Ladybug ‘tock submission

‘Tocktober submissions keep comin’, People, this time, with ladybug ‘tocks.

This ladybug sent her OWN photo in (notice she is on a keyboard)


Liz L., I think you might have helped her a little bit, tho.



  1. that’s one bleening clever lil bugger!

  2. a nonny mouse says:


  3. 12 points for this one!

  4. those are some teeny tocks!
    I think my cat tried to send his own photo in once, or just to surf CO maybe. It ended with him using his paw to pull two keys off though, naughty kitty.

  5. insect tocks?

    ok. this bugs me 😉

  6. OMG a bug on your computer get the computer guy quick.
    You know how these things spread. First a bug then a virus then all hell breaks loose.

  7. bracketed tocks for emphasis

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Someone needs to do the typing around this office of morons.

  9. For some reason I’m thinking of the song “Don’t Walk Away, Renee.” That’s not funny or insightful, it’s just present at this moment.

    BTW, are there male ladybugs?

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    Aww… cute little bug ‘tocks!
    And such a helpful little gal! “Here, let me fly over to the ‘Enter’ button!”

  11. I just love ladybug tocks…and the feets! So tiny

  12. My friend got a ladybug rather attached to him the other day — or, rather, his watch. She refused to leave it. They’re such friendly li’l thingies.

  13. Such a dangerous place for a teeny tiiny bug. *squish*
    Hope she’s a fast typer.

  14. Male ladybugs? Remember Dennis Leary in A Bug’s Life? “Just cause I’m a ladybug, that automatically makes me a girl?!!!”

  15. debg ~ Only on Friday nights. ^.~

  16. brack’tocks

  17. Less bugs!! Cute chihuahua pics are being passed over for insects!! NOOO!!!!

    This pic was followed by a nice lil *flick* 😀 I found a ladybug in the ladies room and since there are male ladybugs I should have smacked its tiny face.

  18. Mello? really?

  19. book_monstercats says:

    Berthaslave, last time there was a ladybug ‘tock posted on CO, somebody referred to “gentlemanbug ‘tocks” for a male ladybug which made me LOL exceedingly.

    I love these golden ‘tocks – perfect match for orange pumpkins. How seasonal!

  20. In case anyone needs a furrier cute fix, check out this tale of interspecies snorgling:


  21. OMG! She must be soo embarrassed her shell got stuck in her micro-tock sized panty hose!

  22. YAY FUR!! so cute!! 😀

    And, Kiragirl, yes.

  23. berthaslave says:

    Okay, I am TOTALLY mammal-centric, but the photo of the cat nursing on the dog suggested by Pheas is way more yucky to me than the ladybug pic. I mean, god bless all the creatures and all, but, (shudder).

  24. Hello Katie says:

    Hm…I hope she has an easier time typing than Archy used to….

  25. What a sweet behind. Would look cute on my blog too, no?

  26. Daphne Moss says:

    Adorableness abounds.

    So … new information about animal behavior is scary, eh (the dog helping the kitten).
    Strange, I found it comforting that animals — as many of us suspected all along — also are able to feel love and compassion.
    Loved both tiny bug and lab/kitteh pic. Made my day.

  27. Another Angela says:

    Cute tocks, but for those of us who have the introduced species of ladybug that invades houses…sort of gross too. They come inside in the spring and die in the house.

  28. Ah, yes, my favorite “type” of bug! 😉

  29. Please don’t type so loud you’re making a bracket!

  30. That Francis is such a compulsive editor!

  31. *adjusts glasses perched on the end of her nose* Yes class, Berthaslave asked about ladybug gender, so I found some information that might help us:

  32. I simply adore ladybugs. When I was wee, I had a pair of brown oxford shoes with 3 little ladybugs painted on the sides. They were my very favourites, and I wore them way past when they no longer fit me, until my toes popped out through the leather. Today I have crooked toes, and I chalk it up to my insane love of ladybugs.

  33. Lerrinus — GROAN!

  34. Annie….snicker! Clever!!!

    I for one LOVE ladybugs!!! Here in Michigan we got SLAMMED with a huge amount of ladybugs in the summer of ’01 – while I was preggers with my one and only baby girl. I fell in love with the ladybugs and all of her clothes had ladybugs on them! She loves them now too, and her nickname is Bug (cutie bug, lil’ bug, lil’ lady bug, etc…) – hence, Bugmom!

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    cutetocks!! I also like ladybugs although I’m not insane about them. I like this little yellow guy.

  36. El fondo de este blog me hace caer a una profunda crisis existencial, aunque lo que se dice (el argumento) me ha cautivado.

    Saludos de un escritor bohemio.

  37. Pheas: That pic made me “AWWW” out loud. My hubby was in the middle of a tele-training course and had forgotten to re-press “mute” after making a comment, so all the cyber-attendees got to hear me. There was a moment of silence, then the instructor said “I think someone needs to mute, maybe?” Whoops!

  38. Also…(I got so caught up I forgot) ladybugs are the ONLY insect that don’t make me squeal and swat and kill. I gently pick ’em up and carry them outside, to be deposited gently on a leaf.

  39. Are we sure this is a Lady Bug and not an Asian Beetle? Every fall when the weather warms up, those bugs are EVERYWHERE. They make horrible tapping sounds when they fly into the walls and they bite.

    Sorry, we’ll pretend it’s a nice Lady Bug.

  40. Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins says:

    It’s cute, but I suspect that it’s actually an Asian ladybug, not a ‘true’ lady bug’.
    Asian lb’s are orangy, like this one.

  41. Oh how cuuuute! I used to have lady bugs constantly in my bedroom. I think they lived up in the vents! I never quite knew where they were coming from…

  42. D. J. Chall says:

    zomg lol cuteness

  43. Love em or hate em (L-buggies), thems some danged CUTE tocks!

  44. Anyone noticing her cute posing is within the {{hug}} brackets on the keyboard!


  45. I was talking to a bug this evening (a box elder, if anyone is interested). I found if lying on its back so I tried to turn it over but it ended up on my finger. I let it hang out on my hand while I was painting cupboards, but then when it went up my arm it started to tickle so I tried to set it down but if fell on its back again. My husband told me that I really should stop talking to bugs because it is not healthy.
    I just wondered what other people thought. It is not like I was having an intellectual discussion with the bug or anything. I was just being friendly.

  46. musicchick: I have just read through the Wikepedia article and I was wondering with the name Coccinellidae, if these are the beatles that are used to get the food colouring Cochinele, which I have been told is made from beetles.
    Bugmom: Aw how sweet.
    Tugs: You’re not alone. last week on holiday in Sicily I rescued a large beetle lying on its back and being attacked by ants. The dopey thing blundered back into the wall and immediately turned over, I picked it up again and put on its legs far from the wall I later saw it back on its back again being attacked.Through out this I was calling it a ”soppy sod” and ”look stop doing that, I am trying to help you”.

  47. And put it on its legs, is what I meant to say. Duh.

  48. Hello Katie — Mehitabel sez hi back.

  49. Tugs: What, there are people who think it’s weird to talk to bugs? I think you are the normal one… talk to your heart’s content!

  50. Hon Glad and cath –
    Thank you. Now I can admit that I even called a wasp “honey”. I was capturing it in a cup to take it outside of the house we are working on. I found others while I was chipping paint but I let those stay so I had someone to talk to.

  51. Hello Katie says:

    LOL…thanks, Theo, I was starting to get worried. 🙂


    I like the red ones better though.

  53. I’m sorry but “cute” is not a word I would use to describe ladybugs. I don’t mind when they are outside where they belong but they get inside and swarm around the light and then dive bomb me and get in my hair. Plus they really like my room and I can’t sleep if I know there’s a bug in my room. But I’d feel bad killing them and plus they make a crunchy sound when crushed, so I usually hide under the covers.. then when they do die they really stink.

    Nasty little creatures.

  54. This picture says
    Hug a Bug. In computer lingo anyway.

  55. Annie, I do everyday!

  56. How do u get a photo without it flying away