It’s Caturday, and I’ll do what I want

…and that includes, but is not limited to, SLEEPING ON MY BACK, Mofos!

Huge shout out to Ant, who wins the C.O. award for most diligent Sender-Inner Regahdless if I post his Submishes or Not



  1. *bleen* rabbit feets!

  2. The *sigh* is the best…and then topped by the twitching 😛

  3. This one came up underneath it

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    Agreed, Krys, that little twitch at the end is cute. ^_^

  5. i’m w/krys, the ::sigh:: is it

  6. The kitteh is frozen!!!

    Seriously…I’ve never seen a cat that stiff on it’s back before. “Musta been the Southern Gentleman” (hic).

  7. snoopysnake says:

    Ooh! Fluffy McFluffersons! He’s pretendin’ he’s at the beach on that sandy color carpet!

  8. I LOF eet so moishe! The kitteh is practising his ‘savasana’ corpse pose yoga. Byoootifuls.
    (plus identicals coloring + back-laying to my dear one:
    I miss kittehs so much when I travel…le sigh.

  9. Ack, sorry for double commenting but the link got garbled. Should you like to see another silver kitteh asleep on back:

  10. I am totally convinced that Scottish Folds are the most redonkulous kitties ever. I mean, what other cat do you so frequently see in such bizarre positions? Like standing up with paws flopped? Or sleeping on their backs? I think that I need to get a Scottish Fold, if only to document all their poses.

  11. Reminds me of classic “Onion” headline: “Mofo Announces Plans to Chill.”

  12. Okay, Meg? This is Just Plain Silly. I mean, seriously. This is the definition of Pure Silliness.

    How’d you know I’d been having a bad day?

  13. my cat, a plain old tabby, insists on sleeping on his back in the weirdest places: a corner of the room, in the windowsill, in the bathtub, in the middle of the hallway… he started sleeping like this randomly one night when he used to sleep right next to my head- my boyfriend woke me up to look at him, and while he’s stopped sleeping by my head, we still frequently find him in this pose. it is insanely cute.

  14. O. M. G.
    The legs!!

  15. So thaaat is what cats are really shaped like…Who knew? Like little furry people, they are.

  16. BTW, my Dante sleeps like this all the time, but he’s a tuxedo, so the belleh area is BLINDING WHITE. 😉

  17. my cat is a blob says:


  18. Two Silver Cats says:

    I have a wee little silver Scottish Fold girl who looks EXACTLY like this little bunny-footed creature… she often sleeps very weirdly– like there’s some sort of Cat Sleeping Pose Olympics she’s gearing up for– but I’ve never seen her do THIS. I would have to call this video the “Horizontal Belly-Up Otter-Pose with Bunny Kick Feets.”

  19. The vampire awakes! Quick, sprinkle some holy water!

  20. Awwww! What a cutie! Ironically, when I got done oohing and ahhing, I looked over at the chair beside me, and my adorable little blue Chartreux kitteh was in the exact same relaxed pose, other than a little extra head-tilt action.

    Caturday indeed!

  21. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    My Spencerkitty was a tad overweight (umm…she was almost 20 pounds) and sleeping on her back alleviate the pressure. and gave me a place to put my face and go blblblbllblll.

  22. What a freakin’ angel!! He doesn’t even need a cushion underneath all that fuzz. Please tell me this is a mere taster. We totally need more of this sweetheart!

  23. My Benny does this too! It has earned him the nickname ‘Benny the Dog’ for its extreme silliness. I love it!

  24. Its my favorite day of the week …….Caterday………so I’ll snoreiezes any way I want so mmmeeeeerrrrowwwww

  25. JuliaJellicoe says:

    The epitome of “Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.”

  26. He is too funnies. All the stuffin’ is gonna run out of hims back toeses though, with them stickin’ up straight in the air like that…

  27. P. Erasmus says:
  28. That is NOT a twitching Foldy? I think I just died. Or maybe fell asleep. On my back. *twitch*

  29. Shannon L. says:


    He sleep like a GUMMYBEAR!!



  30. The floor, uh, cannot look *shield eyes. Ze cat has the right idea, avert the eyes from that molted, golden yellow thing!

  31. I just wanna rub that floofy belly!

  32. He is so cute there, first time seeing a cat sleeping on his back on a hard floor.

  33. Melissa H. says:

    Is his tail sticking up too, back there by his feet? Cats are so silly. Pat dat belly!!

  34. He is patting his own tummy! This much cuteness should be illegal.

  35. i like how the kitty sensed he was being watched, assessed the threat level and decided it wasn’t worth getting up.

  36. “I tried the jump from the china cabinet to the coffee table and blew the landing. I’ll be OK, I just gotta lie here a bit. Oh, my back…”

  37. bcteagirl says:

    Insert Sarcasm:

    I can tell from this brief clip that this is obviously staged… they must have put this cat in this position.. for all we know he might even be drugged… and even if not, disturbing his nap is abuse and we should alert the proper authorities and the owners should not have had cats in the first place!!

    End Sarcasm

    ps- That is one cute sleepies cat!! Meow. 😛

  38. Aw, I love his feets sticking up!

  39. Kitty- You think I am goin tio lie face down on this carpet! it’d make me hurl. No it’s back posish tll you change eet.

  40. OMG, ze cute! Those little backfeetz in the air, awwwwwwwwwww! 😀

  41. I think that flooring is cork, not carpet. Ahhh I’ll bet it feels nice. 🙂

  42. Kitteh has just finished watching “Night of the Living Dead” and has chosen to play pod kitteh. Love the bunny toes!

  43. miniears and bunnehtoes. honestly i’d be kitteh’s caturday night servant any time.

  44. teho, your hovertext slays me. me too, me too 🙂

  45. Isn’t that the I Can Has Cheezburger cat?

  46. is that kitteh auditioning for some zombie movie?
    if so, the part is totally his!
    the little twitch at the end=

  47. Looks for a sec like he might do a sit up to get himself up, but then… zzzzz.

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    This is so cute. None of my puddy tats over the years have ever slept on their backs, so I enjoy seeing it.
    I then got lost in looking at all the videos linked below/next to this one!

  49. when its a morning like that u cant get up until 12:00

  50. that’s HILARIOUS! what cat sleeps on his back?? my favorite part: the purring.

  51. This cat is so chubby fluffy, he’s practically square!

    He looks like he must’ve been grown in a mold, like those square japanese watermelons…

    I love Caturday. It always deserves a second look on Sundays!

  52. Alice Shortcake says:

    ‘Scuse we while I dive face-first into da fluff!

  53. What?!?!?!? says:

    Poor kiddy. . . someone smooshed his ears down. . .perhaps they were worn down to nubs by excessive snorgling. . .

  54. luvinmalssomuch says:


  55. My cat does that on my bed ALL THE TIME.

    This one looks just like Snooch from Two Lumps. JUST like him.

  56. “OK, if I lie here very still, nobody will see me…oh no! oh no! I have to sneeze….phew!”

  57. CATatonic

  58. Sammy Sharon says:

    Yeah that reminds me of Snoopy laying on top of his house. haha

  59. The paw twitch at the end slayed me.

    I am ded of teh qte.

  60. “Oh, wait here she comes..Quick! Pretend you’re dead!!”

  61. He’s making biscuits on himself!