Um, buns don’t get more redonk than this. Just what is happening here?

Misguided leapfrog? Hover bun run out of power?


Niki F., we know you put them like that…

// …hmm, looks like this pic got submitted elsewhere, too! //



  1. awwwww!! What cute little buns!! So cute you could just fry ’em up and gobble em!! Yum! Anyone for whole wheat bunnito?

  2. Misguided sometink…….oh. too much time on the beaver post 🙂

  3. LOL!

    They’re so funny. Maybe one was trying to hop over the other, and the one hopping miscalculated the distance? I LOVE the smooshed ears on the bottom bun!

  4. Looks like some disturbing-yet-cute postmodern sculpture.

    (I vote they were put in that posish by some “helpful” human)

  5. dude, got first comment!

  6. Looks like a vanilla sundae with caramel topping…..yum….or could be butterscotch, um bunnerscotch?

  7. Oops, missed Meg’s comment. She was onto the human factor before I assumed it.

  8. Some Bunny’s in BIG trouble buster.

  9. Oh no hoverbunny mishap

  10. Such a waste. These are obviously the discarded remains of a huffing spree. They are the youth gone wild.

  11. OMG I HAVE to say it!!! It’s HOT CROSSED BUNS!!!!!!

  12. Hover bun down!!!! Hoverbun down. send in the recovery team.

  13. White Speckled Bun: “One-Two-Three…”

    Brown Sugar Bun: “Heh Heh! She’ll never find me here!”

  14. I think this just made my life.

  15. I just had a flash of that scene in Dirty Dancing where they are practicing the lift for the first time…this is jsut the condensed bun version 🙂

  16. *This is the HBRT, we have received a report of a possible hover bun down, I repeat a possible hover bun down. All available units please report STAT! And be sure to bring plenty of mops for all the squee! HOVER BUN RESCUE TEAM dispatch out.*

  17. aww brokeback bunnies

  18. ASDF — in more ways than one, maybe… heh (yoiks)

  19. It is the bunny fireman rescue method of carrying someone.

  20. He’s not heavy; he’s my bun.

  21. I was too tired to finish my jump…..
    need more carrots to finish jump

  22. I will wescue you my Schweet Just climb up on my shoulders (Ouff) And Awwwwway wee Gooooo.

  23. Kathy – Bravo! “HOT CROSSED BUNS!!!!!!” FTW!
    Love eet.


  25. charliewabba says:

    bottom-most bun most rigorously disapproves of the position his ears have been squished in to.

  26. White bunny: Naw, that’s not a bunny, that’s my harepiece. ; )

  27. I just got home from work and I had to do a double take to make sure I was actually seeing the most bundokulous bunnacular bunnitastic event EVER.

    BUNBUNS!!!! *dies*

  28. berthaslave says:

    This is part of my evil plan for world domination: I was trying to cross a bunny with a bunny and this is what I got.

    Well, if you know of a better way, I’d like to hare it!!

  29. AliceTanzer says:

    Maybe they were sleeping like that, as buns sometimes do, and the oreo bun woke up first and sat up all ready to go, and the other one was all, Wot!?

  30. Um, those bunnies are mine. Their names are MOZy, and Lily. Moze is the oreo.

    And Moze often is seen blocking the exits of all hutches, so Lily has to scoot over Mozo to get to the 7-11.

  31. Looks like Bunway Airlines has suffered a tragic mid-air collision.

  32. Looks like they were sleeping in a bun pile and the bottom one woke up first. The top one’s all “Huh? What happened to me?”

  33. Bunny fur stole: fashionable, yet so heavy….

  34. it’s bunny jenga
    duhhhhh 😉

  35. Looking at the disapproving looks and having a sister meself, I believe the following has happened:

    Brown Bunny: ‘Hey… move over, I wanna lie here too’
    White Bunny: ‘Tough luck, got here first’
    Brown Bunny: ‘MOOoove! You’ve been there all day already’
    White Bunny: ‘no’
    Brown Bunny: ‘you don’t move, i’ll lie there anyway’

    and then we’re left out with the aftermath of the aforementioned dialog…

  36. Metz, you make me giggle. OF COURSE they’re playing hide’n’seek! Why didn’t I see that?! 😀

  37. That cute thang on top can’t be a bunneh. It’s a bean bag. Look at it. It’s a bean bag, I say!!!

  38. What do you think? Does this look good on me? I much prefer fox, but with all the uproar from PETA, it’s just about impossible to get real fox these days…

  39. Cauliflower says:

    The first thing that came to my mind was “flopsy mopsy”…not sure why.

  40. ahhhahaaahahahaaaa.. hahahaaaahahahaaaaaaaaahhaa
    hahahahahahaaaaaa… hic.. hahahhaaaa.. snort.. hahahahaa

    Disapproving bunonthebottom….. hahahhaa


  41. And that, CO-ers, is the definition of a “glomp”. Also see: pounce, tackle, and flomp. *adjusts glasses*

  42. acelightning says:

    This had me giggling loudly for ten minutes or so. I don’t care if someone posed these bunnies, or they actually achieved that position by themselves – it’s still hilarious. (And it’s still *bunnies*!)

  43. tracyFLICK says:

    What are you DOING?

  44. He ain’t heavy…he’s my brother!

  45. White bun sez, “oof, get off! I can’t see nofingks!”

  46. fish eye no miko says:

    Based on a comment form my friend Ben:
    Flopsy picks his exhausted friend Butterscotch up and carries him out of San Diego!

  47. Will you get offa me, that’s just a carrot coloured blankie.Sheesh!

  48. When you can’t run, you walk. When you can’t walk, you crawl. And when you can’t do that you find someone to carry you.

  49. call me a nuff or whatever you wish. but i must say – i am SOOOOOOO GLAD AND HAPPY AND FLUFFY AND FILLED WITH SNORGLES to have the old co that i know and love back (i was afeared i was going to lose it for a while there) – but no! it’s here. complete with the awesome captions and all.
    props props and more props meg. thank you for making my week.

  50. ps –
    did you notice the orange things in the back? the almost look like bun-sized onesies (with the feet of course). how freakin cute would that be…

  51. Hot crossed buns…..*groan*

  52. I first thought it was a two-headed Halloween bunny monster!!!! LOL

  53. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Bugmom-would that be “caramel topping”, orrrr…”caramel lopping”??

    !!Snort!! (gimme a break, been up all night nursing a blown knee).

  54. Mitchell, “that’s my harepiece” made me ROTFL, thanks!

  55. It’s his first date…

  56. Only his first date.

  57. Bugmom, I got yer 10 four, and will send over a unit toot sweete to figger the sitchiation. Everyone git yer helmet! Bring the crane, peeps this could get ugly…

  58. BUN PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. luvinmalssomuch says:

    LEO!! How many times do I have to tell you I have a headache! Now go away.

  60. “halp! I’m high centered on this bun and i cant get down!”

    (I was gunna say “get off”, but the maturity level on this stream would have plummeted) HAHAHAhhhhaaaa!

  61. It looks like bunny ‘Nam- Like Forrest carrying captain Dan out of the jungle.

    [“BUN, FORREST, BUN!” – Ed.]

  62. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Shrimp cocktail, shrimp gumbo, shrimp rolls, fried shrimp, steamed shrimp, buttered shrimp, butterfly shrimp, stuffed shrimp….

  63. Kim Monique says:

    What makes it art is the fact that the real buns are flopped over what looks like a stuffed bun. It’s the Leaning Tower of Bunnehs!

  64. I know exactly what’s going on here. Poor rabbit Frodo couldn’t go on any longer so rabbit Sam picked him up. Go Rabbitlings!

  65. “He ain’t heavy, he’s my bun-nuh!”

  66. They still do this even when they are all growed up. I have a momma and her six babies and they love nothing more than to bunny pile all together. It is hard to figure out what ears and feets go with what bunny.

  67. I’m hearing….”He ain’t heavy….he’s my brudder….”

  68. Eater of Shades says:

    The brown ones all like
    “duuude what happened? Where am I?”

  69. This is indeed a Firebun’s Carry.

  70. Easy caption for me: when I was a kid, my family used to get mailings from Boys Town. And chances are, so did the 3 people who already commented “He ain’t heavy…”

    Cue the Hollies…

  71. Sandwich Bun!

  72. Seriously, nobody did ‘I can’t carry it for you, Mr Bunno, but I can carry you!’ yet?

    *is pleased with myself although not as much as I would be if I was the person who came up with the Firefly reference.*

  73. the one on top is like “Exuse meh, ehn, coeing through ERGH” and the one on bottom is like “psh whatevah”

  74. Marine bunneh carries comrade to safety.