It’s Caturday morning…

So get with the program and git your heiny out of BED

Elaine G., excellent find, my Darling, exxxxxxxxxcellent.

// UPDATE — director is Simon Tofield; see this & more of his work at Tandem Films //



  1. Bill Plympton would be proud.

  2. OMG! That just had my entire family in hysterics!

  3. Best. Cartoon. Ever!

  4. Isn’t that how everyone wakes up in the morning?

  5. This is so my life… but with two kitties… less one bat. But they do the whole jumping thing and then feign innocence after I’m awake.


  6. This totally just happened to me, which is why I’m up so early on a Caturday…Good thing we don’t have a bat 🙂

  7. I laughed so long and so hard my cats all dropped their baseball bats!

  8. I was expecting a hairball. Gets me up every time!

  9. thank you thank you!!!1!

    I was draggin’, but this has totally got me revved up to get going this morning.

    No better way to start the day than with a great huge laugh. It’s better than coffee!

  10. girlnextdoortn says:

    It’s too early in the morning to be screaming with laughter. 😀

  11. Ha! The international language of cat.

  12. I couldn’t stop laughing! Too funny and all too true.

  13. good old whatshername says:

    Aw damn, I just snorted my Diet Pepsi. Ow. Ow. Ow.

  14. After about a year of viewing Overload….this one has finally got me to comment….

    That was too funny! Luv it! (gasping for breath)

  15. yankeebird says:

    All along I was thinking, “Not my cats. They’re always asleep when I wake up.” And then the cat hit him with the baseball bat, and then rushed to pretend to be asleep.

    Now I need to go scour my place for baseball bats, just because I’m not sure any more.

    Verrrr cute.

  16. Doggehs do it too… much feigned innocence after sad pseudo-quiet whimpering and dancing on bed.
    Cat-dogs want to play on Caturday too!

  17. hehe. that pretty much just happened to me. only my little bundle of naughty likes to lick my eyelid too.

  18. anne boleyn says:

    Yes, there’s definitely this! And then last night one of the dogs feel off the very high bed and when she hit the floor the rest of the bed seemed to explode with the other dog and the two cats flying in all directions. That’ll wake you up too. I’m tired. This is funny!

  19. This is the best thing ever, like EVER!

  20. POIFECT.

  21. Oh yes, but my cat’s voice is much more demanding than that. And he starts out yelling out in the hallway

  22. AuntieMame says:

    This is the video I wanted to post on my blog but Vox doesn’t allow &^%$#! WMV movies. I didn’t know it was on YouTube, though…

  23. stoogeswoman says:

    My husband says, substitute “biting my hand till it bleeds” for the baseball bat & that’s totally him!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    My cat does that to my dad every morning, expect the baseball bat part! My whole family was howling at this one…

  25. This isn’t a cartoon, it’s a freakin’ DOCUMENTARY.

  26. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Hilarous! The details–esp. when every time the guy moves, the cat starts enthusiastically purring and knitting–“He’s getting up now! I won! Oh. Not.” On to next trick.

  27. Ha! Happy Caturday to you, too, Meg. This makes me miss having cats. Stupid landlords! 😡

    My childhood cat Ziggy used to knock over my dad’s water glass and splash it in his face to get him up. That was pretty creative.

  28. so thats why my dog has a bat…I always wondered..

  29. Miss Huggums gentley (with claws lightly extended) taps my nose. (and she thinks I sleep too late during the week as well)

  30. Greatest. Cartoon. Ever. I think my dad just made the neighbours do a double take he was laughing so hard. So perfect suited to our cat! Bravo!

    Also, a perfect mixture of cute and funny.

  31. I haven’t commented in a while because I usually view CO at work. Con you believe the miserable so and so blocked it. The noiv.

    Anyway…. Bwahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    This video makes me giggle, although I have not yet been hit in the head by Yitzy…yet. In our house, it’s the whining and clicking of the doggie toenails that wakes us up.

  33. xD xD omgosh that’s exactly what my cat does!

  34. hahaha, cats are assholes.

  35. Yes, yes, some unexplained bruises are beginning to make sense now. Made my Caturday morning!

  36. ROTFLMAO. Funniest cartoon ev-AR.

  37. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    When Mistletoe really wants me up, she’ll knock my glasses off the night stand. After blindly hunting for them and making sure they aren’t broken, I’m awake enough to turn on the bath tap for her so she can start her day.
    I wish cats had a snooze alarm, I don’t need to get up at 630 on weekends.

  38. Good stuff! So true.

  39. it’s so like our lives!
    [said in patty/selma voice]

  40. SO. TRUE. Thankfully, Shadow hasn’t learned how to work a bat yet (and hopefully won’t ever because of her lack of opposable thumbs :P), but she certainly tries everything else.

  41. LOL! It’s been yeeeeaaaarrrssss since I had a kitty to wake me up, but I’m pretty certain this is what it looked like.

  42. Great cartoon, but unfortunately its me who wakes the cats. Oh why oh why can’t I sleep in.I guess it’s part of getting old.Oh bleen it.

  43. That… is awesome. And hilarious. And probably true. 🙂

  44. I love the little scratching post at the foot of the bed and cat toys all over the floor. Nice touch.

  45. HAHA! This is so my cat ALL NIGHT LONG. We’ve taken to locking her out of the bedroom at night, but now she just scratches and bangs on the door instead. And then of course when we open the door, she’s nowhere to be found.

    Also, LOL @ the dead mice on the ground…how weird.

  46. Hold on I think my comment is open to misinterpretation. I just wake my cats up, not hit em with abaseball bat. Jings!

  47. I LURV eet!

    Kristi, I think those are play mice.

  48. littleturkeylegsmom says:

    The paw on the face was what slew me. My Danny starts in on the “back and forth, purrpurrpurr, slurpy drooly sound in ear” first, than the paws on face, than “lick lick nibble nibble”, get tossed to end of bed, repeat. My husband’s Sabbath contents himself with a series of eerie grunts in the hallway, terminating in a heartrending “yoOOWWRRRRR”. Mornings are so relaxing around here.

  49. substitute “whack with baseball bat” with “climb onto the tall dresser next to the bed and fling self off to land on sleeping human stomach and/or neck” and you’ve got my morning right there.

  50. paulajeanne says:

    This is what my cat does too, but instead of the bat she just jumps on my bladder. Works every time.

  51. My ex husband slept on his back, and the heavier of our cats learned that she could wake him up by doing a “death from above” onto his harbls. :-/

  52. thanks for a real LOL this morning!! I had a catkid who used to wake me up by licking my eyelids. One morning I wouldn’t budge, so she chomped down on my nose, bottom fangs firmly entrenched in my nostrils. I think I may have preferred the baseball bat! Cats – gotta love ’em! 🙂 🙂

  53. Wow. Wowie wow. That was like looking into a mirror.

    Bertha is the champeen of doing the “I’m putting my paw on you with claws slightly extended as if I have a finger I can poke you with” move.” But it always happens at around 40 minutes before I intend to wake up. By the time the alarm actually goes off, she’s back asleep.

    She’s better than my previous cat, Rider, who, despite being the best cat in the world, would just start knocking things off of shelves if he wanted attentions during the night. I lost two boomboxes (he was a big cat) and rearranged thousands of papers.

    Here’s my question, though: my cats ALWAYS have a little dry food in their dish. Bertha wakes me up, and I put her next to the dish, and she’s happy. Why can’t she just go to the dish herself? Why the poking and the biscuit making?

  54. hilarious!!! and i love the cat toys all over the floor, so purfect!

  55. this just drove tears in my eyes. dunno why… maybe because i miss my kitty she’s at home with my parents a thousand miles away… anyway the video is perfect.

  56. There is no snooze button on a kitteh that wants breakfast.

  57. Well, I give them wet food when I go to bed, and there’s dry food out all night…

    But i get snuggles, purrs and face washings when they think it’s time for me to get up.
    They seem to take turns with me during the night too.

  58. redfox in Tx says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Funniest cartoon evah!

  59. This is almost as good as having a real cat! Just brilliant. And as I can’t have a cat in my rented flat it will have to do. I am now going to watch it again. And again. And again. etc x

  60. OMG…. that was so Hilarious and it was so … true to life right down to the cat toys. Still Laughing
    and mine does the ever so slightly extended claws to the face bit and the biscuits and the purring I swear someone has a hidden camera in my bedroom. Roflmao and thanks.

  61. Haw! Too funny. A common expression in my household, when waking up in pain, is “I was visited by the baseball bat fairy last night.” It was a cat all along!

  62. A work of genius! (The face-patting is my favorite part — exactly what our Minnie does.) Whoever posted this on YouTube did not credit the creator (tsk, tsk) — Simon Tofield of Tandem Films. The cartoon is called Cat Man Do. Go to , click on Directors, then on Simon Tofield. There’s a link to the cartoon there, but I can’t get it to play.

  63. whywhywhy says:

    why is it “no longer available”??????
    cry cry cry

  64. The paw-to-face gets me! That is my Ozmeow to a T. She only likes my mom, though, so all this info is second-hand.

    My dog will do that, though. She smacked me in the face yesterday because I stopped petting her. But who could be mad at that widdle face?

  65. this is a Windows Media Player link – full-screen – magnifico …

    *paws clapping furr the cartoonist*

  66. That is absolutely the funniest cartoon I have ever seen. But please don’t give my cats any new ideas.

  67. OMG, that is SO my cat and me. Except I’m a girl.

  68. My cat purrs and then chews on my hair when she wants me to wake up. It’s gotten to the point where I fear the sound of purring when I’m lying in bed.

  69. That’s totally what my cats do every morning!

    Omigosh it’s like the cartoonist has been secretly watching me! This is MY LIFE!

  71. All I can say to my two cats is “Gotcha!”.

  72. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh wow, that cat’s face was soooo expressive for a few squiggles…hahaha…

  73. Essie…LMAO…poor man!!
    My parents’ cats do this to them. And if my folx have the nerve to lock them out, they go downstairs and walk up and down the piano….*plonk plonk plonk!!*

  74. Hahahahaha this cartoon is made of awesome! My Pandora does this to me too except her mews are tiny little kitten mews as she is a very small cat, that and instead of the bat she jumps on my alarm clock in an attempt to get it to go off. She knows that it’s the alarm clock that really gets me up so she tries to make it do “that loud noise that makes mom get up” thing. She still hasn’t figured out how to flick the switch on the side, but when she does my life is over.

  75. OMG OMG OMG OMG I am *DED* from giggles, both from the video and the comments. Y’all’re wonderful people, thanks!

  76. nastassia says:

    LOL Dead on! My cat does that to me every single morning

  77. funny–someone just emailed this to me a couple days ago!

    love how well the illustrator captured a cat’s personality ^^

  78. auntiemame i posted this on my vox blog…

  79. I love that vid that is wonderful one morning my mother found to astoonshment her 16 lb kitteh laying completely across her face. In fact she could not even open her eyes until picking up the cat. then she realized she was looking at tummy.

  80. I get this from my cats as well…
    My smokey will bite my ear while meowing and meowing..
    This cartoon is the best !!!

  81. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time! Thanks for the hysterics on a Saturday afternoon!

  82. Very funny lol. There’s another excuse for you 2 give ur kids when they want a cat lol get them to watch this lol.

  83. This is quite literally what my boston terrier does to my husband ever morning, except he uses a heavy plastic toy in lieu of a baseball bat.

  84. Hey, at least the kitty tried it the nice way first! 😉

    We have 5 cats – only three care to dance on my torso in the middle of the night. My husband sleeps through it all, so they have given up on him. hmmph!

  85. This is so great! I found this a couple of days ago and me and my boyfriend stood here and laughed our heads off. Then I watched it over and over, and then sent it to all my friends. Why didn’t I think to send it in to CO?

  86. Hilarious! “Look at my butt!” “Feeeeeed me!”

  87. i wish i could be woken up like that every morning!
    the meows are supremely adorable

  88. Hahahaha! Ear snap!

  89. Jan Spencer says:

    THIS IS SOOOO MY TEDI BEAR! She wakes me in the early a.m. wanting food. She is relentless, and will NOT give up until I get up to feed her. And it has to be the pouch/canned stuff, not the dry stuff that is already out there.

    So glad to see I am not the only cat owner with this issue!!

  90. Yup, that’s my cats too, except my Tuxedo Mask uses the “sink claws into Mommy’s butt” routine. I’d almost prefer the bat….

  91. That was so damn funny. I was actually laughing out loud. My cat simply stares at me and that wakes me up, along with the purring, and in a last ditch effort, her cold wet nose in MY nose and the ever popular “whisker up the nose”. If that doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what would. Thankfully I usually wake up before she resorts to that. I’ve watched this clip multiple times and had to put it up on my Myspace. Toooo funny. This guy obviously has a cat. Love the pointing at the mouth bit.

  92. Best. CuteOverload. Post. EVER.

  93. My cat does the “knocking my stuff off my desk and nightstand routine.” In fact, that is how he woke me up this morning.

  94. Simon is OBVIOUSLY owned by a cat!

  95. I especially like the face-patting maneuver…

  96. Watched and snerked mightily. Read the comments and sprained a rib laughing. Thanks for that. ^^

    (My cats are pretty restrained. They just stomp on us… of course, I don’t owe a baseball bat….)

  97. Other than leaving out the nose-poking (and, with previous kitty, the paw whapping you upside the head), this is PERFECT! The animator obviously lives/lives with a cat. The paw-on-face was what completely did us in too.

    I’m so glad our baseball bats are in the garage, behind a door that takes thumbs to open.

  98. My marmelah kitteh got all freeked out with the meowsing. He was all “where dat cat?”

  99. My one cat who sleeps with me will knock everything off my nightstand if she thinks I’m sleeping too late. I get up at 530 during the week and thats when she is used to being let outside and fed… Of course, why should HER schedule change just because it is Caturday? Then. if I am still not up after the nightstand ambush, she jumps on my desk and starts swatting things off, then jumps on top of my snake’s cage and starts hitting the screen on top… She rarely gets to the snake’s cage before I get up and let her out and go back to sleep… LOVE this video! LOVE this site! and of course, LOVE my cats

  100. my cats bat is her Tail……..

  101. i’ve watched this at least 5 times tonight…is that a bad thing?


  102. so sad i sent this in to you too and got 0% credit. 😦

  103. I laughed at this so hard I was crying. My cats do this to me all the time. Well, not the bat, but gratefully they have not seen this video for the idea.

  104. That was awesome.
    And was as if there was a video tape of one of my cats this morning.

  105. What an awesome funny totally cute video! It would still be cute, but not as funny if it just wasn’t so true! lol
    I can’t stop watching it!

  106. meg i like that ya added color to “Posted by:” and the date/time stamp–really makes things pop and helps to separate one comment from the next 🙂


  107. Eater of Shades says:

    if kitty wants food,

    kitty GETS food

  108. Does this remind anyone else of the Winston videos? I think it’s the mournful miaowing ^_^

  109. I hate that the vid is no longer available. Think the extra exposure on CO did it in? I laughed at every BIT of that video, but when the guy woke up and the cat “gestured” (I don’t want to spoil it), I lost it completely. Thanks to RevWaldo for finding the original creator! I was frustrated too, that I couldn’t find the artist.

    Lizzy, FANTASTIC Windows version. (It appears to be downloadable.)

    I’d just google Cat Man Do and Simon Tofield if the video is unavailable.

  110. metsakins says:

    Day 2 wathcing this video.

    still laffing.

    still haven’t found hidden cameras in my bedroom yet.

    the search continues.

  111. Gawd! Haven’t we ALL been there. My kitteh resorts to pressing his tush to my face—geee-rosssss!

  112. I laughed out loud! Also, the kitty’s mewing made my kitties crazy.

  113. I literally watched this post 37 times between yesterday and today and laughed every single time. XD Love it, love it, love it! The face-patting is the best part.

  114. This is a behaviour combination of my two marmalade cats — except the baseball bat. Then again, we don’t have a bat on the house, so that might explain it. We laughed and laughed and laughed over this one.

  115. Tee hee finished up all the comments which are just as funny as the video.

  116. Every morning! Only my kitty sticks his wet nose in my face and does not even bother to feign innocence.

  117. That is EXAACTLY what Lucy does each morning. Except after jumping on me and meowing incessantly, when I ignore her she will go to the trashcan in the bedroom and knock it over. Then she proceeds to ever so sweetly crawl into the trashbag making a TON of noise, forcing my lazy self out of bed!!!!

  118. Oh man, this is the way our cat Bella likes to wake us up for sure, although our recent adopted cat, Jack, has yet to figure this out(thank goodness!)

    Bella also likes to add in kisses to the wake up process. She will come up to mommy and lick my lips, and will go back to meowing if I pull the blankets over my head or move in any way.

    It’s our fault for having the cats on a feeding schedule. They get fed at 8 and if you are in bed still at 7:30, God have mercy on your ears. She’s just a little wee kitty, but the set of lungs on her is crazy 🙂

    Worst part is neither one of them tries to look innocent after I get up.. Just the “c’mon mom! It’s food time!” look

  119. yay! my dog does this; she acts more like a cat in general. while i’m sleeping or not paying attention to her sometimes she slaps me with her paw. very rude!

  120. sick of seeing so many cats on CO says:


  121. HILARIOUS!!! 5 stars!! My Tipper is apparently in charge of waking me up. Pooh just sits and watches, like those ferrets at the end of that guys bed. LMAO!!

  122. Oh my god! These are the dudes that did the badass “How to Cope with Death” film. That is so awesome.

    The little “plap” sound effects just killed me.

  123. ElaineG: I think you meant to thank Jebber instead of me on finding the original video; my post was just above Jebber’s. Just giving credit where it’s due 🙂

  124. I completely expected that ending.

    When I was a kid I was awakened every morning by a cat (seal point, I think) who who allowed me the absolute minimum amount of petting – he just wanted food NOW! As soon as I was awake, and he was sure I was not going back to sleep he’d jump out of bed and wait out of reach. I would get out of bed and he’d immediately run to the bedroom door. Food NOW!

  125. Sophie Blue says:

    OMG This video makes me miss my cats more then i already do (I’m in Japan for study abroad, so they’re home with mom and dad). Our big guy does this exact thing, though, he’s not hungry, he wants “drip drips” (we have to turn on the shower just enough that it drips a little bit, so he has fresh water to drink). I just sent the link to my parents, wonder what they’ll say?? Thank you CO for a post I’ll watch 50 times by the end of the week!!!

  126. Sophie Blue says:

    Whose cats DON’T do this?? I know mine does, but he wants “drip drips” from the shower, not food. Ah, the simplistic nature of cats…NOT. Great post, I love CO!

  127. RevWaldo, thanks for the clarification!! Shocker that I might read something too fast! I MEANT to give props to TWO people: whoever found another good link (HRH, I think) aaand the person who found this video’s (masterpiece’s) creator (Jebber). The video seems to be working again this morning… yay!

  128. Day 3 –

    Have to go to work.

    Have no audio at work.

    Believe I can forgo watching video until I return home this evening.

    (It won’t be easy)

  129. Has someone been watching us? This happens every morning in my house. Except the clip is much funnier than the “wake up!” dance.

  130. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Best Cartoon ever!!!

  131. Why is it cutting out before the best part??

  132. ohhh, i have definitely felt the sting of bat upside my head. insidious kitty…

    also- whiskers up the nose, ear-huffing, hair-kneading (sleep with my hair in a bun), beard-chewing (the boyfriend’s, not mine), brow-nibbling, head-sitting/standing/suffocating, bladder-hopping, hrbl-groping with and without claws (again, the beau’s, not mine), boob stomping, cd stack toppling, hairball fake out (that sound of a cat puking could rouse me from a coma), …..

  133. My cat actually does the smacking face thing! She moves my hair away from my face, too… sometimes claws out. She also jumps on and off the bed repeatedly with the loudest thumps possible!


  134. What is really funny is the state of the guy’s bedroom. looks like it’s been taken over by the kitty. Look at all the scratches on the bed and cat toys all over the ground. Great cartoon!

  135. Ah, the only thing he left out was the old trick of applying claws to the side/underside of the mattress right next to stubbornly sleeping human’s head.

  136. Our cats do this to my husband every morning. He’s resorted to pretending he’s getting up, so the cats will dash down the hallway, and start down the stairs, then he turns back and jumps back into bed, hoping to get another 15 mins of sleep in before they come back! LOL! Loved this video! I can’t wait to show him!

  137. oh yeah, my cat does the same as jamie’s- claws applied to the mattress directly under human ear. also forgot about the tactic where said cat plays with crinkly wrapper or coin or pen or all of the above under said mattress. sheesh.

  138. This video is great! We recently put our kitties out of the room at night, so they have been reduced to yelling at the door. If I manage to get out of bed and out of the room without my fuzz man getting to snuggle, he continues to follow me around and yell at me because he wants me to get back in bed!

  139. homer mariner says:

    This was exactly what happened to me this morning! My cat did the paw on the face thing. Although the baseball bat was substituted with finding out my entire city is on fire and needs to be evacuated. Ah, I love San Diego… anyways… yeah, it made me laugh in spite of the craziness here.

    On a positive note, people have really stepped up for pet owners through this fire, and PETCO donated thousands in food and supplies for pet owners.

  140. Anyone who has ever owned (or been owned by) a cat has experienced this!

  141. Love my cat, but I’m just glad I don’t own a baseball bat. *shifty eyes looking for other potential weapons to hide…*

  142. I can’t stop watching this clip…so simple, so brilliant. I have two cats who do this to me (okay except for the baseball bat bit) every morning.

  143. Day 4 –

    I can stop watching the video, I just don’t want to…

    (oh and it wasn’t so bad at work with out the sound)

  144. People, let us not forget that as funny as the cheek-patting and bat are,

    That’s an adorable animated kitty! All curves and eyes.

  145. metsakins says:

    the drawing is fabulous…

    like the head tilt before the ear pull

  146. My Scootch just started with the constant meowing and sounds like the cartoon cat. If I’m able to block it out and go back to sleep he then resorts to biting my toes or using his head to punch my nose. I expect to wake up with a bloody nose one of these days with Scootch looking like he just woke up and knows nothing!

    I love this cartoon! Especially the little dot for the cat’s butt. Perfect down to the details!

  147. CarrieGood, that was my cat Kitters…and add in: 1) pawing the lower lip 2) sticking nose in ear and purring as loud as possible 3) devilishly sticking whiskers up the nose 4) stomping across my chest, turning right around and stomping back across. 5) Sticking face in mine and meowing as loud as her lungs would allow!

  148. Oh, and stepping on full morning bladder and stepping on b00bs (painful when kitty weighs 14 lbs)

  149. Oh, my middle child hated my father-in-law. Father-in-law was napping on the daybed (kitty’s day bed mind you). So he sat there staring into his sleeping face…then ker-thud…the hardest wack on the father-in-law’s forehead. Precious! I actually praised him silently as father-in-law was mean. Sadly, husband turned into his father. So, minus one husband…but I still have all my babies!! (The most important thing!)

  150. Many is the time I have awakened to 5 pounds of bunny sitting on my face. I am glad my foster-babies can’t wield baseball bats. The worst I have gotten is a snout full of scut. Oy.

  151. Love this cartoon! Oh, and kk3, I’m with you on the boobs part! Hurts like heck!

  152. Allison B. says:

    This WAS our cat before we got an awesome automatic pet feeder. It was not cheap (it’s a very high quality unit) but being able to sleep in till the alarm goes off is PRICELESS. It’s called the Perfect Petfeeder if anyone is interested.