[Kaff kaff] I’m berry seecks

Stheriouswee you guyths, I can’t even play Nintendogs.

Passth the Puffs Kleenexth


Angela D., those juicy eyes are a sure sign of a need to watch Opera for three hours.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Poor Baby. I will take good care of you.

  2. 0 comments???? i’m going to be McFLIBBERTYGIBBET? this has NEVER happened!!! btw, cute puppy..hehe..

  3. of course, too good to be true. *sigh….*

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Sorry Jenn, I wanted to be Filbert Filibuster fur a change.
    ****evil snicker****

  5. Foxdog hash da shniffles. Neeb hob tea.

  6. a shweet widdle cuddle bug…

  7. Seven Paws says:

    Who in their right mind orders Puffs from Amazon?!

    [Think about that question for a moment, 7Paws… – Ed.]

  8. what an Angel!
    ok Angela D-
    what’s the puppehs name and all of his personal stats?
    i have a pommie too.
    here she is!
    oh! congrats on you pups new found fame!

  9. I hope you meant to say “watch Opera” and not that lady with the money. ‘Cause when I was sick as a kid, I totally watched the La Scala production of La Cenerentola. Over and over and over. And over.

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Not to come across as greedy or anything but I would like to add this pup to my order also. So now I have one Pup on white sheets and one all cozy in comforter.
    The eyes are to die for.

  11. Poor little baby – much to sick to stay home alone. I must leave work right NOW and go comfort him!

  12. Awwwwwwwww, po’ pup-pup. You can stay home from school.

  13. (petite kerchoo! Dabs nose with hanky. Tucks hanky in bosom.) “Hastings, be a dear wont you and bring me another gin and tonic straightaway. Then ring up Dr. Parsley for me. I need a house call. Say we’ll pay him with scrummy pork pies.” (Opens cigarette case, drops it, mutters, “Fiddlesticks.”) “Oh Hastings, are you there deah?”

  14. metsakins says:

    okay, I’ve checked my bed several times.

    there are NO spaniel puppehs or pommies in there.

    there seems to be a cat or two and one just ran under the bed to hide something.

  15. Yes dear, up in a jiffy with that G & T. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a Bisquitini?

  16. omg, stop with teh cute puppehs already!

    did you guys see this one on SOMC?

  17. Dear Liz, just checked out your cute Sugarbear. Funny–what’s her weight 11 or 25 lbs ? You ca fit 2 in there.

  18. Maryland grad says:

    *sniffle* Me too little Pup! I just got some OJ and chicken noodles soup and will share it wif you. I’m going to watch Blazing Saddles if you wants to cuddle on my blankie and watch wif me!

  19. “Your sense of humour is outrageous deah! No, no, the usual gin and tonic will do! You silly devil.” (Pats down fluffy duvet all around, still hunting for ciggies.) “I’m in the mood for a bit of telly. You wouldn’t ever mind switching it on there? When is Dr. Parsley arriving? You know how much he loves porkies. I hope it’s soon. I don’t know how long I have to live.” (petite kerchoo!)

  20. Ohlookachicken says:

    Ahaha Seven Paws, thats funny. Puffs from Amazon, I neveer would have noticed.

    Love the caption on this one Meg.

  21. kiragirl-
    Sugarbear is a shapely 11 pound bundle of fluff-a-tude.
    not including about 4 pounds of hair!
    she’s my sweet lil angel!
    i’m glad you went and took a look! 🙂

  22. Puppy needs some Chicken & Stars and ‘The Price Is Right.’

  23. omgomgomgomgomg so….*resists desperately, and, ultimately, uselessly*…CUTE!!!!

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG!!! NOOOOO!!! anything but that, DEJAVU!!! NOt the Price is Right’
    If I hear COME ON DOWN one more time the TV gets the Chicken and Stars.

  25. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Here puppy, I just made some hot chocolate. Have a bit, then take a nap. You’ll feel much better when you wake.

  26. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    LOL. I always loved to watch the Price is Right when I got to stay home from school! I haven’t seen it with Drew Carey yet, though.

  27. Did you mean “Opera” or “Oprah”? Cause on one, a fat lady sings for three hours then dies, and on the other, a fat lady talks about feelings for three hours and you wish she would die.

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Me too Furry, that’s why I was freaking out! As a kid I absolutely loved it, as an adult NAH!
    I would give anything now to be all cuddles up with the puppy drinking my soup and eating a jelly bread sandwich with Milk> YUMMY

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:

    TEE HEEE EEEEE!!! Nater


  31. Pyrit, mega-LOL….I’m eagerly anticipating the scene where Dr. Parsley tells her that he can’t do anything about her cold but he can do something about her broken heart….

    Bertha has been sicky the past couple of days because of all of the smoke in the sky, her eyes and nose are running and she’s staying indoors. It’s really rough here all over SoCal, even miles from the areas of terrible danger — pray for the families and their animal friends, peeps. I’ve lived here almost all of my life and I’ve never seen weather and fires this bad.

  32. luvinmalssomuch says:

    In Our Prayers Bertha!

  33. Awww, he actually actually looks like a little snuggly fox.

  34. should there be a CO rule about 1:1 ratio between eyes and nose?

  35. Dr. Parsley to the reskoot! I have just the thing, doll face, a wee bit of schnapups and some nice hot chicks’n’kits soup for you. (puts soup near bed) Now, you just go ahead, yes, it’ll be all right. (pats pupitocks) And look what I found under your pillow, those delicious little cigars you favor. I’ll turn to Lassie now on the tellie. Now try not to spill your soup while I refresh my (oh, I mean your) G & T. (giggles all the way down staircase)

  36. metsakins says:

    berthaslave – SoCal has been in my prayers and thoughts for days now. Maybe there’s a place w/ AC that you could take Bertha for a day or two?

  37. metsakins says:

    Nater – you are toooo funny!

  38. metsakins says:

    gotta go – seems I’m turning into a roboT!

  39. How fitting… I was just sent home from work sick as well. I’ll cuddle with the puppy! Our sick cooties can have a party. ;c)

    (My feline furbabies aren’t all that interested in cuddling at the moment…)

  40. berthaslave says:

    Thanks metsakins…we’re in Ventura County so, we’re equidistant (but far) from three big fires; we’re quite safe, but with the wind blowing so hard, the color and texture of the air changes every half-hour. We’ve got A/C in one room but she’s still choosing to just take it easy on my bed.

  41. Get Well Soon, Meg!

    Cute pup 🙂

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    I was home yesterday with tummy bug and watched new Price is Right w/Drew. He’ll do ok, clearly still a little nervous about it. One contestant called him Bob. Heee. For my snuggle with kitteh time I watched most of (taped months ago)”Starter Wife”. Still have to watch teh last episode don’t TELL me what happens. Just the thing. Mindless.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    So sorry, forgot to mention the CUTE ness of this little pompom!!

  44. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Metsie, et al, did Cute Talk just disappear for any of you guys? I tried to refresh, and POOF, gone.

  45. metsakins says:

    froze for me haven’t tried again, pretending I have a job

  46. ack! The trials of being a prosh puppeh. love it.

  47. Having just survived my first live opera, I can confirm that “La poma e mobile”.

    Meg, I fear that lawyer Nuffs are about to contact you. I have a friend who works for KC, manufacturers of Kleenex(R), and he gets very cranky when people confuse Kleenex(R) with Puffs, which is a PG product.
    KC and PG are bitter rivals, and have been known to TP each other’s trees. Though I’m not sure if it’s worse to be TPed by one’s own product or the rival product. I’ll have to ask my friend.

  48. IHFC and Metsa’ — I can confirm this… here’s the error I see:
    phpBB : Critical Error
    Could not connect to the database

    …so the WEB server is online, but the underlying DATABASE server ain’t.
    (server errors shouldn’t necessarily be taken at 100% face value, though)

  49. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Eheh! I believe the symptoms I am seeing here can only be the conclusion that you have seriously contracted Foxyitis. It’s the need for your normal dog to want to look like a fox. Just stay in bed until this has passed. A shot will be needed…. not for you silly for me. Cognac on the double.

  50. Hehehe “mcflibbertygibbet.” Teho rawks.

  51. whaaaaa
    scuse me
    I must go home and snuggle in bed with my hot water puppeh.

  52. My four year old Eskie does the same thing just about every morning. He jumps on the couch, crawls under the blanket and just peeks out with his head, giving me the “i wish you would stay and snuggle with me” look. AHHHH

  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Who is this culprit who keeps messing with my comments:
    [innocent whistling… – Ed.]


  54. I’m the “Editor”, Luv.
    There was an off-topic comment which got deleted from a different thread, earlier, along with any references to that comment (I’m thorough). You were actually one of the folks who was objecting to it. I don’t need to go into more detail, do I?

  55. Oh — and as far as that OTHER edit, well… that ain’t nuthin’ new.

  56. Sick Doggie Owner, AD says:

    Des “Fox-Posh-Little-Big-Eyed” cutie is me toy Pom who weighs in at a hefty 4.5 pounds. He is my one true love and yes, he crawls under the covers ev’r morning and begs me with those watery eyes to pleeze stath home mum, pleeze. Sugarbear is a doll…

  57. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Edit on Theo. I just got alittle skeered. Thanks.

  58. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You lucky lucky owner. Your dog is precious!!!!

  59. This leetle one needs a veeseet from thees leetle one:

  60. I know how that dog feels. I called in sick today to hide under a pile of blankets.

  61. Poor sick pup pup. you need some snuggles and such.

    Pyrit et al Tee hee. Love the story line.. carry on!

  62. This is probs one of my favorite CO posts ever. The shtory is so fitting.

  63. Hehe, super cute — haha I’ve got the same duvet cover, it’s from Ikea!! XD

  64. Yeah, you should watch Opera!
    Or perhaps use Opera to watch Cute Overload?

    Or maybe you mean Opera Watch?

  65. Yitz — screw the watch, I gots CAKE!

    (I’ve actually had a BETTER version of this recently from Patrick’s, which is the best damn bakery in the Twin Cities area) (and we’ve got plenty of really good ones)


  66. is it my imagination, or has that lil babies face actually sunk further into that big fluffy duvet cover.

  67. Geez Theo your killing me here. (Drools all down my shirt) I want.

  68. Got a Cordon-Bleu-class French bakery somewhere near you, Annie? If so, hie thee hence.
    If not: Neener neener.

  69. Nope I is out in Cowboy country. Maybe next time I hit San Jose or San Francisco. I will have to go hunt it up now.

  70. cute ‘r sad?

  71. Here baby, you can has some Hall’s mentholymphus drops, and some beef tea, and a Humidifryer.

  72. This pup needs a hot toddy and a hug. Then him feel allllllll better.

  73. Oh no, Berthaslave- maybe it would be better if you sent puppy to a relative’s house or something if it stays like this? You’re not in the fire danger zone, are you?

    CuteTalk is down for me too, has been for a while…

  74. (petite snuffly honkshus, sound of steps coming up stairs)”Prunella? Wakey-wakey Prunella.”
    (petite snort, one eye opens)
    “mmm mousse magnifique…Oh! Who’s there?”
    “Prunella did I wake you?”
    “Dr. Parsley, how good of you to come. What time is it?” (pats hair, bats eyes)
    “3 o’clock.” (proceeds to open black bag on bedside table)
    “Oh lovely, I didn’t oversleep.” (Fluffs pillows)
    “How do you feel?”
    “Ooh! Careful! Doctor-patient code you know! wink-wink!” (wags tail)
    (taking step back) “Prunella, why, I meant only, …”
    “You look marvelous as always. You’ve still got it you know, Captain! Come sit and tell Prunella a war story. Oh why don’t they make men like you anymore, Captain?”
    “Prunella, I pronounce you are in remarkably fine fettle and not needing my services?” (drapes stethoscope over arm)
    “Oh no, come closer, I am fading fast. (swoons a bit, flattens ears) You know you never told me about your time in Cyprus.”
    “I’ll be on my way then.”
    “I barely have a pulse! (extends limp paw)….Exactly where were you were wounded?”
    “If that is all, I will show myself out.” (closes up black bag)
    “(petite sneeze) Show me one little scar?”
    “Good day, Prunella.”
    “Any tattoos?” (panting)
    (Dr. Parsley trots off)
    (Prunella pouts)
    (Hastings enters carrying tea tray) “You called maam?”
    “Dr. Parsley’s gone.”
    “Yes ma’am so he is, and without a pork pie too.”
    “Never to worry. He’ll be back.”
    “I wouldn’t suspect so ma’am.”
    “Oh but he will. I have his balls.”
    (Tea cups rattling in saucers, Hastings rescues a falling bikkie)
    “Hastings deah, settle down, I merely mean I took his golf balls from his black bag.”
    “You’re very naughty Prunella.”
    “All is fair in love and golf.”

  75. Tee hee Pyrit, Thank you. Best bedtime story ever.

  76. Oh little pom.
    Che gelida manina etc.

  77. Ahh, Pyrit, You slay me. Teh Funnies!

  78. Wow, Pyrit. Another original, or is this one a paraphrase? Feels kinda James-Herriot-meets-Rowan-Atkinson.

  79. Oh Theo, I don’t mind answering you at all, but your doubt sinks me a little.
    I don’t see the Herriot in it, but I do see a bit of Rowan Atkinson, both of whom I am familiar with and enjoy. I’m glad you got a R.A. feel from it b/c making people giggle makes me happy.
    Yes, it is entirely from my very own insanity but maybe I watched too much Fawlty Towers?
    I have real people in my life who are inspirationally British. I notice their every nuance. Prunella *could* be my MIL; bossy and manipulative (but not a flirt, erm, anymore).
    I imagine Pru wearing a grand, low cut robe, with flared lace cuffs that start at the elbow.
    Early yesterday I imagined Hastings as the obedient hubby whom Prunella treats like a butler (aka my FIL?).
    I imagined the doctor to be a handsome ex-British military. I did have to check Wiki to come up with Cyprus since my history aint great.
    Last night, Hastings became the butler, which works better.
    I LOVE names, always have. Names are wonderful, powerful stuff.
    “All’s fair in love & golf.” is a golfer’s wive’s joke I think? I’ve read it somewhere.
    Some CO pics just bring out the worst in me I guess!
    I had a bad cold yesterday and too much time to get into mischief.
    I’m sorry for taking up so much white space.
    Don’t mind me.

  80. (stands and gives pyrit a standing O!)

    (claps wildly)

  81. Pyrit — the Herriot part comes from the character of Mrs. Pumphrey, Tricky-Woo’s mama. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch.
    Very nicely done!

    (I don’t mean to slight you… it’s just unusual for anyone to put that amount of sustained creativity & effort into the Short Attention Span Theatre of internets blog comments. Or, put another way, I finds flakes of gold in my pan, from this here river, pritnear every day… but whole nuggets is somethin else agin.)

  82. I wonder, did Herriot invent those names?! I know he based his stories on real characters.
    Your parenthetical comment is tops. Your powers of observation are only exceeded by your cleverness. Lovely image.
    (makes stop it/more, more hands)
    Psssst, pyrit is only fool’s gold!

  83. I just think you and TJ and Other Mike should start a CO Writer’s Consortium.

    (I’m almost certainly leaving some obvious peeps out… apologies in advance)

  84. Meeeeeeh! Ya left *yerself* out, Doc. (crunch, crunch, crunch)

  85. *slaps self on forehead*
    it took 3 times reading your quote there pyrit, er I mean “Bugs”, to realize who you were impersonating.
    I finally had to say it outloud (softly, as I am at work).

  86. “Metz Darling!” (hee, hee) Whaddaya expect, we were talking carats/carrots and there’s bunnies all over CO today. Maybe the “meeeeh” should be “myeah”? Would that be better?

  87. I forgot to add, that it t’wernt yer fault pyrit, I am just THAT slow. LOL
    I should’ve been able to put two and two together and come up with that answer. All these buns!

  88. [sniff] I haz a code.

    [sniff] by hed hurz.

    [niff] WHAD iz tha cute puppeh?