And the most unusual muzzlepowshe goes to…

This guy!!!

Thanks, Cynthia and Dan H…



  1. what the ??

  2. ahah it looks like a big tongue with whiskers

  3. !!

    So cute! My first impulse is to hug it, but you know…

  4. there’s always room for snorgles

  5. My first impulse was to hug it too… if only that didn’t mean “pain”, I would already be there. *hugs the screen*

  6. I bet that it feels like a peach, or like velvet. Same difference. I want to touch eet!

  7. Bebehporkie! Too cute!

  8. Beautiful Drunk says:

    I sooooo want to touch that nose! It looks so velvety. Mmmmm… velvet…

    I also enjoy the way the white tips on the ends of his quills make him look like one of those fibre optic light thingies…

  9. outrageously qte. he looks like he could be hello kitty’s porcupine friend.

  10. A velvet pin cushion.

  11. Woah! It’s like a little pom-pom on his schnozzle! 🙂

  12. Newlee – I totally agree. He’s Hello Porcupine.
    He’s also extremely cute! Way to post unusual animals, meg!

  13. someone should animate it…

  14. *reaches out and gently and VERY CAREFULLY gives nose a soft kronsche*

    Anyone else notice the beady-eye-factor. About the only place to pet is the underbelly,including the armpits (or would that be front paw-pits???)

  15. I must hug…no better not…must!…but what about the pointies?…MUST!….okay..okay…OUCH!…rubs fuzzy muzzle and runs…..

  16. What kind of a porklypine is it????

  17. see it’s little beady eyes??
    What a puffy nose this little buddy has!

  18. *giggles* At first I couldn’t figure out which end of the ‘pine I was lookin at. Then I spotted the BEF and I’m glad it’s the right end.

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Want to snorgle the nose.

  20. He looks like he shaved!

  21. Are you sure that’s his nose? That looks suspiciously like a clown one.

  22. I would love to keeess heem! Such a cute Mr. Pokeypants McPinknose!

  23. Love the BEF! He’s totally cute, except for that nose. It kinda look like shaved testes.

    ::look at BEF and quills:: Aaaaahhnnnn

    ::looks at nose:: Uummm ::blushes::

  24. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM leans forward veeeery carefully and plants teensy kees on Mr Pokeypants McPinknose’s nosesicle.
    Truly an awesome muzzlepowsche!
    And teh comments are redonk!

  25. porky-pines ares soooo cute!

    on the show ace of cakes on the food network one of the girls was getting married at the zoo, and she had a porcupine at her wedding, and he was the cutest guest there!

    i only wish they were more cuddly and less like cactus, cause i’d totally make one mine!

  26. Porcupines have such honkable noses!

  27. Annie Poonanny says:

    Um.. it looks like a nutsac.

  28. berthaslave says:

    Awwwww….the little porkeh is dressed up as W.C. Fields for Halloween!!!

  29. omg his cute pink nose area got me!

  30. “nutsac” by poonanny? eek

    oh about the link to the SFCC Teaching Zoo… that’s in Gainesville, FL where I moved from

    .oO home

  31. These are one of my favorite animals evah! I worked with one at a zoo years ago. Every day she woke up with “bed nose” and had to push it back into shape. She loved sitting on shoulders, but if she got spooked I ended up with a quill in my ear or scalp. Unfortunately, they do have a strong odor, but I can ignore that in the face of extreme sweetness.

  32. And this from the lady who thinks possums are yucky. I don’t like him. Although it seems I’d be alone on that one…

  33. I peecks heem up and uses heem as bingo markere.

  34. Wow, it took me a good 30 seconds of staring before I found the BEF! But once I did, I was oriented, and I found that it indeed was cute. Otherwise the nosicle kinda looks like a babboon’s butt. Tee hee.

  35. Jen B — I know this probably isn’t what you meant, but what the hey.

  36. Sigh,,, what a cutie pie porcupine. Hmmmm there must be a play on words in there some where.

    Poke you pine.


  37. And being that I am well aquainted with a prehensile-tailed porcupine named Marty, I can tell you that it is the softest and **squishiest** of muzzlepowshes.

  38. awww, so great