Sing it with me now…

Happy Birthday to you,
"Miles" just turned two,
We made him a super smelly cake…


And everyone else WANTS A PIECE OMG!!!


Um, Genesis B., 1. What did you put in that "cake" and 2. Who invited the schnauzer!?



  1. I can smell the purina from here!

    Lucky boy.

  2. blean?

  3. Almost got bleen…thank goodness I didn’t. It would have been my first AND mispelled! Egads.

  4. Look at the guy at the top of the photo with the headlight eyes. “Gimme…gimme…gimme”…”I want…I want…I want!”

  5. i Knew you had something against schnauzers!!

  6. Dogs (and pets) don’t need birthday parties. Just have a party with your friends if you want to get together. It is ok to have drinks with your friends, and bring your dogs, no one will think you are crazy. If you throw a party for your dog, they’ll think you are crazy.

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    eeny meeny jelly bleany, kk3 😉

    I love how most everyone is sitting at attention and begging.

  8. omg, I want to go to that party!!!

  9. oh, conrad… do you really think anyone who has a bday party for a pet is worried about people thinking that he or she is crazy?

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Miles,
    but that cake is P-U!”
    (However, the dogs in attendance certainly loved it. I adore shelties; just love those delicate little faces.)

  11. I love the rawhide stick candles! Lucky pups!

  12. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Conrad– same could be said for parties for one and two year old human children.
    At least with dog birthdays, you can lock the guest of honor outside with his pals and sit inside with your pals drinking mai-tais.
    My sister’s boy Toby had a salmon cake for his bday—even the cat wanted to play!

  13. I also am worried about some schnauzerism. Hmm…

  14. I think that for that many pets to be in attendance, the hooman must have many friends that understand the need to throw a birfday partee for pets and they will not think anyone is crazy. I certainly don’t and I wasn’t even invited!

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m guessing Miles’s name is spelled out in jerky…although that’s not what it looked like at first glance.

  16. that is freakin’ awesome!

  17. Hey, any excuse to party is a good excuse in my book!

  18. Can’t you just see the waggling of the little tail nubbins on the short white feller at the bottom (with the green collar)?

    And, I totally agree with you, Rachel of Cyberia. Margaritas would be just about the only way to make me attend a human baby birthday party.

  19. I have to give props to Miles’ mom and dad…my dog would NEVER in a million years sit that still with food that close.


  20. Puppy Party W00t.

  21. Yup, crazay!

    But hey, any excuse for a party! Woot!

  22. willowsmom says:

    I wants to know how one keeps a wooden floor so Fur-fectly clean, with hairy puppies everywhere? I Swiffer my floor, and two seconds later Willow has hair all over da place!

  23. schnauzers always drink too much , (shaking head), its really sad. and they’re mean drunks.

  24. oh.
    and please do share the cake recipe. i would love to make some mini puppie cuppie cakes for my babies!

  25. “and Miles to go before I sleep,
    and Miles to go before I sleep.”

    good puppy, very generous with your cake!

    Liz–I thought it was the Irish Setters who drank too much! LOL

  26. in addition
    i would rather go to a dog birthday party than some “precious” 2 year old
    screamers birthday party any day. THAT is truely crazy.

  27. Re: dog birthday partehs. I had one for my dog’s 1st b-day, and it was extremely well attended. It’s a dog (owner) thing, y’all wouldn’t understand.

  28. yep. between the irish setters and the schnauzers.
    theres bound to be some trouble when you mix in the party-in.

  29. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    OMG, pic #2 hover-text is a reference to ICP…I love you guys.

    An yeah, that cake wouldn’t have even touched the floor with my dog, much less lasted long enough for a pic.

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Yappy Birthday Miles. For you’re a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny.

  31. Pet birthday parties are a great idea. Certainly no worse (and possibly better) than baby birthday parties, where the mother goes on an on all day about how gifted her drooling one-year-old is. Furthermore, a $3 rawhide is an acceptable gift at a dog birthday party, whereas a $3 gift for a baby would be considered gauche despite the fact that you already spent $7 billion buying the child diaper genies and infant clothing when it was born. And when it was baptized. And when it crawled for the first time. And so on. (My high-maintenance friends with babies look for every opportunity to gouge from their single, financially stable friends.) I’d give anything to buy a box of liver snaps, put a bow on it, and call it a day.

  32. To be clear: I like babies. That was not a commentary on babies in general, just on the women I know who have had babies this year. I guess I’m just grumpy about having my check direct-deposited at Babies-R-Us these days… :-]

    Definitely throwing a dog birthday party now…Maybe I’ll register at Petco, too.

  33. “schnauzers always drink too much , (shaking head), its really sad. and they’re mean drunks.”

    Liz – I schnorted out loud at that one.

    And Kiragirl…the Irish Setters DO tend to over-imbibe, but we (the Irish, I mean) are happy drunks. The worst you’ll be subjected to is an off-key rendition of “Danny Boy”!

  34. OMG, is Miles’ name written in…Snausages?! I love the baker of this cake. Happy Birthday to Miles! *third ear-munch of day*

  35. i can quite hear them:
    plees plees pleeeeeeeeeeeeees

  36. all our kids need to be celebrated, if you want to
    Gezze some people just have to take the fun out of stuff. What a wonderful set of pics of the birthday boy and his party I needed that one today.
    For the party poopers go clean up the mess……….

  37. berthaslave says:

    I, too, hate baby birthday parties. But I’d attend a dog party (even though I don’t have a dog) and would throw a party for Bertha if she were into that sort of thing (she never likes to be reminded that she’s getting a year older). Re: the party above, when do they break out the playing cards and pose for that painting?

  38. paulajeanne says:

    Slug, I hear you, I hear you so loud and clear. And then to never get a thankyou note to boot. Much rather go to a pet’s party!

  39. At least at a hooman party the guests don’t dry hump your leg.
    By the by some idiot is letting off fireworks as I type. We will have this now till way past haloween and guy fawkes night. Sheesh, where are my kits.

  40. OMG! I just noticed that “Miles” is spelled out in Snausages!


  41. I crashed a puppy party once. I was walking my dog and came upon a pup-arty in progress; they were cool and let us hang out and give my pupster a party snax-favor.

    Oh Danny Boy
    the pups the pups are howling,
    from glen to glen and down the mountainside.

  42. I’d like to add that baby birthday parties are also a waste of time and money. Also, cats shouldn’t eat salmon, unless properly processed. It carries parasites that are extremely dangerous for cats.

  43. gravyboat says:

    I want an invite to the puppy party!

  44. Genesis B. says:

    I’m Miles’ mom. Just had to let everyone know that this was actually a birthday party for my mom and husband, which happened to fall on Miles’ birthday. I knew bunches of other doggies would be there, so I had to make him a cake, too. I don’t recommend baking anything with ground-up dog food, though. SMELLY!!

  45. to Genesis–sure, sure, I’ll bet that’s what you said to your mom, too. (It’s ok, we get it.) : ) woof

  46. After reading a heartbreaking article about animal control officials in Puerto Rico seizing dozens of pets from HUD housing and *throwing them off a bridge* to get rid of them, this is exactly what I needed to see: pets being loved as they should. I’d much rather people err on the side of kindness and silliness than cruelty and uncaring.

  47. Argh, that should read, “…pets being loved as they should be loved.” Sorry, can’t ever turn off that internal editor.

  48. i remember someone on Blue Peter making a dogfood birthday cake with doggy buttons.

  49. Everything you ever wanted to know about throwing a doggie birthday party INCLUDING a birfday cake recipe! Wheee!

  50. LOL! And just so the kittehs don’t feel left out….

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    Miles is just GORGEOUS. I want one!

  52. In no matter what form, people are unable to resist the power of cake

  53. I’m not sure that’s a schnauzer. At least, *I* don’t see a schnauzer in that pic, and I know from schnauzers. Cuz they’re the best!!

  54. Hon Glad,
    If the dry humping bothers you I’ll just go grab that invite back from the mailbox……

  55. I’m Genesis’s cousin. The “Schnauzer” is actually part terrier, part poodle. He’s my sister’s pup. The white fella with the green collar is my guy.

  56. Devin R: and is his stump-wagging as cute as it looks like it would be???

  57. AuntieMame says:

    White t-shirt lady better put the cake on the floor, or demon-dog with the laser eyes is gonna zap it right outta her hands! LOL!

  58. Miles is such a good dog! If I made my puppies a beef birthday cake, there’s no way I’d be able to take a picture of them laying calmly by it! it would be a pictures of them snarfing it all up!

  59. Awww, happy baarkday puppers! Looks like fun was had by all.
    Beauty pics too!

  60. Am I mistaken or is there another dog lurking behind the chair?

    Miles looks rather blasé about the whole thing…look at him walking away in the second pic!

    BTW, some pet parties are really worth it. My mother went to a party for her friend’s cat. They were told not to bring presents for the cat, but to bring things to donate to the local shelter, like blankets, food, towels, etc. Apparently there were two van-loads to take to the shelter by the end of the party! I am SO gonna do that for Alaidh’s 19th birthday in March…

  61. My puppy is 1 today! We had a party on Sunday too. If this makes me crazy, I don’t want to be sane.

    Here are some pics and vids of her day.

  62. Kazi is adorable! and don’t worry, the snoring is loud and clear. 🙂

  63. Lucky dog! Not all dogs is given a party like yours…

  64. Love the look on Miles’ face. Priceless.

  65. I’m glad the snoring came out. It sounded so quite on my pc but in real life it was so loud.

  66. that sheltie(?) has a marvelously milky, silky coat

    what’s with the chunky lab and rat terrier (mix?)? they’re eyeballing the cake with some mighty gusto if ya ask me ^^

  67. i think miles’ name was spelled out with snausages ^^

  68. Genesis B. says:

    To Snaz:
    In Pic #2, Miles is actually staring down HIS piece of cake, which I set down just long enough to snap the picture. Trust me, if there is any type of food around, he’s aware of it!

    And yes, his name is spelled out with snausages 🙂

    We shared the rest of the cake with his other “dog cousins” who couldn’t attend the party, so much fun was had by all.

  69. Genesis,
    Could you please give me some info about the blond little dog standing there looking at the cake? What is he a mix of (or she) as that dog looks JUST LIKE one of our rescuedogs, but we have never been able to figure out what he is a mix of. Thanks!!

  70. This is Sheila – Genesis’ aunt. I love all your comments! Some day I’ll have to post the bunny wedding we had in the backyard. The little white dog in the picture had to stay inside and barked through the whole thing.

  71. Fia Baker, blondie is my baby and she’s a yellow lab mix. I have no idea what she’s mixed with, though. Sorry!

  72. Awwww That was exact scene at my 3 year-olds party… ‘cept with human children..

  73. Thank you Sheila. We have been wondering what our little Thumper is a mix of and this is the first time I have seen a dog looking JUST like him. We think chihuahua and some corgie..but maybe it is lab..Blondie is CUTE!!

  74. For some reason I think the cutest part is that his name is Miles. It makes me think he reads the classics and has a nip of tawny port after dinner.

    Maybe this is why Miles seems a little blasé. A Snausages cake is fine, and while he doesn’t want to seem ungrateful, he’d prefer to see what wine it’s been paired with before he muddies his palate.

  75. conrad – rest assured you are probably the ONLY CO-reader concerned with preserving his or her sanity. seriously.

    [“hey nonny nonny sqee!”…capers about ophelia-style]

  76. Fia, Her name is actually Brandi, but her disposition is totally blond – Blondie is her nickname from me when she acts like it. I’m blond so I can call her that. She has a white dot on her head and several on her muzzle, which makes me think Spaniel mixed with lab. Wish I knew, too!

  77. Alice Shortcake says:

    I would have thrown a party for my cat Daisy, who was five yesterday, but she’s very timid and prefers peace and quiet. So I bought her a scratching post and sent a donation to Cats Protection, the no-kill rehoming charity I got her from three months ago.

  78. Looks like a great party…I want to be there next year !!!

  79. From the look of a couple of those dogs, they should be laying off the birthday cake.

  80. If Genesis and family are still checking this post: how exactly was the cake made? You say you don’t recommend baking with adult dog food, but what else did you add to it? The curiosity is killing me!

  81. aldenM1,
    yes, schnauzies are the best!

  82. Genesis B. says:

    To Alicia:
    I posted the recipe here:

    The baking for an hour is what killed me – we had to open up all the windows, turn on fans, burn candles, and retreat to the basement while it cooked. NOT a good smell for humans, but the dogs LOVED IT OMG!

  83. Awwww. Miles is Teh Squee.