Rule 25… we… [shifty eyes] meet again…

I am powerlays against you, rule 25.

You WIN, rule 25! STOP 25, STOP!


Selin K., sssssssssssh. sleeping in. Wait, what is Rule 25 again?



  1. that is SO me this morning

  2. it looks like he has no bones….

    but alas, if only he were a couch straddler as well 🙂

  3. Kitteh is bwoken. We must fix heem.

  4. charliewabba says:

    It’s not just a rule #25, it’s Rule #25 squared! Which increases its cuteness quotient exponentially.
    (is there a rule which covers bonelessness? ‘Cuz maybe there should be.)

  5. charliewabba says:

    Pardonnez-moi. In my excitement about the mathematical issues involved, I neglected my grammar. I meant to ask if there was a rule THAT covers bonlessness.
    So sorry.

  6. fatkittymomma says:

    dis kitteh bones all gone? awwwwww sooo anerable

  7. Mah kitteh is jealous of teh sooper kool kitteh kondo in dis pic.

  8. I am this way also this am. I would be asleep but my fur-kids demaned breakfast and a outing in the light rain. Now that I am awake and they are all getting ready to go back asleep ai be Wide Awake………..

  9. ai is suppose to be and

  10. I woke up this morning to my hair looking about the same as this kitty’s too.

  11. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    OMG, I know the next step–our kittehs do this and once they have reached boneless melt they slowly start to ooze forward and then bonk onto the keyboard (which scares us both) or worse, off the tv cable box. There must be a foundation to stop kitteh melt-related head bonks!

  12. keep dangeling

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    i can haz leg-bones?

  14. SeaBreeze says:

    Well, he’s not all hang-dog, but is he just hanging around, or hanging out?

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very adorable boneless kitten.

  16. Rich Fader says:

    Monorail Cat iz derailed…oops, sorry, wrong website.

    😀 )))

  17. I am not happy in this trebuchet, where are you going to fire me?

  18. I’m soooo Bluuuuueee
    sad it’s trueeeee
    Cause I’m all alone here
    Missing YoUUUUUUUU!

    I’m Feeling low
    and so slow
    LIke I’ll never bounce again
    I feel such woEEEEEE

    I’m on my house
    feeling like a louse
    cause I really truely miss
    My catnip MousEEEEEEEEE

    ~C:> ~C:> ~C:> ~C:> ~c:> ~c:>

  19. eh.

    *looks sadly at doughnut that is allll the way down on the floor*


  20. ACK! I l*o*v*e the mousies! “Love those little mousies, mousies what I love to eat…” I also l*o*v*e when posters share their creative keyboard art!! YOW, SUPER!!

  21. I believe rule #25 is dangle your paws.(And, yes, i’ve been paying attention.)

  22. My husband says our Lulu (also a floofy, mostly gray dust-puff of a cat) is boneless, but our friend Eric (who cat-sits when we travel) corrects him, saying, “Lulu has bones; she is just not using them at the moment.” I think that’s true for ths dangle-floof cat as well.

  23. *hyperventilates*

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey, man! Is it Monday yet?”

  25. Ehn.. The floor is too far away.

  26. Hehehe lets see that stooped dog get me up here!!

  27. I think I’m Gonna be sick

    Let me off this boat.

  28. HEhehe I love this post I got lots more too. Poor Kitty so many comments fit but everyone is over on the bunny post.

  29. “dang. now how am i gunna get down from here?”

  30. It’s Choo Choo Bear! Only not pink.

  31. I think that the fitten is sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuute!!

  32. One should tempt the kitten by tickling its paw

  33. Please don’t make me walk the plank Captain Redbeard.

    Get up and walk like a proud cat you lilly livered skunk.

  34. PEWPT.