Is there a monkeh in all that fluff?

Bebe-est of monkehs, (at least I think there is a monkeh in there) here, hangin’ on a finger.


Via, spotted on Digg and by Rachel W.



  1. I want a mini monkey ring!

  2. this miniature monkey would make a perfect birthday present for me!!!

  3. Hello from Toronto,
    I loooove your blog and your lovely animal photos!


  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    What a little guy! Quietly gripping teh fingers with ALL 4 PAWS! *incomprehensible babbling*

  5. Mini monkeh can ride on the world domination bunneh! Please wear a tiny cowboy hat and bandanna. That is all.

  6. OMG!!11!!1 It’s a real, live Monchichi!


  7. would make a cool ponytail holder, way better than those scrunchies.

    also, “pocket pets” categorization, maybe?

  8. OMG – it IS a monkey ring! He could bounce around all day whilst I type and I could give him teeny little sammiches!

  9. In a teeny jungle
    With teeny vines
    Eating teeny bananas
    Far from any power lines
    There lived a teeny monkey
    Making teeny monkeyshines

  10. I don’t tink tis a muhnkee. Tis a prosimian, ruhlated to duh muhnkees.

  11. Cat (Short for something "Cat" is short for.) says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    DO WANT.

  12. oh my..
    i think i just got monkey fever ^^

  13. i can’t even wrap my head around this bizarre over-the-top cuteness. good lord.

  14. I hope he’s not one of the monkeys that grows up all red-butted and cute-challenged.

  15. “Monchhichi, Monchhichi!
    Oh, so soft and cudd-el-y!
    With his thumb in his mouth
    he’s really sweet;
    it’s fun to play
    with his little feet!
    Happy, happy Monchichi!

    I love you, Monchichi!”


  16. Nope, not a prosimian, because they have doggy-like snouts. This is a New World monkey, and I’m sureit’s a pygmy marmoset, ’cause that’s smallest. (New World monkeys have those flat noses.)

  17. “ENH! Now are you gonna come along quiet-like, or am I gonna hafta muss ya up?”

  18. Oh thank goodness you found my ring!
    (puts on finger)
    This is the rarest gem in all teh world a Monkaz.
    Guards finger from other would be ring claimants.


    Trufax very marmosett-y. Esp. when you look at the baby albino twins in the links.

  20. RevWaldo: ROFL!
    Yes! Soooooo perfect!

  21. I want a pygmy marmoset! Want want want! eeeeep!

  22. I loves dis monkeh

  23. Squeeeeee!!!
    He looks like a bebeh Ewok!

  24. A marmite-oset. Tasty.

  25. I must have one!!!!

  26. Deep heem in champagne, and you have zee marmosa! Delish.

  27. Great for attaching to the eraser end of pencils too!

  28. MONKEY LOVE!!!

  29. Don’t forget the rules:

    Never get them wet.
    And don’t feed them after midnight.

  30. Alice Shortcake says:


  31. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    kmira, teeny little sammiches!! lol!! i just got the best mental pic of him bouncing on your typing fingers with a teeny little sammich in his hand. lolz for Pheas & Pyrit too.

    and toooooooo prosh monkeh!!!! ahn! serious head asplosions going on over here.

  32. Peanutcat says:

    WTF is that?! A Mini-Ewok?

    So impossibly cute . . . . .

  33. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    p.s. is “fluff head” a Phish ref? ’cause if it is, AWESOME.

    [holy crap, there’s a thousand monkey children outside, dancing on my lawn – Ed.]

  34. Peanutcat says:

    OMG, it’s claws are almost bigger than the rest of it!

  35. WANT!

  36. WANT!

  37. :Sploit: The sound of my brain exploding from the cute of the monkey and all the funny comments.

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I want one to hang from my visor. I love him.

  39. Sure. And I want one on my (mon)key chain!

  40. Are you sure it isn’t a Dr Seuss character? Cause he kinda looks like one


    I want one!

  42. How many could fit in a barrel?
    You could stick your hands in and when you pulled them out, you’d have one on each finger. Then you could snorgle each tiny hayed and it’s making me think of ring pops and I can just FEEL THE TINY GRIPPINKS!! AHN!! *Thunk*

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He looks like a miniature Chewbacca, but much much cuter.

  44. Definitely a monkey, not prosimian.

    So tiny and delicate. Almost birdlike. His hair even looks a bit like feathers!

  45. Here’s a video of one being fed, um, grubs or something equally disgusting. He seems to find it yummy, with his sweet little face. But if you’re squeamish about wormy things, don’t watch.

  46. You nailed it, luvinmalssomuch. It’s a pocket sized bebeh Chewbaca. He prolly just says “ehn” instead of “aarrghh” though.

  47. luvinmalssomuch says:

    WCGC LOL! I would love to have him but I couldn’t feed the live worms. icky

  48. Chewbacca the Monkey?

  49. Aoife — sorry, only 1 to a customer.

  50. It’s a mini gremin, yikes that is perfect example of why I fear monkeys, look at him, he’s plotting to take over the world, RUN!!!

  51. Hey, hey we’re the Monkees,
    people say we monkey around,
    we’re too busy living
    to put anybody down.

    Just tryin’ to be friendly,
    hanging on your finger tip.
    Fuzzy head bouncin’ round,
    hope I don’t lose my grip!

    (repeat chorus)

  52. Are there any thorough sci-fi geeks like me out there that’ve read H Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy series?
    This little puff ball looks like a baby one!

  53. I MUST HAVE EEET!!! A mini little pocket monkeh!

    “See a little monkeh and put eet in your pockeet, put it in your pockeet!”

  54. “save it for a rainy day.”

  55. acelightning says:

    I guess I’m the only person whose first thought was “ugh – is that a tarantula?” (Knowing it’s a monkey does help a little…)

  56. my cat is a blob says:

    He’s adorable, but looks so wee and fragile its a bit angsty to look at he.

  57. I watched them for the National Zoo once. They have two speeds– very slow so they hardly look like they’re moving at all, and “Where did it go?” Both speeds would confuse predators.

  58. This is so cute and its a monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. i want 2, one for each ear, they could hang on to my lobes and be the cutest earrings on the earth.

  60. This monkey looks like a jumping spider

  61. oaklandcat says:
  62. paulajeanne says:

    inktupbbw, yes! I was trying to think of what it reminded me of. Now I’m seeing the cover of the first book.

  63. It IS a pygmy marmoset 🙂 They are awesome, they eat gum off of trees (like sap, sorta), and a whole colony will live on the same tree for generations and the trees get little bumps on them, literally wounds that the marmosets cultivate to get the tree to produce more gum. They also practice cooperative polyandry – the females always have twins, and they have two males who both think the babies are theres, so the males take care of the babies to the mom can get enough food. Sooo cute 🙂

  64. It reminds me of a muppet.

  65. I thought it was a spider, too 😛

  66. I sot ee was a spider, too, at first! He’s cute, tho. His fur/hair resembles a high-grade woolly pom-pom. All too cute!!!

  67. it’s bebeh Oscar the Grouch. Or, would that be Growsche…

  68. I didn’t know Ewoks came in miniature!!!

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    jenjen & zee, I think you’re onto somefin there: A Woolly PomPom Oscar the Growsche!

  70. that is not fluff…get your terms surprised at you

  71. my cat is a blob says:

    I just noticed that he has a little mustachio.
    Does zat mean he weel bring to me a little cafe creme and a warm flaky croissant?

  72. awe that is so cute!!! i want one!!!!! but it is not as cute as the photo on this one website!!! it is so cute!!

  73. It’s like a dust-mite and a monkey had a baby.

  74. I think it’s a Marmoset too.

  75. Zat wot baby Ewoks look lak?

  76. What TIIIINY monkehtude! One for me too!

  77. ElPolloDiablo says:

    *sings* Oohhh, There’s a monkey in my pocket and he’s stealing all my change, his stare is blank and glassy and I suspect that he’s deranged! Internet cookies for anyone who knows where that’s from 😉