What are the Germans smoking now?

Oh, this is just asking for trubs. Crazy peeps over at Spiegel shoes in Germany are pushin’ it to the LIMIT!

Available here…


Tina K., Whatever you do, don’t wear these to Bodega Bay



  1. That is just plain weird. But oh so funny!

  2. Cuuuuute! :c)

  3. I need a pair!

  4. Diese Frau hat einen Vogel!

  5. Seed shoes…

    These shoes were made for feeding
    and that’s just what they”ll Do.
    One of these days these shoes are gonna
    dump seed all over you..
    : )

  6. chick with hairy german legs is cute?

    oh the shoes. rite. wierd!

  7. Ja, und das Frau hat sehr weird Schuen, auch!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS…great laugh for a Monday morning..too funny!

  9. i would LOVE to see someone walk on the beach in bodega bay with these on, it would be like you had power over all the birds in the world…then they would poop on you

  10. In Toronto with our pigeon population, not to mention the evil squirrels that mug you at lunch… you’d be shoeless within the hour!! But worth it for the cute little chickadees and sparrows… hmmm, maybe if I can find non evil squirrel he could have a snack too…

  11. LMAO… “Whatever you do, don’t wear these to Bodega Bay.”

    I live 5 minutes from there and that’s not too far from the truth… (/flees from seagulls)

  12. wacky shoes …
    love The Birds reference!

  13. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    WOW!! Bird seed shoes! Fool the birds, get pooped on!

  14. ok i give
    please to spalin-
    “Bodega bay”
    and what’s with the birds there.
    (I can’t really appreciate the shoes, kinda dumb. but whatever)

  15. The movie, The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Tippi Hedren, set in Bodega Bay, CA !

    Now the song is stuck in my head… MAKE IT STOP….

  16. Dare I saw someone is footing the bill for lunch? (runs away)

  17. ok
    i never realized how RIDICULOUS that movie was until i saw it again recently on AMC. couldnt
    make it through the whole thing.

  18. acelightning says:

    That is just so *WRONG*…

    But funny.

  19. Ah, The Birds is not ridiculous, great Hitchcock film!

    These shoes are ridiculous though. I would never make it out of my frontyard with all the skwrrlees and chippymunks abount.

  20. Feeding the birds with your shoes is okay. But you’re just asking fer trouble when the evil squirrels who want to rule the world coming running at your shoes!

  21. DanS-
    I just read that-
    ‘smacks you on head with rolled up newspaper’.

  22. I tinks I seed a funny picture. Can’t wait for the crows and jays to arrive.

    (also picturing german frauline walking down cobblestone with skwerls attached to feets)

  23. OK, what is more disturbing is the fact that if you click the link – it’s a man, sitting on a stool wearing the shoes, not a hairy legged chick anyway.

  24. Is that a woman with very hairy legs or a man with dainty socks and shoes?

  25. I can only imagine what it would be like if it’s designed as a hat! 😛

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hate to say it but that’s for the birds.

  27. how ’bout a (dare I say it?) cod-piece

  28. Five minutes after this picture was taken, three skwerls had taken this dude’s feet off.

  29. German skwerls are kewt (and not nearly as proliferous as they are in the US/Canada/UK). They have kewt little tufts on their ears.

  30. berthaslave says:

    I can see the slogan now:

    “For when your feathered friends are feeling a bit peckish.”

  31. oh my that just looks soooo messy….and they don’t seem to come with refills…hehe.

  32. are these shoos made of birdphood???

    […LET’S GET ‘EM! – Kelly]

  33. my cat is a blob says:

    “What happened?”

    “She was hit by a gull.”

  34. Berthslave Snerk

  35. That seems really ill-advised in a place with mockingbirds.

  36. puts a whole new spin on it
    with it being a guy and all-
    i just think that is so very,
    hmmm, how to put it…
    Not something my husband would wear EVER.

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Ja, ja. Ze fut tastes gut!”

  38. These shoes give tasteless a whole new meaning.
    Just BTW – not all German Fräuleins have hairy legs. In fact, most of us prefer to shave. But if you wear something like that or Birkenstocks, hairy legs might accessorize better. Ugh.

  39. Juliagoolia says:

    Um, hello peoples, did you look at the ridiculous picture of the guy looking at his bird-foodie feet? OMG!!! LOL

  40. Carrie - disturbed says:

    I can’t believe none of you’se can reads!

    I said it was a guy for goldarn sakes.

  41. Juliagoolia says:

    Oops, Carrie, you’re right. Still, whaaaattt the heck!
    He’s all wearing girlie socks and highwater pantalones!

  42. ROFL @ Bodega Bay

  43. dem shoes is gee.

  44. Those shoes may not last for long

  45. Uh, that is Spiegel Online (a German magazine’s website) and not Spiegel Shoes (part of the American catalog company). The shoes seem to be designed by some guy named Arnold van Bezooyen for his Material Stories industrial design…thing. His name is right there next

  46. so can you get the shoes reseeded once they have been snacked on??!

  47. Definitely interesting shoes but I’d hate to be that guy’s pants, legs or socks. Cute as birds are (and I’ve got a pet bird) they poo all over the place.

  48. gay gay gay
    why are his/her legs so hairy?

  49. the movie “the birds” is in bodega, ca
    bodega bay is just over-run with birds who will stop at nothing to get food, just try to have a snack on the beach…

  50. Has anyone else read /Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close/ by Jonathan Safran Foer?

    “What about a birdseed shirt?”

  51. Why? …WHY???!

  52. That glint in the birdie’s eye is scary! The determination in his glance would make me drop the shoes like hot cakes.

  53. LOL!! LOL!!

    I think the soles should be made of suet. Which would make the idea complete, but kinda hard to walk in…

  54. te mind boggles:

    banana boat shoes fer monkees;

    layered fish fillet loafers fer fishies;

    sushi slippers fer skwerls;

    and so ad infinitum …

  55. penny loafers for ponies…

  56. cute bird! nice shoes!

  57. And I thought we were nuts!
    Still nice matchinks betwixt boid and shoon.

  58. Of course this is a man!
    Do you really think german women don’t shave their legs?
    sure… we could discuss about the socks, these are called “sneaker socks” and are much better than tennis socks!!!

    well… all this doesn’t really matter!!!
    at last someone was thinking about the birds!!! this really matters 😉

    viele Grüße aus dem schönen Freiburg im Breisgau, wo das Fräulein Wunder noch lebendig ist 😉

  59. Oh Anna please don’t have annaother go.

  60. Woods Walker says:

    Weird shoes. German women don’t shave their legs. I was stationed there for several years. Even at the end of that time seeing young German women with hairy legs grossed me out. Sie versten mich? -Woods Walker

  61. ok look at the bottom shoe where the birdseed side sort melts into the sole

    –is that not trippy or what?!

    kinda like those streaks you see in time elapsed photos…

    you’re not seeing this, are ya? o.0

  62. Adva: i watched ‘Everything is Illuminated’ which i loved (thought that name looked familiar)

    o and yanno what?

    make some shoes covered with candy sprinkles and *i* would be all over em ^^

    (no, i’m not smoking anything–why do you ask?)

  63. (singing) “…ev-ery time… you are near?…”

    Oh, wait, that explains it.

  64. Don’t worry, Pheas. I got your pun. 😀

  65. insanely redonk and i lerve it.

    what a cute wittawl sparrow!!! dos cheepenleiben!

  66. Last thing I need is a pair of shoes to attract squirrels.

    Although, millet is not the most popular seed with the birds.

    Points for what looks like a song sparrow though!

  67. Gott sei Dank, Kaye! You know I had to come back today and check. All yesterday I was like, no one? Really? I feel all validated now and can go forth and fully enjoy the rat wheeskers.

  68. is there any way i can buy these?!

  69. omg thoose shoes are gay

  70. If anyone plans to visit Boston, do not do so in those shoes, unless you REALLY like pigeons. Or want to lure them into kicking range.

  71. umm no Boston or not, I won’t be caught wearing one of these. It would also be a pain in the neck trying to get a good look at birds pecking at your feed….I mean feet…heh.

  72. I’m more concerned with the cut and shape of the shoe. If the show has a killer silhouette, then the seeds could potentially create a complimentary texture. It’s all about the overall composition.

  73. Winter’s coming up… and again it’s getting colder here in Hamburg.

    That is also where these shoes were designed and prototyped for an exhibition that asked us to redesign traditional Korean slippers giving them a whole new meaning and use. That’s how the ‘for the birds’ shoes originated.

    The shoes are designed and prototyped by me. Some say they are Hitchcock’s worst nightmare but they are made ‘for the birds’, and are loving it 🙂