Snout Matchingks!

I’ve had it with carrying you around all day. [Yawn]

What kind of animal are you, anyway!?

Quati, originally uploaded by marcazani.

Michelle S., I have a crown with ‘Flickr-Finderer" on it for you!



  1. DarrylsMama says:

    What is the top creature?

  2. Bleen-a-rific?

  3. a coatimundi, maybe?

  4. Cat, you are correct. I found this little bit…
    (genus Nasua), also called coatimundi or coatimondi any of three species of omnivore related to raccoons (family Procyonidae). Coatis are found in wooded regions from the southwestern United States through South America.

    “The coati has a long, flexible snout and a slender, darkly banded tail that it often carries erect as it moves about. It has coarse fur that is gray to reddish or brown with lighter underparts…” from

  5. a Whati?

  6. That…reminds me of Beetlejuice. It’s creeping me out.

  7. Catamundi????Ohhhh it looks like a badger baby. (Same Family?)IS the dog a surogate Mother???? Hmmm this is one of those Pictures you see and wonder about isn’t it.

  8. Hahaha! Beetlejuice! I wondered why I was creeped too. Is the bottom half of his snout holding him up?

  9. Oh Never Mind Gad.. I read the comments but too fast…Sorry MC2 you had all the info right there.

  10. that dog’s mouth doesn’t look normal

  11. Does anyone else think the dog’s lower jaw looks kinda weird? If you cover it up, the head looks kinda small for the body. If you don’t cover it up, the lower jaw looks (a) too big for the upper jaw and (b) like it starts mid-throat.

  12. looks like they caught him mid-yahhhhhwnnn

  13. Must be a Portuguese Odd Dog. Rare breed.

  14. I don’t know anything about the dog in the photo, but I’m assuming he’s a primative dog. Most of us in developed countries aren’t used to seeing dogs like this, so sometimes they look weird to us. I’ll bet the people from that area would not know what to think of our pugs and shitzus.


  16. I’ve never seen any animal other than a reptile open its mouth that wide. He’d have to have his jaw unhinged to do that, I’d think. I don’t think mammals can do that, unless they’re really broken somehow! (By the way, a primitive dog would look like a wolf, and wolves can’t do that neither. No how.)

  17. yeah, something about that dogs jaw is creeping me out.

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What the heck has crawled onto my head? You given me a headache.

  19. The top creature is a Walovian Womb wobbler
    The Latin name of the dog is Canus big gobus.

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That poor doggy looks like he has lock jaw….pwease say it aint so.

    [more like Unlock Jaw, eh? – Ed.]

  21. Coatimundis are highly intelligent, very social, and have the same kind of almost-opposable-thumb-like grasping claws that raccoons have, resulting in real trouble for wildlife rehabbers who get to keep one in their homes. There is NOTHING a coati can’t get into. They like people, dogs, cats, other coatis, and snacking out of any household fishtanks that happen to be around, along with raiding the refrigerator of all its fruit and carrots.

  22. “I’ve had this thing growing on my head for months! Do you think I should have it lanced?”

  23. Seven Paws says:

    Hmmm, matching hat and coatamundi.

  24. You know that scene in Beetlejuice where Adam and Barbara stretch their jaws way out?

    That’s totally what this dog reminds me of!

  25. So that Davy Crockett coonskin cap I got in my closet is coming back in style again, eh?

  26. Hey, that’s a friendly coatimundi!

    They like beer, too.

  27. PS Beppo, no it goes like this: “Doc, can you get this thing off my @$$?”

  28. I think the dog’s jaw must be a result of photo editing. I don’t see how it could be opened that wide. Maybe the photagrapher wanted to show the similar snouts, and the jaw kept getting in the way, so he moved it.

  29. Two points to Seven Paws! LOL!

  30. Ahyah, why, up here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, (sniff) it’s so flat you can watch your dog run away for a week.

    I got nothin’.
    Yah, I’ll get my coatie, it’s Monday.

  31. I’ve heard of a monkey on your back, but this!!!??!!

  32. snoopysnake says:

    I didn’t even realize the dog’s mouth was open when I first saw the photo. It looks like if he closes his mouth the coati will go POIIIIING! into a forward flying flip right out of the frame!

  33. Another, erm, interesting shot of these two, HERE:

    Coatis sure are curious critters. 😛

  34. I think the oddness of the dog’s jaw might just be the photographer’s angle. Though you never know–the thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) has (or had, rather; they’re thought to be extinct) a jaw that opens wider than that, but it’s an odd animal. Something like a dog, but larger and striped like a tiger or zebra over half its body.

    Anyhoos, the coati is very cute. Looks fluffulent.

  35. Might look cute while it’s young, but they’re really vicious. Had one try to chew my leg off in Belize – if it hadn’t been on a chain, I’d be missing my lower left leg! Be warned

  36. *I* know why that photo looks so odd! When a dog yawns that big, there’s usually a fold or two along his cheeks. I don’t see those folds — there’s no stressing of the skin. Soooo, when he closes his mouth he must have big floppy cheeks. 😀

  37. Coatis are sometimes referred to as “Mexican monkeys,” from their territory along the Arizona/Mexico border. Tourists would see bands of coatis in the woods, walking along with their tails straight up in the air, “And they were monkeys, I tell ya! I saw their tails! Monkey tails!”

  38. berthaslave says:

    awesome rollover text, meg, since no one else has mentioned it yet.

  39. Primitive dogs don’t necessarily look always like wolves. Especially when they live in warmer regions:

    Canaan, North America:

    Jindo, Japan:

    Dingo, Australia:

    Pi Dogs, India:

    Basenji, Africa:

    Kazakh (sighthound), Middle East:

  40. Methought it was a badger, but alas,it is no badger.

  41. BerthaSlave — thank you! (’twas me with the title tag, this time)

  42. Don’t forget Singing Dogs
    (New Guinea)

  43. The dog is definately photoshopped. If you remove the bottom jaw, it looks normal, somewhat. Plus, his top half has no teeth showing, which def. would be if he was yawning that wide.

    The rest of the photo is fine, but that lower jaw is most assuredly photoshopped.

  44. I don’t think the dog’s jaw is photoshopped. I have a hound dog mix and I’m always amazed at her yawns because it looks like her entire head is unhinged, kind of like the Canadians on South Park. She has big floppy jowls normally, but when she yawns there are no floppies. These two are adorable, even if the doggy has a super odd talent.

  45. Brian, I’m sure the photo is not photoshopped. PCT, heehee.

    Yeah, Theresa. There’s a bunch all over the world, and they all kind of have similar traits. Singing Dogs are super cute!

  46. My hat
    Let me show you it.

  47. Michelle–
    Jindo dogs are Korean, not Japanese

  48. I don’t think the dog looks that weird. Doesnt look like its THAT wide… I have a Basenji and his mouth opens real wide like that when he yawns… Honestly that dog looks alot like mine, just with floppy ears.

  49. Interesting, I looked back at the source website and these guys are from Brazil. And no, I don’t think the dog jaw is Photoshopped, I’ve had dogs that could yawn that wide…

  50. Juniper Jupiter says:



    That dog wif his mouf open just cracked me the hell up…and I DON’T KNOW WHY!!! This pic is great!!!

  51. Ahh okay Faith. Thanks for the info. Cool looking dogs!

  52. weasel_tea_party says:

    “You’ve been keeping a lot of tension in your jaw. Now how does this feel…”

  53. I’ve met a coatimundi before…they are really AWESOME animals! A girl in town was walking one across my parking lot one night and I HAD to ask her what it was…she let us play with the coatimundi for a while and they are SO friendly. They love to sniff ya to death…it’s really cute…

  54. the dogs mouth freaks me out – I’m sorry, it just looks too unnatural.

    Is it ok if I don’t find this cute at all?

  55. Jaw wierdness!

    The caption cracked me up!

  56. The coati is a ring-tailed coati (Nasua nasua). This species is found throughout S America and is different from the species found in C and N America. Also, the term “Coatimundi” is technically incorrect. The “mundi” is a Brazilian misnomer referring to the large asocial males. This coati looks to be around 5-10 months old.

  57. marsheeeee says:

    Is anybody on this blog old enough to remember the Nestle’s commercials from the ’50’s with the puppet dog who said “Chaw-klet” and snapped his jaw shut at the end of the Nestle’s jingle? This dog’s jaw reminds me of that dog’s. Just sayin’…

  58. The dog isn’t cute at all. But the coati or nasua nasua or what so ever is overwhelmingly cute. It’s a pity that they are endangered.

  59. No, N nasua are not endangered. Although they are on the IUCN red list for Uruguay (and Uruguay only), that listing is kinda bunk. This species is actually very widely distributed and responds quite well to human disturbance.

  60. I do nto care for why the dog has a scary open jaw thang going on. I want the cute little coatimundi for a hat, because it is coote and i want to eat it and snorgle it and kronche it just a lil bit. yes i do.

  61. marsheeeee — I believe you are talking about Farfel.

    I’m not old enough, but I surround myself with those who are.

  62. I was on a Habitat for Humanity build in Paraguay, and a local coati “adopted” one of our team members, and followed him around all week, snuggling up whenever it got the chance. So cute!

  63. It’s a Coatimundi. They are related to raccoons and honeybears (ie kinkajous) and in the family procydinae (mispelled, always).

    Coatis are not ‘awesome animals’- they are very hard to care for animals that too many people jump into aquiring. Having a Coati is like having a perpetual 2 year old- they can undo any lock, they can get into any drawer, they have absolutely no shame.

    They are inquisitive, they are smart, they are very destructive, they tend to get a bit moody as they age. Responsible owners would never have an adult Coati out on a leash in the park (I’d bet you met a baby out and about)- there is no ‘accepted’ rabies vaccine for them (they do receive dog vacs- they do work) so if a Coati bit someone, it would have to be put to sleep.

    Don’t get me wrong- they are cute. They also have canines in those itty bitty mouths larger then most dogs, by the way.

    If anyone has any genuine questions about Coatis- feel free to leave it here and I’ll try to get back with you.

  64. The dog is SO cute, you peeps! Both my mutts have yawns that look like they could swallow yer head. Whole. No chewing required.

  65. Dogs (humans too) have a pressure point where their jaws join. If you apply pressure to the joint the jaw opens – wide. It looks like there is pressure being applied to the dogs jaw. It doesn’t hurt – try it on your dog.

  66. that dogs mouth scares the bloody hell out of me o.o;

  67. I’m not one to believe everything’s shopped, but this photo reminds me of the shopped photo where the dog has his mouth shopped over a cat’s head. Am I dreaming again? does anyone remember this?

  68. My dog, who’s half Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a quarter Border Collie, and a quarter Australian Shepherd, can open her mouth that wide and does so regularly. This dog is not shopped- or if it is, it’s the best damn shop ever.

    The dog has his or her head leaned in towards the throat, so the jaw looks like it starts at a weird place. But it doesn’t.

  69. book_monstercats says:

    Seven Paws (what???) I didn’t think anybody could out-Glad Glad, or out pirate Pyrit, but you did it. Matching hat and coatimundi – LOL

  70. Relax, Coatimum. Just because someone thinks Coati are awesome animals doesn’t mean they think they should rush out and adopt one. There are a lot of awesome animals, including Coati, fennec foxes, caracals, hawks, and sugar guilders that I think abso-bleening-lutely rock… but would never adopt or try to own. I’m not saying that a one in a thousand (or one in a million) owner can’t do well with an exotic… but for most of us, that’s what the internet, animal planet, zoos, or tours of a local rescue center (I go to ) are for! Love does not equal the need for ownership. 🙂

  71. when you look at the pooch… it looks like he has a slender leetle shnozzle… but then you look closer… and then it’s like OMGPONIES!! except it’s OMGYAWNAGE!!!!

  72. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes.. Farfel.. CHAAAWWW-KKKLITTT..

  73. i wonder what i would look like with a dog on my back with a coati on his back, with mebbe another smaller animal on -his- back…i think like heaven…

  74. Hello, I am happy that they found my interesting picture, she doesn’t have editions in the photoshop haul of the basic adjustments in the image, the dog this with the open mouth because Quati bit the ear

  75. Marcazani — Babelfish, right?

    Sua foto é excelente! É o coatimundi seu animal de estimação? E traduções engraçadas dos makes de BabelFish, você não concorda?

  76. The quati is not mine, this in freedom but accustomed with the people and domestic animals..
    Really the translations are funny

  77. I feel so INTERNATIONAL.

  78. I hope not “continental.” 😉

  79. PS:

    Q: Why do you feel so sophisticated in the bathroom?
    A: European!

  80. Well I’d rather be continental than incon… ceivable.

  81. Or IN-continental. 😉

  82. Hee hee I said it!

  83. Hee, the dog reminds me kinda of a Thylacine…they could open their jaws 90 degrees 🙂

  84. Too funny!! The first thing I thought of when I saw the pic was Beetlejuice…apparently, I’m not the only one…he’s creepy looking..

  85. SO CUTE!!!

    I love these C.O. Stacks …

  86. Nice work, both incredibly cute. That little critter on the top looks like he could do with a good snorgle and snuggle from me. Yes yes he does.

    – F x

  87. P.S
    Have been on here a few times with a friend who inroduced me (Thanks, Molly, I’m in love) but I am slightly new to this fantastic world we call Cute Overload. Fill me in, people. Tell me tell me tell me.
    Maybe I’ll get to doing some C.O homework. See you guys.
    -F x