Caturday Before and…OMG AFTER!

At first, they seemed so innocent. Bellying up to the milk buffet, taking a seat, playing by the rules.




Sender-Inner Lynne also points out the kittehs are in the same order: from left to right, top row: Bob, Jack, Manny. Bottom row, left to right: Stacy and Moe.



  1. Mama needs a babysitter!

    I’ll do it! I’ll do it! For free!

    I won’t even raid your fridge!

  2. anne boleyn says:

    Get that mama a beer!

  3. She’s making sure Manny doesn’t fall off…QTE!!!

    I will take one please! 🙂


  4. rikkumaya says:

    OMG this reminds me of my dog’s litter of fluffys!!! nice.

  5. Well, of COURSE they’re in the same order. They each establish their very own nipple, finding it by its distinctive smell, even before they have their eyes open. They wouldn’t usually suck from a different nipple. So they would always go back to their OWN spot in the lineup to find their OWN nipple.

    It’s a very arresting set of pictures! The two darker kittens sure do seem to be getting trampled, but they don’t seem to care…

  6. Notice how much thinner Mommy Cat looks in the face all those months later. Those kittehs must be a pawful! I’ll volunteer to kitty-sit for Mom anytime.

  7. Notice how much thinner Mommy Cat looks in the face all those months later. Those kittehs must be a pawful! I’ll volunteer to kitty-sit for Mom anytime.

  8. Love mom’s expression in #2!

  9. Mmmmmmmm. I can hear the purring from here.

  10. awww the marmy kittehs are squishing the non-marmies

  11. They have assigned nipples!!

    Totally cute!!!

  12. So, I get the “Manny”, “Moe” and “Jack”, but “Bob” and “Stacy”??

  13. LQQK at how her left paw is holding the one on the end!!!! OMG how cute is that?? I’m refering to the after photo =)

  14. lurkingsmirk says:

    *Sigh* used to be when they growed up, the kids left the nest…now they want to be supported forever!

  15. I was like, same order? What about the grey one second from the left in the first pic?

    Then I realized… that’s mama’s hock.

  16. Why am I suddenly thirsty?

  17. Tina Rhea says:

    That’s a very tolerant Mama, considering what those kids’ teeth and claws must be like at that late age…. Yowch! Get those kids weaned!

  18. paulajeanne says:

    Oh my! Mama’s paw so carefully holding baby butt in place! Mother love indeed!

  19. Oh Noes!!!!! They’re MuLtIpLyInG!!!!!!!!


    The orange ones………

    ::runs away::

  20. Bugmom.. they’re every where you can run but you can not hide the marmies are coming to get you!

  21. Yes, kids, now you too can have your very own incredible shrinking mama cat! For a littermited time only. Warning: In laboratory testing, has been found to be hazardous to mice.

  22. Is it just me, or are those babies a bit to old to be eating off mom?

  23. They’re coming to get you
    Today, today
    They’re coming to get you



    White coat for me, please!

  24. SeaBreeze says:

    There IS such a thing as a free lunch!!

    And these guys n gals will keep on sucking, too!

    But, really should let poor mama rest… all this nursing really depletes her energy and nutrient reserves…

    Kittehs, time to belly up to the kibble!

  25. This was little mama’s second litter. She was feral and hadn’t warmed up to me her first year. I had all winter to get her to accept me before this litter. Now she’s been spayed and has a home of her own. All the kittens have homes (I kept Stacy, the little brown tabby. When she was first born, she looked like a checker board.) and seem to be doing well.

  26. They’re 24 hours old in the first pic and less than 6 weeks in the second picture. Stacy (Who’s now named Lyra) is a whopping 9 lbs @ six months old.

  27. LOL A cat named Stacy!

  28. Cephi, I did the same thing! Took me a sec to figure that out.

    Yeah, this momma looks like she’s about ready to “have her body back” as I have heard human mothers say. Probably these guys’ll be chowing down on some iams pretty soon!

    They grow up so fast!
    Have fun!

  29. sweet photos. Mom’s makin’ biscuits in both pix

  30. Annie, mean. Just mean. And at bed time too!


    ::runs and hides behind Helene::

    Bet they won’t get me here! Not with the chocolate covered rusty pliers!

  31. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    It’s interesting that all the red ‘uns took the same row.

  32. possumpiratess says:

    The power of milk! It makes bebehs GROW!

    C’monnnn. Kittens will try nursing mama as long as she lets them…and then some.

    So glad to hear everyone got a home for theyselfs.

  33. Heh the momcat I had years ago would let her adult son (bigger than she was at that point) nurse along with her latest batch. He was a strange one – he would babysit the little kittuns and they would try to nurse off of him.

  34. Aww-m-g. I likes the bebeh 24-hrs foto best. The dinkie stage, when mom can cuddle ALL bebes w/one paw extended. I think mom deserves a kittie-club-med vacay pronto!

  35. berthaslave says:

    Those kittehs are gonna have issues, but god bless ’em.

  36. Mama looks a bit greyer in the second photo too–must be all those chilluns!

    (yes, I know it’s just the flash 🙂 )

  37. Momma has the same look of contentment on here face. Those kittehs are well taken care of by hear and her Humans thank goodness.
    what a wonderful set of pics.

  38. Anne, you beat me to it. Yes, kittens choose a particular nipple and stay with it throughout their nursing career. I think of it as cat territoriality manifesting itself an a very early age. I don’t think these are too old to be still nursing, they’re probably already on some solid food but like to return to momma’s milk fountain in between. Milk does a kitten good! I love how you can see she’s doing the paw kneading thing – what a happy little fuzzy family.

  39. Moma milk station.

  40. Died and gone to kitty heaven, me! Oooh, the 3 little ginger ones! WANTZZZZZZZZZZZZ! 😀

  41. Got Milk?

    Lurve the kittehs!

  42. tewtally agree on the cute curled paw round he tocks.
    milk shakeee!!!

  43. damnedyankee says:

    To me, in the second pic, Mama’s saying “stop taking pictures and buy some freakin’ kibble!”

  44. notice the marmies are on top. if marmies ever get opposable thumbs…


  45. Momma kittie had all those marmies just so they would set off her lovely golden eyes. Makes for lovely pics.

  46. Leslie, that was my first thought too — I get Manny, Moe, and Jack, but Bob and Stacy?!? The two long-lost Pep Siblings?

  47. Tina Rhea says:

    I’m trying to figure how she got orange and brown tabby kids from a gray mom, no matter what color papa was… but I looked closer, and Mom’s what I call a crypto-tortie. She’s got little beige flecks in there, so she’s really a tortie, not solid gray, and has some orange genes to pass on. Funny that none of the kids is gray, though.

  48. Tina Rhea says:

    Oh, and very glad they all have good homes, including feral Momcat.

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    Lynne: SQUEE!!! Thanks for caring for & taking pix & being a good sender inner and keeping a kittayn AND telling us what’s up with the kittingks & Mom.
    Lovely pictures.

  50. Metsakins, We must not even discuss it!

  51. She is a “barelytortie” She’s a recessed black (aka, grey) with flecks of orange. The babies daddies were both orange tabby. I get the black barely tortie, and I get the three orange.. It’s the brown tabby I didn’t get. Two or the marmies were girls too.

    And yes, Manny, Moe, and Jack came from the obvious. I always wanted a bobcat, hence the Bob, and Stacy just sounded silly with the rest..

  52. She is a “barelytortie” She’s a recessed black (aka, grey) with flecks of orange. The babies daddies were both orange tabby. I get the black barely tortie, and I get the three orange.. It’s the brown tabby I didn’t get. Two or the marmies were girls too.

    And yes, Manny, Moe, and Jack came from the obvious. I always wanted a bobcat, hence the Bob, and Stacy just sounded silly with the rest..

  53. Rocknrope says:

    Lookit all the different color kittehs…

    Mom had a good time.

  54. The momma looks like she’s aged… a little greyer.

    Reminds me of my old Marmie…he got eatted, cause the padre let him out T_T.

  56. i can’t believe the kittehs have designated seating.

    what a good mom! i hope babies move on soon and give mommie kitteh a break. whew!

  57. Only morons breed their pets.

  58. Rico, she posted that the cat was feral and is now spayed. Stop being so grumpy and enjoy the picture.

    [More generous than *I* would have been… – Ed.]

  59. First Rule of Nursing: Wean ’em before they’re big enough to knock you down.

  60. The kittens are adorable and doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, as is mom.

    I can’t believe the same stupid, ignorant ideas about human nursing are being applied this cat family too. Ridiculous.

  61. anomalous4 says:

    “Manny, Moe & Jack” =tee hee=

    Either that’s an itty bitty momcat or that’s some superduper bionic milk. I thought those kittehs were a lot older than 6 weeks.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw those big guys slurping it down was a La Leche League mom I once knew whose kid was still nursing at 2-1/2, old enough to grab her shirt in public and yell “I WANNA MILK! I WANNA MILK!!!!!!”

    If I had known about Ceiling Cat back then, I would have given him/her a whole bakery full of cookies when my son suddenly weaned himself at 10 months.

    That biz of opening the fridge, stuffing till I almost gagged, still losing as much as 2 lbs. a week, and being exhausted all the time was getting OLD! My heart goes out to your poor momcat……..

  62. hsp, come back with your sense of humor.

  63. Such sweet pictures of a happy kitty family, and some folks have to get all pissy and judgmental. Tsk tsk. Do you curse the sunrise too? And blooming flowers and little birdies? Besides, Rico, if you read the comments, you’d see that she was rescued and spayed, as Barbara pointed out above.

  64. You know, HSP, we ain’t nothin’ but mammals…

  65. OH! I thought you were gonna say we aint nothin’ but mammaries!

  66. ThreeCatNight says:

    Mama’s all over this. Can you say, “Git me outta here!”
    (Stacy and MOE? I’m still laughing! What about Curly and Larry?)

  67. oh good grief mama! time to kick these kids to the curb! these are ready to move on to some solid food.
    but i LOVE the look on the mama’s face, so content and happy.
    what a good mama!

  68. It’s like a sow and her piglets

  69. gwenhwyfaer says:

    Is it me, or is Mum saying “ok, this is getting silly” in the second photo…?

    Don’t worry about the weaning, though. Mum will decide when they’ve had quite enough of her, and start batting them away – and maybe that’s an important part of the process? I’ve been told that cats only knead if they’re weaned too early (or possibly separated from their mother too early); certainly my boycats don’t do it, and I let their mum decide when she’d had enough of them.

  70. LOL! Mama is all “How did I get myself into this?!”