‘Tocktober: icy cold, submerged paw pad edition

It’s like this guy just did a perfect dive and kersplooshed into the pool.

Must have been a triple lindy.

The end!, originally uploaded by ucumari.

Regina C., extra points for difficulty.


Gossipy schnozzle convo

You can tewtelly see these two schnozzles, going a mile a minute, speaking volumes.

They’re prolly talking about Britney’s latest plight.

Head to head, originally uploaded by AlexK100.

Excellent suggestion, J.R. at Happy Designs

Drive-by sand piling, Tattooine-style

This pup was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prolly a victim of a sudden sand piling.

Who let that tail have some breathing access?! Redonk.


Aaron H. You let that tail poke out, di-int you?

Is there a monkeh in all that fluff?

Bebe-est of monkehs, (at least I think there is a monkeh in there) here, hangin’ on a finger.


Via TravellersPoint.com, spotted on Digg and by Rachel W.