Pocket warmer

More snorgleable than a hot water bottle,
more comforting than a glass of warm milks, it’s…


, originally uploaded by rudi_rabbit.




  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    scuse me

  2. aww, a warm, sleepy pocket bun:)

  3. bleen. wish my buns woould do that!

  4. I do believe that this should also be categorized under ‘pocket pets’!

  5. Heaven protect me from the wee micro-pawlet of doom!

    (Too late. DED.)

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Inhumane!That is no way to treat that poor rabbit!
    sorry I had to do it.
    ***I’ll smack my ownself***

  7. THAT IS INSANELY REDONK! Could we get a COXCU of bunny paw pads? I’ve never seen a bunny feet before…
    We know that CuteOverload is not just entertaining; it’s educational. Learn me about rabbits, please!

  8. THAT IS INSANELY REDONK! Could we get a COXCU of bunny paw pads? I’ve never seen a bunny feet before…
    We know that CuteOverload is not just entertaining; it’s educational. Learn me about rabbits, please!

  9. muz. zle. pouche.

  10. I can’t sleep without my pocket bun either.

  11. somewhere off in the distance the housecoat wearer is purcolating fresh coffee on the stove, one for her, and a teeny weensy cup for the snoozing bunbun.

  12. metsakins says:

    the bun disapproves of these pj’s!

  13. Woe! Where is the cute mouseover comment? 😉

  14. Will this lead to a bun in the oven?

  15. Persephone says:

    I must kees its little pink nose!

  16. Actually, I believe the hoomin went for a late-night midnight snack with some parsley for the bun, and now the sleepy bun is so tie-tie and is pointing the way back to the warm bed for some sleepy snorglage as they drift off to sleep.

    I lof pink noses soooo much

  17. dead dead dead i am now dead from the cuteness

  18. *checks pockets*

    Damn! Nothing but lint… and ooh! A dime! I shall name him Bun.

  19. tewtelly rule 25.

  20. SWEET MOTHER OF MINNIE PEARL! Did anybody follow the link to see more pictures of Milo?!?!

    Here’s the link to his album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudirabbit/sets/72157602385142563/

    Beware! If you thought this pic was cute?? The photo album is going to KILL YOU!

  21. I can’t handle the cuteness…

  22. sally o'malley says:

    oh wow, i want one. i could put him in the pockets of my scrubs and take him to work with me! the kids would love him!

  23. I have a wabbit in my wobe.

  24. and the ear-to-head ratio .. redonkulous

  25. Chicklet…you warned against it but I had to go. Did you see the COXCU of the bunny leeps and toofies?? I’s officially ded now. Me wants one!!!!!

  26. He looks sooooooooooo swoft!!!

    Theo, doesn’t THIS picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudirabbit/1554437124/in/set-72157602385142563/ remind you of THIS picture? http://musicchick2.vox.com/library/post/by-popular-demand.html
    I’m jus’ sayin’….

  27. Teughcats says:

    We had a convention of the American Rabbit Breeders Association in town this week and there were over 23,000 rabbits here! At least that’s how many when it started, people are guessing maybe closer to 25,000 by the end? Buns in the oven, y’know.
    I almost wrote this in lolspeak – but you would still understand, right?

  28. HOLY GOD!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I wanna beep his nose using my nose!

  29. gott in himmel!!!
    not only Milo, but Rudi!!!

    (I am reWARNING yews – BEWARE!)


  30. This would have to qualify for the most clean, family-safe “cats ‘n racks” ever. Oh, if it were a cat. Bun ‘n Tum? Rabbits ‘n habits?

  31. Do buns purr?

  32. That’s the best pocket protector, EVER! A dozing bun too…awwww.

  33. Didnt Brit Rockers The Pretneders have a hit song about this???

    – Bun in Pocket –

    “Got bun in pocket
    Got bottle Im gonna use it. Intention, I feel inventive.

    Gonna make you, make you, make you notice.

    I’m special, so special, I gotta have some of your attention Give it to me”

  34. Soooooooooooooo sweet. AHHHHH! Want!

  35. so cute! I love the house-frau robe… it gives the whole thing a sort of Beatrix Potter vibe. I bet they’re both drinking tea.

  36. it’s a bunnink!

    does he come with a pocket protector?

    what about other ink colors?

  37. geekgirl101 says:

    Awwww it’s so cute you can just put him in your pocket this site is very cute!!

  38. :: rifling through ancient book of one-liners looking for appropriate zinger ::

    “I’ve heard of a hare-y chest before, but this is ridiculous!!”

    :: yanked off the stage by a big hook ::


  39. SoOooOOoOooO cute i like this little bunny and his nose is the cutest

  40. If you look at the bun and the pocket…and visually phase out the rest…it looks like it’s wearing a little dress!! EEEEEeeee!! 😀

  41. Caitlin, today on my lunch hour I saw a Beatrix Potter 2008 calendar, this pic would’ve fit right in…

    Sweepy widdle bun bun sooooo cuuuuuuute!

  42. acelightning says:

    In the words of Jessica Rabbit, “Is that a rabbit in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

    I’ve done that with each of the smaller buns I’ve had, depending on the size of the pocket on whatever I was wearing, and/or the size of the bunny. The sight of a little bunny face peering out of someone’s pocket is a total SQUEE! moment!

  43. Sleepy-eyed baby bunneh dangling paw from pocket of blue gingham apron…
    I must have him. I will put him in my pocket and warm my fingers under his ‘tocks.

  44. GAH SO CUTE FUZZ!!!!!

  45. Laura K asked if buns purr. They sure do! It’s a soft sound they make by grinding their teeth. NOT to be confused with their teeth-grinding that expresses pain. These are subtle creatures!

  46. Ooooo! Dangling limb rule!

  47. The bun is all, “Ehhhhhhhn, you know better than to talk to me before I’ve had mah coffee.”

  48. Rabbit? :3


  49. Sorry – Nicolo can’t come to the phone right now. Something about ‘fuzzy bunny photostream’ and then ‘bunny leeps’ and then ‘phuzzy bunneh tocks’ and then a puddle on the floor. Please to pass fuzzy behbeh bunneh mop to soak up this mess?

  50. If I hadn’t spotted it was a lower pocket, I was going to say I bet this bunny feels a right tit.

  51. So young and yet so disapproving.

    I’m losing consciousness..
    too much cute.

  53. Roll over text. snerk.

  54. Robot Cat says:

    New rule of cuteness:
    If you can fall asleep in someone’s pocket, you’re cute.

  55. ZePenguinMuffin says:

    Why do i never find things like this in MY pocket?! All i ever find is lint.

    Lint…dust bunny…there’s a catchy joke in there somewheres but I’m at work and i’m brain is tewtally shot from bunness.

  56. This bun makes me want to powder my nose.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    What are the bite marks on his paw?

  58. OMGz my gramma and grampas dog is a floor warmer, THEY COULD BE BESTEST FRIENDS 4EVARz