And now, a baby beaver








  1. BlueFairy says:

    I want the tail.

  2. Why? Are you worried about the bleever? 😉

  3. Goshdarn it!

  4. i love his little front fists.

  5. One pocket beaver coming right up!

  6. It’s too early for beaver jokes…

    That man should release the baby beaver.

  7. handful o’happiness

    (bebeh beev sez: “PUT ME DOWN, DAM IT”)

  8. misscrisp says:

    Teh Qteness, eet ees unbebeavable…

  9. do you mean to say that that’s a wet, underage beaver?

  10. Sweet Pea says:

    A beaver in the hand is worth 2 in the…..

    HAHAHA! Ok I’ll stop myself.

  11. Looks like a stuffy! I just wanna cuddle it!

  12. That’s adorable…
    I want to take him home, dry him off, give him some tasty twigs and make him a lil pillow dam for him to Z in!
    Go ‘lil B-vrrr!!!

  13. is the cootie-est Beaver i ever did see.
    i dont have any Beaver jokes.
    i wish i did.
    i believe the nice man will put the babeh beav back in its beav nest with its mama.
    i would like to hold the babeh, but i’ll bet he is not a really nice huggable-snuggable babeh.

  14. Awww! I just want to pet the tiny beaver. Looks soft.


  15. I want one for Christmas!

  16. And the puffy cheeks!

    I wonder what the story is behind this pic? Abandoned baby beave?

  17. Love his little hands.

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very Qte bebeh beav
    snicker, Theo.
    Too slow witted here to come up with any good beav jokes, so I’ll sit back and wait for the smart ones to post….

  19. he’s adorable!
    i’m gonna bring him home so he can pat out waffle cones with his tail ^^

  20. *dies of yet another cutegasm!*

    I, quite literally, let out a squeal of over-cuteness. I LOVE beavers, prairie dogs, groundhogs, squirrels, guinea pigs… any time of mammalian/rodent like that is just… AHHHH!

  21. yankeebird says:

    That guy’s sure got his hands full of big fuzzy beaver!

  22. That’s adorable. but watch your fingers.

  23. AnnONimmity — 😉 — fixtedit. (Took care of the older one too.)

  24. Truly evil, Ann. [kerSNORT]

  25. All underage beavers are a handful.. ; )

  26. Ann, Ann, Ann. You made my Monday.

    This beav must be from Thailand.

  27. Marianne said it! I just put on words. LOL.

    Like I said, couldn’t help myself. EEE!

  28. yankeebird says:

    Ann, LOL! I LOVE the graphics you added.

  29. “Mister man (whistle) I fink you better put me down (whistle) or my Mama’s gonna be pretty dam upset (whistle).”

  30. wow, I love everything about this picture.
    the floomfyness of his furry body, the little fist, the ‘wtf just happened??’ expression on his little hamsterlike face…

  31. Aw! cute overflow (of belly thru the fingers)

  32. Yes ma’am, that’s a nice little beaver you have there. Now put it back in your pants.

  33. Jailbait.

  34. My mind is gonna be in the gutter all day now……Can’t express how much I appreciate it! Thanks! Perfect start to the week!!!!!

  35. beaver.

  36. Anyone know what the average jailtime is for underage-snorgling? Anyone at all?

  37. Kiddo – depends……did you have consent? Parental approval? Was candy used to entice said underaged participant? Did the underage in questin approach you? Any and all of these questions may sway a jury of your peeps.

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Leave It To Beaver. So adorable. I want.

  39. indigoreiki says:

    Aww, he’s so cute. That was my high school mascot. No wise-cracks Ya’ll.

  40. tulasi-priya says:

    I used to live down the street from an institution of higher learning in Philly called Beaver College. The times caught up with them and they are now known as Arcadia University. Come t’ think of it, it may have started out as a women’s college.

  41. metsakins says:

    So this is who has been emailing me and asking if I want to see pictures. I always wondered but was afraid to open those emails. I’m so relieved! (and I thought it was sumthin’ naughty, gosh)

  42. OMG!!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!! I didn’t even think naughty beaver jokes till I read these naughty posts! ;>

  43. circuscake says:

    ya know- i usually don’t swing that way, but that is one mighty fine beaver…

  44. Annie & Metsakins…..LMAO!

  45. I am robot.
    Robot just got busted for robot-like typing.
    Robot sad.

  46. metsakins says:

    Bugmom don’t cry, you’ll rust yourself!

  47. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It is so adorable. I just want to wrap it up in a big warm towel and dry it off until it’s all fluffy, and then snorgle it mercilessly

  48. Need oil can!!!

  49. Getting some Beaver Tail.

  50. That’s it! I am officialy useless for the rest of today. I hope you are happy now!!!!!!

  51. Awww, what a cute little beaver. Just like on a nickel.

    I love how its little back feet are grabbing onto dude’s pinkie for dear life.

    NYgirlie – hee!

  52. oh i see, its a loooofa!

  53. I think we need an extreme close up of those little fists… c’MON!

  54. Just when I thought the pinnacle of cute-osity had been reached, you go and pull something like this!!

    This little guy is impossibly adorable.

  55. When I was a kid, we had a John Denver album (Rocky Mountain High) and in the inside jacket, they had a picture of the band, and one of them was wearing a t-shirt, which I repeat here in reference to the foregoing pic:

    Be kind to nature — kiss a beaver!

    (I didn’t realize it was a double-entendre until many many years later).

    Seriously, though, beavers are fun to kiss, though I have discovered them to be elusive little creatures.

  56. QUICK! SHAKE IT!!!!
    *shakes confused bebeh bevbev*

  57. ;-) spykes_mom says:

    Awww…himz a kyoot widdle beaver.

  58. And tomorrow, a full grown cock.

  59. Eater of Shades says:

    I can just see him making loug *wack* noises with his tail

  60. Most of you people are gross.

  61. Yeah, but some of us are really gross.

  62. a beaver in hand is worth two in the….

    never mind

    ::ducks incoming projectiles::

  63. So Maymee appears to be taking the high ground. Apparently.

    (Join us in the gutter! We’ve got stars!)

  64. He’s far too small to make a dam. Maybe he just makes a “darn.”

  65. I have to tell you I haven’t laughed all day. Thanks for your outrageous comments!!

  66. thedistractor says:

    I wonder what the age of consent for a beaver is. This may be entirely legal.

    I hope so, because I really don’t want to get busted for having an underage beaver on my computer history.

  67. Karen in Toronto says:

    That’s the Canadian nickel, folks.

    In profile, don’t you think he looks a little like Stephen Harper?

  68. OMG! Sandy you made me pee a little.. “Maybe he just makes a “darn.””

    that is the funniest thing i’ve read all day!

  69. The guy in the picture really knows how to handle his beaver…the ladies must love him.

    I just *had* to join the gutteral fun…oh, and beaver’s cute too! Probably cuter than most… ;P

  70. Well, you know what they say…A beaver in the hand is worth two in the..uh…nevermind…;)

  71. an all womens college called Beaver College is pretty bad, but then so was all girls school grades 5-12 with a mascot of the Bunnies (given to us by what was formerly our all boys brother school that WENT CO-ED on us!)

  72. MaggieBee says:

    Aeugh, the cuuuute!

    I love how we’re all referring to the beaver as “he”… ;D

  73. re- joke potench

    One in the hand is worth two in the…

    ok, thats too dirty, even for me…

  74. OMG Carol That was so Awesome. … Thank you for that I am grinning ear to ear.

  75. This Beaver is up for some slap and tickle.

  76. Sandy for the win!

    This site is just one dam thing after another, woodn’t you know.

  77. Haha! The baby beaver really looks like he’s ready to slug the person with his one clenched fist! Oh cute, little chubby puncher.

  78. Kim Monique says:

    Holy crap! That is lethally cute!

  79. I once had a friend who instead of joining Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Girls was instead part of Beaver Patrol.


  81. First time in my life I’ve ever wanted to pet a beaver.

  82. Well I saw her face now I’m a beaver
    there’s not a trace of doubt in my mind
    I am a Beaver I couldn’t leave her if I tried.

  83. Yeah, yeah yeah, I’m a beaver and I’m all wet.
    Ha ha, I get it.
    Now that you’ve had your fun put me teh $%&*%^# down!

  84. Very cute…

    Try going around with that for a name!! Lived with it all my life! Naturally, I collect them (um, stuffed and statues, not REAL ones…) 🙂

  85. *raising head from gutter*

    Baby Beaver could be a girl …

    her name may be Muff or Minge …

  86. dgerish- “Beaver Patrol” is so funny. Adults at that time must have laughed so hard at that name. Does she still have her old uniform or t-shirts?

  87. Daphne Moss says:

    I have shipped this to a lot of my Oregon State University pals (the Beavers) and dis babybee right heah be a great big hit in Beaver Nation, where we like to proudly proclaim that we are big beavers in a state named vor beavers … *eg*

  88. um, teeny fists…


  89. Izzy, I don’t know if they ran to paraphernalia. Can you imagine? Try searching, coz they were big at one time.

  90. I can only imagine the cute tail smacks on the water that must ensue.

  91. wantinks to make dirty jokes but refraininks

  92. Pretty sure I saw this beaver on a FARK thread.

  93. My heavens. You people!

    Only Theo gets wit points today for the OW reference 😉

  94. Yay!! Baby beavers, finally!!

    Clearly we have a pro-beaver group here.


  95. acelightning says:

    Maybe this little one is going to grow up to be “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver”?

  96. Very cute…

    Try going around with that for a name!! Lived with it all my life! Naturally, I collect them (um, stuffed and statues, not REAL ones…) 🙂

    Posted by: lemurtx | Oct 22, 2007 at 02:08 PM

    Um, nice to meetcha. I’m guessing you are Lemur Beaver from Texas? Verreh nice name there!

  97. Wet beaver is my favorite kind! …Wait, now that sounds wrong. D:

    But eet is so qewt, I don’t habeeb it!

  98. Awww, they’re cute when they’re little… but it looks so tense! What a tight little beaver! And poor thing, it’s wet… aw, little tight wet beaver… don’t you just want to poke it on the nose and tell it to cheer up? Just poke the tight wet little beaver… But poor thing, probably scared getting held up so high… the guy really needs to go down already. It’s like, enough already — as soon as I finish poking it, that guy needs to go down on that tight wet little beaver!


  99. OMG baby beaver!!!


  101. Ok, I don’t get the jokes at all, and that REALLY bugs me!

    I might mention that I HAVE fucking googled “beaver” without anything other than it being North America’s largest rodent coming up.

    Somehow that didn’t help a bit.

  102. Leave it to Beaver says:

    Susan, it’s a slang term used here in England and by the sounds of it, in the States too. (Probably other countries as well)

    It’s used as a nickname for… Oooh, I can’t do it… Someone else help pleeeease!

  103. “Grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean, ay, ay? Say no more?”

  104. metsakins says:

    Pyrit – what’s it like?

  105. KaitouJuliet says:

    “It’s dangerous out there–take this with you!” (Northwoods version).

  106. metsakins – What’re we talkin’ ’bout?

  107. That little baby up there is so adorable!

    Susan, Beaver is a slang term for “a woman’s private parts”. I didn’t realize it was used in England; I just thought it was North American slang.

  108. Y’know, my friend named her boycat “Beaver.” We’re still not sure why.

    She also calls him Muffin and has him fetch crumpled foil balls. The cat regularly attempts to attack the dog.

    I think Beaver has ended up with a whopping case of species and gender confusion.

  109. awwww. he reminds me of the beaver on that commercial for sleep medicine – you know, that one that also has abe lincoln? anyone know what i’m talking about?

  110. Susan,

    Don’t feel bad. You make up for a bit of confusion with a *great* Pratchett reference!

  111. metsakins says:

    pyrit – were you refering to a Monty Python routine?

  112. Thanks Suda Nim:)

    Pratcett’s a great author, -he’s practically taught me English, but somehow he’s never gotten around to the “wink wink, nudge nudge *BEAVER* say-no-more” bit.

    It might be because fantasy is a rather prissy genre…

  113. HAHA at marianne. wet, underage beaverrrrr.

  114. darkshines says:

    Thats one wet little beaver, right, there…..

  115. Susan, have you read the bits of The Hedgehog Song that Nanny Ogg sings? Not what I’d call prissy. Pretty much anything with Nanny Ogg in it is full of double entendres and jokes relating somehow to sex. 🙂


  116. metsakins – I shall hang my head for not catching that. Gyah.
    (Yes, it was Monty Python)

  117. book_monstercats says:

    Susan, being who you are, you must know everything!!!!! Actually, the first reference I heard to “beaver” (I kid you not) was in the “Naked Gun” film where Priscilla Presley is up a ladder, Leslie Nielsen says “Nice beaver” and she hands him down a stuffed one. It took me ages to work it out…..

    I actually just went “Squeeeeeeeeee” “Thud” (another Pratchett reference). Then I read the beaver jokes. LOL.

  118. metsakins says:

    Listen as a proper former engineering nerd (in college) there are certain things I remember from my years in college:

    Differential Calculus – no

    Punchlines to MP routines – yes

    and I have found the punchlines much more usefull in life!

    now go back to studying until you know the routines by heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Ah yes, Laura, my mistake. “A Wizard’s staff has a knob on the end” and so forth.

    The literate feline: That’s exactly what’s been bugging me! All I can say for myself is that my hereditary talents is mostly concerned with the ashes-to-ashes bit of living, while the “beaver” is rather more -well- involved in the other end.

  120. metsakins – I Googled the sketch and you’re right, “what’s it like?” is the punch line.
    Sometimes I don’t see the forest for the trees.

  121. Oh, aaand may I study on CO for extra credit? Pleeeeeaz.

  122. metsakins says:

    Yes, you may practice quoting routines in the comment section.

    (sortof like language lab, ya know)

    I’m sure fellow COers will help you study whenever possible.

  123. metsakins says:

    oh and one more thing…back in the day, we had no Google or video or youtube…we had to watch only when they were actually on TV, so I’m very proud of these academic accomplishments!

  124. It’s pretty damn precious.

    I didn’t even have an inappropriate thought. Til I read those other beaver, that is.

  125. …with a beaver if you can dam it all, but the hedgehog…

  126. bcteagirl says:

    “I can see my house from here” 😛

  127. Must. not. crack. juvenile. underage. joke…


    Cute lil’ dewd!

  128. Actually, I feel pretty sick about myself, now that I said that. 😦

  129. Baby beavers are amazingly adorable. A year and a half ago, one of my best friends and I went hiking and we saw a baby beaver learning how to swim with his mother. The cutest thing is, when they call to each other, it sounds like they’re saying “mama!”