Mini-meow Kitten rescue

Check out this wandering kitten get lost, then found by his Momma, then neck-kronsched and carried back home.

The best part is when she’s trying to pick her bebeh up, Rachel!



  1. I was a little unnerved by the term “neck-kronsche”. Good thing it was just a soft kronsche.

  2. Mama looks like she needs a little TLC herself. Perhaps baby kitteh is running mama ragged?

  3. That is too cute. Especially the way mama comes over and glares at the camera. Wish Britney would be that protective with her babies and the pap’s.

    But then the younger tucks himself under her chin! Too adorable!

    I love how Mama takes her time, making sure she has a good, comfortable hold before taking junior back to safety.

  4. I just about exploded when the kitten hid under mama’s neck.

  5. “Mo-o-ommm, that’s not my ne-e-eckkk!!”

  6. soo cute!! Loved how momma was almost trying to eat the kitten’s face! 🙂

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    AWWWWWWWWW! Safe and sound now that momma has found her baby.

  8. Aww little squeak Mommas looking after you.

  9. sally o'malley says:

    baby is so happy to be close to momma!

    i love the little snorgle under the momma’s neck.

  10. Momma looks very disturbed with the camera.. trotting out with a big “whoozat?”

  11. metsakins says:

    when Mets had a litter she kept picking them up by their ear. poor babehs. they’d squeal and squeal.

  12. Little squeaky kitten… omg amazing. That just made my stressful day about ten times better!

  13. that MomCat has a great take-down move! position mouth over head, flip, grab that nape! poor little squeaker… good thing Mom took him back to the nest.

  14. i love how she’s looking at the camera like “okay, what’s with this now?”

    poor new moms. always get guff for trying to figure out things on their own.

  15. One of the best posts in a while!!! How cute when the baby hides under momma’s neck and then momma carries baby away. Love it!!

  16. Marmie: I want my mommy!
    Mommy: I want my marmie!

  17. The best part is by far the glare. I love the visual snarl she has, so perfect.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    this is TOO much. I think my fave part is the ear nibble in attempting to get ahold of the neck for the mama-kronsche .. she had that whole ear in her mouth for a few seconds there.. exactly what I would have wanted to do to the babeh also. I wonder if she has other babes, she looked pretty small so I hope a small litter for easy care. Very sweet. Keep the mama/babeh posts coming! 🙂

  19. Such a trusting little baby. Positions it’s tiny scruff right under her mouth. And she goes for the skull instead!

  20. The best part is the way Mama glares into the camera when she first gets there. “Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Did you hurt my bebeh?! Why I oughta…oh, all right. Come on, bebeh.”

    Too adorable!

  21. LillyMarlene says:

    I wonder how a kitten that young would have gotten so far away by itself. The mother cat is entirely too paranoid about the person taking the pictures for that person to be her owner. Did they move the kitten so the mom would rescue it? That’s cruel.

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Too sweet, and so true. Momma love rules the day!
    (She just doesn’t love the camera, is all.)

  23. This video helped get me through my conference call. 🙂

  24. DarrylsMama says:

    Are you serious, LillyMarlene?

  25. What an awkward first hold… first time mom, I’m guessing…

  26. Kaye — I doubt Meg would post a video of a mama cat biting through its own kit’s neck. 😛

    I love the struggling to pick up the kit. ‘Ungh … okay, sweetie, you’re getting too big for this.’

  27. soxfandeuce says:

    Lillymarlene, you cannot be serious.

  28. what a diminutive mama! i would not mess with her, however.

  29. Lillymarlene, I’m thinking the cat is not the only one paranoid here…

  30. I once saw a momma rat do that to her baby! Her baby hadn’t even opened its eyes yet! The baby was all, “how did I get here?!” And the mom was all, “I’m taking you back to the liter to sit on you!”

  31. The coolest part of the video, for me, was seeing a female ginger cat, since, as far as I know, that’s a predominantly male coloration.

  32. Karen in Toronto says:

    Not to be a nuffer, but that momma didn’t look much more than a kitten herself. And she had a big notch out her ear. The, um, person that I got Peabo from claimed she didn’t know a 6-month old could get pregnant…

  33. Hehehe The tiny Mew, the Glare, the Yay My Mommy is here, The even bigger Momma Glare and then the retrieval, Too cute.

  34. Awww … I’m more of a puppeh person, but that just melted my heart. Such cute kittehs!

  35. Mrs Fonebone says:

    I’m not a nuffer either but there have been videos on ‘Tube of tiny blobule kittehs who could not possibly have wandered so far and who are crying for their mommas and you know it was a set up. People think it’s “cute.” Maybe this kitteh got that far alone but it’s a balcony–why didn’t the person take the kitteh back inside instead of sitting there and waiting for the momma? That, and the glare the momma gives, suggests something ain’t quite right.

  36. aawwww how sweet. thank you

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ENuff already.
    I am sure the person filming this would not have let anything happen to the kitten or the mommy.

  38. Did anyone else hear the weird feedback noise? Sounds like spaceships (I would imagine) in the background….

    Some people don’t know cats can get pregnant that early. Those people should not have a cat in the first place, but these are also the people that think wildlife makes good pets….

  39. weensicka says:


    Did this vid start out with the fabled SILENT MEW?!

    I am now ded.

  40. i liked the initial death stare the momma gave to the camera that was focused on her lost bebeh.

  41. awww what a good momma 🙂

  42. I’ve seen kittehs wander far away from mothers…this kitteh actually seems kind of big and ready to explore (that’s why the mom looks like of small in comparison and has a hard time picking him up, I think).

    The glare from momcat, and kitteh hiding under the neck us uber-prosh, but then there’s the “C’mon, junior, let’s get back inside” moment, and the kitteh is all (Napoleon Dynamite voice) “But I don’t WANNAH go back in, MOOOOM, stop DRAGGING me like that, I’m not a baby kitteh anymore, GUY!”

  43. awwww, momma is so tiny hesself she can barely carry the little bundle.

    I heart the part where the little one gets under momma’s neck.

  44. 'kthxbyenow says:

    Mrs. Fonebone, I ‘ve had quite enough of you (and this means you too, LillyMarlene) and your dramatics. If you want to make up soap operas imagining everyone else in the *entire world* is going around being cruel to kittens, go ahead and do that inside your own twisted mind but SHUT UP ALREADY. Watch the cute video and then back away from your keyboard. If any of us wanted you to ruin the experience with your bizarre fantasies, we would be logging onto, not this site.

  45. not to be a paranoidwhacknut, but could we all agree to beg the submitter to spay the momcat asap?

  46. Not a nuffer, either, but agree, these types are not kewl vids. Obvious set up, and no matter what, Mama kitteh was upset and stressed about her bebeh.

    And, in being upset, Mama could have accidently injured her bebeh. You saw how she glared at the kit-napper, indicating that she was upset, then she fumbled with the scruff-grab attempt. She was trying to get a good hold on the kit and keep an eye on the videographer, so it was stressful for her. A bad accidental chomp-down to an eye or an ear in Mama’s hurry to get her bebeh back to the nest was not out of the question, and I’m just grateful nothing bad happened. It could have.

    Yes, cuteness abounded with bebeh under Mama’s chin, but stressing Mama kitteh for the sake of a cute video is cruel to the animals and should not be encouraged.

  47. Stealingsand says:

    OMG. I am about this far [–] from going out right NOW and getting another bebeh. Marmies rock.

  48. Momcat looks like she could be an ex-stray, so it’s quite possible that she was adopted from a shelter or taken in and was pregnant at the time. Seriously, folks.

  49. Who Cares says:

    hhmm who would have thought that a video of a kitten rescue would cause a nufftroversy. Amazing.

  50. Okay, I love it. I agree with those who said the bebeh was pretty big and probably wandering around on his own, but got scared after a few minutes. I loved how he was like, “Ok Mom pick me up, I’m in the right spot and everything… no wait… No, that’s my head. Ouch! Okay, whew…”
    Poor little momcat.

  51. metsakins says:

    you guys gotta be kiddin’ me!!

    Mets had her kittens before 6 months old, was pregnant right around the time we were going to get her spade. Some one call ASPCA on me! gosh. and the kittens could certainly get that far away from her.

    I have the pictures to prove it and they weren’t a set up, they were just pure cuteness in motion.

    mommy looks like that ’cause all momcats (at least that I know) give anyone looking at her offspring that kind of look.

    (BTW Mets was spade the day after she weened said kittens)

    now all that said… I think I’m in the mood for vanilla pudding.

  52. Desdemona says:

    I disagree that this is necessarily a set-up. I’ve seen plenty of babeh kittehs wander away at least that far. Once long ago, during my back-to-the-land years, we heard tiny little mews coming from our stove pipe and rescued a teeny kitten, no bigger than this one, who had somehow fallen down our chimney. It’s a mystery to this day how it got there. But after we cleaned it up the mom (a feral cat who came with the land and considered us an intrusion into her territory) appeared out of nowhere and took it away.

    But I digress. The point is that little ones can and do wander away from the watchful eyes of even the bestest moms.

  53. The protectiveness, the bebah as big as she is-and the bebeh knowing hes safe under is moms chinny,chin,chin- lol-epitomy of motherhood.

  54. charliewabba says:

    Careful, Metsakins – someone may jump on you for allowing Miss Mets to go outside and mingle with male kitties who could impregnate her before she was spayed.
    Banana pudding, anyone?

  55. metsakins says:

    your right….ummm…I made that whole thing up… the fotos I have are just shopped.

    did you say banana? is it the kind with those vanilla cookies in it?

    ::HOmer Simpson drool::

  56. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Metsie, are you talkin’ ’bout Nilla Wafers? I was just thinking about those when I refreshed and saw your comment.

  57. charliewabba says:

    Yes, nilla wafers and slices of nanner.

  58. Sure she glares -right back at the fixed staring eye of the video lens.

    She probably doesn’t want to be recorded while she awkardly attempts to get a hold on her offspring.

  59. metsakins says:

    charliewabba —

    now I’m really drooling..(and you didn’t get hte store brand, right, ya got Nabisco?)

  60. Awww…

    To all the ‘Nuffs: you have obviously never had the nerve-wracking joy of a bunch of 3 – 6 week old kittens. They’re worse than 2 year olds for getting away from you and Momma-kitty and into everything else in an instant.

  61. Mrs Fonebone says:

    Well gosh, ktnkxbye, you don’t have to read what I write. Or maybe from now on we can all just write, “Oh, mah head exploded from de cuteness!” Happy now?
    A cautious aside/comment is not “drama”–you’re the one getting all worked up and being hostile.

  62. charliewabba says:

    Of course they are not the store brand. What kind of pudding eater do you take me for?

  63. DarrylsMama says:

    I totes agree w. the spaying comment.

    WTF are “nanners”?

  64. I really loved when the momma tried to carry the baby away! This video is very nice, but I think this one is the CUTEST I’ve ever seen!

  65. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    DarrylsMama: Nanners are bananas.

  66. metsakins says:

    sorry charliewabba – I hope I didn’t offend you.
    I just lost my head for a minute. Flashing back to an unpleasant childhood experience when mom was sick and dad did the shopping

  67. Hmmm Looks like a cat rescue with the state of the Momma. Of course I could be WRONG as I am looking at a …what 1 minute video with no other information. and that is what I want to see.

    Looks like Momma and kitten have a new home or at least a rescue stopover and soon to have a forever home and a Spay job.

    I am glad we all agree that it would be nice if that is what is going to happen for this beautiful momma and kitten.

    Metsie, Can I have a piece of banana cream pie too, : )

  68. metsakins says:

    it’s puddin’ and charliewabba made it. It’s yummeh!!!

  69. charliewabba says:

    No offense taken, really. Those store-brand flashbacks can be really scary. Not-really-Oreos……. (shudders)

  70. charliewabba says:

    Oh, oops, so sorry Annie, of course you may have some.

  71. Some kitties are just small too. My kitty was nearly a year old and about the same size as some 4 month old cats…and she eats like a pig. Maybe mommacat isn’t a baby, maybe she’s just little.

  72. LillyMarlene says:

    I’m glad the person who sent it wrote in about the circumstances. I’ve had cats and kitten my whole life. The reason I thought this looked weird was because the baby was so wobbly on her feet, still, so she was very young. When her mom showed up, the kitten “rolled” herself under her chin. The mom was crouched when she saw the photographer and ran to the kitten and picked it up. She stood up when she was running away, though. — For a group of people who visit a pastel-colored site with pictures of baby animals, you guys get REALLY worked up REALLY fast…

  73. Thanks Charliewabba Pudding is yummm tooo.

    Yeah could be little we adopted a little kitten and she is still little . She was older than we realized she is about 1/3 smaller than all my other cats. but she makes up for it in ferocity.

  74. so did anyone else notice that the kitten hisses at the video taker right at the beginning and when momma gets there…..

  75. I vote that if someone has a negative comment that they write “Nuff,” before the content of the comment.

    It would look like:

    “Nuff: I don’t trust Meg’s judgment not to post animals in danger yet I still come back. I have no life.”


    “Nuff: I don’t realize that sometimes cuts out of dog&cat ears can come from brother and sister teeth. Or simply by accident. Or that they’re rescue kitties/doggies. So I immediately assume mistreatment. Oh and also the kitty is ugly. I prefer only black cats with mustaches.”

    So we can just enjoy each other’s uplifting comments, and skip the crappola.

    Yay or nay?

  76. metsakins says:

    LilyMarlene – I have been known to be excitable…but I enjoy a good dish of pudding! Would you like to join us? I made vanilla, but charliewabba made banana.

  77. headscratcher says:

    Errr…..Mrs Fonebone, you do realize that this blog is called CUTEOVERLOAD?


    So people’s children….yeesh.

  78. headscratcher says:

    urp. Meant to quote Mrs Fonebone in that comment of mine….

    “Or maybe from now on we can all just write, “Oh, mah head exploded from de cuteness!” Happy now?”

    Again, that’s the bloody point of the website. Welcome to the land of escape!

  79. charliewabba says:

    If y’all don’t calm down, I may be forced to bring out the Watergate Salad.
    (pistachio pudding made with cool whip, chopped canned pineapple, coconut and chopped nuts.)

  80. Run away kitten!!!

  81. Run away kitten!!!

  82. metsakins says:

    charliewabba – me want.

    boy you know good puddin’ recipes, you’ll come in handy around here 🙂

  83. My little Viv wandered up to my mom’s house and had three kittens. She was so small that we assumed she was about six months old, but she hasn’t grown a bit in the two years I’ve had her. Some cats are just teensy.

  84. Hey! That’s the same move I use when I want my son to come in from skateboarding and eat dinner! 😉

  85. the mom kit is beautiful, looks quite young herself.
    kit lurve!!!!

  86. you guys know what, why can’t we all tell our opinions on this site as we please and nobody tells us to shut up. there is so much hatred already out there, can’t we leave it out of cuteoverload. we all come here to escape the day’s sh1t not to make it worse.

  87. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Right On! Can’t we just all Get Along Peoples?
    Gahhhhh just coughed up a hairball.

  88. Lillymarlene says:

    Meta – that vanilla pudding looks delish. Do you have any blueberries, cranberries and straw-berries? I don’t want to eat them. I just want to see what color they make when I mush them in the pudding.

  89. PeaceNLuv says:

    What is wrong with people these days? Cant one visit a lovely website and watch a lovely video without dissecting each and every moment of it?! Mrs Fonebone and LilyMarlene (both sound like the same person) are both anal and should relax every now and then and just smell the damn roses. All I see is an overprotective mother, scouting the scene making sure there’s nothing out to harm her bebeh and then carrying him off to her nest. Plain. and. simple. Sheesh. Hold your horses people! Dont call the ASPCA from watching 2 mins of vid! Hmmm, now that I’ve said my two bits, I think I’m off to enjoy some chicken pot pie. I think its well past the time for sweets. A little savory wouldnt be amiss this close to dinner time, yeah :P?

  90. I’m not all freaked out about it, but the shot looked set up, kitteh removed from marmie mom, the photog knowing the bebe would cry and mom would hear it cry and come to the rescue. I treat my cats like children and stressing them on purpose (unless absolutely necessary) is not something I find appropriate.

    Yes, very cute head tuck under momma’s neck. I much prefer “acidental” video captures to set-ups.

    Fling mud or pudding if you will. Chocolate is preferred!

  91. PeaceNLuv says:

    What is wrong with people these days? Cant one visit a lovely website and watch a lovely video without dissecting each and every moment of it?! Mrs Fonebone and LilyMarlene (both sound like the same person) are both anal and should relax every now and then and just smell the damn roses. All I see is an overprotective mother, scouting the scene making sure there’s nothing out to harm her bebeh and then carrying him off to her nest. Plain. and. simple. Sheesh. Hold your horses people! Dont call the ASPCA from watching 2 mins of vid! Hmmm, now that I’ve said my two bits, I think I’m off to enjoy some chicken pot pie. I think its well past the time for sweets. A little savory wouldnt be amiss this close to dinner time, yeah :P?

  92. I will pick you up by first EATING YOUR FACE. That will teach you to wander off. 🙂

  93. Daphne Moss says:

    Oooh, I so love this one! I want! I want to feed them; mama looks so thin. Probably has other kittehs eating off her.
    I, too, love the way the kitteh “assumes the rescue position” with such utter relief and trust.

  94. mrs.fonebone says:

    Gosh, Headscratcher, you must not follow this blog. 9/10 of my comments are positive and staunchly anti-troll and for the worth and value of this site. But if one even raises a question about a given post, then one gets a lot of personal attacks and overdramatizing. And if you follow the blog you know that it’s not all “gosh my head exploded” but people share a lot of interesting stories and experiences. Get off my case.

  95. metsakins says:

    PeaceNLuv _ was gonna dend out for pizza if everyone was still here in a bit, but pot pie sound lovely

  96. PeaceNLuv says:

    hmm…pizza…with marmie kitteh topping…You’d get the “mew” in every bite! Mets, you’re a genius! Unless we can somehow bake live kitten in pot pie, I’m all up for pizza!

  97. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Me me I’m still here pot pie sounds fine to me too. Can we get a KEG with that?

  98. I thought only human mommies gave the dreaded “look”! I guess kitty mommies do too.

  99. The mom is all: “You damn human! How dare you remove my child? I will be watching you!”

    If I was the owner, I wouldn’t be sleeping soundly for a few days.

  100. metsakins says:

    well I’ve certainly have had pizza with marm kitten fluff on it, but never the actual kitten…must try it, I bet the ears are the best part.

  101. Um, that kitten is not that young. Of course he could travel that far. I have had many a kitten, and they can be much more adventurous than in this video at that age…

  102. Christ, when is youtube going to include a deshake filter…

  103. *muffled* MAHM! Don’t byte mah heads!!! Nof da head!! Skruffs plz!

  104. Chicken Pot Pie and Marmie kitteh Pizza all around! On the C.O. house! (Make sure you savor the kitteh ears, tail and dont forget to soft kronshe the teeny muzzlepowshe and belleh).

  105. Everytime I see nuffy comments, I take the time to go and read A Thinker’s poem, “The Ballad of the Nuffinghams”. It’s such a great poem, it’s worth rereading. And reposting (hint):

  106. Rockin' Robyn says:

    A couple of those little meows translated to, “Mom, that’s my faaaace!”

    So cute though. I thought it was adorable when the kitty took shelter under mom’s chin.

  107. That poem’s awesome, Michelle. Thanks for linking. Summarizes my sentiments against the nuffers only too well 😀

  108. Waah, I missed it. Says the video is no longer available.

  109. wow great poem. I marvel at A Thinker’s talent.

    Well I’m off to get a keg of Coor’s Light. BRB

  110. Patty P:

    Looks like we’re the only ones thinking about the stress level on Mama Cat and her concerns over her missing bebeh.

    My point was that in trying to keep an eye on the camera person – who just so happened to be right there with a camera when the wandering bebeh cat was discovered AND happened to know that the Mama kitteh would be headed out shortly to rescue her errant offspring, (no possibility of set-up there, eh?) – the stressed Mama cat could easily have accidentally injured the bebeh cat while trying to get a grasp on the scruff. We saw Mama-cat trying to scruff and almost getting an eye.

    I love cute animals and cute animal vids, etc. but I think doing set-up shots that will unnecessarily stress animals is cruel and puts the aminals in danger.

    These animals are not here for our entertainment, and no one should be separating mama and bebeh-cats just to tape the rescue, since it’s so cute to see Mama glare at the camera, or hiss, or scruff the bebeh up and carry it away.

    I’m guessing this videographer had seen this mama rescue another (or the same – maybe there’s only one) bebeh before after it wandered or after someone removed it from the nest.

    Thinking that the rescue was adorable (and it is) the video-person decided to re-enact it in order to capture it on film (video, pixels, whatever) and send to YouTube.

    That’s wrong. Purposly stressing animals for our own entertainment is wrong. Period. I don’t care how cute the final prduct is, it is wrong. Why do none of you cute-addicts (and I am one myself – I’m here, aren’t I) see that, or mention the fact that, yes, a set up like that is wrong.

    Think of it this way – if it were humans, instead of cats, would it be cute? Consider a human baby removed from its crib while Mom were otherwise occupied in the bathroom or some such, then taken outside, would the mom’s reaction to hearing her baby crying from outside and the ensuing panic on Mom’s part, her running outside and rescue of her baby be adorable and warm-fuzzy, even if the baby were to cuddle up under Mom’s chin and look back out at the camera from the safety of Mom’s arms?

    I’m thinking not. I’m also thinking the videographer might still be picking bits of broken glass, electronic bits and plastic knobs and buttons out of his/her rectum after Human Mom got finished placing the camera where it belonged, once she knew her little one was safe.

    Perhaps a little respect for the critters is due here? Cute is cute, but stressing them out for our own amusment is cruelty.

  111. The hisses were the kitten saying ‘Wait till my mom gets here- she’ll make you go away!’ If looks could do it, that camera would be slagged now.

  112. I could just *see* momma-marmie’s heart swell with pride and protectiveness when her kitten burrows under her chin! …and I once had a female marmie, too, and she was forever TINY TINY, too – paws the size of dimes! (And one of the most precious creatures ever…except when she used me as a climbing wall when I was about 4, but all is forgiven…)

  113. i'm The Decider says:

    Wow. A whole Nuff Novel! This calls for extra large bowls of pudding.

  114. acelightning says:

    I’d much rather assume that someone was out on the balcony (or whatever that is), playing around with a video camera, when one of their mama-cat’s new kittens wandered outside. When the itty bitty kitty realized he was “lost”, the cameraperson started taking the video, realizing that the squeaky little mews would soon bring mama to the rescue. (And if it didn’t work, I’m sure the cameraperson was ready to gently take kitty back indoors to mom.) It’s in a kitten’s nature to wander off, and then realize it can’t find mama. And it’s in a mama cat’s nature to hear those tiny squeaks for help, and come take her baby home. And – oh, the horror! – *thousands* of kittens get away from their mothers, and get rescued, every single day, without incident!

    Gaah. Got any creme brulee?

  115. Paula, ITA with everything you wrote. I’m a cute addict myself & a Meowmie Cat rescuing her kit is precious to see but I believe that this is a total set-up. Not humane! Sad that some peeps will do anything for their 15 min. on YouTube. This is one for BooTube instead.

  116. oh acelightning thank you for saying what I was too tired to say.

    we have banana pudding and vanilla.

    we’re also having pizza, chicken pot pie and beer.

    bugmom hasn’t been around or I’m sure she would have baked some cookies.

  117. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Well said, Paula, though I’m sure you’ll get reamed for it. I don’t enjoy seeing animals in distress. I would have put the kitty back as soon as I found it instead of filming it. I don’t think it would have occurred to me to film it and wait to see what happened. And if people stop saying “how cute!” to stressed animal videos maybe people will be less likely to make them. Those are two stressed kittehs. Not so cute.

  118. Yeah looks fake to me, definitely done for the video camera. Which should be discouraged and not posted.
    love the rest of the website though.

  119. I thought it was so sweet when the kitten curled up under the mama cat’s neck.

    Paula, I can understand your concern but I don’t think the mama cat was stressed I think she knew the camera person – otherwise she would have been defensive in her actions. When my cats feel threatened they hiss, puff up and let you know that you’re about to get slashed (then they run and hide, scaredy cats that they are 🙂 )- I would think a mama cat would do something similar (minus the running away) to protect her babies.

    If anything, she just seemed annoyed at the camera person or more realistically at the weird object pointed at her and kitty.

  120. Okay, you know what? I have to come down a bit harder on the ‘Nuffs here.

    :: soapbox ::

    Consider this video a document of what happens when a baby kitten wanders away: it offers a plaintive cry that is quickly heard by the mother cat, who runs to see what is the matter, comforts her child and escorts it back to safety.

    This is something that does (and dare I say SHOULD) occur in every kitten’s life at least a few times. The kitteh has to learn how to explore and how to communicate when it is in distress. It’s part of the growing-up/maturing/weaning process that all animals go through — some call it “individuation.”

    IF the WORST is true about this vid — that the videographer picked up the kitteh and moved it outside to safe, enclosed place where it was under the watchful eye of the human companion — then how bad is that REALLY? Would it be just as bad if the human left the cats alone for a day and one of the kittehs wandered away into another room? Is it ONLY the fact of the video recording that makes it potentially cruel? Maybe the human owner didn’t think the cat would call for mommy, maybe s/he just wanted to shoot a cute kitteh video and then the kitteh got nervous.

    This reminds me of the parents who are sooooooooo concerned about the “safety” of their offspring that they tether them to ropes, disinfect them at the slightest hint of dirt and refuse to allow them to breathe outside if it is below 60 degrees. At a certain point, all creatures have to learn how to brave the elements and toughen themselves up — as well as learn how to cry out for help and be REASSURED that a loving, caring, more mature creature will be there to respond to the cry.

    Put it this way: what if this owner baby-sat the kittens all day long to be sure that the kittens never wandered more than an arm’s length away from the mommy? What if they were so concerned about not “stressing” out the kittens that they never picked them up or properly domesticated them so that they could live in a new home in the future?

    There are so many terrible cases of animal cruelty — and human cruelty — that we should be concerned about. And yes, there are times on C.O. where I feel that a particular pic or video might “send the wrong message” since not all cats and mice are going to snorgle together and it would be foolish of someone to try it just to copy the video.

    But please, people, lets give the animals and the humans who love them a LITTLE bit of credit. A kitteh crying out for it’s mom for a few seconds is not going to scar this cat permanently. Even if this video is “staged” a bit, I don’t think it should really upset anyone so much that they should call it cruel and unusual punishment. Considering the fate of this kitteh had it been born in the wild, I think kitteh, mommy and cameraperson are probably all quite well-off with each other and I wish them the best in their eternal pursuit of teh qte.

    These animals aren’t “stressed.” They are animals just dealing with life. If this is the most stressful thing they go through today – less than 30 secs away from mom — then that is NOT a terrible life!

    :: descending soapbox ::

  121. Animals, in general, know how to take care of their own. Humans should not abuse animals.

    Those two things given, this does not look like a case of animal abuse but it does look like a case of an animal taking care of her own. And it’s cute!

  122. berthaslave, YES!!! Thanks. You and I are in agreement. I just couldn’t be bothered to expend the energy you did.

    Seriously, aren’t there REAL cases of abuse to deal with? Like the beagle puppy I saw on local NYC news last night who was burned so badly by his “owners” that he had to have skin grafts? I couldn’t even watch, it made me so sick to my stomach.

  123. All we can do, people, is not exploit/encourage obnoxious footage of tiny bebeh kittehs. Tons of video out there of people poking cameras into nests of fresh kittehs. Save it, people! Wait for the highjinks. I’d rather not see vids like this on CO.

  124. Mary (the first) says:

    Berthaslave, I’m with you 100%. I watched the vid 3 or 3 times and the mama did not look all that stressed, just the normal “where did he go . you silly thing, come back to bed”. And also thought if that’s the worse stress this little mama has ever endured she is a lucky little cat indeed. But you said it all so well. THANK you. You may have my share of any pudding, now or future.

  125. I would EXPECT animal lovers that come to a site like this to express their opinions about what they see. Because of people like us the world is finally paying attention to animal cruelty, rights, etc.!

  126. Funny. Poor kitteh is all “Mommy, I scared”, then when Momcat shows up and he hides under her neck, then comes out meowing loud like “I a tough kitteh”.

    Love Momcat’s glare. “What are you doing to my bebbeh?”

    Then, “It’s home for you, young man!”

  127. charliewabba,
    So, you have experienced the horrors of the Hydrox cookies, too, huh? Not to worry…..I have a fresh batch of butterscotch chip and some oatmeal raisin chocolate chip. I am prepping the ingredients for a trifle, if anyone is interested???? It involves white chocolate pudding, brownies, cool whip and a crushed up toffee Symphony bar. If you’re interested I’ll post the recipe over in Cute Talk tomorrow.

    I am really looking forward to that Marmie pie, you know my feelings on them….one less is one less regardless how we have to get rid of them. I think the pizza is going rather quickly, though, so I am offering up some ring bologna. All takers, please let me know if you prefer onions with it or not.

    As far as this video goes……I can’t believe you all fell for it!! This video has been ‘shopped, duh! It’s actually the local grocery store security film and the focus is on cantaloupe (what turns out to be the baby kit). It depicts a potential buyer knocking on and sniffing the fruit before fumbling it into the basket (what you see as a mommy kitten.)

    I guess this close to Halloween most everybody is gonna be surprised at what costumes come out, but this one was so obviously ‘shopped!

    BTW, if you play it backwards in the ‘shopped format the mommy marmie outlines her plans to single handedly take over the whole world while training her kitten to handle only the United States. We must rise up against these poysin kittehs!!! Band together peeps! Let us not separate at this crucial moment in our history!

    Michelle, great link!!!!

  128. PeaceNLuv says:

    Why do some people consider this video animal abuse? Face it: kittens wander away from nests all the time and moms grow frantic looking for them. It’s a fact of life. Period. You call that stressful? Kittens and cats aren’t made of glass. They’re adaptable creatures that have survived this long on Earth (and can survive in the wild mind you), have more survival skills than we do as a species and are related to lions! How fragile can they be (both mentally and physicallY)?

    Believe it or not, human babies have a lot of stress too. If you leave a baby alone for five mins crying, you’re not going to scar him for life! In fact, there’s a whole debate out there contemplating whether it would be better to leave a baby alone when it cries so as not to spoil them.

    All animals, babies or otherwise, go through stress. Its part of their survival mechanism. If the kitten didn’t feel stress when its away from its mother, then its species wouldn’t have survived this long would it? They MUST learn how to deal with situations like these. And honestly, 30 secs away from its mother is not such a bad thing is it?

    Now as for the videographer staging this whole thing: just take it for granted that he was taping a naturally played-out scenario. The kitten wandered away from the nest (as they often do) and the mother came to rescue it. Unless you specifically ask the videographer how he came about producing this video, dont jump to conclusions. Its only a minute and a half of fun loving video meant to make you squee. Just take it for what it is.

    Now if you want to talk about animal rights/abuse, I can direct you to a whole host of videos on Youtube that are blatantly abusive to animals. (If you think this is abuse, you haven’t see anything yet!) There was once a video I saw (I forget the link and the title–thankfully) where this lard-ass fu–ing ba—-d (I dont know if you’re allowed to curse on this site) threw five 3 week old kittens through the air (bc the idiot couldnt get his fat ass off the couch) where one of them hit the screen and his claws got stuck there. He was left there for about half a minute before the videographer decided to rescue him. The rest landed on their feet on the ground but they looked visibly shaken! I told that moth–f—er off! aggag=hgaoghaoh!! aaout0298430958240t9qaw

    sorry. I got frustrated there. Now THAT is the type of video to get your blood boiling. There was also a Japanese show video where the hosts of the show put duct tape on cats backs and groin and watched them walk around funny bc they couldnt get it off. That’s another example of animal abuse (and also another example of people I gladly told off.)

    This is just a wonderful documentary on protective mothers (whose job it is to stress mind you–after all, what mother doesnt?) and a naturally curious baby. There’s nothing more to it.

  129. Um, that’s Bugmom. I noticed a mistake in the preview and it said bigmom so I changed it real quick…….but it’s really not supposed to be bogmom…….I got the fat fingers today.

  130. I think people should be required to read every single comment ahead of them, so that they don’t repeat stuff. (Yes, I know there’s no way to actually get that to work.)

    Because yeah, it’s totally fine (in my opinion) for one person to point out okay, this may not be the best thing for the animals. But when five billion people all say the same thing, it gets overwhelming. And personally I really feel it’s pointless.

    There wasn’t as much repeat in this post, I don’t think, but it’s been bad on other posts for sure.

  131. By “repeat” I mean literally that. Some comments say the *exact* same thing, just in different words. (So, yes, here a lot of comments went on about the same issue, but it was more of a snowballing than a repeat.)

  132. PeaceNLuv says:

    I dont understand what you’re saying K, I’m sorry. I think this is a lively discussion on animal rights/abuse and everyone is bringing forward different points of view on the topic. Its actually rather fun :D. This is my first time actively participating in one of these “debates” and I’m enjoying myself. I dont think anyone is repeating themselves except for the nay-sayers/nuffers or whatever they’re called. They tend to go on about one thing without properly justifying their claims in my opinion. Thanks for pointing that out though. 🙂

  133. I had to play this a couple times so MY kitty could see that the baby is safe and ok… Good girl Megumi!

  134. I like the nick in Mom Cat’s ear. She’s obviously seen the business and knows how to handle herself. My kind of woman.

    The cat is pleased.

  135. Awww…Mom was a little suspicious of the photographer!! Like “why did you move my kitten lady?” I admit to being slightly evil when I had a momma and kittens living in my bathroom. They were a like a week old and I just had to see what Mom would do if I took a kitten out of the box and put it on the floor. The look I got was priceless! “You took it out, you put it back!” She got up, got her front feet out, picked up her kitten, hopped back and laid down with a “fine, make me get up” look. She was a good mommy and the kitten wasn’t scarred for life.

  136. No ma! Not the face, not the face!

  137. emilyythestrange says:

    did anyone read metsakins frist post. she said he posted the video and it wasnt set up, and the mom had her babies young, and what not. so read teh comments before you flip shiz on everyone and everything

  138. PeaceNLuv – The stuff you’re talking about is not really what I have the problem with, so yeah 🙂

    (I’m actually not doing really well right now and can’t coherently clarify my point, so I’m sorry.)

  139. PeaceNLuv, berthaslave: A+ for common sense, THANK YOU.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the video and choose to assume the best about all involved in its production.
    I wonder if some people go around HOPING to find evidence of cruelty to animals so they can make a big deal about how concerned they are.

  140. WE CANNOT actually know exactly what led up to the moments we saw in this video and what happened afterward. We can guess, speculate, and make assumptions but we do not KNOW.

    Based on a certain person’s blog documenting kittens from birth, to weaning…I like to think that maybe this person was documenting kitten’s first foray beyond the nest.
    I also think that the kitten got tired & overwhelmed, and cried for Mama who came and took it home.

    Maybe there was a lot more to the video before and after the brief moment we saw.

    BUT, based upon my own recent fumblings with trying to pare down short 2 minute videos to meet VOX’s & YouTube’s size restrictions I guess that the person who posted the video edited it down to that (to me)incredibly cute, funny, and tender moment.

  141. How many of you ‘Nuffinghams have had momma cats have kittayns of their own on your watch? Didn’t think there was that many, based on the way you all acted. 😉

    There were a lot of feral cats in our neighborhood, so we joined a fearal cat catch-and-release program (Though they didn’t release well… most decided to hang around). Anyway, some momma cats had their kittayns here. I’ve experienced this before. I would sometimes go out and call for them, they’d bound and roll out, and momma would give me this evil glare. Like “WHY did you do that?! Now I have to hide them again!”

    Anyway, the point is that the kittens like to explore. This one probably explored and got lost.

    Just to put some people’s fears to bed- Nothing was being done to that kittayn that made mama mad. If so, the cameraman wouldn’t have any fingers left. 😛

  142. PeaceNLuv says:

    Its ok K 🙂 I hate feeling under the weather too (well, who does right? hehe) Hope you feel better.

  143. Forshotful says:

    When I played this video with its teensy mewing, my cat (who was a feral mama in her pre-me life) ran out and started scouting the room for lost kittens!

  144. Forshotful says:

    When I played this video with its teensy mewing, my cat (who was a feral mama in her pre-me life) ran out and started scouting the room for lost kittens!

  145. Forshotful says:

    When I played this video with its teensy mewing, my cat (who was a feral mama in her pre-me life) ran out and started scouting the room for lost kittens!

  146. i’ve posted about this before, but this thread is a good example so i’ll say it again.

    nothing got NUFF-y in this thread until the regulars whipped out the pudding and started drawing boundaries.

    people expressed concern for the mama/baby, but not a one of the “nuffs” said anything snarky. they expressed their concern.

    and then, the snark comes pouring from the “in crowd.” the level of discourse gets ramped up, and the next thing you know it’s ugly.

    i’d like to challenge everyone who regularly visits this site: take a few breaths, next time you spot a nuff or nuff-in-training, and keep yourselves from the snark. see if you can do it. “real” nuffs just feed off the snark anyway. and those folks who are simply and respectfully expressing a different opinion won’t feel like they’re being trampled.



  148. Hi! Long time listener, first time caller.

    I just wanted to say after reading this thread that I’m shocked at how readily a few posters have thrown out accusations of animal cruelty. Based on, what, two minutes of video? Taken by someone you don’t know? It’s one thing to wonder if the video was staged, it’s quite another to basically accuse someone of (what I consider to be) a serious moral wrong.

    k back to your regularly scheduled cuteness.

  149. Can we all just take a moment away from the fighting to enjoy the extreme cuteness that is the marmie kitten? Feel the cuteness, people, feel it!!
    Now, isn’t that better?
    Thank you. You can get back to arguing now. I’m going to go pet the nearest marmie.

  150. When the momma tried to neck-kronshe the baby and went for the head and the ears, my first thought was, “UR DOIN IT WRONG!” I need to stay off the internet.

    Such a cute video.

  151. *come in in a bathrobe, holding cup of coffe*

    *starts cleaning up, yet again*


    DLt -what you interpret as snarky may be different than what I do. I personally found two thing offensive:

    1. the implication that if someone accidently lets their cat get pregnant they shouldn’t own pets b/c they’re too stupid and ignorant.

    2. That someone, the taker of this video, cruelly moved the ktten and endangered him.

  152. emilyythestrange – those aren’t my kittehs, I was just saying that similar things happened (unstaged) when my Mets had kittens 🙂

  153. Oh, come on, it isn’t cruel to play jokes on your kitties. I like to hold Hugo like a baby so he’ll kick his back feet like a bunny. He doesn’t like it, but he isn’t even mad enough to bite or scratch, and he always forgives me later. Anyway, he usually starts playing with something that has a bell while I’m sleeping later. He gets me back. Cats really aren’t these poor, fragile, desperately afraid creatures who need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by foam padding on every surface in order to be safe and happy. Seriously, if you told my little kitty Ichabod (who’s 7 pounds of hell) that, she’d eat your face. I promise, even upset kitties usually end up okay. Lasting trauma, for a cat, requires a bit more than this.

  154. WOW. commentraversy?? seriously??

    I just enjoyed the Mama’s wide-eyed glare, and the Bebeh’s “hide me!” as s/he tucked him/herself beneath his/her mama.

  155. Okay, I just laughed so loud, I think I woke my fiance in the next room! My God, that was cute! Okay, first, the poor, scared kitten alone…adorable. I wanted to scoop him up myself. Then when he hides nearly his entire little body under Mama’s neck…AWWWW.

    And then…she nearly eats him! HA! (No wonder my cat doesn’t mind at ALL when I act as though her entire head should fit into my mouth!) Clearly that Mama was like the rest of us…”aww, look at those adorable little ears you have! I have to have just a nibble…or what the hell, I need to taste the whole thing.” HA!

  156. luvinmalssomuch says:

    For the people that are wasting their keystrokes debating whether this video of cuteness is animal abuse try going onto:

    And do some good by clicking to donate to help the real abuse that is going on in this world.

    nuff said.

  157. I tend to think that if this episode had been staged, the videographer would have been more prepared and used a tripod. The way the camera barely finds the kitten at the beginning looks more like the sequence of events was:

    1. There goes than darn mini-marmie again, creeping out of the nest. There’s always one, isn’t there.

    2. Quick, get the video camera, this is really cute!

    3. Hold on, I can’t quite get focused on the kitten…oops…okay, there he is.

    4. Awwww. It’s okay mommacat, I wouldn’t hurt your little baby.

    5. Oopsie, that’s his ear! Haha.

    6. There they go! Wow, that was super-cute, maybe I should put that up on YouTube.

  158. I do not think this video was an act of cruelty or immoral but I do think people who handle animals should research them very carefully. If the cat is not use to you, say you took in a stray, do not handle the kittens. Ff the kittens are held by humans or the mother cat smells strange smell on the kittens, she maybe kill them. I have witnessed this before. Please be careful with animals and their young.

  159. bcteagirl says:

    “PeaceNLuv, berthaslave: A+ for common sense, THANK YOU.”

    Second that and also thank you to luvinmalssomuch … and for every one who is complaining about how they were ‘jumped on’ after accusing people of abuse (really? Try walking up to someone and calling them abusive and see if any of them say thank you may I have another…)… Why don’t you join a recipe group and then talk loudly about your prostrate (or gyno) exam, and then complain when they ask you to cool it. Same thing.. NOT what this group is for.. Not every group with pictures of animals is made for the purpose of your complaining and jumping to conclusions in it.. your comments are out of place.

  160. bcteagirl says:

    Should read prostate sorry… still early in the am here. 😛

    I am late getting in on this commentary and dont have time to read 158 posts.
    but this is definatley Matchinks when babee gets under momma’s chin!!!
    too cute!!!!
    “and you stay away from my kids” !!! she looks pissed.

  162. Amanda-

    That’s a myth that has been debunked god-knows-how-many times on this site alone. Perhaps if you scare the living stuff out of momma kitten she wouldn’t come back, but it’s a little against the mothering instict (let alone evolutionary) to kill your own babies just because they smell a little funky. Otherwise, I think there would be a lot fewer snotty third graders out there.

  163. For what it’s worth, mama’s ears certainly didn’t say “Danger Danger Will Robinson!!” Nor did she lay them back like she was about to have a literal hissy fit.

    Alert but cautious obviously but not homocidal or overly stressed.

  164. I am so glad that there is a site like Cute Overload where people who genuinly care about animals (and we all do) can meet and enjoy cute funny or interesting pictures. We do not always agree but we ALL are concerned for the safety of animals. I think lots of us here volunteer at shelters or donate money or even teach their kids or scout troups about proper animal care. I wish we would always remember that we are ALL concerned with animal safety and that chances are the person who sent the video in was concerned first and foremost with their pet.

  165. Stormnmormon says:

    Too cute…My roomate has two cats, which is great, I get snuggles and don’t have to do any work cleaning for them..its funny though, the oldest one is tiny, and the one thats little more than a kitten is -huge- not overfed, just giant.

  166. bluh.. here we go again with the back and forths.

    Never minds, I choose to ignore from now on!

    I thought the vid was adorable, because of two beautiful cats. I loved it!

  167. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    o.t., like completely and totally: help, guys! i can’t find cute talk! can somebody (bugmom, meta, metz, anyone) post a link or give me a URL? pretty please,, with butterscotch puddin’ on top?

    p.s. cute cats & video!

  168. That’s right, Kar, that was an alert but reasonably-okay-with-things cat in action there. It’s all in the body language.

  169. metsakins says:

    NSTBDTAW-under More!More!More! on the side of the page click Totally Un-Official discussion page

  170. berthaslave!! thank you!!!!!!

  171. Treating this video as an example of “abuse” does more damage than good for animal welfare causes.

  172. The best part is totally when bebeh kitteh runs for cover under mommy. OMG so cute.

  173. aww, that was so sad and so cute! The baby was like “mommmyyy?! i’m scared!”

  174. Even if the owner DID move the kitten so we could all see how the mom and baby interact, it’s not that bad a thing! Interesting to watch, I think.

    And I enjoyed the link Caroline mentioned, where a mother cat gives one kitty a bath while the others feed.

  175. You know what? I love all you guys (bi-gender “guys” of course). Anyone who frequents a site that specializes in the cuteness of our beloved animals has to be a great person… or at the very least be a person who is hurting and looks to this site for a few moments of comfort.

    We all have different backgrounds and experiences which lead to a variety of opinions. And we all react a little differently to each post. While I adore this site and love almost all the posts, there have been a few that I really didn’t care for, just because it wasn’t clear what was actually going on. There’s nothing wrong with stating our concern in the comments — I mean lets face it, not everyone is going to be crazy about every post. That’s just the nature of any site, especially one as popular as this one. But, we all are concerned about the welfare of animals, and we all want them to be loved and safe.

    Let us try to keep our comments polite — and succinct — and let us try not to over-react to something we see or read. All it takes is just a moment to think before typing in the comment.

  176. Difficult to add to what’s already been written, except…

  177. poor kitty. super to the rescue!! go Super Mom!! the head kronche was class, but personally, my head exploded when the lil kitten hid under the safety of her Super Mom. ky0000000t!!!

  178. “”

    hahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahha win