Ham Overload

Will you please get a load of this super ham-bocce-ball.

I imagine each paw would rotate in it’s own circle as he tries to get up…

Chmurka the Hamster Egg!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Excellent pointer-outering, Susan F.



  1. metsakins says:

    I’m bleenin’ speechless lookin’ at this widdle chubbikens

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    I feel like a blob today, too. 🙂

  3. i am speechless.

  4. wagthedogma says:

    I hope that’s his tail…

  5. The face is cute, the ‘tocks are obscene. I didn’t think this was allowed on cuteoverload.

  6. Is this the Chmurka of the “I want more Powsches” fame?!

  7. circuscake says:

    that tail makes him look kinda naughty…

    (scooping mind out of gutter)

  8. Mrs Fonebone says:

    Yes, please let that be his tail! Those back feet are extremely nobular/poofy–COXC?

  9. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! Hamball!!!

    [Teh sis sez “God, he’s been eating NUTS!”]

  10. Oh. My. God. He looks like a beanbag chair. Wanna sit in it!

  11. The feet!! Look at the feet!!!

  12. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    So, I pop on over to I Can Has Cheezburger to check out the whirlolpool tigrrrz, come back, and…

    OMG, HAMSTER BALL!!!!!!!

  13. if that is his tail,
    he seems pretty fixated on it.
    (just like a guy)
    COL Porn! i love it!

  14. Phew, it’s his tail not his cock.

  15. Those are the most perfect widdle feetsies evah!

  16. That’s the picture in the dictionary next to “fuzzball”

  17. o my my, he need a diet. =)

  18. Hehehe I just read the (male) c word!

    It looks as if he is shocked to realize that he has a fifth leg. Or a second penis.

  19. Is it wrong that I want to eat his little feets? They are just the most delicious little back paws, like…EVER.

  20. Those foot pads are positively Baroque!

  21. holy bloated buddha, Batman!

    hover text lol ^^

  22. Is that his tail?
    Or is he just happy to see us?

  23. don’t POINT! It’s not polite to point.

    Ohhhh so cute!!!

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why, that’s downright obscene! Cover your eyes, kids! Someone get a small fig leaf over there right now!!

  25. velcrotrainer says:

    i’m still not sure if that’s his pinny or his tail.

  26. ShelleyTambo says:

    Is this a girl ham? The boys’ other equipment is usually pretty obvious, esp this breed. I think that’s one reason my parents opted for gerbils for us.

  27. *laughs ass completely off*

  28. UR Rong is not fixated on his tail is fixated on the broccoli in the camera persons hand.

  29. Yes, she is a girl! Everyone…get your mind out of the gutter! If it were a boy hammy, his hands would be wrapped around it. (sorry…forgive me)

  30. Chmurka’s a girl hammie, so I think that is indeed a tail. 😉

  31. P.S. cute feet!

  32. Fat hammies are the best kind of hammies.

  33. kk3, you are SO right, no need to be 4given.

  34. Ah, the pinkness!

    You are invited to add this image to Passionately Pink for the Cure~

  35. poor little girl getting mistaken for a boy!
    haha @ velcrotrainer .. pinny!

    those are some major beady eyes. so cute.

  36. haha. kinda hypnotised by tailio

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I love all of Pyza’s pictures especially the hambones.

  38. berthaslave says:

    That is one bona-fide ball of blubb.

    Get it? Boner-fied?

    {butt-head laugh}

  39. You should check out the rest of the Hamham pictuers by the sender inner:


  40. I was going to ask if that was his lil’ peener, but velcrotrainer, I like pinny much better. Ha!

    (and I’m rather relieved it’s just a tail…;))

  41. sweet jelly on a cracker! i thought this was ‘tocktober, not c–

    oh, it’s her tail? phew!


  42. Chmurka’s a girl, you guys! =P She’s an adorable hammie and her owner Pyza is a sweetie.

  43. cath ~ You made me cackle at work. So glad my boss isn’t around — imagine explaining that one away.

  44. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Do you people just comment without reading or are some incapable. IT IS A GIRL!
    and THAT’s A TAIL.
    okay I’m done.

  45. “incapable” of reading but at least funny

  46. LuvBJones says:

    Thanks for the clarification on the hammy tail. I’ve never had one (a ham, not a tail), so I didn’t know that they could be so … well, you know. La Hamm seems quite proud of it!

  47. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You are welcome LuvBJones.

  48. I’ve never seen hammie pawpads up close. Are they all that round, bubbley, and squishy looking or is it just b/c this hammie is hefty?

  49. Rosalynde says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Holy Beady Eye Factor!!!! So glossy and deepdark!!!!!!

    I love this fat ham.

  50. The feets, my god the feets!!!!! I want to soft kronche them.

  51. my cat is a blob says:

    Jabba the ham!

    the eyes are tewtally spy vs. spy.

  52. oh! the one with the peanut! those are even cuter than this one!
    what an angel!

  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The pictures are so precious. She really loves her little hammies.

  54. how sweet – but the tail is just disturbing me.

  55. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww lil Chmurka. I didn’t realize what personalities they could have. I hate the fact that they don’t live very long.

  56. If I could do that, I would never leave the house!

  57. Carrie, the pic in the link you just posted looks like a posed photo done by GlamourShots. Who knew a hamster could be so glamorous?? What a sweet little thing!

  58. RunOnAndOn says:

    Am I the only one who wants a C.O.X.C.U. on the foot?

    Also, the pic on flickr posted by carrie is the best!

  59. Awww….POP!

  60. Seriously, people, did you go check out Chmurka’s whole slideshow? There were SO many cute shots there. OMG. The one of her on a little red leash, standing on hind legs, holding up her T-rex arms is to die for.

  61. Too many giggles to do individual shout outs!!!!! You guys are funny today!!!

    Gonna call this one “Cutie with a Booty”

  62. Is that… is that his TAIL… or… what…?

  63. Nevermind the tail. I actually find the footpads more revolting. They look like little patches of warts or something. Sorry, just my opinion.

    The face, however, is absolutely precious. I just want to smooch his lil schnozzle and mini-kronshe his earbites! (I hope that last part made up for how my comment started out)

  64. darkshines says:

    Flabby lil hamstero,
    Pink tail nub,
    Squishy hamstero.

  65. Tortellinka says:

    Chmurka is a Polish word. It means a tiny little fluffy cloud! seriously!

    but anywayz, I hope it eeees the tail…

  66. Squirrelly says:

    Isn’t he also a submishe for ‘Tocktober?

    OMG Tails!!!1!!

  67. Darkshines: Beautiful and interesting all at the same time

    Clap Clap Clap..

  68. I love the little curled back feets, with their tiny clear toenails.

  69. 1 word: AAAAAwwwwwwhhhh-some! 😉

  70. darkshines says:

    Thank you Annie *takes a bow*

  71. Meg, may I suggest a bocce ball category?

  72. OH. MY. GOODNESS. look at his footy pads!!!!!!!!!

  73. Lisza Darling says:

    Wow-these yoga moves are tough for a little fatty like me! (what a darn cutie!)

  74. am i the only one who thinks that hamster paw pads are freaky looking?

  75. anybody feel like a game of croquet? I’ll bring the flamingos.

  76. Yes, Cevshe’ – after being amazed by his rotundity, I was amazed by those complicated pink pawsie pad structures. So intricate!

  77. Harmlesshamster says:

    I hope you don’t mind I used this photo for my Steam ID for Valve games online like Half Life, Day of Defeat and Counterstrike. People LOVE this picture as much as I love working for Valve.