Yes, your toes are almost done—

The cucumbare watere, she has soaked een.

Your treat-maynt, she is almost complete.

Next, we bring in the monkeh masseuse.


Oded I., tell that translucent blue turtle to fetch my spa robe!



  1. Too Early To Remember says:

    Just a little longer, then it’s snack time….

  2. violetgreen says:

    Love to see the next two freeze-frames in the series: 1)kitty splashes in “AAARRRGGHHH!” and 2)flies out the other side of tub.
    OMG, if I’m first, it’s a first.

  3. violetgreen says:

    Missed by seconds!

  4. Violet — yes… what we’re NOT seeing is the aftermath of someone banging on the door & saying “AREN’T YOU DONE IN THERE YET!??”

  5. essensual says:

    awww need to see some splashingk in action.

  6. Ohhhh boy, reminds me of bath time when I was little. Our kitten was soooooooooo curious- just HAD to get up on the side and reach REALLY far out to grab a bubble.


    Thinking back, I should’ve just stuck him in there at the beginning. Automatic bubble frother. 😀

  7. Aw! My orange tabby does the same thing (he’s six, and always has)–full paw immersion! He likes to drink the bathwater (gross, I know), so I can never put any bubbles or oil in it. Sigh.

  8. P.S. And I thought *my* bathroom needed updating–that tile is groovy, man!

  9. Once that kitten realizes he dipped his paw, he’s going to be cheesed off. There will be some paw-flickage.

  10. That is one brave kitty. Even more so, one brave human for risking a bathtub full of flailing clawsitude.

  11. misscrisp says:

    Oh so Qte! We call this “fishing for toes” in my house. (There was only one accidental kitty bath, and I were not scratched just highly amused.) Ruble will plunge el paw ~right in~ trying for toe catch. It’s as close to swimming as he’ll ever be 😉

  12. “yef it’f the correct temparrateure for a lurvely baf”

  13. ISRAELI KEHTEN! For pride!

  14. Our kitty, Bella, loves to do this exact thing! She sits her bum right on the ledge of our built in tub, and dangles both paws in the water. She then proceeds to lick her little wee paws dry, then does it all over again.

    You just hope that she doesn’t do and jump in the litter box when she’s finished slurping!

  15. Dustbunny says:

    I can has monkey masseur, please? Pretty please??

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wondering what happened next: Swimming kitten? Look of disgust at wet paw? Sitting on the tub rim licking with the “I meant to do that” look?

  17. Non oui do not reccomend zee Lush bath bombe, eet makes zee watair taste like sheet, nes pas.

  18. Marmalade kittay matchinks the marmalade bafroom.

  19. Dahlink ze bath wat-er is just purr-fect but ze toes are in need of ze pink pol-eesh.

  20. *squeak* of course he’s ORANGE!!!! They’re EVERYWHERE!!!!! He’s gonna eat her toes off!

  21. chet's momma says:

    iz in yor baf, watchin’ you soaq, oops, wrong site…

  22. ok mom you can get out now but do use me as the towel again I just got my furs back where they are supposed to beeeeeeeee….

    I think this a rare marmie one that actually like water mark this date on your calender’s peeps…

  23. likes water

  24. Well… maybe the little kitteh just soaking it before the paw-dicure?

  25. Kitteh: “it’s aboutz time you wash your feetz!!!”

  26. Tis about to be a blood bath!

  27. *blink* *blink*
    dem is man toes

  28. Heh-heh, my kittles does the same thing. Course, my building is from the 1920s(and therefore my bathtub is as well), so it’s a great huge tub with ROUNDED edges, no flat space on which a cat could balance. Luckily, my cat’s good at the balancin’, lol. She’s done plenty of toe-sniffing, but has never fallen in.

  29. My tabby used to walk the edge of the tub in wonder — “You’re getting wet all over? On purpose?!!” — and inadvertently drag her tail in the water. Then at some point, she’d get really startled by the heavy wet thing that was suddenly following her around and almost fall in.

    Good times.

  30. Uh, who takes a camera with them into the bath? Am I the only one who finds that weird?

  31. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks this has been a bad weekend. I needed the laugh

  32. I have that same blue turtle! It’s plastic, not glass; and it’s a back-massager, to be wielded by someone who loves you enough to rub your poor aching back. 🙂

  33. lerve the accentage, meg

    i want to squish the marmie kitteh. i will call him squishy and he will be mine.

  34. Mrs. Catlabash says:


    LOLs, yep, they sure are, and Oded’s a dude’s name. Threw me for a loop, too, because for a second there I thought maybe the Oded I knew had taken to bathing with pussycats. But those toes don’t look familiar.

    Kitteh’s gonna fall in in 3, 2, 1… and the next photo in the series is going to be one of those “do not want” pics of a miserable, dripping wet lolcat glowering balefully at the photographer as if it’s her fault.

  35. Wicked 70’s bathroom, man…and a colour co-ordinated kitty! Way to think ahead.

  36. book_monstercats says:

    I used to have a bathroom like that….. almost exactly like that … the tiles were not quite so orange and the orange kitteh was not quite so matchingks, but even so Meg….

  37. Got yo toe! says:

    I feel on visit to operation room to attach one toe pumped from ONE kittie’s stomach… lol

  38. Who has a camera handy to take pictures while in the bath???

    Adorable kittingks.

  39. It’s like a rite of passage in my house. We get a kit, kit walks around rim of bathtub until he/she falls in. Tragicomedy ensues. It’s happened with every cat I’ve ever had.

  40. anomalous4 says:

    Human: hey! my piggies r not meeses!

    Kitteh: u r so rite. u needz 2 soakz htem sum mor, htey stil smelz liek piggyz.

    BTW, that’s not tile, it’s “tile” wallboard. TACK-EEEEEEEEEEE! But we’ll let it go this time cuz it matches kitteh. 🙂

  41. Tragicomedy? hee hee

    The “right of passage” in my house is a dip in the toilet. (Clean water, thank goodness!) No matter how quickly you try to close the lid, a curious kitten will always find a way to investigate, only to realize there’s a big hole in the middle, and a pit of doom (a.k.a., water) below! And that is when they meet Mr. Bath for the first time as well.

  42. Kimberly and Noelegy — if that kitten cuteness were stalking my bath, you can bet I’d bring the camera next time. It’s cute waiting to happen!

  43. I don’t want to be around when kitteh falls in and scratches the s*** out of photographers ankles.

  44. I love how the 70’s decor matches the kitty.

  45. i hope the kitteh did not fall in.
    most of the time when my cats fell in the tub full of water, they would never get near it again. and this is just too entertaining!

  46. Stephanie S. says:

    awww! the little paw in the water is soooo cute!!

  47. One wrong step and that kitten is very wet

  48. It would be SOOOO tempting to give little kitty a tiny nudge mwahahahaha

    Could be very painful for the person in the bath though 🙂


  49. Did the kitty ever fall in ?