OK, OK, OK, I’ll post it already!

People, 3 Billion of you have sent this in. The mail flood is almost as bad as the groundhog/telenouvela video… I had no idea so many of you heart the Les Garçons de Backstreet.

Thanks, Grabbui! More on all the squawkingk boids in this vid here at Bird Lovers Only



  1. Poor bird had wretched taste! 🙂

  2. Bleeeenie Birdie????

  3. GaTekChiclet says:

    zomg. i miss my birdie 😦

  4. Work it, Misser Featherpants!

    And, um, isn’t it Backstreet BOYS?

    … On my life I never purchased a boy band CD. My mother, however, did, and still listens to them when she thinks we’re not around.

  5. Omg.. didn’t it look like he was doin the whole rock and roll sign with his hand.. ahh. i mean foot…

  6. omg ROFL!!! The little guy has great rhythm 🙂

  7. haha, too funny! And I like how the other bird in the cage (usually seen to the left) gives an occasional head bob.

  8. Yeah, he’s got stherious rock’n’roll feather noggin.

  9. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past the first 30 tedious seconds… does he do anything else besides bob his head to the music?

  10. I am SO glad this bird got rescued, the fella who gave him up was doing what was best for the bird……they are so intelligent and wonderful ! It is good to know he will be in a good home ! Wahoo…..just makes my day !

  11. Not so much cute as just frickin’ hilarious. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes…

    The poor parrot (or is it a macaw?) behind the cockatoo (it’s a cockatoo, right) looks like he wants to escape and get down too.

  12. OH MY GOD
    This is absolutely the most insane thing I have ever seen on here, HAHA
    That bird totally kept time to the music. I bet he could play the drums really well.

  13. This is so crazy, I just read an article about this birdy on yahoo’s weird news articles. I click cute overload and voila! its the video they were talking about in the article. Crazyness.

  14. Lizzy, I think it’s the “Backstreet Boids”.

    (Okay, that was bad. But I have no regrets!)

  15. i was about to send it in myself..XD

    i so love this burrday..*shneef*

  16. Anything containing any reference to the Backstreet Boys polutes our entire existence.

    Someone take this video, that bird, the Backstreet Boys, and launch them all into the sun so we may be cleansed. Thank you.

    I’m now off to poor bleach into my ears and remove my eyes with a soup spoon.

  17. Jen: Hey bird, what didja do with the money?

    Bird: What money?

    Jen: The money your mom give you for singing lessons!

    Background Bird: Oh snap!

  18. That, my friends, is a bird with good taste. I love that song. Cheesy as all get-out, but deLIGHTful.

  19. Man, if only our birds had that much rhythm! That’s much better footage than the one I saw. I love heeeeeeeeem and his crest of happiness!

  20. Oh, and did you notice the CAG in the cage in the background ALSO dancing?? Heeeee…

  21. That was hilarious! Much love for the bird! I had a parakeet once who *loved* “The Twelth of Never” by Donnie Osmond. (I was five…)

  22. 1:45 … did he throw up the horns?????

  23. cute!

    but what’s that creepy screeching noise? o.O sounds like an old lady screaming her head off. ><

  24. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good lord, that was hysterical! That bird has GREAT rhythm, and great dance moves, lol! And he and his birdy friends are singing along, too!

    I literally laughed and snorted, more than once. Seriously. Made my cat looked at me funny.

    I don’t at all like the Backstreet Boys, but who cares? The bird clearly does, and that’s what matters. 🙂

  25. Hahaha. Teh kyoot makes up for his terrible taste. I can’t even dance that well.

  26. Throw that rockin boidy in the mosh-pit !!

  27. Wow, that is one high-steppin’ bird! I didn’t even know they could kick that high! Rockettes, watch out!

  28. He dances better than I do!

  29. No Meg, we don’t heart the Backstreet Boys. We heart SNOWBALL!!!!!!

  30. Ok, this bird dances better than I do…and I took dancing lessons from my parakeet.

    Go birdy, go birdy, go birdy!

  31. Audacious says:

    SWEET! I am one of 3 million… but i dont know the video i sent in was alot funnier because he faced the camera the whole time…
    GO SNOWBALL!!! He shoudl replace Kevin of BSB. OMG. I still know their names. nerd.

  32. holly bees says:

    This video is not cute, it’s just annoying.

  33. It’s probably not so much that people are crazy over the backstreet boys as they are about dancing birdies.

  34. anne boleyn says:

    CAM, holly bees, and any other nuffs, you clearly feel you have a more exciting life than I do if you thought watching this was a waste of time! I love my time at the CO and I’m one of those who sent this in and I’m proud of it! It’s nice to see it here where so many of you non nuffs appreciated it AND the bird in the cage getting with the beat too.

  35. That’s so awesome!! I love it when animals respond to music. He even bobs his head WITH the beat, and when the music changes, so does his dancing. So cool!

    (And to plug my own animal-with-music vid:


  36. I don’t care, I still have (and listen to!) the CD! HA! He dances pretty good for a white boy! YAY! Go, Bird, Go!

  37. Head banger birdie! It was kewl how he boogied sideways. Thanks, Meg.

  38. Allison–Great video too! Yeah, I am 37 and I recognize the Rugrats theme (& have no kids!) Thanks for plugging!

  39. Fuzzybutt says:

    WoW! That bird and I dance an awful lot alike!

  40. girlnextdoortn says:

    Love how he goes doubletime when the owner turns the chair around.

    And of course, the person’s shadow in the background showing that he/she was dancing along as well. Caught ya!

  41. That bird sure knows how to work it! He should sell exercise videos.

  42. circuscake says:

    dude- it’s the extended version- awesome!

    thank you, meg- snowball definitely deserves to be here.

    hmmm…how can i hate those backstreet boys when they’ve brought *this* into my life?

  43. I think that was the greatest thing to come out of the 21st century.

  44. wow, I didn’t realize it was so long, I guess I only saw about a minute and a half and I thought it was highlarryious but I love the bird taking the bows at the end, funny stuff

  45. I can imagine this act on “America’s Got Talent” next season.

  46. OMG, I wanna know what actions the human was doing behind the camera. One of my first rats used to sit up and sway and “dance” if I danced in front of her.

  47. It could only be better if it was rocking out to, say, Rammstein.

    I had a hamster that danced to Smoke on the Water. Seriously. I was rather surprised to see it myself.

  48. good greif what a nosie house that is ???
    Every bird that I could see was a dancing or making noise during that dancing act..
    My cats and dog are like what the heck are listing to mom ????

  49. Trina Bundy says:

    Thats cute, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. And as for the Back Street Boyz their’re ok as a band goes. Back to the bird dancing, animals are sometimes smarter than some people are.

  50. For all those who dislike the Backstreet Boys, try it the way I did, mute your sound and pair it up with a fave….I chose Kid Rock, Cocky. Still hilarious!!!!

  51. Better with the sound off — I just started playing Parliament’s “Tear the Roof of the Mother Sucker” and it was a million times funnier.

  52. Hmmm. Now thats 4 minutes and 27 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  53. That is one happy birdy! Pretty too. I kept looking at the African Grey in the cage to the left, he was jamin along too. Amazing.

  54. just. plain. awesomeness.

  55. arachnophile says:

    OMG! I FREAKING Loved this video! Snowball is awsome.

    The bird noises made my poor degus freak out though. 😉

    I also love how the African Grey in the background is totally gettin’ down too. What a great rescue organization.

  56. BEST. EVER.

  57. acelightning says:

    I remember seeing something like this on “Saturday Night Live” a *long* time ago. It was a fake commercial, and they had some kind of parrot (sorry, I don’t know very much about birds) bobbing and “dancing” to the Village People’s greatest hits. I guess some kinds of birds just really like rhythm.

  58. Everybody, yeah…. Rock your birdy, yeah… Everybody, rock your birdy right… Backstreet’s back ALRIGHT!!!!

  59. Louisa – the “creepy screeching noise” was Snowball (the dancing bird) trying to sing, or holler in excitement at least! We had a ‘too who made that exact same noise. Cute and funny in the context of the video, not so much if it’s constant or just at the wrong moment. It may be one of the reasons he was re-homed.

  60. his rhythm is perfect.

  61. That bird was so “Beavis” at times! LOL

  62. yankeebird says:

    Berthaslave, good choice with the Parliament! I wonder if Snowball would dance if that were actually being played?

  63. I love this video. At one point I was thinking, this is evidence of reincarnation. 😉 That bird can dance!

  64. That was great! I loved the end, where he responds to the clapping. That must be a pretty cool little bird (well, not very little, but you know what I mean).

  65. Hoppy birds day.

  66. ROFL! I found myself bouncing in tune with the birdie!

  67. Ahahahahahaahha omfg that is AWESOME! And I love the thank-yer-thank-yer-very-much head bobby at the end. LEGEND!

  68. FashionableNerd says:

    This is great…

    I wish I danced as well as he!

  69. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    My daughter and I laughed until we wept. We particularly liked the African Grey in the background bobbing its head along to the music. It made us grateful for our resident grouchy Quaker parrot and his lack of mad dance skills.


    OMG, I have watched this thing over and over and I just love this little guy! Just adorable and wow, he can dance!

    LOVE IT!!!


  71. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    OMG, he should have opened the VMAs instead of Spears! He rocks!

  72. That bird rocks!

  73. martha in mobile says:

    I love how his crest practically falls off his head at the end. My Timneh African Grey (like the one in the cage in the background) also bobs his head encouragingly when I have an almond or banana slice to share. ‘Toos are clever, loving birds, but when they get their squawk on, watch out!

  74. i enjoyed the Michael Jackson-like screams, too ;D

  75. What dance is that? The goosestep?


  77. oh my gosh that was awsome!

  78. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Tooooo Cooool!!! He is totally awesome! Now if the Backstreet Boys had him in the group they would have made trillions!
    Is he available to go out dancing tonight?

  79. My favorite part is the head banging at the end…gets me every time.

  80. Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY needed that smile this morning. 😀

  81. Wretchid teenagers with their cursed jungle music. Hmph.

  82. I love sulfur-crested cockatoos, they’re the balance between the snuggle-monster ‘toos and the insane little playful ‘toos; really fun birds to interact with even though I don’t know that I’d ever own one personally.

    First saw this video just after it was posted, when it got linked in a parrot community I’m a member of, and it still kills me when I watch it. My own little man, a cockatiel named Judah, LOVES certain kinds of music – anyone who sings in a British accent is going to get him whistling along and slicking back his feathers to try to make himself look all smooth and debonair. Metal, on the other hand, makes him fall asleep – parrots are weird!

    Anyhow, yay for more birds on the site!

  83. That is wonderful. that parrot has rhythm! I love the headbanging at the end. priceless!

  84. Silent Meow says:

    I just about fell over from laughing so hard while watching this video.

    It is hilarious and cute!

    I can hardly stop watching it again, and again, and again!

  85. i don’t know if anyone else said this yet, but:

    who said white birds can’t dance? whoot whoot!


  86. HA! I hate the BS Boys but that was hilarious. I love the bow at the end- *almost* headbanging intensity. Fabs!

  87. Hmm, maybe we should try some Beastie Boys.

  88. i love the way he shakes his tuft out at the end, i think this bird is secretly a metal head

  89. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Beastie Boys for sure Theo.
    If I had this bird I would take him out to clubs.
    I cannot stop watching this video.

  90. I luff his fluff at the end! He’s so proud that they’re clapping for him!!

  91. Okay, this is by far my favorite post ever. Just FYI.

  92. LOL! 😀 I saw this on Ellen the other day and couldn’t stop laughing. Too funny!

  93. GingerMartini says:

    I don’t care if the bird was dancing along with someone, the fact that it was doing it is SO great! This needs to become an ad for Bird Lovers Only, the rescue org that first posted the video.

  94. I love, and am amazed by, the way he can get his little legs so high! My cockatoo dances (another white bird with rhythm), but he can’t dance like Snowball!

  95. I played this loudly for my ‘tiel Smokey, who doesn’t dance but loves to sing. He didn’t even chirp at the song or Snowball, though the cat in my lap looked up with annoyance. Of course, Smokey’s favorite song is the Andy Griffith theme which he sings loudly when my husband plays Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein or Godsmack.

  96. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG I laughed out loud at work which I usually can resist but that ending with the “thenk you, thenk you very much” bowing and topknot thing fluffed out (sorry don’t know what it is called) omg that was TOO MUCH!!!!

  97. Bookworm — that is so, *so* wrong… I love it.

  98. I can’t believe anyone didn’t like that. I didn’t care for the music but the bird was freakin’ hilarious! Love the theatrical bows at the end.

  99. Check out that leg action!!!! Freakin’ adorable!! I laughed out loud at work too, just couldn’t resist!!

  100. Looks like his pal in the cage to the left has some rhythm, too. Where can I get one?

  101. That is just the funniest, most charming thing EVER! I love Snowball and yes, I was one of the 3 million who sent it in!
    What a dancer!

  102. luvinmalssomuch says:

    This dude needs to go on tour. I think someone should sign him up for a contract. He’s probably better than some of the human performers out there.
    For Real!

  103. tewtelly redonk! I LOVE it!

  104. Kim Monique says:

    That boid is rocking out! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time … tears are streaming down my face.

  105. This is so insane there are no words!

    The world would be a better place with more cute dancing animal videos.

  106. \m/ \m/

    that requires DOUBLE devil horns!! rock on!

  107. You know, “Tear the roof off the sucker” works well, but I really like it to “Sledgehammer.” 😉

  108. LMAO! His little feet! Look at his cute little feet go!! Yay little feet, go, go, go!! Oh my gosh, how adorable!! He’s rockin’ out, I love it!! Good choice of music, too! ;-D

  109. This is so much cuter than a kitten shoved in some pervgirl’s shirt! That bird’s got rhythm.


    I happen to have Tear the Roof Off The Sucker on my ITunes, so I played it in conjunction with the long version of Snowball’s performance. I laughed so hard I wet my pants a little.

    Imagine how it would be if he danced to Dimmu Borgir or even early Sabbath, because I agree that he’s got the soul of a true headbanger, more than that of a a boy band backup dancer. He’s much more Ozzy than K-Fed any day.

  111. That bird has terrible taste in music.

    And seriously, he can’t dance at all. He’s got like two moves. After 10 seconds, you’ve seen his entire repertoire.

  112. That bird has terrible taste in music.

    And seriously, he can’t dance at all. He’s got like two moves. After 10 seconds, you’ve seen his entire repertoire.

  113. Hysterical, no? How much enjoyment did you get from this? Why not put it into dollars and cents and click the Paypal link on their home page. Doing rehab/foster/adoption work is a lot of work, especially with a type of critter that so many people are really not too familiar with. I’m commenter 111. If everyone here hit the link for just $5, it would buy a pile of fresh veggies, or pellets, or whatever… I sent mine when I got this through one of my parrot lists a few days ago… Cmon. Five measley bucks. Wouldn’t buy 2 Starbucks…

  114. Parfait! Simplement parfait!

  115. I didn’t even think birds’ legs could go that high!


  116. I couldn’t help it – it had to be done. 🙂


  117. As a composer, musician and lifelong animal lover, this video is ASTOUNDING to me. I have never seen an animal keep time before in a video that was not deliberately edited. I think that there is a lot to be learned about certain animals behaviors towards music.

    Totally freakin’ cool.

  118. Just GREAT! Someone ELSE who dances better than I do, hmmph!

  119. I just love this so much!! He would be very fun to have around. Well, MOST of the time, I ‘spect.

  120. Did anyone notice that at about “-0:36” the bird tries to sing “BO-DY-ROCK!” LOL LOL!!!

  121. Cara Marie says:

    All those other versions of snowball dancing are fakes. They justed muted the sound from him dancing to the backstreet boys and put a new song over it. It’s really noticeable at the end where he does the same little celebration head bob but theres no screeching in every one.

    I do love the celebration though 🙂

  122. oh i love this video…awesome leg action, never seen a bird do that 😀

  123. oh i love this video…awesome leg action, never seen a bird do that 😀