Babysitter en route

Bunneh: Doo ta doo tah doo…

coming to babysit the dockehs again…


Chick: "Hi Behehsittoi!"


Bunneh: Now, you, young man, finish your Lunchabuhls…

[Chick, with awkward and gangly feet, pecks at crackers]


Bunneh: Lemme wipe those crumbs off your face. OK, time for an N-A-P.


Pointer-Outer Carly and photographer "Just Duckie"—really nice pointer-outering and photographering



  1. quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…

  2. is it a bunny or anowl?

    anowl would eat the little chix.

    must be a bun.

    a funny lookin’ bun.

  3. The duckling in that second pic looks totally fake, though I’m sure it’s real. So cute!

    The bunneh looks extremely disapproving in the last pic.

  4. I want to gently chomp that bunnose. So prosh.
    Mr. Bebehsittah has the Neverending Story-esque eartufts.

  5. and here I thought Buns was for eating… silly me…they are obviously duckherders of the finest kind..

    Very nice

  6. Holy crap – bunny AND ducky love!

  7. OH that bun’s fur looks SO delightful! I just want to bury my nose in it! The duckehs are super cute too, all that feathery down and bun fluff is heavenly.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Quacked me up!

  9. So much fluffiness on everyone’s part! Love it love it love it! I wish I had an adorable babysitter like that when I was younger…

  10. I love the way the behbehsitter hops to his/her tour of duty!

  11. Bunny bombalina soon makes light work of her Ducky behbehs. Its all down to our training, be firm but fair, she simpers.

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    They are so perfect looking that it looks fake. The sweetest thing I have ever seen. Trying to figure out though how the bunny got in the little hole in the 3rd picture. I have turned to moosh.

  13. It’s like Glamor Shots for bunnehs and duckies. Is it just me or does the babysitter look like Cybil Shepherd?

    and everything else too

  15. this must be the happiest place on earth.
    and whoever owns this back yard is the luckiest person on earth.
    I wants visit pleeeeeze!

  16. I jes ‘sploded. Don’t you wish people could accept and watch out for each other like critters do????

  17. OMG, Meg, *stop*it*!!!!
    Not only do I now have kittehs, guinea piggehs, and bunnehs in my house,
    now I need ducikes!?!?!?

  18. metsakins says:

    the fuzz

    the fluff

    the eartufts

    the BEF


  19. LeslieFay says:

    That bunneh looks like a professor I had once… old and wise. Teachin DA chickees how to grow up right… just like that golden retriever with the ADORABLE little kitteh and the sunbeam in a previous post!!


  20. The fuzz! So soft, so tickly! I can barely resist the urge to snorgle my screen, but I know that won’t feel the same.

    Beautiful pictures and great storytellering! Sigh… I. am. DED.

  21. It’s like an Easter fluff buffet!!!

    You can tell the bunneh is still young though cause he’s still happy about the responsibility. In a few years the first pic will have to be him getting his pay, then going over…….

    All the fluffiness makes me unhappy to be at work where, unfortunately, the cuddlin’s are not choice. 😦

  22. the duckee’s hair in 2cnd pic looks static-eeee.

  23. Bunny stampede through baby ducks–too much!

  24. It’s like a little fluffy fairy tale.
    Anyone else notice that the tufts of fur on the bunny’s ears are flowing back in the breeze? Too cute!

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Does this place and these animals really exist. I’m closing my eyes tapping my flip flops together and I’ll be in bunny ducky land.

  26. O.M.G.
    pic 3 just blew me away!

    love the duq:bunneh ratio ^^
    o and matchingKs (insane floofiness)

  27. What a beautiful bun! He has lovely fur, like an angora sweater.

  28. The bunny got thru the hole because bunnies are like kitties they can magically adjust their size to fit almoat any space : )

    This is like a picture from a happy little golden book.

    The little duckling I think it was called.

  29. Rosalynde says:

    yeah, just like a golden book . ..sweetest evAR

  30. oh my. i am slayed by the fluff, killed by the qte! this is a magical, magical dreamland. are there unicorns barfing rainbows just out of the frame? what do i have to type into mapquest to get me there?

  31. Wow, it’s like Holly Hunter followed up her Thanksgiving movie with one about Easter for Animal Planet.

  32. Teho, is it SOFT FOCUS or FLOOFULENCE?

  33. Space Cowgirl says:

    Too cute. Am I the only one who initially thought this was a Persian kitteh stuffed in a bunny suit?

  34. Red Rover, Red Rover, fuzzy bunny come over!

  35. sigh – you’ve done it ONCE again – I’m in tears.

    Stop with the floofiness already – I’m going to have to take my business to if you’re going to keep making me cray.

    I miss my duckers too 😦

  36. or cry

  37. The pics are VERY cute.

    But I can’t help myself.. the captions are bugging me.. they are ducks, not chicks.. 😦


  38. It’s the glorious marriage of bawn floff to duq featherfloof. May they live fluffily ever after.

  39. The righthand duck looks like it’s agape in disbelief of looking up and seeing a bunneh on the rampage towards them…

    “WHAT? … oh SHI-“

  40. ehrm.. are those bunneh poops on the floor of the bunneh/duckeh hut? :/

    Not Lunchabuhls.

  41. LeslieFay, I think about that awesome Golden/Kitty post every day! When my baby kitten comes out onto the balcony in the morning, I always say to him, “And this, my fren, is a sunbeam…” (and in my imagination, he replies, “You have taught me so moish!)

  42. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Alas, the origin of Cadbury eggs is revealed.

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    The first picture almost looks threatening, like “The Attack of the Bunny Brigade”, but the other two are just too sweet and charming for words. That’s some rabbit!

  44. Such a lovely array of fluff… m

  45. *falls down ded from teh Overload uf Cayuteness*

    *gets up and falls down again giggling at comments, while wishing for similar fluffitude*


  47. even the ducky in the last photo knows to snorggel the soft bunny fluffs! You can’t even see his beak it’s so deep in the fluffiness!

  48. OMG right? LOL I posted this one too a bit ago- and another giftie for the fine folks of CO if ya likes that bunnilicious action:
    Soo cuddly, really anything with a bunny looks cuddly!

  49. What a wonderful babysitther you have there duckies< !!! How do you pay for her carrots or greens Oh maybe its a littlle of each

  50. I love how the ducky’s standing on its own feet in the 3rd picture.

  51. The adorableness!

  52. I also like the tiny poo in front of the pic :))

  53. re the tiny poo in pic # 3 & 4 –
    I’ve only been fostering my bunneh for about two weeks now,
    and he has only had access to hopping around the house for about four or five days now,
    but I have noted that he seems to drop his little poos here and there…
    they are easy to clean up – more so than kitteh poo, fer sure,
    but I have no idea why he does it.
    Is it a marking thing? or just a random poo thing? …

  54. book_monstercats says:

    I love all the pics, but espesh the last one. Bunneh is looking beadily into the camera with a “say WHUT dude? You come near my duckeh and I will DISAPPROVE you to death.” expression.

  55. They love each other! Lord, you can see that it’s true!

  56. Mrs. Rogers says:

    I showed the first picture to the art teacher at our school. She would like to use it, with your permision, to teach forground, midground and background. (I just liked it because it was an action shot.) Please contact us at Thank you.

  57. Buns are notorious for random poo. That’s why mine was named Pebbles.

  58. PIC 3: pls check out how ducky is stepping on its own left feetz.

  59. my cat is a blob says:

    this whole thing is completely reduck, er, redonk.

  60. There’s something seriously ghostly or ethereal about that rabbit. Guardian angel!

  61. acelightning says:

    Definitely a children’s book, with a sweet message about the “peaceable kingdom”, and how we can all be friends and get along despite our differences. And it has a bunny in it, so how could it possibly be anything less than great?

  62. Buns (especially spayed/neutered ones) can be easily litter-box trained but will occasionally leave a stray poop here or there to mark territory. More poops will be left if the bun feels that his/her territory is in danger of being encroached upon, or if the bun is angry at you :).

    Once I left my bun at home for a few days, with my friend visiting once a day to feed her and change her litterbox, and everyday my bun would poop in a giant, neat pile RIGHT NEXT to the box. As if to say, “pbbbt!!”

    Baby buns poop everywhere nonstop though. Mini little cocoa-puffs everywhere.

  63. Serious charge of the Bun Brigade! (Can’t you hear the William Tell Overture? Or the Lone Ranger if you prefer?) And the bun nose in the last picture…the nose!!!

  64. (To William Tell Overture)
    Bunneh-bun bunneh-bun, bunneh bun bun bun!
    Bunneh-bun bunneh-bun, bunneh bun bun bun!
    Bunneh-bun bunneh-bun, bunneh bun bun bun!
    Bunneh Buuuuuuuun
    Bunneh bun bun bun!

    //Ducky duck ducky duck
    Ducky ducky ducky ducky ducky
    Ducky Duck!
    Ducky duck ducky duck
    Ducky ducky ducky ducky ducky
    Ducky Duck!
    (repeat from //)

  65. Meg. You outdid yourself this time. Whoever took these, I’m sure they know that this level of cuteness is just pure art.

  66. That is the cutest frickin’ thing. I’m currently in a cute endused coma….

  67. Holy crap. I made a cute overload “pointer outer” status. The same week I find out my bunny is going to be in the “disappointed rabbits” book. wow. Internetfabulous week!

  68. An American Fuzzy Lop bunny…They don’t stay that fuzzy for too long. Mine is about seven months old and is growing her adult hair. It is still really soft

  69. estella: perhaps that would be cocoa-poops.. ha..

  70. Elizabeth P. says:

    Was this just on Ugly Betty?!?!?!?!?!?

  71. Backlit!!!

  72. Bunneh and duckling are completely, utterly redonk. Maybe the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, the cuteness is so intense!

  73. as an aside – baby duckies are officially called chicks.

    I think the pictures have that Moonlighting glow to them due to a smudgy lense or moisture. You have to use vaseline to achieve that affect.

  74. interspecies snorgling is my favorite 🙂


    I love the second-last pic – the bun has an angelic glow.

    Theresa – BRILLIANT! Though the “duck” part doesn’t quite have the same ring…

  76. OMG in all my cuteoverloading, I’ve never before felt the need to post a comment. But in the face of dockehs AND bunnehs, I am powerless to resist. Aaaahhhhhh!!!

  77. Oh. My. Gawd.
    This is the cutest thing ever. Even the poop is cute, fer cryin’ out loud.

  78. Where are the comments about duck season and wabbit season?
    Doesn’t anyone remember the classic “Bugs -vs- Daffy” debates?

  79. too…much…cuteness….



  80. metsakins says:

    24 hours later and these pix are still killing me. I’m having this internal arguement as to which one is the cutest. think its the last, no, no, its the close up of duckling, wait…

  81. metsakins says:

    Congrats Carly!!!!1!!!

  82. I thought baby ducks were ducklings..?
    Shows how much I know. 😉

  83. I someone else caught the very CO reference on Ugly Betty last night. The site they showed wasn’t CO — but it was a definitely cute site with bunnies and ducklings.

  84. metsakins says:

    Peter – if you look carefully in the first picture, I believe Elmer Fud is hiding behind the tree!

  85. It’s like an Easter/Spring extravaganza in October!
    Seriously, I don’t know how much more undeniable cuteness I can endure. I almost “Aawww”-ed myself to death when I saw these guys!

  86. bongobunny says:

    Omigod, I think I am going into diabetic shock from the sweetness of these pix!

  87. Meg- everytime I think I have seen the cutest thing imaginable- you come up with somethingks even more annerable! *’splodes*
    And congrats on the comic strip, magazine, and Ugly Betty references. When CO takes over the US media, can I be your PR director?

  88. MEtsakins Snicker..