If you don’t go out with me, I shall be crushed!

Please accept this purple flower. Our ride, the dog from this post is ready to take us to that new sushi place—say [tail twitch] YES!

Chip has a Girlfriend, originally uploaded by 4durt.

Go Vikings, Arlo R.!



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Beautiful! bleen??

  2. possumpiratess says:

    Oh, Chip!! I do! I do!

  3. OMG!! Sweet chippy skwerl, I don’t bleev it!

  4. Darkflame173 says:

    Ohmygawd, I cannot get over the sheer cuteness of this! So schweet! <3!!!

  5. So sweet! I’ve just melted into a puddle….

  6. How on EARTH do you people get pictures like this!?!? He’s TOO CUTE!!!

  7. He’s sneefing it cause it smells ah so sweet.

    Back to nibblin.

  8. Hee.

    Li’l chubby ‘munk.

  9. I wanna see the after pic….


  10. these types of pictures, and the fact that other people spend time taking them and posting them and admiring them, make me think maybe *jest*maybeeeee* de world will be ok…

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What a awesome photo. How on earth did the photographer get the chipmunk to hold that flower?

  12. Oh dear. How could a girly chipmunk refuse such a cutie?

  13. Chippy went a courtin and he did ride…
    uh huh
    uh huh….
    with a pretty purple flower for his bride…
    uh huh
    uh huh….

  14. I could eat sushi with chipmunks. Easier than eating sushi with chopsticks.

  15. OMG Metz and pyrit – you’re both 2 -2 funny!

    What an ADORABLE 13Line!!!

  16. anne boleyn says:

    ceejoe, you are so right! Even though I’ve always been a total sucker for animals, I think some of us come to CO more often than we might, just to “think maybe *jest*maybeeeee* de world will be ok…”

  17. I’ve just concluded that if a chipmunk had gotten to me first, I would have married him instead of my husband. Soulful beedy eyes? Check.
    Twitchy whiskery nose? Check.
    Flower held adorably in one little paw? Check.

  18. Photoshopped, maybe?

    It doesn’t really matter though, it is cute no matter what!

  19. Man…animalz are amazin’!

  20. you can call me flower if you want to…

  21. I always thought it was squirrels that I was in love with…I was wrong.

    It was you, Chip, you all along… *heart*

  22. thats just adorable.

  23. Luvinmalssomuch, it is not a chip munk it is a type of ground squirrel. NOt like the big bruisers we have in my pasture but definatly one.

    [Already fixed… – Ed.]

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks Annie! Well that’s the cutest squirrel I have ever seen.

  25. golly, that shore is cute wif da lil flower and all


  26. Am I the only one or… does this look kinda shopped to anyone else? I’m jest sayin’ cuz the flower looks a leetle out of place….

  27. luvinannies – are you causin troubles again?!
    Theo will kick our behinds!
    But that is a cutsie lil squirrel (or whatever) isnt it?

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Heh Heh! Liz I really think he likes when we get alittle out of hand. LIke to keep him on his tiptoes.

  29. rikku
    i dont think its shopped.
    but we could tell if it was if there was a XCU of his tiny lil paw there.

  30. Rikku it’s not shopped and the plant is lucky it didn’t take the whole plant
    roots and all

  31. Luvins-
    theo = scarey.

    [GRAHHHHHHH and stuff… – Ed.]

  32. That should be on a greeting card.. so sweet!

  33. I think it’s a 13 Line Ground Squirrel isn’t it?

  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Tell you what Liz I have to be going but we will hook up tomorrow to plot!!
    Are ya skeeeered Theo?

    Oops I just wet my pants thinking about the trouble we are going to be in!

  35. Hamilton-Lovecraft says:

    Adorable, but the creator admits it’s shopped on the flickr page: “It’s a real chipmunk! Oh and the flower is real!

    My wife is in the hospital right now, I showed her this picture and she said “he needs a flower in his hand”. So I did this one for her. But Psst, don’t tell anyone!”

  36. Squuueee! Who could turn down such an offer?

    Such a sweet/sad baskstory!

  37. berthaslave says:

    Wow…maybe the reason the flowers didn’t work for me is because of my low bef….of course, with all of teh chip’s and dale’s out there, how can a human boy compete?

  38. Okay I went to check.. it is a golden Mantle ground squirrel. here is a page of info on the difference between the two, chipmunks have stripes on their faces. I see above some one went to the creators page and found out it was shopped up above, but just so you know I have seen them carry a wide variety of objects and flowers are a delicacy to them.

    any way for more chipmunk and squirrel info go here


  39. Carrie 13 lines have lines and dots on their back they are ultra cool looking.

  40. H-Lovecraft — I’m not finding that blurb, though I *do* see the photog’s comment saying “Sometimes we have to make our own luck”.

    …oh wait, found it; it’s just further down the comments:

    …so yeah. Apparently, THIS time, it’s ‘shopped. Pretty neatly done, too, except for the highlight on the stem.

  41. uv course i will accept your flower sqwerlie! as long as i cans nibble yer little feets a bit…

  42. ::melt::

  43. Eats lunch at park picnic table and throws pieces of watermellon to lure little squirrel over to be close by. then takes out the piece de resistance” SUNFLOWER SEEDS. gets squirrel puts in pocket and sneaks out.

  44. Ohhhhh…..if I could find a guy like that…. 🙂

  45. *rubs eyes

    No way. Nooooo way.

    I can’t stand the cuteness any more!

    *runs from the room with arms flailing overhead

  46. Dang…I was all into the pic and how sweet it was then you had to ruin it by talkin’ PhotoShop…now I can see it and it just isn’t cute anymore…

  47. …but it was a Photoshop for his sick wife who was in the hospital! How is that not cute?

  48. lurkingsmirk says:

    Say no more, I’m yours! *throws arms open*

  49. I’m half crazy all for the love of yoooouuu! It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage, but you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for twoooooo!

    [Exactly, BugMom. Gold star for you – Ed.]
    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/jay_el/880797816/ ]

  50. It’s still real to me! Just like The Velveteen Rabbit is real. He made the picture for his wife, and when there’s that much love, it’s gots to be real.

  51. The velveteen rabbit didn’t make the picture for his wife..oh you get it..

  52. So THIS is a ground squirrel! CUTE!

  53. I don’t care if it’s ‘shopped…it’s still a cute pic and it was ‘shopped for a good cause (and a good ‘shopping at that).

    So it is a squirrel! I can rest in peace knowing my love for squirrels is safe…

  54. Bug mom this is teh CUTE variety of ground squirrel unlike a california ground squirrel which is as big as a half grown cat and diggs GIANT Holes UNDER my BARN. (@#$%$#@&* And &^%$#%%^) Whew I feel better now.

  55. Lean Rose and it is cuter because of the shop.

  56. photoshopped!!

  57. OH!




    WHAT are the chances of actually capturing a shot like that? Precious little chipmunk!!!

  58. another Michelle says:

    OMG – rendered speeshless

  59. sockmonster sarai says:

    Delightfully sweet, don’t care if it’s shopped or not! Bonus points for Purple Flowerage!

  60. If you Like pina coladas, and gettin caught in rain…
    I’m all yers…

  61. Fixies you there. I am having cute talk withdrawls. No one to play wif.: (

  62. kind of a terrible photoshop job… dontcha think?
    ruins the fun for me.

  63. I would say yes, photoshop or not. The fact that the photoshopper did it for his wife ADDS to the whole scenario in my book.

  64. charliewabba says:

    Skwerrr-ly, Skewrrr-ly,
    Here is my answer true:
    My hair’s gone curly
    all for teh love of you.
    If it won’t be a stylish marriage
    ‘cuz you can’t afford a carriage,
    My bags I’ll pack
    And we’ll hop on the back
    Of a puppy dog built for twooo!

    (thank you. thank you.)

  65. Agreed Theo and others. At first it didn’t occur to me it might be ‘shopped, then felt some sadness that perhaps it was, but knowing the story it’s even cuter!

    A regular rollercoaster of emotions here in those few seconds it took me to read these comments. Hee!

  66. charliewabba:

    Loves it!

  67. AM. NOT. ROBOT!!!!!

  68. Annie,
    Let it all out. Talking is healing 🙂

    Then, KILL ‘EM ALL!!!!!!!

  69. Heyler hey Bug MOm I feel so much better Now. X )

  70. Where has our little home away from home gone? Cute Talk NEVER accuses me of being a robot.

  71. HEhehe How was your day has cute talk been off ALLL DAY LONG (anguish and pain)

    I would give you a flower to make you feel better but WEll you are toooooo far away … Picks up squirrel with flower and hands to Bugmom.

  72. I think the name of the purple flower in question is: Dichelostemma capitatum, or, as it is more commonly called, “Blue Dicks” (and I am NOT making that up).

  73. “I think God get pissed off when you walk past the color purple and don’t take notice”

    (The Color Purple. Duh 😉

  74. Dr. Ann, the fact that he photoshopped it for his wife WHO IS IN THE HOSPITAL, makes it even that much better!

  75. charliewabba says:

    Well yesterday CO thought I might be a robot about 3 times, but today it didn’t bother me. Kind of like airport security. Sometimes they frisk you and take your yogurt, and sometimes you can get through with your eyeglasses repair kit.

  76. cavvie and sapphie's mom says:

    Can’t we all just love the tiny skwerlio with his beautiful flower and hopeful expression?
    *sigh* [dabs at eyes with softest of baby bunny ears]

  77. AuntieMame says:

    Add me to the list of those who think that a well-done shop-job is just as cute as a picture taken au naturel.

    Espesh when it’s for a hospitalized wife. Sweet!

  78. kingofchumps says:

    shopped chumps


  79. Working in Photoshop on something like that can be every bit as difficult as getting the perfect photo, and the guy who added the flower is very skilled. (I do photo manips too).

    The fact that it has been altered does not lessen the beauty of the picture IMHO.

  80. Non ti scodar ti mai, mia sirena.

  81. You have to sell this picture to Hallmark. It is sooo cute.
    Or you can sell it on your own and make $$$$$$

  82. holy freakin crap that is adorable. I will def go with you and I HATE sushi, but who could resist an offer like that. I’m a sucker for cute.

  83. haha that was a loooong long wait in the grass for a shot like this one. fantastic.

  84. I was just thinking that I hope the clawed creature I have been hearing scurrying around in the attic of our new home is a chipmunk and not a squirrel. I have been reading instructions on making those aluminum foil hats to wear to protect my thoughts if they are squirrels. This makes me feel better. It must be a sign.

  85. ThreeCatNight says:

    Peace and love, babe – skwerl style!

  86. Katzndogz says:

    That was so cute that I involuntarily spasmed and banged my elbow on the desk. Who knew being overloaded by cuteness could be dangerous? It’s tewtally worth it.

  87. That pic nutz! .. and I luv it!

  88. it loses it’s charm when I find out it’s shopped 😦

  89. So sweet an effort! If it didn’t make his wife immediately well, then I am sure it at least gave her joy >\/<

  90. OMG, that’s an incredible photo. Great job!

  91. As explained throughout the second half of this thread, it was photoshopped this way for a reason. I agree with those who think it was done well.

    The original shot sans flower is still a great shot, so those of you who object to Photoshopping should just enjoy the original image instead.

  92. Amazing. In a lifetime you take thousands of photos to get ONE this perfect.

  93. I definitely just made this my background image! I mean come on now! How can you resist?!

  94. Great colours!

  95. SHOPPED!