Pillow Pout


[Places head on bed for rest of day]


Paige puppeh is the sweetest, Leslie D.!



  1. omg, I could not live with that cute of a puppeh. I would have died the first time I looked at it.

  2. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Wow. Is that a real animal? Not stuffed, right?

    Impossibly adorable.

    [Such is the nature of the Cav King Charles… – Ed.]

  3. Eater of Shades says:

    his ears are almost as big as his head!

  4. IZ. NOT. REALS!!!!!!

  5. and that folks, is the puppy that will bring world peace

  6. I am NOT a robot dangit!!!!

  7. violetgreen says:

    Yes, Disapproving Puppy, I have been very bad. Please forgive me!

  8. it is not possible for a living thing to be that cute.

  9. D’aw, ib a Cabaleoo Kig Charld Bano ad by nabe id Edid Ann ad dat de way id id.

  10. pyrit is robot.

  11. Just unbelievably cute.
    *shakes head in disbelief*

  12. charliewabba says:

    izz MY bedd.
    not yurz.

  13. *now I dead from cute*

  14. such a well formed muzzlepouche…would be nice to nibble on.

  15. IS this a cavalier king charles spaniel?

  16. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too prosh. I’m sure it’s illegal.

  17. Am I the first one to see the Princess Diana look here?

    What a cutie patootie!!!

    He can have whatever his little heart desires!!

  18. JuliaJellicoe says:

    He wants under the covers. As if I would hide that face!

  19. Angie – Doh, id a Cabaleeoo Kig Charld Bano, ad id id dedleh.

  20. i’m thinkin that the CKC is the KING of the Pouts.
    My pommie cant even raise a pout that good, and i’m partial to the pom!
    adorable picture. most beauti-fulest of babehs!

  21. It’s Lady when she was a puppy from Lady and the Tramp!

    Totally Princess Di eyes!

  22. metsakins says:

    Is that a rule 28 or a rule 16 or both??? inquiring minds want to know!

  23. AAAAAH! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppeh!!! OMG!!
    *faints with smile on face

  24. This is like puppy porn. Posing on the bed with those “come hither” eyes.

  25. Leslie Duzenack says:

    OMG I am SO PROUD right now! I will remember this day forever! Paige is the sweetest little girl in the whole world!

    Yes, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she just turned 9 weeks old on Sat. the 19th.

    That’s my baby!!!!!!!


  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG!!! The cutest most adorableist, sweetest, wonderfullest dog I have ever seen.

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OKAY OKAY, MEG if you insist you can go ahead and give me this puppy for XMAS. I’ll come pick him up even, no need to wrap.

  28. What sizes does she come in? I want one for every room in ma’ house…

  29. linusandlucy13 says:

    Every time I see a CKC spaniel puppeh, I want one desperately! *dyin’ over here*

  30. Leslie – do you have more pictures of her somewhere???
    We need *more*more*more*!!!1!

  31. *gently tux each HUUUUUUGE ear into a lil princess leia bun*


  32. snoopysnake says:


    I’m comin’ Elizabeth – this is the big one! Just write cause of death as “King Charles Cavalier Puppeh!”

  33. CLEAR!!


    There. I had to defib myself, as my heart had stopped in the presence of such fatal cuteness.

  34. AdoraBubble.. like a lil angel on a cloud but of course a pretend angel! 🙂

  35. CKCS



    (any guesses?)

  36. Death by Di Eyes.

  37. Kiragirl I am guessing Death by puppy

    And I think we are Jinx if that is waht you were saying

  38. sooooo, Leslie Duzenack . tell me.
    what is your home address ?
    and does the puppeh reside there?
    and what hours do you suppose you work, err might be away from the home when the puppeh might be there alone?
    (wrings hands together slyly)
    tee hee 🙂

  39. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Liz, I already have my informants checking out the situation. When I get this pup maybe just maybe I will share. NAH!

  40. And the winner is:

    Annie !

    Dethbypuppeh. Annie wins the first born of Paige. aka Paige 2. hehe

    High-jinx or Low-jinx?

  41. Oh Definately Low Jinks I been playing on the beaver post this morning ; )

  42. Love her!

  43. OMG…..he is dangerously cute! It would be impossible not to take him home.

    Oh, btw…Pyrid? Youse god a code?

  44. NUVINS! NUVINS NUVINS!!!! This nose needs luvins= nuvins!!!!

    I just want to smmooch that little divet on top of the nozzle. NUVINS!

  45. I went over to YouTube and found a bunch of King Charles Cavalier puppy videos fer all of you, but this one is pretty darn cute!

  46. fish eye no miko says:

    Leslie said: “That’s my baby!!!!!!!”

    Well, then congrats! our puppeh’s cuteness has keeeeled me! But do not feel guilty, for it is a happy death! Death by cute puppeh!

    (seriously… just when come to this Site and think I’ve seen the cutest picture ever, Meg or Theo find a cuter picture! AH!!)

  47. (kisses wee little heart shaped nose.)

    awwwwww (melted)

  48. oh sure ‘luvinannies’, i’m just positive you would “share”.
    of course that IS just way too much cute for one person…

  49. Paige- O, oh room service, sorry, I’m not really awake yet, just put the tray over there, wow it was quite a party last night, now where’s my robe?

  50. Must snorgle! Must snorgle! Aaaahhh, too darn cute!

  51. tracyFlick says:

    Is it me or is there something very Japanese about the degree of its cuteness? There is something very anime about it.

  52. musicchick2 – no I don’ts got a code. Teh pup so cute, makes talking dibbicult.

  53. I want this “cutest puppy in the WORLD” to love me as much as I love it

  54. This puppy is SO America’s Next Top Model.

  55. This puppeh is impossibly cute. Dangerously cute. I mean, if a regular semi-cute dog poops in your shoes, you’re kind of upset, right? This puppeh could poop in one shoe, eat the other, rough up the cat, eat the goldfish, ruin your wedding, steal your neighbor’s car and deal heroin to the neighborhood pigeons and you’d still be incapable of raising your voice or talking in anything but schmoopy-talk.

  56. berthaslave – you are exactly right…I can’t even pretend to mad at her with that cute little face staring at me!

  57. Auntie Cammie says:

    This is my little Niece Paige for reals!!!! She is toooo cute for words. Your Auntie Cammie loves you little Paige!!! I can’t wait to give you kisses!!! Your famous now P!!!

  58. I love you too Auntie Cammie!


  59. Beautiful Drunk says:

    This is heaven.

  60. Puppy is all:: you know you want to give me those biscuits, your steak and that dish of vanilla ice cream you got right there.

    Me:: why of course puppy anything you want.

    scratches puppy behind ears and walks away in a daze.

  61. marsheeeee says:

    I’m thinking you need a new category called “Princess Diana eyes”, because you’ve had a lot of cuties on here with that expression. This one is a little doll.

  62. Does Paige do any tricks? Oh, how dumb of me, she doesn’t HAVE to!!

  63. I am the proud grandma of this beautiful puppy!!!! Great job mom and dad!!!

  64. Obviously stood in line twice when they were handing out the cutsie-wootsies. Is that fair?

  65. How could you post something so painfully cute? Some of us are tryig to work here!!! Most go home for the rest of the day…sick with cute.

  66. Such a tiny baby for all of my kisses. I would melt before I finished kissing the cutie pie!

  67. tracyFlick says:

    I ate it.

  68. omg! I just saw this puppy the other day. I told the owner about Cute Overload! Could it possibly be the same one????
    Leslie D., did I pet your puppy over at HLC last week??? In River Forest, IL????

  69. omg! I just saw this puppy the other day. I told the owner about Cute Overload! Could it possibly be the same one????
    Leslie D., did I pet your puppy over at HLC last week??? In River Forest, IL????

  70. omg! I just saw this puppy the other day. I told the owner about Cute Overload! Could it possibly be the same one????
    Leslie D., did I pet your puppy over at HLC last week??? In River Forest, IL????

  71. This is the Dakota Fanning of dogs.

  72. She reminds me of Lauren Bacall.

  73. One word/symbol.


  74. Judy fur mamma of 3 says:

    Is this little beauty a Cav K C, or a Tibbie? He looks so much like my Otis, a little boy Tibetian Spaniel. Impossibly cute !!! When I went to see the breeder, she brought the 2 puppies into her living room, and Otis jumped into my lap before she could set him on the floor. You have to take them home when they do something like that !!!!