Rolling Panda Ball?

OK, it’s a little hard to tell just what you’re looking at here, lemme see if I can explain [looking over glasses, adjusting lab coat]

From left to right, two front paws, outstrayched. The the head, turned to the side with tiny teef showing. A tail overlaps the head area, followed by back feets and ‘tockular area. [re-adjusts glasses]


Right, Roxanne S.?



  1. Panda tocks rule!

  2. Classic!
    You can do this yourself, y’know… you need a summer day, a lawn, and just a pinch of yoga. Rollrollrollwhee!


  4. What’s black and white and black and white and black and white? A panda rolling down a hill.

  5. Haiku for Panda:

    Oreo colors,
    Scritchin’ his back on the grass,
    Makes my head a-splode.

  6. I believe that’s a haiQte, berthaslave.

    [Nice! – Ed.]

  7. Awww!!! Gives me a little taste of summer. This icky Michigan weather makes me want to rewind!!!

    Ha! The panda would be awesome in rewind!!!

  8. Bear-like critters have the best behinds. They look almost spherical.

  9. He would make an excellent katamari. You would use him to roll up as many of teh qte items as you can within three minutes!

  10. Hmmm… Yep Green grass, summer day and A hill and a friend or two and giggles ensue.

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Yippeeeee! Thanks CO you have now totally made my Friday. I think this may be Tai Shan from the NZ.
    I Love Panda TOCKS!!!!

  12. My eyes…my eyes!!

  13. Yay Panda tocks make me a happy panda! 🙂

  14. Yay Panda tocks now all we need is otters otters otters tocks and we can all die happy.

  15. AWWWRRR he looks so happeeee.

  16. spectocklular!

  17. what have they been putting in his bamboo???

    too cute

  18. he hvin lotsa fun!!!

  19. judyrb825 says:

    I have to agree “PANDA TOCKS RULE” 😉

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Tai Shan Silly Mode

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pantocks, heeheeehee!

  22. Looks like he’s trying to roll up like a hedgehog.

  23. awsome but i like pandas when i can tell what position their in

  24. I was gonna ask if this was Tai Shan at the National Zoo. He got stuck in a tree one day when a friend and I went to see him and tumbled down, head first.

  25. A fuzzy scrum of ‘tocks and paws
    Inspires in me nought but applause
    This panda’s on a roll
    The cute’s out of control
    When there’s no Law out on patrol
    The proshness breaks all laws!

  26. *squeeeeee*

    This is indeed our beloved Tai Shan from the NZ in DC.

    Playful, funny, adorable Tai loves to roll down the hills. And he does have the best ‘tocks!

    *nods head*

  27. njpandahugger says:

    Great Shot of Tai

  28. taiddybear says:

    Tai being Tai as in CUTE! Awesome photo

  29. osito_tai says:

    This is the one and only rock star panda cubbie Tai Shan of the Washington National Zoo and he has, by far, the cutest little tushie ever. And this photo captures it perfectly. Tai is our Suppa Panna and loves to play and show us why he is truly “Da Cubbie”.

  30. osito_tai says:

    Besides a wonderful photo, there are several great poems, haikus and such above that all pay wonderful tribute to our precious Tai and his adorable fluffy bottom. Few things are as enjoyable as watching a panna turn sommersaults and bring pure joy to all of us that are fortunate enough to be watching – especially if it’s Shan, Tai Shan.

  31. MandyPandaBear says:

    Cutest panda tushie ever!!

  32. Great shot!

    Tai is eligible for his own cute overload website anytime!

  33. Tai ‘tocks Tai ‘tocks, where have u been?
    Uphill and down and everywhere in between!!
    Tai ‘tocks Tai ‘tocks what did you do there?
    Earned myself the caption of Ever Cutest Bear!

  34. lol, how did you ever figure out just what we are looking at here???

  35. I’m pretty sure the Chinese have a sauce for this.

    Panda Tock Sauce.

    I bet.

    (adjusts real glasses which are always a bit crooked)

  36. people wonder some
    why a panda has a thumb.
    to scratch his tocks, hmm?

  37. cutecap:

    “did we pick up the spare?”

  38. Tai Shan’s somersaults and tushie are known far and wide. CUTE pic!

  39. panda tocks are quite possibly some of the cutest tocks i have ever seen!

  40. buttercake56 says:

    Tai is the most adorable cubbie and the best somersaulter there is, especially in his old yard. It doesn’t get any cuter then Tai

  41. marilyngiantpanda says:

    I agree — Tai Shan is the cutest panda ever! What an adorable picture.

  42. Cutest tushie ever photographed! I just want to squeeze Tai.

  43. I’ll have a Tai Roll to go please!

  44. aww
    rear pandy foot nubbins ^^

  45. That Tai Shan is THE CUTEST panda!!

  46. That’s a great photo of an even greater panda cub!

  47. What a great catch of a fun moment…love his tushy!

  48. Cool photo…pandas have the cutest rears!!

  49. That’s a cool shot…once I figured it out!!

  50. jdbartross says:

    Great roly poly photo of Tai Shan! His ‘tocks ARE the best.

  51. What a silly bear!

  52. What a silly, fun little bear…thanks for the entertaining shot!!

  53. What a cutie-patootie!!

  54. Cute tushy alert!!

  55. This ol’ pan
    Made me Squee
    I wanna cuddle him on my knee
    Knick-knack piggyback
    Give the dog a bone
    Let panda come rolling home!