out a very distinct high pitched “where are you ?” meow while they search for one another, very cute! You can see the relief on their face when they find each other!

  102. schnucken says:

    My cat makes these noises every morning after the human shower times. We call it wookie noises — though these two seem more tribble-y to me. Too Cute!

  103. Have died, gone to heaven.

  104. Kaitou Juliet says:

    I watched it, and it was so cute, and I wanted to watch it again, and now it’s “no longer available”! *wails* Where did the cuteness go??

  105. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Oh … *whew* It’s back now. Thank goodness! This reminds me of the sounds my mom’s cat used to make to try to get her up in the mornings. ^_^

  106. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I have watched this again and I am amazed. The really are talking to one another. Or have I lost My Mind Again.

  107. the one on the left looks like my key key mrow…Sounds like her too! Subby your cat isnt a manx by any chance? 😮

  108. That was amazingly cute.

  109. Its just too adorable. I love this digital age where we can capture things like this. It sounds like the second kitty had to be talked into getting licked then she says ok a few times and rolls over like a leetle sweet angel. thanx.

  110. I request that this post be put into the “I Shall Leek You” category.

  111. Brendoodlez says:

    OMG! They totally luv each other!!

  112. jilison4tai says:

    …can’t stop playing vid… Tai is going bonkers… he can’t find the kitties in the speakers… he’s joining in the conversation… OMG… ROFLMAO

  113. that is the cutest stinkin’ video i’ve ever seen! my cat makes those trilling-humming-mew noises too – i love it!

    this vid reminds me of some woody allen flick or when harry met sally. dunno…

  114. With all the action stuff on tv, THIS is what I want to watch, over & over & over! I love all the comments. Peoples sploding from the cuteness.

  115. it’s GONE! dun-dun-DUN!

  116. it’s BACK! *trumpets*

    Youtube, what are you trynna DO to us?

  117. I was thinking the same thing as Jennifer above… Reminds me of the old couples throughout “When Harry Met Sally” telling the stories of how they met and fell in love. “It was 1933, (No, it was 1932), she was wearing blue (No, I was wearing green)”…

  118. You wanna go out tonite?
    We could go out
    There’s that new place
    If you want
    Or a movie?
    I guess so
    You feel like a movie?
    What’s playin?
    This n that
    Or we could stay in
    We could stay in
    You wanna stay in?
    Let’s stay in

  119. ***********************

    Paging Dr. Doolittle. STAT!


  120. This reminded me of the old Monty Python sketches where you’d have two of the guys dressed like old housewives sitting and gossiping.

  121. My cat was in my lap when I played this video, and she started purring after hearing them chat. I think they were saying nice things! 🙂

  122. I’m dead now. I hope you’re happy. This killed me.

  123. When my cat was in heat, the trilling was cute, the meowing never got really bad. HOWEVER… what killed me was the peeing. She’s pee on the stove burner and then mom would get up in the morning, groggy, and turn it on. TALK ABOUT GAG! She peed on the christmas lights. She peed on my bookbag. She once peed in my easter basket. But getting her fixed stopped all that. whew! She lived to be almost 20. Gawd love her, I miss her so much.

  124. I can’t get enough of this vid!! Whatched it about ten times yesterday, today 5 times – this far! Cuuuuuute!

  125. I love how cats are able to meow and purr at the same time, it’s like, “mrrrrr”. I wish I could purr meself, it’s soooo cool!

  126. Walkstrong says:

    I played this for my brother and his girl friend, and their new kitten just sat in my arms and watched hte screen and listened.