People, you know how when a dog tilts his head to the side with that questioning look, like "Baroo?" Well, this puppeh is taking it to a whole nutha leva, with full 90-degree-Baroo-action:


Josie H., Did she get stuck like that? Forever baroo-ing?



  1. Such sweet puppy head tiltage! *explodes*

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    Hubby says “He’s gone vertical”!

  3. the wrinkles are killing me
    (especially the humongous one above the schnozzle)

  4. yet another michelle says:

    Pleez 2 ‘splain again!

    He’s tryin’ so hard..a real mental ehn!

  5. AHHHHnnnnnnn. Two snorting snuffles for puglet cuteness. Snig. Snorg.

  6. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    The rare Powl…half pug, half owl.

  7. That looks less “Baroo?” and more “WTF?!”

    [Just so, Leslie… – Ed.]

  8. It’s so CUTE when they do that “exorcist” trick!!!!

  9. tracyFLICK says:

    The measure of the Baroo is directly proportional to the gravity of the question. Therefore, this hound must have been asked the meaning of life.

    And because it is a dog’s life, the question is 7x harder.

  10. At 80-degrees from his normal stance there is something interesting, but mildly confusing, to look at, therefore this is in fact a perfect 10-degree Baroo!

  11. Puppy says:::I see it but I do not bellieve what that cat is up to …

  12. Doesn’t this creep anyone out?
    It’s just a little too Exorcist for me

  13. must have been some really odd-looking camera (or photographer) to get chub pup THAT confused!

  14. no that bebeh puppeh will be fine once she/he tastes its first Slurpee. That fixes all those tiltage problems………..

  15. anomalous4 says:

    puppeh sez: “xqs me i thinkx ur standin all siedwais & stuff but htats k az longs az u dont spil mai fuud & watr dishz.”

  16. Hims doin’ baroo-bics. Streeeetttccchhh as far as you can to one side, so your ear touches your shoulder… now the other way. Oops, they’re always getting stuck like that. Sigh.

  17. captain smushface says:

    omg cute pug puppy. Quick, someone touch his back so he gets stuck like that.

  18. Cara Marie says:

    OMG! sooo CUTE! I’m creaturing!!! I wanna squeeze it so bad

  19. If’n you do a few more turns of the head, he will be fully wound up and the tailio will start waggin.

  20. Eric Hunter says:


    No, no, no. Although this puppeh is close to the coveted 90-degree-Baroo-action, he is in fact missing the mark by about 4 degrees. Nevertheless, he get’s a “A-” on the 90-degree-Baroo-action. Bravo!

  21. baroooooooo!

  22. *snorgles mcpuggersons*

  23. Pugs have cornered the market on the mega-baroo. I used to exhaust myself coming up with new and unusual noises to make my sister’s pug do this very thing.

  24. “baroo-bics”…Morgat, that’s the BEST!! Hee hee hee…

  25. cute little baby ferret says:

    OHHHHH how cute i can picture him saying *why is evrything sidewades* so adorable fweeee!

  26. i can hear something…..wot? wot? wot?

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:


  28. LOL 2 cute! This looks just like my puppy!!

  29. “Huh?”
    *tilts head other way*
    *ear prick*

  30. “No… when I turn my head this way… the cloud definitely looks more like a bone that a cat…”

  31. I think Pugs ar born Baroo-ers.