Polite Sunflower Seed Kronscher

Oh! Tehhibly sorry, Chaps, I was just enjoying the gahden—I’ll be certain to clean up the seed husks, no problum!

[Clenches tiny paws in respectful posishe]


Johan C. has loads more sqwerl photos here



  1. I like his little ears. They’re so bleeny!

  2. Schhhhweeeet skwerlyo.

  3. he looks almost unreal!
    <3 his fingers :)

  4. totoro!!!

  5. And I wont mind if you don’t. Take your time.

  6. he looks so shy!
    check the fuzz on the tummy

  7. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!

    What a cutie patootie. I must snuggle and kiss and snuggle and feed and play with!!

  8. acelightning says:

    I’m not all that fond of squirrels, but the mad-scientist ear tufts crack me up 😉

  9. I think the servile British squirrel captions might be my very favorite.

  10. yet another michelle says:

    Never thought I’d find ear hair that wasn’t gross!

    He really didn’t mean to impose…

  11. OMG he looks like he could be a cartoon character! So prim and cute!

  12. That’s one odd looking skwerl!

  13. lurkingsmirk says:

    Gotta love the hunkered down, busy eating look.

  14. The european squirrels are just adorable aren’t they?

    I wonder if these squirrels eat pumpkins – the ones here do and they suck.

  15. ooh, does he go to Tufts? so prosh! and polite. oh, and cute!

  16. Who knew squirrels had cleavage?? Johan’s collection reveals the truth: http://www.imagenation.se/9140.html
    Looks like the Lovely Lady Squirrel (fluttering eyelashes) in Disney cartoons!

  17. love the accent!

  18. Johan has a lot of nice shots on the website, squirrels and various birds. There’s even a bat (yay!), and a toad. Quite the wild kingdom!

  19. We have black squirrels at my school!

  20. This is a freaking hallmark card for Easter. I don’t know how much they’re payin that bunneh-eared sqwerl, but it ain’t enough. I gotta go find some chocolate.

  21. Ah will kill you all
    Nothing you can do about it
    I will kill you all
    Nothing you can do about it
    squirrely wrath
    squirrely wrath
    squirely wrath
    You’re all gonna die! You’re all gonna die!
    Squirrely Wrath!
    – Foamy 😀

    Cute little tufted ears tho.

  22. tracyFLICK says:

    Very Lord-of-The-Rings-looking squirrel.

    It was cut from the final scene.

  23. We have sime black squirelly-qz in my neighborhood too (East Village NY) but they don’t have that stylin hair!!
    What a cute poochie tumie!

  24. That black squirrel mutation was first spotted around 20 years ago in Stuyvesant Town and Gramercy Parks– they’ve spread all over the east coast. They are cool skwerls, but they look like Hells Angels next to this little guy!

  25. Is this the little red squirrel being run out of England by our grey squirrels? So sad.

  26. my cat is a blob says:

    He is terribly cute.
    He looks to me more eveeilly demented than politely nervous.
    But that must be because he is a squirrel.

  27. There are 4′ tall squirrel statues in a neighboring town that are going to be auctioned off sometime next year. It is impossible to walk in that town and not see a squirrel. We’ve got lots of black squirrels too.

    I love squirrels, even though they are somewhat evil.

  28. OMG, he’s only twice as big as the shamrocks! It’s a leprechaun squirrel!

  29. What a perfect nature shot. Terrific and so cute!

  30. Im sitting under youre tree in front of a 4 leaf clover and snacking aways

  31. i’m with Wbirdie. that’s the most evil little squirrel i’ve ever seen. almost like the rabbit guy in donnie darko. only mini – pure concentrated evil.

    and yet, endearing.

  32. Of course we English are polite,we just give you a V sign once your back is turned.

  33. Of course we English are polite,we just give you a V sign once your back is turned.

  34. Oh, look! He is nose-level with the clovers! How I weesh that I could use a clovers for a breakfasty table. . .

  35. Yes, a leprechaun skwerl! Magically delicious!

  36. He also meets a cute rule. Not sure the number but it has to do with disproportioned paws to body size.

  37. Didja look back at the photo page? He’s got more skwerl, plus boidies and a TOAD!

  38. tracyFLICK says:

    Yes you’re right about the Black squirrels. I remember I saw one recently in central park and it really threw me off.

  39. ok, ok i’m totally a squirrel convert now

    like i really had any choice 😛

  40. ACK!!! This is DEFINITELY the proshest photo in a while! I <3 him!!

  41. herzliebster says:

    “That black squirrel mutation was first spotted around 20 years ago in Stuyvesant Town and Gramercy Parks.” Nope, that’s not the first. There were black squirrels on the grounds of Washington Cathedral in the early 1960’s, that’s 45 years ago.

    But this is a European Red Squirrel, even though it isn’t very red. The tiny size and the ear tufts are the giveaway. There was a very interesting, though depressing, article in last Sunday’s NYTimes magazine about the way American grey squirrels are driving red squirrels in England to the brink of extinction.

  42. GAAAHHH! Why don’t we have cute skwerls like this in MY neighborhood???

  43. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    How much percent evil is he??

  44. Aww, how could anyone not find this (http://www.imagenation.se/9194.html) little guy adorable?? Even if squirrels are a bit pesty, they are cute!

  45. hmm..hope this works instead:

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Very sweeeet. I love the ears.

  47. Rosalynde says:

    Johan C.!!!!!!!! Esp. love the birdbath w/ smiling cats and squirrel photos . . .

  48. looks kinda evil to me…it’s those teeth

  49. Yay! I’m a huge fan of Johan C’s squirrelly pics! Great job! I give it two paws up.

  50. for why are the skibbles on here always very polite and English? Has there been some sort of atlantic swap over, because the only skibbles we have in England are the ebil grey american ones who drove all our lovely coote wittle red ones away -WAIL-

  51. Hiddenexposures nailed it! Eees TOTORO!!!