THIS JUST IN: PC Mag 100 favorite blogs

Pcm_15_headerWeeeeeeeeeeee! C.O. made it onto the "Top 100 Favorite Blogs" in PC Mag just now…

Check out the whole list… including such favorites as DListed, GofugYourself, Cocktail Nerd, Fake Steve Jobs, etc.

My virtual acceptance speech: "PC Mag Editors, hearing that C.O. made this list is like a tiny little kittayn, in my ear, purring incessantly. Thank you!"



  1. smokeyJoe says:

    let me be the first to offer congrats!

    [Smartypants. – Ed.]

  2. Let me add my congrats! That’s great guys!

  3. Wow- congrats- that’s so deserved!

  4. congratulations to YOOOOOOOOOOO!
    whoo-hoo! way to go!

    Its a Millin dollars in prize money right! 🙂

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Yahoooooo for CO !!

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Woooo Hoooo right up there with GoFugYourself. WTFudge?

  7. No one deserves it more!
    Yah, Meg and company! \O/

  8. WHOOT! Doin the Tuna Dance for Meg & Co!

  9. Congratulations! And thank you, once again, for being one of the things that makes the world a better place.

  10. Congrats Meg! CO warms my heart daily, thank you. LOVE the site!

  11. SixFootJen says:

    Hoooooooooo Rayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  12. Just wanted to say well done. It’s well deserved. Your blog is amazing. Keep it up. Barbara

  13. And forasmuch as our loving subjects of our CO realm, yea the prelates, nobles, and commons, do think and determine, that the good estate, peace, and tranquillity, wherein our said realm now standeth, shall better and longer continue, and accept and take upon us the title and name of Queen Meg of the same; which to do all our said subjects, of our said realm, by their mutual assents, by authority of PC Magazine and it’s noble ilk, holden within the same, have agreed and assented unto, and most instantly desired us, that the said title and names of Meg and CO, together with our said whole realm, should be exalted to the imperial crown of our realm .

  14. Well done Meggers. Its only to be expected. After all we have world dominating Buns on our side and apposable thumbed kittys etc.

  15. Maureen G says:

    Ha! right up there with The Daily Kos! And higher than The Drudge Report! WE knew THAT!!

  16. Yea!! Brilliant!! {big smile}

  17. [watches Metz do the Tuna Dance]
    [scrolls thru playlist]
    [ah here we go]
    [quick nod to the dancing otters]
    [wonders if either of those Outkast boys have ever used a Polaroid]

  18. marsheeeee says:

    Thank you for making this world a better place and reminding us that there is adorable and cute and good things among the not-so-cute/adorable/good. You make my day (and that of others that I know are also addicted to this site) everyday.

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Snakes with cleavage? Where did I miss that? (And if snakes can have cleavage, then there’s hope for all of us!)

  20. w00t Yay Meg and CO. Congrats.

  21. YaY! Congrats!

    I *said* you were the Cute Overlord, now it is finehally being reckernized!

    Pat yourself on the back without falling outta yer chair. Bettah yet, get the kittehs to do it.

    *sound of many teeny paw pats*

  22. Congrats, a well deserved honor.

  23. not number one? what’s wrong with these people!!!

  24. cavvie's and sapphie's mom says:

    Congratulations! CO has certainly changed my life. Now that I know there are other people who think like this, I can lead a normal, productive life. (‘Cept when I’ve just asploded from cuteness. That brings my average number of normal and productive days per week to… uh, nevermind.)

  25. Bravo!!

  26. michellemybelle says:

    Now for those folks on the Nobel committee to wise up and follow suit…

    Congratulations Meg!

  27. HUZZAH!!!!
    (bang drum three times)


  28. crazdkatwomyn says:

    Two minutes into my discovery of this blog I was making little high-pitched noises I had never know were physically possible. A thousand kudos to toi pour this latest achievement, I’m sure its one of many.

  29. Congrats!

    Also I hope someone has already mentioned the thinly veiled shoutout you got on this past week’s episode of UGLY BETTY…yay!

  30. misscrisp says:

    World Dominayshe of Teh Qte™ … eet is only a matter of time >paw tent AND shifty eyes<

  31. berthaslave,

    For such an auspicious occasion, I’ve fired up the blowtorch and have come up with the cutest dessert yet: the Baroo Brulee!

  32. Congratulations, Meg. You absolutely deserve it!

  33. I’d agree with what pyrit said if I understood it.

    !yay! Meg and CO.

    Teho, don’t we need teh !YAY! picture here?

    [ – Ed.]

  34. Woods Walker says:

    Congrats Meg and CO I am only sorry I check this site twice a day.-Woods Walker

  35. dogsleder says:

    Is this where it’s appropriate to say Squeee!? Too often CO and Cheezeburger are the only good things in my day! My kittehs and puppeh love you, too!

  36. Hurray!

  37. co is a international phenom,nom,nom, er scuz me, i was thinking of my kittys ears, nominom, and a national treasure! thankssomuchforallyoudo meg!

  38. *sets up puddin’ buffet*

    *places bowls of chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch, along with whipped cream*

    *puts out party hats and blowers*

    *hangs up streamers*

    Party on, dudes!

  39. Congrats! You are very famous, and for good reason!!!!

  40. Let me just add since Frank check this site out frequently, that I’m happy to also see PostSecrets on the list.

    That is such a unique site.

  41. congrats, CO! i know you are the tops on my list, to be daily viewed, sometimes at least every 15 minutes!!! thank yawwww

  42. Very proud day for our fearless leader and all CO lovers. I know I’m tewtally addicted.

  43. Thanks for the props, meg, and congrats to you as well! The family and I love this site, keep the cuteness coming!

  44. That’s great! Congratulations!

  45. There are OTHER Web sites? Weird. I had no idea.

  46. “[watches Metz do the Tuna Dance]…
    [wonders if either of those Outkast boys have ever used a Polaroid]

    Posted by: Theo | Oct 15, 2007 at 02:48 PM

    LOL yesh, I am just that good of a dancer. I am also available for corporate parties and private affairs. (does that sound as bad as it looks? LMAO)

    Ah wanta know when the blacktie awards gala is gonna be and where is mah in-vatayschon?

  47. Furbabies says:


  48. congratulations to the C.O.may u celebrate excessively

  49. Congrats!!!