Tailless ‘Tocktober

[shrugging shoulders] Bummer about the tail/But hey, better ‘tock view


Nice nubbular Manx!, Tammy!



  1. Bleenie baby!

  2. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Tailess wonder?

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Aw, I love manxes! We’ve got one at our shelter right now, and everyone asks what happened to his tail–like we cut it off.

  4. Meg — you *did* just say “Bummer” here, didn’t you.

  5. Swirly Legs.

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Seriously where the heck is the tail, it it camouflaged?

  7. I think the tail…went in.

  8. Manx, for the memories…

  9. another Michelle says:

    Those are some serious hamhocks!

  10. no tail makes for cuter tocks! Love ‘Tocktober!

  11. Rosalynde says:

    Sweet bubblegum pink pads, dawg ! . . . I mean, kat.

    And, umm, yeah, nice upswept white hairs . . .
    what exactly is happening there?? those are some serious guard hairs!!

  12. *blush* Oh my, that’s right between those furry legs!!


  14. Was the “Bummer about the tail” intended to be a pun? (Think British)

  15. Seven Paws says:

    it’s a butterflied Filet of Kitteh…

    I love these black & white kittehs, don’t know what the proper term for those markings are, so I’ve always called them Cow Kitties.

  16. The kitteh’s doin’ Basset Hips!

  17. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Rosalynde, what are guard hairs? I thought those were just extra long scattered hairs.

    His tocks really are cute though and what an interesting way to plop down!

  18. aww… he looks like he’s wearing cow print pants. xD

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    I have a tailless cat and yes, I did cut it off*. She cracked a vertrebrae (long story) and it was paralyzed, hung behind her dead weight and was dangerous. So off it went. She doesn’t even miss it. And she’s very cute without it. And lived (so far) about 16 happy years without it. No comments please about how cruel that someone cut off this cat’s tail. (* ok technically speaking, I didn’t cut it off, the vet did.)

  20. misscrisp says:

    Why does this picture make my mind say… “Capon.” And then giggle.

  21. when cats go bad:

    kitty pr0n! 0_0

    😉 lol

  22. Brings new meaning to the word stripeypants!:D

  23. scruffylove says:

    I’m getting hypnotized by the swirling…swirling…

  24. Manx tox! (well tocks, but I felt the need for x-endings)… and that is a superb display of a “froggie” position.

  25. Kitty-cow! Moo-ow!

  26. I love the striped “pants.” Like a kitty convict!

  27. Pearl Ostroff says:

    A black and white kitty is usually called a tuxedo. For obvious reasons.

  28. Snorglepup says:

    Kitty cutie fuzzypants.

  29. kitteh got back.

  30. Cool tock photo but u have to feel bad the animal whos tocks r going to be on the web

  31. I am all smiles….These are my favorite types of kitties.

    I have one right in front of me, in the loaf of bread position. (He has a tail, though, tucked in)

  32. Awww! A manx! My first kitty was a manx! He was a neighbor cat that kind of adopted us.

    His name was Suzi. Yes, just like the Johnny Cash song. Our neighbors, “The Butts”, were moving out of town, so they left us their cat!

  33. Cutie cute tocks with some lovely pink paddy paws. I luvs me some paddy paws.

  34. Manx needs Spanx!

  35. acelightning says:

    Lovely fuzzy patchwork cat-a-loons, there…

  36. Swirly pants!!! Great pictuer

  37. Another similar crossbreed at my parents house in Ky..Bobcat mix we think

  38. Oh! A baby Manx cat! I have a Manx,(I adopted her from someone who no longer wanted her, even though she’s the best!) they have generally really good dispositions! Mine doesn’t have a tail either.

  39. sockmonster sarai says:

    The ‘tocks are lovely, but the toesies rock my tocks right off…

  40. I don’t have a tail either but my butt’s not nearly that cute.

  41. such a cutie cute tush… and jellybean toes.

    Black and white cats can be described as “cow” cats, tuxedo/tuxie cats (if it looks like they are wearing a tux), or “Jellico” cats…

    What a cutie patootie.

  42. I’ve never heard that term, trin. “Jellico.” What’s the origins there? The -ico ending makes me think calico, but…?

  43. More info on bicolor cats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicolor_cat

  44. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Second position kitteh style!

  45. Um, what are these chocolate covered rusty pliers doing here????? Helene! What have you done?!?!??

  46. All, including Jellicle cats, is explained here:


  47. Thanks Carolyn J!

  48. I think Jellico/Jellicle cats is originally a British term. Most of us met this word the first time in T.S.Elliot poems about cats or the Broadway production _Cats_.

    (I had a book with some of the poems, and lovely illustrations when I was a kid… I was disappointed
    in English lit. in High School to realize that we weren’t going to cover the cat poems but rather (yawn) _Murder in the Catherdral_ 😀 )

  49. sockmonster sarai says:

    Now I have to dance around singing the Jellicle Cats song… I had the book too, when I was small, but the musical may predate me, too. It was “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”.

  50. may i just say that SOCKMONSTER SARAI is pretty much the best name for anything, ever?

    love the kitty cow legs. if my legs looked that good, i wouldn’t mind at all not having a tail.
    as it is, i DO kind of wish i had a tail. kind of.

  51. I’m so glad you like my kitteh. She never had a tail. She’s 14 about to be 15 this winter. Her name is Nosey and she is the only cat I’ve had that would lie down like that. She laid down like that and I thought “Tocktober’s coming!”

  52. Tammy, you should be very proud of your kitteh and her jod-purrs. Wish her a big CO happy birthay!

  53. Cheryl-Lee says:

    Tammy, your cat is beautiful! I didn’t think she would be that age with such bright pink, clean beanie pads :o) I bet Nosey brings you lots of love x

  54. Hmm this picture does have conotations of kitty pron, er, I had better not elaborate.

  55. Oh I just want to squeeze those kitty thunder thighs of love. adorable.

  56. From what I recall about Manxes, they come in two kinds: “Rumpies” and “Stumpies.” Stumpies have a bit of a tail, and Rumpies don’t. I believe our black and white friend is of the Rumpy variety.

  57. Love Manxeseses! I had a Manx named Bobby who use to curl up on my back while I was lying on the floor doing homework. They are such loving, adorable kitties.

    Hugs to the person who saved a kitteh at the cost of just a tail. You did the right thing and I’m sure kitteh appreciates it.

  58. lsuhillary says:

    I have two of these babies. One “rumpy” and one “riser”. For more manx info. checkout this link…….http://www.fanciers.com/breed-faqs/manx-faq.html

  59. LOL, Sprock!

  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Carolyn J – THANKS! I now know that Yitzy is a mask and mantle kitty.
    Tammy: Nosey is lovely from this rear view, hehehe! I had a Manx kitty years ago, no tail, who was so fun to watch run. Something about a rear end with no tail was amusing.

  61. I have a torbie Manx with a wee nubbinly tail and fluffy ‘tocks. I also have a pixie bob with a stumpy tail. I’ve always loved tailless/bobtailed cats.

  62. LOVE the bicolor kitties! I have two of the darlings, one classic bicolor and one gray tuxedo. Wonderful, wonderful kittehs.


  63. There’s a third kind of Manx called “bumpies.” This variety has a bump where the tail would be instead of stumpy tail or no tail. Also, Manx can come in a fully tailed variety. Another unique feature of Manx is their “bunny-hop,” which they do because their rear legs are longer than normal.

  64. I have a BIG cow-cat as well. Tammy’s kitteh is the best of all worlds: a Manx Kitty Cow!

    Here’s my Manx: http://www.catster.com/cats/496610

    (links to the other cats from there.)

  65. Manx are the best cat ever!
    i would love to have another manx.
    I had a male named Butch that was huge and black and white, he was the best guard-cat (more like a dog)
    They are hard to find around here (portland) If anyone knows of any kittehs, I would definatley consider adopting!

  66. Have you looked at Petfinder.com, Liz? No results for Portland, but if you come north, there are a lot of Manx in the Seattle area: http://search.petfinder.com/search/search.cgi?pet.Animal=Cat&pet.Breed=Manx&pet.Age=&pet.Size=&pet.Sex=&location=Seattle%2C+WA

  67. I have three Manxes, and they’re rumpies like this one. Even cuter than the tocks at rest is the tocks in motion, all hip swishing, haughty waddle. Loves me some tailless wonder kittens.

  68. “Jellicle” is the term. It’s not a real word (well, it is now, I guess). T. S. Eliot made it up. He was talking to his niece who was quite young, and he misunderstood her when she said “dear little cat”, thinking she said “jellicle cat”. It stuck in his head long enough to make literary then theater history. For the dog lovers (and Old Possum’s lovers) “pollicle” means “poor little” dog.

    The more you know.. *ting*

  69. what a redonkulous pose. so cute.

    nice tocks and jelly beans

  70. Last night I was trying to explain “Tocktober” to a friend. Today I sent her this pic. Now she loves Tocktober too! lol

  71. thanks David!
    that’s great info and a LOT of cuties waiting to be adopted!

  72. sockmonster sarai says:

    Thanks Kbryna! The sockmonster part came from my HUGE collection of wild and weird socks. I love socks. All sorts of socks. The Sarai part is just me. 😉

    “jellicle cats are black and white!..”

  73. Nice pattern on the ‘tocks.