Stop looking at me like that

This Yorkie bebeh is licking his chops, looking at you like you’re a a GIANT HAMBURGLER!


Nawm, nawm nawm, Julia J.




  1. my lucky day! i’m new here & i get the 1st comment. oh, and i’m bombarded by the cutest puppy licking his chops. my life is complete! 🙂

  2. 😛

  3. I shall eeet you!

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Uh, Carolyn J., since this is a wee Yorkie pupling, it should be :b!


  5. ::falls on floor from cute-shock::

  6. :b

  7. :9




    How many more can we come up with!?

    And may I eat this puppy’s ears wif pudding of the Yorkshire variety?

  8. …for you are tasty and good with ketchup….

  9. circuscake says:

    this is how my doggie looks after i put lotion on my hands and/or feet.

    (yeah- i let him have a little lick. is that bad?)

  10. I shall leeck you!

  11. that nose looks like a hunk of black licorice just smashed on that puppehs face ?!?!?!?!

    what is with that toungue action there puppeh ??

  12. Andrea|Nash says:

    hahahahaha – gasp – hahahahahaha – Stop it! – hahahahahahaha – Pleeeeze !!!!

  13. Andrea|Nash says:

    hahahahaha – gasp – hahahahahaha – Stop it! – hahahahahahaha – Pleeeeze !!!!

  14. Andrea|Nash says:

    Theo are you there? I – sniffle – just stopped laughing and I…I…heh,heh,heh,..think I…hee,heee.hee…double posted…so sorry…it’s just so…so…BWA-ha-ha…funny! Sniffle, sniffle. (Wipes eyes and hangs head in shame.)

    [well I can’t hardly get rid of it NOW, can I? – Ed.]

  15. Circuscake, I don’t think it’s bad….if yours is anything like mine, you probably don’t have a choice….lickin the arm while you’re innocently looking at teh qte…..stop it!

  16. That’s a lip-smackin’ cute photo. And LOL to the Yorkie pudding joke.

  17. Aw sweet pupper! Yorkies are my faves!

    Often, though, yorkies have bigtime dental probs, resulting in lots of teeth being pulled if the owners neglect dental care over the years. And when that happens, the tongue hangs out, because of course there’s no teeth to keep the tongue in the mouf.

    Of course, I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here! I’ve just seen lots of pics of older yorkies wif de tongues hanging out because of it, because I like yorkies and see lots of pictures of ’em.

    Awright, n/m, this all sounds too preachy. Hee! When it comes to yorkies I can’t seem to help myself!

  18. too freakin’ sweeeeeet

  19. he looks like a lil’ toy!

  20. I can just hear a goofy little voice for that. “Mama’s makin’ bisthkits, huhuh” *drool*

  21. Interesting head to body ratio, I shall put him on the back shelf of my car and he can Pttthp at divers who get too close.

  22. Bet I could cronshe him before he cronshes me 😀

  23. My puppy does that! Although it’s because she has no teeth left to keep her tongue in her mouth. Still adorable though…

  24. I should stress that it’s not because of dental neglect! She’s had her teeth cleaned every six months since we’ve had her, we feed her a prescribed diet and brush her teeth, and STILL, she gets infections in her mouth.

  25. this is all the much funnier if you imagine she only HAS two legs ;D

  26. Thuddenly I’m all peckith fer thum cheethy comethtibelth.

  27. Sweet Lady says:

    “Mmmmm, you tastes like bakon…”


  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh this just made my Friday morning evening better. Can’t get any sweeter than that.

  29. Yes, this is my dog (she’s actually 6 years old) and I recently adopted her from a rescue agency. Her previous owners did not take care of her teeth at all, so she just had a whole bunch of teeth removed, hence her “new look.” I know I shouldn’t laugh at her, but I just can’t help it! She knows she looks cute!!!

  30. Peanutcat says:

    I see the head, but where’s the body?

  31. She’s really sayin “One on t’ cross beams went askew on treddle!”

  32. Ps I’ve been challenged by the robot-detector every time I’ve posted this AM. There must be something unusually robot-like about my typing.

    [BOT-LIKE TYPING DETECTED, oh noes… – Ed.]

  33. be afraid.
    be very very afraid.
    poochie weeel eeat your face while you are sleepkingks.
    but is is worth eet.

  34. First off Squeee for this cute patootie


    Puppy licking his chops.

  35. Oi ASCII-art Peeps… I made you an RCF animation.

  36. I know that look.

    The mildly cross-eyed posture of drooling tenacity.

    A pup I love gets that wild look in his eyes in the presence of curry chicken.

  37. Ohhhh if you haven’t clickity clickity’d on the little ascii symbol up at the top do it is awesome.

    Thanks Theo

  38. Just clicked the smiley– BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  39. ahn

  40. Heeheehee… looks like Gir from invader Zim 🙂

  41. Annie & Theresa — you shouldn’t actually have to click; it’s just a .GIF

  42. Hmm well if I wasn’t always in a hurry myabe I would have noticed that… LOL I just went looked and then clicked on it and it moved…

    LOL D’oh

  43. i love animal tounges there so small & cute


  45. Julia, bless yer heart for adopting this sweetie-pie! Dogs just love to see their owners delighted and laughing and it doesn’t matter to them that it’s cuz their tongue’s hangin’ out!

    Yay for dogs!

  46. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Julia, sweetie, there is no WAY this cutie is 6 years old! I swear Yorkies never show their age!!! I coulda sworn she was maybe less than a year! They are the cutest lapdogs evah!

    Spoil her rotten(Like you weren’t doin’ that already!)! And I do hope you give her a medium rare KC strip steak Shake!! Bless you for taking her in!!

  47. whats for dinner?
    the tongue is soo pink and small!
    i just went and looked at it and the tongue was on the other side of the mouth!
    even cuter!!!!!!!

  48. Dude, that dog’s just a cartoon! So cute!

  49. LMBO so cute!! Yea he looks like hes ready to eat!

  50. BWAHAHAHAHA at the Yorkie.

    And Teho, that animation is top-notch. [applauds]