And for my next trick…

…I will make this miniature, delicious bun disappear…


Protegido, originally uploaded by Fernando Amutio.

Tiny Glurps to Pointer-Outer Katia 😉



  1. No! Save some for me!

  2. berthaslave says:


    That’s a piece of bun-tastic art, right there.

  3. Oh! I want a little hand held bun! Please pass the huffings!

  4. Oh, the carnage! I can positively *hear* the heads exploding.

  5. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, then what’s a bun in the hand worth? Think about that…


    *dies of artful cuteness*

  7. Looks like a little marshmallow and probably twice as soft.

    *soft kronsches ear*

  8. I am WEEPING with the cuteness. Glory hallelujah!

  9. A bunny huff, a bunny huff.

  10. I see a big black top hat in this bunny’s future.

  11. So precious…so peaceful.

  12. It’s like Anne Geddes for buns!

  13. Awwwwww…

    what perfect little ears!

  14. I would like to kiss that little space between his ears….

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    not to mention the delicate bunny breaf on the fingertips . yummmmy SO SWEET

  16. Do want!

  17. Bunny bref! Gasp! And can you hear the tiny wee honk-shuuuus?

    [ -Ed.]

  18. tracyFlick says:


  19. Pleeeeeeease may I hold it?

    My day is made.

  20. Okay, nothing so far has just killed me dead with the cute. This did it. I am now dead. Someone please notify my family. 😉

  21. Ohlookachicken says:

    My God, those ears. This needs a warning sign. This is just gorgeous.

  22. AAWWWW!!! It’s just so purrrtteeee!!!

    I luv ’em little and soft and sweet!!

  23. It looks as light and soft as thistle down, one blow and it will float away, to the land where the bunnies play and seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy or grey.

  24. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    what am i doing wrong?? no pockets full of kitten, no backyard full of pan-tocks, no handfuls of bebeh bunny goodness…. *sigh*

  25. Wow.

  26. Are you actually saying you’re gonna eat that bunny? If so, you’re a vicious evil murderer.

  27. Love love love… bunny bunny bunny… nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle… sugar coma.

  28. yankeebird says:

    Ew, a dismembered hand. Creepy.

    Bunny’s cute, though.


  29. Not EAT the bun…just hide him in my mouf. Let the floffyness roll around my tongue as I savor the Qte…mmm a most excellent new vintage. I could go around all day with full cheeks Ham-style, a bun per cheek. If you lean really close, you can hear muffled wee-honkshus coming from my nose.

  30. This photo is amazing! It almost looks like a floating hand!

  31. wah estella sayd
    (talkin wif mouf ful, sory)

  32. dear lord, meg! i barely survived that pug and the pockitts. now you hit me with this. and on a friday afternoon, no less? i’m defenseless.

  33. Well, you’ve really done it this time, Meg. This is A Bridge Too Far. (er sumthin) I mean, come on – tiny white bebeh bun wif widdle pink ears and the teensiest of honk-shus? Brutal.

  34. i'm The Decider says:

    It’s not possible for anything to be this cute.

  35. Could those widdle fuzzy white and pink ears be any more perfect?

  36. My god.

    The cuteness is overwhelming…normally only tiny cute kittehs can make me feel this way…but this bun….


  37. oh untimely death
    i am dead
    ceased to be
    killed by cuteness

  38. it’s like Anne Geddes for buns. way cuter, in my opinion.

  39. *falls down ded from teh cuteness*

  40. Oh, the bun.

  41. awwwww.

    And bunnies have nice breath – smells like hay and herbs.

    I know a stage magician who has 3 rabbits – they work for banana!

  42. Oh dear god, I’m dead. DEAD.

  43. fireflyez says:

    I was gonna say Anne Geddes for bunnehs, I was gonna say it!!

  44. Turn him ’round, I want to see the tiniest of ‘tocks! And the microscopic tail!

  45. I imagine his fur to be made out of sugar that would just melt away on my tongue… with a marshmallow interior of course. To go with a cuppa cocoa on this rainy fall afternoon. 😀


  46. Ssshhhh you guys be quiet! Bunneh is sleeeeeeping.

  47. abra-bun-dabra! (mouseover text)

    Lord help me. I want to put da bun bun in my shirt. Buns and Racks.. hahahahaahaaa

  48. Could ther BE a more comfy pose-ish? I think not!

  49. oh, come on, anne geddes’ babies are dull compared to this. animal babies are far cuter than human babies. sorry, but it’s true.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Eets a Floofy Peep!!

  51. Wendy — my buns will do just about anything for banana… Maybe I should get a top hat and make a living? It would have to be a beeeeg hat.

  52. jen – so does that mean you are an ex-human as well?

  53. Mrs Fonebone says:

    What’s amazing is you can’t even see the (normally) cutest parts–face, eyes, nose, teef, feets–just two soft circles and two ears, but it’s overwhelming! You can see every hair and bit of fuzz.

  54. Shar Parker says:

    Awwwwww… such sweetness.. i wuvz da bunneh…iss cowd n rainy heah, twould feel sooo nais to snorgle his widdow ears… sigh..

  55. “- my buns will do just about anything for banana.”

    Way-hey! That sounds RUDE!


    Oooo cute bun bun. All better!

  57. stheriously?

  58. tracyFlick says:

    Dear Apple Computers,
    I plugged in my I-bunny and it is not working? Should I let it Sync or will I lose my library? And yes, it has been honk shuuing all day.

  59. trackyFlick, I think the problem is that you have yin yang buns on your foundation. Once you fix that, the rest of your bun items should work in order~

    (check the Buns section if you don’t get it XD)

  60. “…I will make this miniature, delicious bun disappear…

    INTO MY MOUF!!!”

    I might have wet myself, laughing.

  61. fish eye no miko says:

    This is an AMAZING picture. Cute, serene, and very artistic. Thanks so much, Meg and Katia!

  62. Cuteness… it’s most potent….

  63. Thank goodness they didn’t show the sweet little bun’s face. I’m sure it would have put me completely over the edge.

  64. sOoOoO CuTe WhAt a faNTaStIc LiTtLe bUn

  65. Eater of Shades says:

    hey don’t be greedy,

    did you bring enough to share?

  66. I’ll bet he’s French vanilla flavored.

  67. Laurie C–don’t you mean “Fraynch Bun-illa” flavored?
    c 😉
    And yes, I’ll bet he is…

  68. acelightning says:

    Oh, dear gods… what an unbearably adorable little sweetheart of a bunnybun! So tiny and precious!

  69. Daphne Moss says:

    Soo beautiful. Must be nice hand owner to get buneh to trust like this. Want to touch fintertip to tiny head, between ears but doan wanna sturb.
    Sweetness overload

  70. ChefSteph says:

    That’s it, I’m getting a bunny while Drew’s out of town and can’t stop me. I just can’t take it anymore!!

  71. GOD! Where do people FIND these fabulous little bun-buns??? This one and the “pocket warmer” absolutely sent me into bunny heaven!

  72. “And lo, on the Fri-day, he presented to all deserving peeps, resting on a well-manicured bed…St. Lag o’ Morph! And he did bink, and he did thump, and he did disapprove and he was prosh, and it was Good. And the peeps did feast on puddins and custards and brulees and blancmanges and flan…”

    “Skip a bit, Brother.”

  73. tablemountaingirl says:

    baby sleepy bun bun….awwwwww

  74. LOL! Good one, Aubrey! Almost makes up for my company blocking the picture.

  75. nom nom nom… ptoo! Bun fuzz?? Iz not powdered sugar?!?

  76. Pocket baybeeeeeeeeeeh!!!

  77. bun-taste-ic! srsly, is teh cuoootist litl bun i’v evar seen. love luv luf it.

  78. What’s with all the bunny eating?

  79. wee morsel.


  80. quiet, bun is snoozing.

  81. A Bunnular Universe. Better than Disc World.

    I always knew the Earth is a flat piece of land ending up on the horizon. Built for me but somebody screwed up.

  82. yet another michelle says:

    NEW CAT-UR-GORY: Hand-Held

    We see lots cute in the hand

  83. *****SPLODES!*****

  84. This makes my chest hurt it’s so adorable. I bet you can feel it’s teeny tiny heart beating.

  85. Perhaps the CUTEST THING I’ve ever sea. I could cry I want to pet da bunny so bad!

  86. Clearly I meant “seen” above, not “sea”. The extreme cuteness has caused me to confuse my words!!

  87. Daphne Moss says:

    Holly, I lol’d.
    No worries ’bout spelling.
    It’s very creative here.

  88. anyone notice the disembodied hand?

    very trendy for the fashionable bunneh this year

  89. next
    dip marshmallow bunneh in chocolate
    let cool on wax paper

  90. So sweet and eeensy!! May I hold him? I will be VERY gentoh…

  91. Singing “I died in your hand tonight…”

    Deadly cute.

  92. Nice photo.

    Now I’m craving for Cotton Candy.

    hes too cute! *cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry forevers)

  94. pupehs-rox says: