Bite-sized sheeps

Sender-Inner Ann K., figured out a way to taste-test sheeps.

Have them walk into your mouf!


Delectables, Ann K. [Glurp]



  1. Wow, that is the coolest picture!

  2. But, but… It’s not Friday yet!

  3. That sheep looks like one of those white frostinged zoo animal cookies.

  4. i bet that sheep was delicious.

  5. EEEEEWE!!! sorry, couldn’t pass it up.

  6. Mmmmm. Like marshmallows? Or maybe more like meringue? Oh! cotton candy!

  7. lurkingsmirk says:

    Darn attention-seeking teens and their myspace pics!


    It looks like they’re all headed towards her mouth!

  8. it kinda looks like she is eating cotton balls.

  9. looks more like she’s hawking up a prairie oyster.

  10. looks like cotton mouth!

  11. The lanolin in their wool keeps them from sticking on the way down.

  12. I think they must taste like mashed potatoes, no?

  13. I’m crushing your head.
    I’m crushing your head.

    (if no one gets the reference I’ll explain later )

  14. Yeah Kids in the Hall!

  15. Barbara Lewis says:

    LOL! That’s so weird. She has a nice soft sheep kronsche

  16. Take that, you flat-head!

  17. JuleeJulee says:

    Lambs are sooooo cute, and they taste really good, too…!

  18. metsie, kids in the hall right?

  19. stick out yer tongue and say baaaaaaa

    Yep, just as I thought you’ve got lambitosis

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    She’s going to have alot of sheepfurballs to hack up.

  21. I don’t know why, but this totally weirds me out.

  22. I have a similar pic of giant sheep about to crush an old farmhouse. Must find and send eeeeen.

  23. well I for one will never ever ever come back here again if you are going to keep showing pictures of humans. blech

    Wait, that was like a week ago – wasn’t it? Sorry, just got off a drunk.

    MMmmmmm sheep

  24. Nom nom nom…mmmmmmm, fuzzy!

  25. metsakins says:

    Ding, ding, ding

    1st prize to Joy

    2nd prize to Metz

    thanx every one for playing along !!!

  26. darkshines says:

    There is only ever one sheep, never more. Sheep, flock of sheep, sheepskin.

  27. mmm…needs mintsauce!

  28. NOM NOM NOM!

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ‘The Green Sheep’
    starring Mrs. John Coffey.

  30. Umm..boring?

    must be a quiet day at cuteoverload.


  31. weird! (in a good way, i like weird things)

  32. LOL! That doesn’t look like a soft kronsche!

    But they do look like marshmallows ….

  33. Looks Pictorialist- early 20th century photo movement that was also termed “fuzzygraphs”- DAMN YOU ART HISTORY 383!!!

  34. cool but if it tastes (or smells) anything like lamb thats probably kinda gross