Gracias, Tom Hart!

Eagle-eyed Steffy T. caught this maynshons of C.O. in the 10/9 Boston Metro newpaper.


Thanks, Steffy and Hutch Owen



  1. Sounds like a spaceship fueled by a thousand burning bras…

  2. Ahn, the sisterhood is so right!!

    Cept us lads would be left with all the kittayns, puppehs n C.O. we could ever wants.

    But I still think I’d rather be with the women.

  3. that’s soopercallifrajalistikexpeeallydoshus!
    i’d miss it too.. i would miss cute guys too but not menshyon it LOL

  4. Hehe, Ugly Betty made a reference to you…but didn’t use your name.

    Instead they called it “”

    Baby ducks!

  5. Robert Williams says:


  6. Cute Overload: The Touchstone at the Heart of Spacequesting Humankind!

  7. W00T! A CO reference in a national paper! Too cool!

  8. This must be the Russian Cosmonaut team. Tanya Arse,
    Ludmilla Knockabollockova and Natalia Astory.

  9. This is kinda weird???????

  10. Drama's Mama says:

    Does anyone else find this rather misogynistic? Yeah the cartoon makes reference to the site, but it plays up the man-hating stereotype of feminists everywhere.

    More insulting than cute….

  11. rofl…

    mostly agree, but I have a son and I am kinda attached to hubby….

  12. There’s another CO reference by the same cartoonist that was in the Metro last year, but I can’t find it 😦

  13. I just love that CO is becoming a household name. Congrats, meg!

    I would miss men, for the record. Watching them coo over and play with animals is almost as cute as the animal itself. Oh, and the sex.

  14. Well *I’d* miss Cute Overload too.

  15. But, but…why couldn’t they just have brought the kittehs et al. with them? *Then* it would be purrfect.

  16. Uh, Obviously they don’t realize the estrogen levels here tend to go through the roof everytime there’s a cute guy in the pic.

  17. DKN, I’m with you on this one!

  18. yankeebird says:

    Awww, now I miss the Boston Metro!

    I just moved from there in the beginning of July, and one of the things I miss most is my daily ride on the T and reading the Metro.

    I think this may officially be the first time ever that CO has made me sad. 😦

  19. Helen Dale says:

    Wow this is the first time I have seen something that I didn’t like on this website. =( I usually look at it every day to get a *pick me up* but what a downer! It is a shame you have such a negative view of men. My guy could BE this website!

  20. Yesss. They can take our menz. BUT THEY CAN NEVER TAKE…OUR KITTIESSSSS!!!

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    GRATZ, Meg on the CO mention. I lurves me some mens, tho, and would miss them turribly. Hubby, son, SIL, grandsons, scantily dressed firefighters, and of course our Teho!

  22. That’s great. Yay, Boston! That’s where I live. I’d miss the men, too, even though they drive me crazy. Go Sox!

  23. Hey eilif,

    I was just gonna mention ’bout the Ugly Betty reference, but you beat me to it!

  24. Men…CO, men…CO, hard chose, I think I’ll keep both, I’m selfish.

  25. as a radical feminist, Women’s Studies university major, dyke who occasionally dates men, and someone with a best friend who is a guy, i laughed hard enough to almost make my coffee come out my nose.

    i know there are people who still think feminists are like this, but really. who among us would give up kittens to careen into space without men? Not even the most committed lesbian feminist. kittens are too precious ;D ((snerk))

  26. berthaslave says:

    methinks the ladies doth protest too much.

    and if there are no men, who will kill the icky space spiders? and how are the women gonna find their way through outer space since there’s no place to stop and ask for directions?

    :: ducking the pudding that is going to be thrown ::

    (p.s. that was sarcasm, i’m really a nice guy and happy to stay home and play with the cute aminals until the astronaut ladies return)

  27. So, I don’t think the whole point of this post was the feminist stand depicted in the comic, but those 2 good as gold words “Cute Overload” that make us all go “HEY!!!! I WANNA SEE!!!!” Personally, I think the format is secondary, I’d be thrilled to see CO toilet paper, as long as it gets the mention!

    Berthaslave, you are so cute!!! Icky space spiders would be an issue, but THE CENTIPEDES!!!!! I can do directions, even know north from east, but the creepies kill me!

    I could never imagine being without the mens!!!!!!! And no way would I leave you to have all the snorgle fun!!!!! 😉

    Um, I like using !!!!!!!!’s.

  28. yankeebird says:

    Berthaslave, that’s what GPS is for, though I suppose the reach will have to be widened a bit. Not just Global Positioning, but Universal. UPS!

    And yes, Go Sox! I’m wearing my lucky Red Sox today!

  29. Go Sox! I’m wearing my AL East champs shirt today. TWO posts today with Sox references in ’em. Love eeeet!

  30. oaklandcat says:

    But WAM…if all the women leave earth, Meg would be WITH us. She could keep running CO from the ship! We’d have to get fantastic wifi, though.

  31. lol… that’s cute 🙂

  32. Furbabies says:

    These ladies are all charter members of The First Wives Club. I can understand their venom.

  33. Furbabies says:

    Ooops, sorry I forgot to say congrats to Meg and crew for another national mention. Way to go!

  34. It seems like the result is always weird when male cartoons use females for their leads. I suppose it’s just not a job where you get out a lot.
    Ah well, yay for CO mentions!

  35. Male Cartoonists, not cartoons. XP

  36. berthaslave says:

    How could someone named “yankeebird” be rooting for the Red Sox?

    For the sake of mixing it up, Go Cleveland!

  37. See, I thought the pun was the joke:

  38. Right on Rabble…Meg congrats on the popularity of your site…it is just everywhere…I am sure if Ugly Betty had asked you would have let them use your site’s name…

  39. Men… I love men, and for the record Berthaslave I am the spiderkiller in my house. And generally the one who deals with all things icky.. GPS only works on a planet (Global Positioning System)Maybe we could invent UKPS(Universe Kitty Positioning system) Long as we had a kitty we could get anywhere.
    Meg Congrats on that way cool shout out.
    And the cartoon is funny.

  40. I’m with Dan, we’d get all ‘teh qute aminals’. I don’t think that’s fair.

  41. Too much qute, we’d need to share 😡

  42. Oh no. I just rhymed! Eek!

  43. Tina Rhea says:

    Reminds me of a cartoon with several women sitting around snarling about men until one quotes Gloria Steinem: “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle!” Just then a fish on a bicycle whizzes past, going, “Wheee!” (Doesn’t need it, but is kinda having fun with it….)

  44. Um, maybe this is a weird thing to do, but I’m the wife of the cartoonist who draws this comic. I can attest that this is not about bra-burning stereotypes of hairy-legged Mary Daly wann-bes. Actually, he wrote this and the other strips that go along with it because I was out of the country for a couple of weeks, leaving him feeling bereft of lady company and civilization. Later on in this particular week’s strips, the men devolve completely into grimy apes. Husband says “I’m one of those people who thinks the world would be a better place if it were run by women”.

    BUT, back to Cute Overload business, there is a much better CO shoutout from an earlier comic right here:

    CO is my way to de-stress from the horror of modern American life. I believe I am not the only one?

    Oh, must go…I think Tom is burning my bras. Not the Felina, baby! That’s my favorite!

  45. That’s “wannA-bes”. Pardon.

  46. berthaslave says:

    Thanks for the post, Leela, good to have the background story.

    Also, for the record, I am not an insect killer. I attempt to catch them and usher them out of the home in a safe and non-traumatic manner.

  47. yankeebird says:

    Berthaslave, I’ve had to explain this more than once, particularly when I lived in Boston. Maybe I should change it to “redsoxbird”.

    The nickname was bestowed by a group of British men on a site I used to frequent, when I was basically the only American and the only woman. Hence, “yankee” and “bird”.

    It has NOTHING to do with the Evil Empire.

    P.S. Go Red Sox! My lucky sox have made it four in a row!

  48. Thanks for the context Leela, that cracks me up about the hubby. Thanks for piping up. You probably choked on your coffee when you clicked on to CO today!

    One week on their own and they do tend to revert to espn and eating off of paper towels.

    I love it when we get the backstory for the posts.

  49. HEy Leela thanks for the backstory… well It is a funny cartoon… because really there are times when everyone wants to take a break from their man…ohh gotta go Hubby has the screw drivers and hammer out and is being manly.. He is so cute when he gets out the tools… ; )

  50. Thanks so much Leela for the backstory! After going to the website and reading the rest of the (hilarious) women-in-space story, I could see that the point of view was as you have described, but I didn’t want to speculate in public on the motives or intentions of a cartoonist about whom I know nothing. Thank you so much for filling us all in on the (rather sweet) background.

  51. Leela — “Platypulp” is brilliant and sublime. Please to be passing this observation on to all appropriate parties.

  52. Heh, yeah, Platypulp was a character I came up with one night while bored at a jazz concert. I wanted to create a fake Japanese “super-deformed” creature for use in a comic I did for an anthology:

    It’s kind of confusing, it was an anthology of comics based on Belle & Sebastian songs. I wanted to make it look like a Japanese teen girl notepad that had a comic drawn on top of it, but I don’t know if that was readable. Later, my husband had a total genius friend of his who makes amazing puppets make me a Platypulp as an anniversary gift:
    [OMG, a 3D real-world felt Platypulp… not worthy… not worthy… – Ed.]
    [bowing and scraping]