What 1970’s living room did these guys crawl out of?

[Peter Frampton cranked in background]

I don’t know if this pic is old or the kittehs look extra 70’s-Ranger-Rick-poster-like or what… Something says SEVENTIES, People!


Sarah B., Do you feel like I do? Great find from Jessica’s blog



  1. I like the winky furbaby on the left. ;c)

  2. We are hiding …
    Why are you hiding ?
    cause we are not coming out until Tuesday …
    Why ?
    Cause mondays well are a like having having a bath
    and for us that well su**s

    Oh…I wake you tuesday morning
    Ok thanks

  3. And here we have, from the left and working counterclockwise Winkem, (I don’t wanna) Blinkem, and Nod, during their childhood years.

  4. Bahahahaha! Ranger Rick! Good times.

  5. These kittehs are all like: “whose wine? what wine? Where the heck did I dine?” And they’re just about to air guitar it.

  6. Hello, Cleveland!!!! Are you ready to rock???? I said, ARE YOU READEH TO ROCK???

    It’s another Rocktober TRIPLE SHOT from everybody’s favorite fur-lined trio from the era of shag and star-wipe videotape editing, coming up here on KITA, all kitteh, all the time!!

  7. I think we’re talking vintage 80s-trying-to-keep-70s-alive, here.


    (looks around for head-banging cockatoo vid)

  8. When’s the head banging start.

  9. Dude, have you seen my mood ring?

  10. awwww, don’t me mean, peeps …

    the focus should be – and is, for me – these adorable fluffballs – not the home decor …

    they’re inside, they look happy & well-cared for, and their human loves them.

  11. Hi, HRH, I don’t think anyone is demeaning the interior. They’re refering to the kittens’ looks. And, yep, they look groovy.

  12. acelightning says:

    I think it’s the upholstery on the sofa that gives it that 70s look. But who cares? The kittens are a matched set, all floofy and adorable. (And if this picture truly was taken in the 1970s, then these kittens’ descendants are undoubtedly chuckling over the silly hairdos their ancestors wore Way Back When.)

  13. I got a bit of a flashback here too, Meg. Know what they remind me a little bit of? Those pity kitties in big eye art:


    Oh how I love the big eye cuteness!

  14. I simply couldn’t resist:


  15. Sooooo fuzzy and sleeepy!! Oh, I wish I could snorgle them…

  16. Shag Kitties !! FAR OUT BABY !!!

  17. I wasn’t around in the 70s, so to me, this looks more like the cover of one of those Lisa Frank folders that my friends and I were obsessed with in the late 80’s/early 90’s. (Lisa Frank had a line of notebooks/folders/etc with little puppies and kittens and unicorns… except instead of normal colors, everything was neon)

  18. It’s the eyes on the kitteh in the foreground. Lots of 70’s drawings (on girls’ stuff) had big doe eyes like that.

  19. awww they’re way 2 cute to make fun~ i want to kiss each 1! so sweet~

  20. Hah! Ranger Rick….Meg and I must be the same age. That is awesome. What darling lil faces!

  21. Is it just me or is one of them winking?

  22. paulajeanne says:

    OK, how many are there in the chair? Yes, I see three heads, but that butt looks too big to belong to the kitty in the middle. To me it looks like a fourth kitty is snuggled into the bunch with its’ rear facing the camera.

  23. I got “Ranger Rick” for years! My entire bedroom was full of animal pics from my Ranger Rick magazine. I also had a fabulous poster of Secretariat taped to the back of the door – when he won the last in the Triple Crown races.
    BTW, these fuzzball kittehs are anerable!!

  24. 70’s….yeah…I see it…I think it’s the stoned looks on their faces.

  25. Nothing says 70’s like big hair and bedroom eyes.

    Leah B, I am all there on that monday theme.

    Gypsylynx,and they are even in the correct order

    Berthaslave… Ah the sounds of the radio in my youth..Thnxs

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    Meg – I think this is an early iteration of teh Cat cave maybe. hehehe right, Teho?

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pass the cat nip BRO!

  28. Adorable puffballs! I could fall asleep on the couch snorgling with the seepy kittehs real quick!

  29. One of those kittehs looks rather annoyed…lovin’ it.

  30. meg you crack me up. do you feeeeeeel like i dooooo? now i’ll be singing that all day…

  31. meg you crack me up. do you feeeeeeel like i dooooo? now i’ll be singing that all day…

  32. kittens are so cute. i like the fluffy goober in the front. he looks like he’d be fun to play with.

  33. Sigh…Kitty stardom is so hard. You have to get up too early in the morning for these photo shoots.

    Rawk the HAUS Kittehz!

  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh gosh Meg flashbacks of my room as a teenager with Peter Frampton hanging on my door with just his jeans and guitar. OOOH Baby!
    And of course David Cassidy on the other door.

  35. For me, it’s the lighting with the sunlight bathing everything in a happy glow – just like in a 70’s kitten poster.

  36. Oh! They look like a Bee Gees album cover.


    [well that would seem to explain all the falsetto… – Ed.]

  37. JUST like one of those posters you’d get when you bought 3 or more books from the Scholastic Book Club. Hee!

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Psipsina, Yep that’s it. The Bee Gees. But this group it called ‘The Cat’s Meows Gees’

  39. metsakins says:

    I believe the front one is getting a little paranoid, but the two in back are groovin’ it!

  40. It’s a pil-o-kittehs.

    Also, ditto on Ranger Rick; I loved that magazine. I get it now for neice and nephew.

  41. I believe this might be the original source material:


  42. charliewabba says:

    Who ordered the head banging cockatoo video?
    Order UP!

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    Doesn’t say “seventies” to me, and I been there.
    Just says “Darn cute!”

  44. Maybe it’s cause those kittehs in the back looked stoned.

  45. Oh… and it looks exactly like what Colleen said. A free scholastic poster.

  46. Ranger f**king Rick f**king ROCKED! I used to also get 3-2-1 Contact, Cricket, and World. Yeah, I had a classic 80’s single mom who would buy me anything to keep my occupied!

    I swear, I’ve seen these three kittehs on a glitter vinyl transfer t-shirt before.

  47. In the early 80s I had a Trapper Keeper with a cover photo of a kitteh that looked just like that one in front. (And Bx, I had a subscription to Cricket–I forgot all about that!)

  48. snoopysnake says:

    Am I the only one old enough to know the answer to why this looks so ’70’s? It’s just like the lighting on the cover of the album Tapestry by Carole King.

  49. snoopysnake says:

    P.S. I think they are the greatx37 grandchildren of Carole King’s kitteh!

  50. I don’t know who “sarah b.” is, but she stole this from my friend’s blog. I know the owner of these kittens this picture was on a post of hers on july 30, 2007. aren’t there copyright rules? you can’t just steal a picture of someone else’s kittens from their personal blog and submit it as your own picture. can you?

  51. on the flip side of that, her kittens ARE adorable. 😉

  52. I wouldn’t have even noticed the decor, if these cutie kitties weren’t so well camouflaged.

  53. Beat you to it, snoopysnake! (9:35 a.m.) It’s the lighting and the textures and there’s a cat in the original, too. And yes, we are old.

  54. Ohhhhh My Gawwwwwwd! This pic should come with an Over Over Overload warning.

  55. OMG! I clicked on Michelle’s link for the pity kitty prints. I HAVE AMBROSIA. I still have it, had it since I wuz a kid. So I’m dating myself. LOL

    They do remind me of them too. I’m also thinking of the serendipity books.

  56. Daphne Moss says:

    Time warp kittehs wake up and say … what we doing back in shaggin’ 72?

  57. Sharleen Parker says:

    Exactly what I thought when I saw the picture, Carol King revisited!! I wanted to start singin’ “So Far Away”, and have some herbal tea…sigh.. I loved that album!

  58. charliewabba says:

    You’ve got a friend…
    and I bet each kitteh does back-up vocals on the other kittehs’ albums…

  59. charliewabba says:

    and, yes,
    we grow old, we grow old
    Shall we wear the bottoms of our trousers rolled?

  60. I loved Tapestry too! I thought of it immediately. Are we really that old?

  61. I should say, I enjoy Mr. Prufrock as well!

  62. Shar Parker says:

    Well, I know I am REALLY that old…and I do wear my trousers rolled.. Used to cut em off and sew em but my eyes don’t seem to be so good and sewin’ on dem jeans is hard! ….humming “you make me fee-eeel…”

  63. You wouldn’t CRAWL out of a ’70s living room. You would STRUT in your turquoise platform shoes.

  64. Hey! These are my kittens! The three babies from my last litter. Not taken in the 70’s, but just this summer. You can blame my crappy camera phone for the vintage look. I did, however, love both Lisa Frank and Ranger Rick. lol

  65. KaitouJuliet says:

    *squee* Bonus points for mentioning Ranger Rick! (Childhood nostalgia…)

    And … what cute little balls of grey fuzz!

  66. Michelle, those big eyed kittehs are so retro, I think I might have to make them into a book cover just for old tymez sake..

  67. Lil’dude on top is so “don’t harsh the mellow, man”

  68. Oooh, sunbeam!